Best Green Screen Reviews 2022

If you want to be able to easily change the background of your pictures and videos, green screens are the way to go. Just take your shots in front of a green screen background, edit with the appropriate software, and voila! You have whatever background you want. We’ve made choosing the ideal green screen a walk in the park for you, seeing as we’ve researched the many options out there and came up with 5 of the best green screens around. If you don't find the type you want among our featured products, that won't be a problem, because these trusted brands have many other variants of green screens you can check out to finally make a choice.
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Our Top Choice
LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light
LimoStudio has grown to become a globally recognized manufacturer of advanced studio equipment that takes photography to a whole new level.
The full spectrum bulbs give a bright tone just like daylight. It comes with a large bag to store your equipment. It has an adjustable background support and light stands.
Isolated complaint is that the backdrop isn’t wrinkle resistant.
14.2 x 11.5 x 33.2" / 31.6 lbs
Heavy duty carry bag
With light stand, lightbulb
Best Value
Square Perfect Green Professional Backdrop
Square Perfect is a maker and marketer of premium flash, light kits, softboxes and other photography equipment that will give you a “picture perfect” job.
The fabric used for this backdrop significantly reduces color deviation, and its crimped edges prevent it from ripping making this background durable.
One isolated complaint is that the material is not thick enough to absorb backlight.
1 x 13 x 10" / 5 lbs
100% seamless muslin cotton
Machine washable
Rod pockets
Fancierstudio Green Screen Chromakey Kit
Fancierstudio sells performance and high-quality studio lighting equipment that adds a professional touch to your photography.
This lighting kit has a background big enough to shoot a video or take situational photos, and the background support is sturdy and adjustable.
It’s been said that the user manual is poorly written.
37 x 17.4 x 11.7" / 31.6 lbs
Carrying case included
3 Softbox lights
PhotoSEL Collapsible Chromakey Background
PhotoSEL is a well-known manufacturer and retailer of professional standard photography equipment and accessories.
This background has a collapsible design and comes with a carrier bag that makes it convenient to transport, and its fasteners let you use it vertically or horizontally.
The sheer size of this background makes it tough to collapse.
1.6 x 78.7 x 94.5" / 6.6 lbs
Spot washable
Carry bag
ePhoto Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop
ePhoto is a popular retailer of high-quality equipment and accessories that are used in photography and videography studios.
This chromakey background has a texture that will not reflect light and will give you a continuous color tone. It’s also large enough for most types of video and photo shoots.
There are some complaints, however, that the fabric is too thin to block out lights.
15.5 x 9.8 x 2" / 2.5 lbs
Machine washable
Rod pockets

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What is the Best Green Screen?

You now have a good idea what green screens are and what they can do. We hope you’ve also decided on which features are most important to your needs. Now read through our individual reviews of brands/products, keeping in mind those needs. They will help you in choosing the best green screen for you.
Our Top Choice
The LimoStudio Light Kit has an adjustable background support that reaches up to 10 feet in width and 8.8 feet in height, giving you enough background for a scene or group picture. If all you want is a chroma key background, check out the Limo Studio Green Muslin Backdrop which is 9 x 15 feet.

LimoStudio Photo Video Light Kit – Includes 3 Muslin Background Screens, Umbrella, Softbox And Lighting Diffuser Reflector

Limo Studio was founded in 1990 and has since received global recognition for its superior quality and creatively designed studio lighting equipment that’s helped many photographers all over the world. Its wide range of high-performance products include backgrounds, bulbs, light modifiers, tripods, light stands, to name a few. Its commitment has helped improve productivity and creativity in the photography and videography industry.

The Limo Studio Light Kit (Suggested Retail Price: $154.99) consists of almost all you need for a great photoshoot session. All you need besides this kit is a camera and you can start taking pictures! The three muslin backgrounds, 6 feet by 9 feet each, give you the versatility to change the background color as required. The following are other features of this lighting kit:
  • Height and width adjustable background support
  • Green, black, and white muslin backdrop
  • 2 studio light stands with locking system
  • 2 units of 24" Soft box Reflectors with Light Holder
  • 4 digital full spectrum light bulbs
  • E27 AC socket umbrella holder with on/off switch
  • 2 33-inch white studio light reflectors
  • 3 muslin backdrop clamps
  • 5 backdrop ring holders
  • It also comes with a large water resistant equipment bag
Best Value
The Square Perfect Chromakey Backdrop is 10 x 13 feet and 100% muslin cotton. Its texture is so smooth it almost entirely eliminates any reflective spill. If you’d like a light reflector for your studio, try out the Square Perfect 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Light Reflector.

Square Perfect Professional Quality Chromakey Muslin Backdrop For Photography And Video – Available In 3 Sizes

Square Perfect is committed to offering only the best photography kits and equipment. Since it sells its products directly to the users, cutting out middlemen, it can afford to offer its products at affordable prices. It knows exactly what users want, because it’s a company made up of photographers, and it strives to make them available.

