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So you’ve decided to get a grill cover but don’t have the time or energy to go through the stress of going through the maze of available options; don’t fret, that’s why we’re here. We’ve carried out extensive research and have come up with some of the best grill covers from five top brands. Please note that these brands have more than one product in this category, but for the purpose of this review, we’ve chosen just one product per brand, so feel free to check out other products by these brands.

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Our Top Choice
Yukon Glory Premium Grill Cover
Yukon Glory derives pride in providing innovative, practical, long lasting outdoor products for its customers. It combines this with exemplary customer service to achieve success.
It’s made with 100% top quality material that’s water resistant, can be put on a grill so that the middle is fitted with long sides and has PVC backing on the fabric.
Color may fade with time.
47H x 60W x 26.5D inches
Premium vinyl fabric + Velcro strap
Black, tan/American flag, forest
2 year warranty
Best Value
Rico NFL Deluxe Gas Grill Cover
Rico Industries has been in the market since 1944, and they’re known for sporting goods that fans can use to accessorize their cars, homes or offices, to show support for their team.
It’s made with long lasting vinyl construction that can easily be cleaned with soap and water, has visible team logo printed on the side and Velcro straps that keep it in place.
The length of the cover is a bit on short side.
35H x 68W x 21D inches
Vinyl, lined with white felt
Black with 32 NFL logo options
Water resistant
Info not provided
Classic Accessories Veranda BBQ Grill Cover
For over 30 years, Classic Accessories has consistently invested in creating great designs and the development of covers that are functional and beneficial to customers.
It’s made from waterproof Gardelle woven polyester fabric with special undercoating and has heavy stitching and seams that are bound inside for additional strength.
None has been recorded so far. This model only comes in one color scheme.
Available in 8 sizes
Gardelle woven polyester fabric
Tan with brown lower skirt
Water resistant
3 year warranty
Duck Covers BBQ Grill Cover
Duck Covers’ mission is to become one of the market leaders that provide low cost products without compromising quality while also maintaining excellent customer service.
Made with heavy duty polyester material that’s long lasting, it has aerated side panels that help it get rid of condensation and a two-inch wide toggle that helps to hold it firm.
This cover tends to run small, so it might be expedient to go up a size.
Available in 3 sizes
High-strength polyester
Brown with accent stripe
100% waterproof
Two-year limited warranty
Char-Broil Burner All-Season Grill Cover
Char-Broil consistently makes products to give its customers better cookouts. Customer satisfaction is its motivation to continue to innovate and improve its products.
This cover is easy to use, has coating inside that prevents it from getting damaged by water and also suitable side-closure fasteners that keep it firmly in place.
Some customers would have preferred more length.
Available in 4 sizes
300D polyester+ PVC inner coating
Black with Char-Broil logo
Three-year limited warranty

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What are the Best BBQ Grill Covers to Protect Your Gas Grill from Rust, Rain and Snow?

There’s nothing like the best grill cover, and there certainly is one out there for you! Now that you know what to look out for in a cover, you know the features that would work well for you. So as we go through the review of these products, note those features so that you’ll be able to make a good, stress-free choice.

Our Top Choice
The Yukon Glory Premium Grill Cover is a strong, deluxe, and long lasting grill cover that will help protect your BBQ grill from the weather and other elements that can shorten its lifespan. If you want something smaller, you can consider the Yukon Glory 7105 Grill Cover.

Yukon Glory Premium Grill Cover For Weber Genesis E And S Series Gas Grills - Available In 3 Colors

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in the world of wholesale and retail, Yukon Glory specializes in the production of top quality barbecue grill accessories, innovative products for outdoor use and has also developed a high level of outstanding customer service. A combination of top quality and innovative service is the key to the success it’s achieved so far. Yukon Glory derives great pride in providing practical and long lasting products to customers. Its excellent grill covers are made to preserve the lives of the grills it produces and are also designed to cater for different sizes and designs of grills. The Yukon Glory Premium Grill Cover (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price --$36.99) is a strong, deluxe, sturdy and long lasting grill cover that will help protect your BBQ grill from the weather, be it sun, rain, wind, snow or everything in between! It’s made for various grill sizes, fabricated of sturdy vinyl, and fortified with a one of a kind closure system for a snug fit. It’s 60 inches in length and made to fit 2007 - 2014 Weber Genesis E and S series gas grills, and a number of other grills. Listed below are some other features of this great grill cover:
  • 100 percent top quality fabric
  • It can be easily put on a grill so that the middle is fitted and has long sides
  • The fit makes it stay firmly on the grill to provide year round protection
  • Water resistant material keeps out rain and every other issues associated with the weather
  • Fabric has grit with PVC backing
  • Two vent holes on either side, that has flaps which keeps out rain
  • 2 inches wide velcro straps used to hold cover to grill by its four wheels
  • Drawstrings at the base of each side under the shelves
  • Small covered compartment with zip in front of the cover
  • One handle on top of the cover
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty
Best Value
The NFL Deluxe Grill is made with a felt lining inside it to ensure that your grill is protected from scratches as you put it on and off, and the Velcro straps hold it down when strong wind buffets it. If you’re more of a college football fan, you can check out the NCAA Deluxe Grill Cover.– or choose other sports logos.

