Best Graphing Paper Reviews 2023

All STEM students know the importance of graph paper due to the ease and clarity with which graphs are plotted on it. Imagine how difficult it would be to accurately represent points on a graph without this special paper, or how difficult it would be for an architect or artist to make professional sketches…you will cherish the invention of graph paper as you go through this review. Then all you need to do is make your choice from the varieties made available to you from some of the best graph paper brands. Remember that the brands we have featured have other graph paper options beyond the ones we showcased; you will do well to check them out if what we showcased doesn't meet your needs.
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Our Top Choice
Scientific Notebook Company Laboratory Notebook
Scientific Notebook Company has continued to deliver high quality laboratory notebooks to inventors and researchers alike since 1959.
The covers are sturdy and the bindings are rock solid. It is flush trimmed and Smyth sewn, which makes writing easier.
The table of contents is on a different paper, not together with the rest of the book.
11.2x9.2x0.8 inches; 1.78 lbs
Soft cover
Best Value
Five Star Reinforced Graph Filler Paper
Five Star has leveraged its market experience to innovate and deliver unique products to its shareholders and customers for over 150 years.
The papers is sturdy and resists ink bleed. Reinforced edges keep the notebook sheets neater for longer periods of time.
There are different grid sizes on both sides of the papers
Filler paper
11x8.5x0.5 inches; 1.1 lbs
Soft cover, paper
Ink-bleed resistant
Miquelrius Leather-look Journal
For 175 years, Miquelrius has kept a good reputation with its customers by producing high-quality school accessories and stationery using the finest materials.
The cover is soft, well-bound and the size is just perfect. It has good quality quadrille paper leaves.
The pages of this graphing paper are too thin for micron pens to write on.
8.2x 6x0.8 inches;1.4 lbs
Soft cover
Opaque paper
Bazic Quad Ruled Wireless Notebook
Bazic seeks to leverage its customer feedback to continuously make available creative and functional solutions to cater to the needs of its clients.
Thick paper quality. Sturdy. Reversible. Graphs have different sizes with different graph dimensions.
The cover of this graphing paper appears too light.
11x8.5x0.2 inches; 0.4 lbs
Hard cover
Reversible graph paper
TOPS Quadrille Pad
TOPS has been committed to bringing productivity to educational institutions and offices all around the world.
Pencils can erase without fuzziness. Heavy paper. Precision ruling. Excellent quadrille pad.
Sketches have to be a bit bolder because the ink is a obtrusive, making it difficult to capture intricate details.
10.9x8.4x0.3 inches; 0.24 lbs
Non-repro blue ink

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What is the Best Graphing Paper?

Now that you have read our buying guide, we hope you are well informed on the features you need to really consider in order to get yourself a good graph paper. We now invite you to peruse the graph papers we have selected for you. Let’s go…
Our Top Choice
The Scientific Notebook Company Laboratory Notebook is a192-paged, flush trimmed graphing paper with prints on both sides. It is Smyth sewn, allowing the book to lie flat. If you prefer a soft cover notebook, we suggest you check out Scientific Notebook Company’s Student Notebook. It contains 64 main pages and an extra four pages for the table of contents.

Scientific Notebook Company Flush Trimmed Laboratory Notebook – Available in 3 Sizes and 3 Colors

For over five decades, Scientific Notebook Company has made remarkable impact as a leading manufacturer of research notebooks. It has proven to be a dependable brand for laboratory notebooks; despite the numerous challenges it has faced, it has not fled the scene nor left its customers stranded. Since its inception, not only has Scientific Notebook Company remained committed to providing its customers with notebooks that meet standard requirements, it has also created a template for them to legally document their research and record intellectual property. Scientific Notebook Company believes that its laboratory notebooks are central to scientific inventions and are invaluable tools in copyright enforcement. Its notebooks come in varied designs to suit the requirements of individual laboratories, engineering departments and research facilities.

The Scientific Notebook Company Laboratory Notebook is a flush trimmed 192-numbered page notebook with ¼ inch grid and signature blocks which create an excellent pattern for laboratory records. The Smyth sewn pages allow the book to lay flat and makes writing on it easier. It features durable and acid-free archival paper. The silky paper is superb and makes for smooth writing. It also has a separate 16-page table of contents and a standard back cover. It is quite affordable and designed to serve its purpose.