The Square Perfect Chromakey Backdrop (Suggested Retail Price: $34.89) is technically color-matched with the standard chromakey green to give you the perfect background shade you need for the digital editing. It’s ideal for photography, video recording, TV production, digital masking, etc. The cotton in this backdrop absorbs light and does a great job of avoiding reflection. The following are other features of this chromakey background:
  • It has rod pockets for a convenient setup
  • The fine weaving creates a smooth and continuous background
  • Fabric type reduces color deviation
  • Crimped edges to prevent tears
  • Machine washable
The Fancierstudio Lighting Kit includes a 10 x 20 feet chroma key backdrop that allows you to add exciting background designs to your photos. The adjustable 4 light output provides a daylight effect. If what you want is a mobile backdrop, check out the Fancierstudio Collapsible Backdrop which is reversible with blue and green on either side.

Fancierstudio 2000W Lighting Kit – Includes 10x12 Inch Green Screen And Three Softbox Lights

Fancierstudio is a marketer of superior quality and durable photography supply. It offers its products at rock-bottom prices because it imports directly from the manufacturer. Its lighting stands and other merchandise are made for top performance and with a professional finish. Its shipping and customer service are exceptional, and its numerous customers obviously agree as they keep coming back for more.

The Fancierstudio Lighting Kit (Suggested Retail Price: $209.99) is a collection of equipment you need to set up the perfect lighting for your studio. It’s ideal for photographers looking to add digital effects to their photography. The background support that comes with it is fully adjustable, allowing you to expand and contract your background accordingly. The other features of this lighting kit include the following:
  • It comes with a chroma key muslin backdrop
  • The background support is adjustable up to 8.5 feet in height and 10 feet wide
  • It has two height-adjustable soft box light stands
  • It has 2 4-bulb light heads
  • It comes with fluorescent bulbs
  • It includes a carrier bag
The PhotoSEL Chromakey Background is made of 100% cotton with a matte finish to prevent glare from your lighting. It’s also collapsible, making it easy to move around. If you’d like a bigger backdrop with a matte finish, you can take a look at the PhotoSEL Green Screen Background which is 100% cotton.

PhotoSEL Green Collapsible Chromakey Background – 100% Cotton And Comes With Touch Fasteners

PhotoSEL is based in London where it manufactures and sells high-grade and superior performance photography studio equipment. Its wide range of products includes tripods, booms, stands, light modifiers, backdrops, background support and much more. As it is the same company that sells the products it manufactures, it’s able to offer them at affordable prices that its customers are happy with.

The PhotoSEL Chromakey Background (Suggested Retail Price: $75) offers you the possibility of changing the original background to any other of your choice. It’s also collapsible, making it easy for you to quickly setup, and offers portability so you can take your background with you wherever you want. The following are some other features of this portable backdrop:
  • It’s collapsible for convenient storage
  • It has fasteners along the edge for hanging
  • You can use it vertically or horizontally
  • It’s spot washable
  • Its matte finish prevents glare
  • It comes with a circular carrier bag
The ePhoto Chromakey Background has rod pockets on both top edges letting you hang or drape the background. It’s made with muslin and is machine washable. If you’d prefer a photography lighting kit, try out the ePhoto Studio Lighting Kit. It has Green, White, and Black muslin backdrops.

ePhoto Photography Video Studio Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop

ePhoto shows its commitment to photography by providing superior quality equipment that not only makes taking pictures easier, but also gives your work a touch of class. Whether it’s the lighting equipment, the stands, backgrounds, reflectors, or tents, ePhoto always aims to surpass your expectations by offering you great products at competitive prices.

The ePhoto Chromakey Background (Suggested Retail Price: $28.99) has a matte finish ensuring it provides an even color tone so it doesn’t reflect light. It’s used especially in cases where the background needs to be altered. Its size of 10x10 feet is large enough to carry out most photo and video shoots.

The following are some other quality products made by ePhoto:
  • ePhoto Collapsible Chromakey Background – It’s easy to move around and has Blue and Green on either side
  • ePhoto Studio Lighting Kit – It has a large backdrop and the stands are sturdy; it also comes with a carrier bag
  • ePhoto Continuous Lighting Kit – It has 3 muslin backgrounds, 2 stands, and 2 light reflectors

How Do I Choose the Best Green Screen?

If you’re wondering how movies create their make believe scenes, you're not alone. Or perhaps you're shocked at seeing a picture of your friend on his phone in front of the Eiffel tower when both of you were busy skateboarding all week. That’s the power of the green screen, which you can also call a chroma key. If you’ve ever watched the movies Avatar or 300, those were movies shot almost entirely in front of a green screen.

The process is quite simple. Snap your picture or shoot your video in front of a green screen. With the appropriate software, you can insert whatever background you want. Rightly done, you too can replicate those special effects you see on TV. Green screens have become so popular and useful they now have their own genre in photography, chroma key photography. So if you're already into photography and this aspect excites you, maybe you should give it a go. Even if you are new, you can still get into it; the learning curve isn't that steep!

The best green screens evenly absorb light throughout the surface and aren’t reflective. They don’t rip and are wrinkle free. A lot of them are reusable and you can wash them. Some are portable enough to carry around, while others are stationary and used mainly indoors. They come in different sizes and are made with different materials. So whichever type you choose will depend on your particular needs.