Rico NFL Deluxe Vinyl Padded Grill Cover -- Pick Your Favorite from 32 NFL Team Logos, Other Sports Available

Rico Industries, Inc describes itself as a one stop sports shop. It has whatever fans need to show their support and loyalty to their teams. It has been on the market since 1944, providing wholesale gift and novelty products to retailers. It has continuously been ranked as one of the top holders of licenses from NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and many Universities and colleges. It has products that can be used as accessories in cars, homes, and offices. Most of its products (about 90%) are made or finished in the USA. The NFL Deluxe Grill Cover is made with a supple material inside it to ensure that your grill is protected from scratches as you put it on and off and also when strong wind buffets it. It's designed to fit snugly on your grill so that it stays put. Covers are available for all 32 NFL teams - so root for your favorite! This cover has some other features too:
  • The pull strength of the stitching is tested with 30 pounds weight stretch
  • Can easily be cleaned with soap and water
  • Visible team logo is printed on the side
  • Made with long lasting vinyl construction
  • Cover is kept in place by the hook and loop velcro closure
  • Lined with white felt
The Veranda BBQ Grill Cover has a fashionable design and long lasting nature. It has a guard skirt that protects it from dark splashes and stuffed handles for convenience. If a kettle style BBQ grill cover would fit your needs better, then check out the Classic Accessories 73422 Grill Cover.

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover - Durable BBQ Cover with Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric, Available in 8 Sizes

Classic Accessories was established by Jacob Engelstein when he saw a market for car accessories like car seat belt pads and covers for steering wheels. As time went on, it progressed to making bigger covers for cars, boats, grills, you name it! For the past thirty years, Classic Accessories has consistently invested in the growth of its designs and development of products that are inventive, beneficial to customers and pleasant to behold too! With an understanding of what makes outdoor activities worthwhile, it has put out products that help its customers prolong the lifespan of their outdoor equipment and gadgets The Veranda BBQ Grill Cover is a favorite among Classic Accessories’ customers because of its fashionable design and long lasting nature. It’s part of the Veranda line of matching products that are made from the trademark waterproof "Gardelle" woven polyester fabric with special undercoating. It has heavy stitching and seams that are bound inside for additional strength and stuffed handles for convenience. This cover has more great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Guard skirt that protects it from dark splashes
  • Air vents lessens moisture inside when grill is covered
  • Padded handles make it easy to put on and remove
  • Top pocket with zip for grill utensils
  • Fabric has a top which is 6P free and EU REACH compliant with water resistant support
  • Adjustable stretchy border cord with hook and eye that makes for a custom fit
  • Closure system allows for straps to be tightened over grill wheels to hold it the cover in place
  • With eight size options, it’s versatile enough to fit many brands of grills
  • Comes with 3 year limited warranty
While this particular model only comes in tan/brown, there are a variety of other covers to choose from, as well as matching covers for patio furniture.
The Duck Ultimate BBQ Grill Cover is designed to protect your BBQ grills from the elements. Made for harsh weather and high winds, it’s one hundred percent water resistant and doesn’t fade. Do you want a 67-inch cover in khaki instead? Check out the Duck Covers Elite BBQ Grill Cover.

Duck Covers Ultimate BBQ Grill Cover - 100% Waterproof, Available in 3 Sizes

Duck Covers is part of The Flexible Storage Group that's known for making innovative products and providing solutions for customers in the most unconventional ways. No matter what needs to be covered, from outdoor equipment to furniture or cars, Duck Covers has products that help you take care of and protect your valuable property. Its mission is to become one of the market leaders that provide low cost products without compromising quality while maintaining excellent customer service. The Duck Ultimate BBQ Grill Cover is designed to protect your BBQ grills from the elements. It’s one hundred percent water resistant and doesn’t fade. Because there are three size options, it can be used to cover a wide variety of grill brands, and is good for use in places with unpleasant weather and high winds. It has other great features which include the following:
  • Made with heavy duty polyester material that’s long lasting
  • Aerated side panels that help to get rid of condensation
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Includes instructions for use
  • The seam sealer tape used in making it stops water from entering from the seams
  • UV stability added when the fabric was made helps to reduce fading
  • Two inches wide toggle that helps to hold cover firm
The Char-Broil All-Season Grill Cover is available in four size options from 2 burner to 5+. Waterproof long lasting polyester cover protects your grill from the elements. Do you need a full length luxury grill cover and don’t mind paying a little more? Then check out the Char-Broil 65" Artisan Grill Cover.

Char-Broil Burner All-Season Grill Cover- Medium Duty BBQ Grill Cover Available In 4 sizes

One of the first charcoal grills was brought into the market by Char-Broil in 1948. Since then, it has introduced improvements that are now the norm for modern grills. Although it cannot take credit for inventing cookouts, it can proudly say that it has definitively contributed to the progress and development of better cookouts. Through the years it has been making products that make grilling easier, less expensive and more enjoyable. Char-Broil knows that consistently making its products better means that its customers would have better cookouts, and that’s all the motivation it’s needed to continue to innovate and improve its products. For a grill to last, it needs to have a good cover. The Char-Broil All-Season Grill Cover is an investment that would yield the dividend of a longer life span for your grill. This easy to use cover comes in four different sizes, from small 2 burner grills, to large grills with 5 or more burners. To give you an example of size, the 3 – 4 burner cover fits on any grill that’s up to 62 inches. With this waterproof long lasting polyester cover, all you need to do is slip it over your grill, secure it in place and you'll be using it for years to come. Some of its other great features are:
  • 300D Polyester and PVC internal glaze
  • Suitable side-closure fasteners that keeps cover firmly in place
  • Coating inside prevents it from getting damaged by water

How to Choose the Best Cover for a Gas Grill to Keep It Safe from the Elements

Prime Chop
Anyone who's ever been involved in cookouts or the use of a grill outdoors understands the importance of a grill cover. This is true especially if you have to carry it back and forth from the house every time you use it; you get tired of that and want to leave it close by. No matter how durable your grill, undue exposure to the elements would shorten its lifespan. Imagine that you’ve left your BBQ grill uncovered in one corner of the patio or garage through the wet season. Then on this glorious summer day, you decide to have a family cookout only to pull out your grill and discover...oops! It’s rusted and can’t be used. What a disappointment! Or maybe you’re all set to go on the camping trip that you’ve been planning, only to discover that your portable grill left in storage won’t be able to make the trip because it was left unprotected. Even the most well made outdoor gear can be damaged by the elements. That’s why you need a good grill cover to ensure that your barbecue grill is protected all year round. After that disappointing episode, you decide to replace your grill, or maybe that’s not you. You’ve never had a grill, and you want to start having some fun cookouts with friends and family. Ensure that one of the first things you check out after the grill is a good cover for it, especially if you want to keep it on your patio or someplace where it’d be exposed to nature. You may also consider getting a cover that would match with the covers of other patio furniture that you already have. Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when purchasing a cover for your grill.

How To Care For Your Grill

How to Deep Clean your Gas BBQ Grill. | Courtesy of Simple Green

There are many things that affect the price of a grill cover; they include the design, the material it’s made of, the size, quality of the fabric or material and whether it’s regular, high end or vintage. High end luxury grill covers can cost as much as $70 or more if they are large ones, while some of the regular ones can be gotten for as low as $19.99. This is not to say that those regular ones would not do a good job, but sometimes, the reason why the high end ones cost as much as they do is because there’s the consideration of matching them with other patio or veranda furniture covers (aesthetic considerations) or they’re heavy duty and made to fit specialized grill sizes. As we went about our research, we came across some super cheap grill covers, but they’re not featured here. Our reasons are that they’re made with lower quality materials that wouldn’t last long and they don’t do a good job of really keeping your grill safe from the elements. We’re confident that whatever product you choose based on this review would give you good value for your money.
Grill covers are useful cookout accessories that help ensure the longevity of your BBQ grill. There are features that enable them to do what they’re designed for or one might as well look for a roll of tarp to cover the grill (you’d need some bungee cords or rope too to hold it in place)! Please bear in mind that no single cover would have all the features that would be listed, but it'd be great for you to know what you require so that you can look out for them as you hunt for the best grill cover for you. Here are some of the most important features to look out for:
  • Quality of the fabric it’s made of – This includes whether it’s waterproof and stain resistant
  • The fit of the cover on the grill- It should be snug enough to fit the grill properly
  • Convenience of maintenance and cleaning- it should be easy to clean and not cumbersome to take care of
  • Manufacturer's warranty – Because this is a delicate product, you need to be sure that the manufacturer is confident about the quality; enough to provide at least one year warranty
  • Durability of construction – You don’t want to keep changing your grill cover per time so it should be hardy and well made
  • Versatility to fit many brands of grills- It would be safe to get a cover that can fit more than one brand of grills
  • Ease of use- It should have a design that makes it easy for you to put it on and off, one feature that make this easier is padded handles
Construction and Design
Grill covers are made with polyester, vinyl or canvas and then coated inside. A good grill cover is characterized by the type of inner coating it has (this is what enables it to be water resistant and also to keep the elements out) and the quality of the fabric/material used. So it’s important to get a cover that’s made with top quality material and has strong PVC coating or other durable coatings like it. Due to the danger of condensation that may cause the grill to rust, grill covers are made with aerated side panels or vent holes that allow for adequate ventilation to prevent this. Straps at the base of the cover, with hook and loop, are used to hold it in place when put on the grill. If the cover does not have a snug fit, there is every possibility that a strong gust of wind would blow it off; thus the necessity for strong straps that’d hold the cover to the wheels of the grill.

Gordon Ramsay's How to Cook the Perfect Burger on the Grill

Guide to grilling the perfect burger from Master Chef Gordon Ramsay. | Courtesy of Good Morning America

Performance and Ease of Use
The handle on the top of a cover is meant to help with the fitting and removal of the cover while the padded handles help to make it convenient and more comfortable for the user to put the cover on and off alone. If the fit of the cover is too tight, this would be difficult to achieve so ensure that you get the right dimensions of your grill before you make your selection. Some covers come with guard skirts that protect it from dark splashes; this keeps the cover looking relatively clean until you’re ready to wash/clean it. A number of covers are easy to clean with soap and water. The maintenance and durability of a grill cover depend on the material used. Polyester covers are lightweight, dry quickly and are suitable for humid climates. They can also withstand harsh weather. One major advantage of vinyl covers is that they’re waterproof. Since most people keep their grills outdoors, it would be necessary to get a heavy duty vinyl (one that’s not less than 12 gauge) because the lighter ones aren’t durable. Canvas covers are usually more affordable but depending upon the quality of the material, can actually be more durable than the others. They also can be treated to be water and fire resistant. Although the use of a grill cover is not rocket science, some manufacturers include user instructions to make it even easier to use.

Get the Best Grill Cover of 2022!

Having read through this review, we’re confident that you’ve been armed with enough information to make a good choice. Remember that there are other options by the brands featured in case the featured products did not appeal to you. Rest assured that whatever choice you make based on this review would not be regretted. Happy shopping!

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Our Top Choice
Yukon Glory Premium Grill Cover
Best Value
Rico NFL Deluxe Gas Grill Cover
Classic Accessories Veranda BBQ Grill Cover
Duck Covers BBQ Grill Cover
Char-Broil Burner All-Season Grill Cover

Grill Cover FAQs

How do you keep a grill cover on?
Wrap the cover’s bungee cord around the grill. Lift the lid of the grill slightly and tuck the edges of the cover inside. Doing so will help prevent the grill cover from being blown away. If you are using a tarp or want to be extra sure your cover stays one, you can always pick up some extra bungee cords.
What size of grill cover do I need?
For adequate coverage, always ensure that the grill cover is a few inches larger than the dimensions of your grill. In terms of height, the cover should be shorter than your grill to ensure good circulation underneath the cover. To make things easier, in many cases, manufactures of grill covers will specify which models they are designed for.
How to clean a stainless-steel grill cover?
To clean a stainless steel grill cover you need warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Rub off any grease marks gently and rinse with warm water. You may also get a grease remover spray that quickly gets rid any dirt caused by grease or oils leaving the surface shiny and sparkling.
Do I need a grill cover?
If you want your grill to last, then yes, you absolutely need a grill cover. Leaving your grill uncovered exposes it to harsh weather elements which may make it corrode faster. Corrosion and rust shorten its durability. A grill cover will also help to prevent birds, wasps and squirrels from using your grill as nest during the off seasons.
Does a grill cover prevent rusting?
While nothing is 100%, using a grill cover will help to prevent the exterior of your grill from rusting. Do keep in mind that if you don't properly take care of the grates inside, they can still rust even with a cover. If you are shopping for a grill cover, take a look at our top 5 picks and reviews.