Some other laboratory notebooks by Scientific Notebook Company and their features are listed below.
  • The Scientific Notebook Company 1001 Engineer Research Laboratory Notebook: This has a black, flush trimmed cover and is Smyth sewn with 100 pages.
  • The Scientific Notebook Company Single Project Laboratory Notebook has 14 pages and dimensions of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It has a white and sewn softcover.
  • The Scientific Notebook Company Engineering Notebook Black Hardcover 2001HC: It is a 100% recycled graphing paper. It has a flat design and features a Smyth section-sewn hard cover.
Please not that you can get this book as graph or lined, and in 96 or 192 pages.
Best Value
The Five Star Reinforced Graph Filler Paper features strong and tear-resistant reinforcement tape. It has 100 graph-ruled, double-sided pages for note-taking, graphs and drawing. If you would rather have a spiral, hole-punched notebook, we urge you to look up the Five Star Spiral Notebook 100 Sheets. It comes in a variety of colors and is quite affordable.

Five Star Reinforced Loose-Leaf Graph 100 Sheet Filler Paper – Available in 1, 2, 6 Packs

Five Star is a member of the brand ACCO, a conglomerate of globally renowned high standard product brands. For over a century, Five Star has been assisting organizations and individuals in organizing programs by delivering high-end tools that are invaluable in their various endeavors. The company takes pride in the fact that its products are used worldwide and made available to consumers through numerous distribution channels. In order to exceed consumers’ expectations, Five Star invests almost a quarter of its revenue on research on an annual basis and takes advantage of its vast business acumen and consumer insight to deliver accurate information to clients all over the globe.

The Five Star Reinforced Graph Filler Paper has durable triangle-shaped holes and strong reinforcement tape that prevents tearing. The pages are graph-ruled and double-sided to make room for graphs, note-taking and drawing. It consists of 100 loose white sheets in the pack, with ¼ inch squares on the front and 1/5 inch squares in the back. The 11 x 8.5-inch sheets are resistant to ink bleed and are suitable for students willing to develop drawing ability. This graphing paper is long-lasting and holds up tightly.

Some other graph papers by Five Star are available:
  • The Five Star Filler Paper College Ruled: This is reinforced and has loose leaf papers. It comes in three packs and features 100 sheets. This graph paper weighs 20 pounds and is ideal for taking notes.
  • The Five Star Filler Paper, Graph Quad Ruled: It features three packs with has 100 sheets in each pack. It is reinforced to be stronger and extra dependable.
  • Five Star Spiral Notebook, Graph Ruled: This is an 8.5 x 11 inches graphing paper with 100 sheets and is suitable for homework and drawings. It comes in assorted colors.
Although we featured the 1 pack, please note that you can get this product in 2 and 6 packs as well.
The Miquelrius Leather-look Journal is simple and durable, suited for travel and on-the-go scribbling. It is glue-bound, has 300 neat graph paper sheets and a leather look. If you are looking for a graph paper notebook, be sure to check out the Miquelrius Wirebound Notebook. It is wire-bound and microperforated for easy detaching.

Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal 300 Sheets, 600 Pgs – Available in Black, Blue and Red

Miquelrius is a family-owned business that began in Spain in 1839. It was renowned for its conventional account books until it pioneered the manufacturing of planners, journals, notebooks, backpacks and other writing accessories. Miquelrius saw the need to re-invent its approach in satisfying customers and in evolving with the industry trends. Today, it has evolved from just producing notebooks to a becoming a leader, setting the pace in the stationery and writing accessories industry worldwide. It has a presence in many countries where it delivers high-end goods that meet global standards.

The Miquelrius Leather-look Journal is a simple and durable journal you can travel with and scribble ideas in on the move. Every page of this 300-page graphing notebook contains neat writing sheets. This leather-look journal is glue-bound and contains 5 millimeters per square-inch grid lines for better performance.

Some other journals by Miquelrius and their features are discussed below:
  • Miquelrius Spiral-Bound Ruled Notebook: It has 8.5 x 11 inch dimensions and comes in different colors.
  • The Miquelrius 6 x 8 inches A5 Wirebound Notebook: It is suitable for six subjects and has a graph paper. It has an opaque polypropylene basic cover for increased durability.
  • The Miquelrius Spiral Hardcover Notebook: It is a 4-subject, 14-sheet and double sided lined notebook. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches and it has a coil binding that allows for it to be opened flat.
  • Miquelrius Flexible Black Leather Cover: This notebook cover has dimensions of 6 x 8.2 inches. It is suitable for graphs and can take up to 300 sheets. It is an eco-friendly recycled leather.
This graphing paper is available in black, blue or red, so pick that one that you fancy!
The Bazic Quad Ruled Notebook is a reversible notebook with different rulings on its front and back. It is 8.5 x 11 inches with 80 sheets in each pack. If you are looking for a spiral notebook, we recommend the Bazic Quad-Ruled Spiral Notebook.

Bazic Reversible Quad Ruled Wireless Notebook - Assorted Colors

Bazic has provided its customers with outstanding quality and diverse stationery products since 1998. It makes the most of its customer feedback to deliver innovative and functional solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Bazic focuses primarily on its customers by judging its performance on the rate of improvement and increasing prospects. The faith of its clients in the brand is one major driving force for the company. The company has, as a result of this, earned a name for itself as a dependable source of innovative and excellent products.

Bazic Quad Ruled Notebook is a reversible graphing notebook with different sized grids on the front and back of each the sheets. It has 80 8.5 x 11-inch sheets per wireless notebook, is sturdy and comes in different colors. This notebook is pocket-friendly and delivers great value.

Some other notebooks by Bazic and their features are discussed below:
  • Bazic Quad-Ruled Spiral Notebook has 4 squares per inch grids on 100 sheets suitable for note taking and drawing.
  • Bazic College Ruled has 3-Subject Spiral Notebook with 6 packs and 120 Sheets for different work.
  • The Bazic 120 Ct. 5 inches by 7 inches Personal / Assignment Spiral Notebook is also good for personal or school use.
  • The Bazic 100 Ct. Primary Journal Marble Composition Book with 48 cases helps younger children with their writing.
  • The Bazic Personal/assignment notebook comes in 4 packs and has dimensions of 5 x 7 inches with 120 sheets per notebook and varying colors.
  • The Bazic 3-subject Spiral Notebook comes in 6 packs and its 9.5 x 5.75 inches are suitable for multi-purpose writing.
TOPS Quadrille pad is an excellent graph paper notebook with quad rule lines printed on the two sides of the sheet. It contains 50 pages and is precision-ruled with non-copy ink. If you are looking for hole-punched graphing paper, check out the TOPS Engineering Computation Pad. It is a computation pad that makes diagramming easy.

TOPS Quad Rule Gum-Top White Quadrille Pad, 50 Sheets – Available in 5 Styles

TOPS has been committed to bringing unique products to educational institutions and offices all around the world. Its brands are the oldest and most trusted names in the industry. From inception, it has produced office supplies and paper sheets, a specialization which has cultivated a legacy of immense creativity and innovation in its distribution of corporate and private customer facilities. The company has its products distributed in seven major manufacturing firms in the US, and with a robust network and distribution line, the company has been able to successfully meet the demands of its growing clientele.

The TOPS Quadrille pad is an excellent 50-page graphing notebook with dimensions of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It has a blue surface outline which makes it easy to run a pencil. This product has the advantage of precision ruling, featuring lines printed on both sides of the sheet; these graph lines are distinct and made out with non-copying blue ink.

Some other notebooks by TOPS and their features are:
  • The TOPS Focus Note: It is a 1-subject, 11 x 9-inch notebook that features a cue column and an organized notes and summary section with fields for date and purpose clearly marked on each page.
  • TOPS Focus Note Pad, with 50 Sheets: This is a well-made notepad resembling a legal pad, featuring well-sized perforated sheets that tear off smoothly.
  • The TOPS Innovative Steno Project Ruled Notebook: This is a graphing paper notebook with coil locking wire binding suitable for note taking.
  • TOPS Focus Note Composition Book: This is a 9.75 x 7.5-inch white notebook with 80 multiuse sheets.
  • TOPS Legal Pad: It is a perforated, 5 x 8-inch, narrow rule graphing notepad. It is a versatile notepad that contains 50 sheets per pad and 12 pads per pack.
  • TOPS Engineering Computation Pad: It comprises of 200 sheets and is good for computation and diagrams.
We featured the 10 squares per inch style because it’s ideal for most people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get other styles as well, no! Thos graphing paper is also available in four other styles from 4 squares per inch to 8 squares per inch.

How Do I Choose the Best Graphing Paper?

Every high school child, especially those in the sciences, have had to use graph papers at some point in their academic journey. Graph papers are specially designed papers for drawing graphs that can also enable artists and architects to make professional sketches. The ease of drawing graphs on graph paper is dependent on the quality of the graph paper and what type of work you are doing. Just like how account books enable the accountant to accurately record his transactions, graph paper helps science students to easily and effectively plot more graphs.

With a pencil well sharpened with an electric pencil sharpener, plotting graphs has never been easier with graph papers. Just as kids are exposed to technology quite early with gadgets like kids’ tablets, you should also expose your child to the way of science by allowing him or her to practice with graph papers.