The success of chroma key photography depends on lighting. The contrast has to be spot on to get the best effects. How you go about your shoot determines how easy the editing will be. In chroma key photography, it’s important that every part of your model is well within the green background because, during editing, the parts that aren’t on the screen will be cut out.
The material, size and the type of equipment bundled with your green screen are the determining factors of pricing. Even though what we want is the best product available, the truth still remains that we all can't afford it. So until the world becomes that ideal place, we will have to make compromises. Some green screens are usually bundled with lighting equipment. Those cost anywhere around $250 while the standalone green screen is around $50. You can find it less than that depending on some of the factors mentioned earlier.

There are also the cheap green screens that are made with poor materials that won’t evenly absorb light and will rip easily. These are not the types we recommend and that’s why you won’t find them in our review.
Green screens allow you to add great effects to your pictures and videos. It would’ve been splendid if just any green screen will achieve the kind of spectacular outcomes we know they can provide. As much freedom as green screens have given us, there are things that still need to be put in place. The following are the features you need to consider to get you the best results from your background:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Care
This list is meant to show you the important features that might influence your decision concerning which particular green screen will suit your needs.
Construction and Design
There are a few options to choose from when it comes to the material you want for your green screen. The location and size of your model will influence the material of your choice. The following are highlights of the different materials used:

PAPER: If you’re taking pictures of a large object such as a car, a group of people, or maybe even a cow (who knows what type of contract you will get), then you should be considering a seamless paper for your background as it’s usually available in large sizes. Some 12 feet wide backdrops are even available for this material. That should be big enough to fit even two cows! But you need to be sure that what you’re photographing on your seamless paper is clean. If not, you’re in for a major cleanup after the shoot.

VINYL: These screens give your background a matte finish, so you don't have to worry about those reflections that can ruin your shoot and make post-production processing a living hell. Another great advantage of this material is that it’s washable and reusable. Vinyl green screens are also available in large sizes of up to 10 feet wide.

MUSLIN: These types of green screens are reusable too. One major issue you might have with muslin backgrounds is the tendency to wrinkle, and that’s not what you want on your backdrop as they can cast shadows that will be a pain to get rid of later. The reusability is one factor that will save you a lot of money over time. Cotton, nylon, and polyester are usually categorized under this type.

Another option is to simply paint a wall green. This might serve as a good idea as it’s inexpensive. But the texture of your wall plays a great part in how well it works. Backlighting won't be possible with this idea and that might be a setback depending on your needs.

What type of picture you want to take heavily determines the size of background you'll need. A small screen won't work well for a group of Pep lovers or large objects. Knowing the type of pictures you want to take on a green screen background will help you determine the size you will go for.
Performance and Ease of Use
Chroma key photography has endless possibilities if you get your background right. Editing and processing could be a breeze if there are no issues with the picture and background. The type of background you use goes a long way in ensuring that the photo shoot and post-production processing isn’t stressful. There are portable and stationary types of backgrounds. The portable backgrounds are usually designed to be collapsible so you can easily carry them around. This type is ideal for outdoor photography that requires green screens. Just make sure you mount it on a firm support like a tripod. A wobbly background won’t serve its purpose at all. The collapsible backgrounds usually come with fasteners on all edges, so you can hang them vertically or horizontally depending on what is required.

The stationary backgrounds are the ones mostly used indoors and are usually large, which can accommodate a group of people or large objects. The backdrops are hung on a background support which keeps the green screens in place and taut so wrinkles won't cast unwanted shadows.

With the exception of seamless paper, most green screens are washable. Some are even machine washable. Seamless papers can be cleaned too, but not with conventional methods. The collapsible ones can be spot cleaned should they get stained. Ironing and steaming are good ways to keep wrinkles off your green screens. If after that you still notice some wrinkles, try hanging them tightly spread to keep them wrinkle-free for your shoot.

If you find out your background is lighter than you need for a shoot, you can enhance it by backing it up with foam. This will make it more opaque and give it a matte-like effect letting it adequately absorb light. However, the foam-backing might be less effective if you require backlighting for your shoot.

Talking about lighting, this is one of the most important factors in chroma key photography. It’s important you get the contrast between your model and the background right, especially if you’re shooting indoors; this will make the finished picture appear more realistic. If you don't already have lights, you can consider buying your green screen bundled with lighting equipment. That might save you some money as some of the brands we featured even bundle black and white backgrounds along with the lighting equipment, including your green screen of course. It’s our hope that this information will help you determine which features are essential to your needs, consequently making it easy for you to decide which particular product is ideal for you.

Get the Best Green Screen of 2022!

Now that you're done reading our review, we hope you’ve gotten the information you need to confidently make a purchase. If so, what are you waiting for? If not, the trusted brands we featured have lots of other green screens you can check out so you can find the best green screen for you.

Our Top Choice
LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light
Best Value
Square Perfect Green Professional Backdrop
Fancierstudio Green Screen Chromakey Kit
PhotoSEL Collapsible Chromakey Background
ePhoto Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop