Best GPS Tracking System Reviews 2022

GPS tracking systems let you track what matters in your life. These devices are built with web programs or mobile apps, which you use to track the location of a vehicle or other assets. GPS tracking systems stand out for their real-time tracking features and unlimited alerts via email or text. We’ve done some research, and compiled five of the best GPS tracking systems for vehicles from the leading brands. None are specifically made for vehicles; they can also be used on other properties.
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Our Top Choice
BrickHouse Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker
BrickHouse Security is a leading home and property security systems expert. The Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker tracks things in real time, via the app or the Web.
Compact design. Weather-resistant housing. Android and iOS Mobile app. Text and email alerts. Speed and out of area notifications. Easy to set up.
Some users feel that the $30 monthly fee is expensive.
Portable, can be Hidden
Text, Email & Mobile App
Verizon, $30/Monthly
Verizon SDMA Cellular Range
Speeding and Geofencing Alerts
Best Value
Spy Tec Real-Time GPS Tracker
Spy Tec makes devices that take keeping track of your property to the next level. The Mini Portable GPS Tracker provides real-time tracking over the Internet.
Compact size, making it very portable. Geo fencing alerts. Accurate and reliable. Excellent battery life. Email and text notifications.
There is no mobile app, unlike most of its competitors.
Easily Attaches to Belt or Car
Email and Text Alerts
T-Mobile; $25/Month
Within T-Mobile Network Areas
Geofencing, 5-Secs Alerts
AccuTracking OBD 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker
AccuTracking started as a phone tracking service provider, but today, it offers unlimited GPS tracking services. The 3G OBD GPS tracker is the first 3G tracking system in the US.
Easy to install; just plug it into the Vehicle ODB-II port. Lifetime warranty. Usable on multiple cars. Provides lots of data. Real-time tracking.
For use in the US only.
Connect to OBD-II Port
Email, Text and Online Alerts
AT&T or T-Mobile; 4-Pay Packages
Best in US 50 States
Lifetime Warranty, Speeding Alert
Aspenta Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker
Vectu offers dependable security solutions when its clients need them most. The Portable Vehicle Tracker is usable globally via the Web and on the myAspenta mobile app.
Supported globally (except in North and South Korea and Japan). No roaming charges. Alerts can be sent to multiple emails and phone numbers. It is affordable.
Some users claim that battery life doesn't get to the advertised 2 weeks.
Can be Hidden, Placing
Via the Free myAspenta App
$15/Quarter or $50/Year
4 Emails and Phone Numbers
Optimus Mini GPS Tracker
Optimus is a leading brand in offering GPS tracking for vehicles and other assets. The Mini GPS Tracker is small and travel-friendly.
Accurate and reliable. Worldwide coverage. Long-lasting battery. Small in size. Easy to install. Provides multiple reports, including geo-fencing updates.
Some isolated complaints that the battery takes too long to charge.
Can be Hidden, Removable
Text & Email Alerts, Mobile App
T-Mobile (US), $19.95/Monthly
International Coverage
Geofencing Alerts

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What is the Best GPS Tracking System?

Now that you have read our buying guide, and you are fully aware of the features to look out for, go on and check out the five products we got together to simplify your choice.
Our Top Choice
The Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker provides real-time tracking for your car on any of your handheld devices, via mobile app or computer. Want a car real-time GPS tracker that doesn't need installation, and that you can easily move from one car to another? Check out the TrackPort 2.0 GPS Vehicle OBD Plug Tracker by BrickHouse Security.

BrickHouse Security House Spark Nano 5.0 Wireless GPS Tracker, with Travel Reports, Real Time Location Viewing, Speed Alerts, Geo-Fencing

In only 10 years, BrickHouse Security has achieved what many security companies can only dream of. In 2015, it was offering security solutions to over half a million families, 2500 security firms and 40,000 small businesses globally. This is an indication of the trust that consumers have in its products. The company manufactures GPS trackers, alarm systems, hidden cameras and security cameras, for use by people, businesses, government, and agencies.

One of the BrickHouse systems that stands out from the rest is the Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker, which is best for use on vehicles but can also be used in homes. With a monthly fee of $29.99, you'll enjoy unlimited GPS tracking. Since the service isn’t contract-based, you can disconnect it anytime.

Below are some other features of this GPS tracking system:
  • The GPS tracking is run on Verizon SDMA cellular services. This allows you to track your vehicle on any of your devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs
  • Notifications are via text and emails, on your devices
  • You'll be alerted when your car set speed is exceeded, or when the car gets into areas you’ve marked out of bounds
  • It's smaller than a mobile phone and runs on batteries
  • The rechargeable batteries last for up to 2 weeks, and when the car isn't moving, there isn't any power consumption
  • It has a weather-resistant body, allowing you to set it in an isolated place in or under your car
  • It has a panic button for your personal use
  • It has an easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile app
Best Value
Track and map your property in real time on Google Maps, using the Spy Tec Real Time GPS Tracker, which supports both email and text alerts. If you’re looking for a forward-facing surveillance car dash camera, try the Spy Tec GPS Logger Car Dash Camera, which captures 1440p HD videos and supports a 64GB memory card.

Spy Tec Real-Time GPS Tracker, Text & Email Alerts, Data Storage, Mini-Portable

If you need a GPS tracking system that's efficient and small, turn to Spy Tec. It's a leading security systems brand that makes GPS tracking systems. Spy Tec also makes other security gadgets, including audio recorders, counter-surveillance, nanny cams and spy cams.

The STI_GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker is a winner among other GPS trackers by this manufacturer. If the ratings of this GPS tracker are anything to believe, the current #1 Best Seller title on Amazon speaks volumes about its quality and performance. The compact size makes it travel-friendly, so you can attach it to a belt, or put it in a vehicle.

Here are other features of this best-selling GPS tracker:
  • A $25 monthly fee to the service provider, but no activation or cancellation fee
  • Unsurpassed accuracy thanks to the GPS satellite technology
  • 3-axis accelerometer for improved accuracy
  • Pocket-friendly, a little bit larger than a matchbox
  • Waterproof magnetic case lets you fix it beneath the vehicle
  • Tracking on Mac, PC, tablets and smartphones
  • Up to 1 year of activity record storage
  • SMS and email alert for exceeded speed, vehicle starts or stops, out of area, and low battery
  • A long-lasting battery that can serve up for up to 2 weeks
  • Minute-by-minute updates, upgradable up to the level of 5 seconds
The GPS tracker we’ve featured here is sold as a standard package, but there is a 2-Pac.
The AccuTracking 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker provides real-time tracking for your vehicle, with both text and email notifications. Want a mobile-friendly one with a lower cost? Look at the GPS Real Time Tracker by AccuTracking, which has monthly packages from $5.99 to $13.99.

AccuTracking OBD 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker, Real Time Tracking, 50 US States Only, Multiple Reports

AccuTracking specializes in unlimited GPS tracking services. The company offers tracking services to vehicle owners, private investigators, mobile service providers, and transport and logistics companies, among others. All these tracking services are real-time and accessible on multiple devices.

The AccuTracking 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker only works in the United States. It is fitted with a roaming SIM card on T-Mobile and AT&T mobile networks. If you’re not in the US, it won’t work because of this restriction. But if you’re in the US, you are guaranteed reliable and accurate web-based vehicle tracking, mapping and reporting, on a 24/7 basis.

These are other noteworthy features of this 3G GPS vehicle tracking system:
  • Allows tracking on your mobile and PC browser
  • Speed, location, attitude, heading data, signal strength, and battery level data notifications
  • 30 days GPS tracking data storage, including Geo Fence and speed alerts
  • Downloadable data in Microsoft Excel or Google Earth format
  • Accessible via master or sub accounts
  • Available on pay-as-you-go billing system
  • The alert notifications timing is configurable
  • Compatible with numerous 3rd party GPS devices
  • Available in 4 packages, $12.99, $15.99, $20.99 and $25.99
Use the Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker to track your vehicle, and get unlimited location updates via text or email of any speeding, even when you’re continents away. Want one that will be completely invisible after installation? We suggest the Vectu Pro Installed Vehicle Tracker, for real-time real tracking of your car and motorcycle.

Vectu Portable GPS/GSM Tracker by Aspenta, Real-Time Tracking, Text, Email and App Notifications

Aspenta, a mobile operator and IoT solutions provider, seeks to eliminate connectivity barriers. Its worldwide connectivity revolutionized how GPS tracking systems work. If you have been frustrated by GPS tracking systems that are only supported in specific geographical areas, Aspenta has your solution. Its tracking systems are supported worldwide, getting unlimited real-time alerts.

The Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker is sold with a ready SIM card, which works on GPS and GSM networks. The best part is that you won’t be incurring roaming charges if you are a frequent traveler. The retail price suggested by the manufacturer is $79.

Here are some other features of this GPS tracker:
  • Requires the myAspenta mobile app
  • Apart from locating the Vectu via the Android and iOS supported myAspenta app, you can also do it via the Web on
  • The GPS tracker is supported globally, except in North and South Korea and Japan
  • The service provider charges an annual fee of $50, or $15 per quarter year
  • When the vehicle is moving, you’ll get updates after every minute
  • Via the GeoFence feature, you can mark your preferred geofence area, and get updates when the Vectu is out of that area
  • Speed alerts if your set speed limit is exceeded
  • In case of an emergency, there is a help button
  • It supports multiple users, and you can access multiple trackers on the same map
  • Supports up to 4 phone numbers and emails for notifications
  • Up to 3 months tracking history
The portable GPS tracking system we've featured here is the gray version. If gray isn't your color, there is a blue one too.
The Optimus Mini GPS Tracker's small size makes it portable, while the rechargeable battery can last up to 2 weeks. The tracker’s internal motion sensor activates to standby mode when the vehicle isn’t moving, hence saving power. Want a waterproof case for this one? We recommend you get the Optimus Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case with two magnets.

Optimus GPS Tracker, Real-Time Tracking, International Coverage, Mobile App

Sometimes putting all your energy and attention into one thing pays off. This is the case with Optimus, a company specializing in offering GPS tracking services to businesses, individuals, and security agencies. The brand has only one GPS tracker, the Mini GPS Tracker. It has international coverage, so you don't have to worry about regional barriers.

The Mini GPS Tracker is unique in that its battery can last up to 2 weeks. The tracker's updates can be upgraded to a precision of 10 seconds. The retail price as indicated by the manufacturer is $79.95.

Here are other features of the Optimus Real Time Tracker:
  • A monthly fee of $19.95. There is no activation fee and you can cancel the deal at any time
  • A friendly Android and iOS app for fast and easy tracking
  • Routing feature dedicated to private investigators
  • Speeding and out of geofence area updates via email or text
  • Web tracking using Google Maps
  • Low battery alerts when the central button is pressed
  • Unlimited driving reports

How Do I Choose the Best GPS Tracking System?

Often times, we lose track of where most of our stuff is. This, most times, is due to the fact that we are very busy people, and this affects our ability to remember where we keep the important stuff. The world today is big on data security, but it’s also important to secure property.

Why use machines to keep track of our stuff when we can just write down the last place we dropped something? Well, same reason you prefer to automatically close your garage door instead of having to go all the way back after you’ve driven out, just to shut the door. It’s called comfort. You don’t want to leave your vehicle because it’s comfortable. It’s also comfortable to know that your stuff is secure. GPS tracking systems provide comfort in keeping track of your stuff. Without the knowledge of a professional hacker, and in the comfort of your home, you can tell where your most important valuables are, without breaking a sweat.

GPS trackers are often used for cars and vehicles in general, especially when you own a large fleet and want to be aware of everything your drivers are doing, and where they are going, just because you cannot overly trust people.

Tracking your drivers’ movement and routes with your car just got a whole lot easier, so sit back on the sofa, chill, and wait for the drivers to come back and put the car back under its covers.
GPS tracking systems are fairly affordable compared to the losses they prevent with their security. They go for between $50 and $200, compared to the thousands of dollars in cars and valuable property that they protect. Their prices often differ because of the number of properties they can track at once, or whether they have android and iOS apps, and most importantly, their coverage area. There are cheap GPS Tracking systems out there, but we strongly advise to dismiss any thoughts of getting those, because they have very poor tracking ability, which is what you don’t want in a GPS tracking system.
So, you want to get a GPS tracking system either for your car or other properties? Here are the features to look out for:
  • Fee
  • Coverage
  • Battery Life
  • Ease of Access
  • Number of Properties
Construction and Design
The one important feature in every device that runs on battery power (including these trackers) is the battery life. Therefore, when you want to get your GPS trackers, make sure to be aware of their battery life. Depending on when and how long you want to use this, the battery life is highly essential. A not-so-long battery life wouldn’t be a problem if the property you want to track this with doesn’t need an all-the-time tracking. But, if you need something that will track for a long while, you would want to get a tracker with a long-lasting battery life.

GPS tracking systems differ widely in the amount of properties you can use them to track. The number of devices you wish to track determines the GPS tracker you will get. Some can only track a few devices, while others are more efficient, protecting a larger amount of properties at the same time.
Performance and Ease of Use
Money, money, money; a major factor for whatever we want to do. Most, if not all, of the GPS tracking systems out there come with a regular fee. Usually this comes in the form of a monthly charge. The fee differs from brand to brand. Most times, the more expensive the product is, the more sophisticated and effective it is. Although, we do not advise that you ‘break your bank’ just to get a tracker, we do advise that you choose a GPS tracker that gives you all the things you want but at an affordable rate.

The coverage of a GPS tracker varies from as small as a block, to as large as a whole state or country. Some even go as far as international tracking. So, if you are only using and moving that product within an area, then your GPS tracker should have a large enough coverage area that will keep your properties secure in the area in which they are being conveyed and used.

GPS trackers are easy to use because you can control them using mobile phone applications or your personal computer. These applications are often iOS and android applications, and also internet-accessed platforms, so you don’t have to always use the GPS tracking system to track our properties.

Get the Best GPS Tracking System of 2022!

With these reviews, we trust we have offered you a real solution to your GPS tracking needs. These five brands all offer reliable and affordable trackers that will provide real-time tracking. Pick one from these brands, and enhance your security.

Our Top Choice
BrickHouse Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker
Best Value
Spy Tec Real-Time GPS Tracker
AccuTracking OBD 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker
Aspenta Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker
Optimus Mini GPS Tracker