Graph paper comes in different sizes, dimension, types and even weights. The various types of graph paper include:
  • Quad paper: This is often known as a quadrille paper and is a type of graph paper with small squares and sparse grids. It is usually printed with gray or light blue; the squares are two, four or five to the inch and does not work for so much detail.
  • Engineering paper: This one is classically printed on a tan translucent sheet. An inch has four, five or ten squares and the grids are made at the back of each paper which shows slightly on the front side; this way all pages have an unprinted margin. This particular paper is superb for ensuring uncluttered work.
  • Millimeter paper: This works perfectly for technical drawing, and each centimeter has ten squares.
  • Hexagonal paper: Unlike the others, this one shows hexagons and helps to map out geometric designs or tessellated tiles.
  • Isometric graph: It can be called 3D graph paper, is triangular in shape and has three series of guidelines that form a 60 angle grid of smaller triangles. They are also used to design triangle dot embroideries.
  • Logarithmic paper: In correspondence to log-log plots, the logarithmic paper is drawn in rectangles and differs in widths.
  • Normal probability paper: This graph paper is another rectangular graph with variable widths used for regular probability plots.
Now that you are aware of the various kinds of graph paper, you will be able to pick out the right graph paper of your choice.
The price of a commodity is something that tends to scare buyers. The cost of graph papers is relatively flexible and affordable. Nonetheless we have done our best to avoid featuring flimsy and cheap graph papers that will not give you the best of results. The price of the best graph paper ranges from $5and $35. Truth be told, graph paper mostly varies in price based on size, the number of leaflets, the style and portability.

With the extent to which this research has gone you are assured of an acceptable price range which encompasses every category of the graph paper. You want to make sure that you get the best graph paper that will make your graphing experience smooth.
Graph paper has become a companion to math and science students all over the world and even artists, architects and so on. Depending on how frequently you carry out experiments requiring plotting of graphs or, if you an artist, how many times you need to sketch, you may need graph paper with a lot of leaves. What we have done here is to outline most of the features you would need to consider before choosing the graph paper that best suits your need.

These are some of the features to consider:
  • Size
  • Style
  • Material
  • Type
  • Designer
  • Fathoms
  • Grid
  • Dimension
  • Background
  • Weight
Construction and Design
Inasmuch as there are various features unique to specific graph papers, there are features that are essential to all kinds of graph paper. One is the quality of the graphing sheet itself. That is, how adaptable it is to inks; how swiftly a pen can flow across the paper. The sizes of graph papers differ and go a long way in determining what would be really useful to you. If you are going to be using your graph paper for random sketches in and out of your comfort zone, you might as well get a graph that is moderate in size; not too big and not small either. Some other individuals are particular about having large graph paper because of the nature of work they intend it for and additionally as a style.

Graph paper made with a hard cover is sure to last longer than one with a flexible cover. It is important to consider at this point the length of time you intend to possess this graph paper. If you will not be using the graph paper for a long period of time, you could purchase a notebook with good graphing sheets but not necessarily with a hard cover back. The case is different with a person who wants to use the graph paper over a long period.

Each graph paper is designed with different grids and marginal lines that make it suitable for several purposes. An artist who wants to make sketches for his drawing could make use of papers with grids too. The grid helps to segment the drawings and makes it well arranged for the person sketching.
Performance and Ease of Use
Graph paper does not just do the contemporary statistical sketching alone as most people think. If you are an architect planning on renovating a house, you can easily recreate the room on a graph before carrying out your project. For this kind of project, you will need to get large graph paper. This also applies to landscaping; a large graph would enable you sketch out the plants and trees in place before the actual project is carried out.

The fathoms have to do with the depth of the graphing sheet and are determined by the number of sheets the booklet has and how large the papers are. When using a graph for craft, the grid is important. Wider grids would be perfect for drawing portraits due to their ability to increase the terrain for work.

Some graphs can be printed on; they enable you get out your work from a system. When it comes to scanning or faxing, a paper that blurs out the lines would be great for ensuring a neat looking work. However, graph paper is not limited just to the office—for some, it’s necessary to have it on-the-go. So, depending on what you will be doing with your graph paper, a sheaf that weighs a lot might be cumbersome to take out and at this point a slim notebook graph paper would be great.

The background of the graph paper determines the way the fonts reflect. For writers, it is ideal to go for a paper with gray or other dimmer colors which reduces the distraction of the lines on the paper. This would not apply to a statistician who needs to pay full attention to the grids for accuracy in plotting a graph, as is the same an individual who is doing architectural sketches.

Get the Best Graphing Paper of 2023!

Finally, we have come to the crucial point of this review: the part where you make your choice and get the graph paper that suits you based on the features you were looking out for. Everything is now a go, and we are sure you are going to be a happy buyer at the end of the day.

Our Top Choice
Scientific Notebook Company Laboratory Notebook
Best Value
Five Star Reinforced Graph Filler Paper
Miquelrius Leather-look Journal
Bazic Quad Ruled Wireless Notebook
TOPS Quadrille Pad