Best Grill Light Reviews 2023

Most of us like to cook outside, especially during summer when the weather is conducive. It’s always fun spending time with friends and family in the warm weather, even at night, as you grill some meat. You may need a grill light to see your meat and other food and ensure it cooks just fine. It can be a challenge to find a good light without the right information. To make your work easier, we’ve researched some of the best grill lights brands and selected five that have quality products. We’ve gone ahead and reviewed a product from each. You’ll sure to find yourself the ideal one!
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Our Top Choice
Weber-Stephen Natural Organic Grill Out Light
Weber’s innovation is evident in the quality products it's manufactured in the more than 50 years it has been in existence.
Flexible neck to focus light to a certain area. Strong LED light that you can use anytime.
Its neck is a bit short for larger grills.
Table mount
2.84 x 8.67 x 5.77 in/1.19 lbs
LED lighting
3 AAA batteries/LED bulbs
Best Value
Cave Tools BBQ Grill Light
Since 2013, Michael O’Donnell, the founder of Cave Tools, has been making quality and superior barbecue items and other cooking tools.
Three brightness settings that provide 100+ lumens. Upgraded handle mount clamp that fits into any handle.
Batteries are not included in the package.
Handle mount
Fully adjustable
3 x 4.6 x 8.9 in/0.8lbs
3 brightness settings
3 AA batteries/LED bulbs
Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light
Brookstone is a retailer specializing in a range of consumer products. It only selects from the top manufacturers to bring you the best of the best.
Handle mount. Bright LED bulbs that last over 100,000 hours. Pivoting design that helps focus light where you need it.
Batteries are not included.
Handle mount
Adjustable clamp
11.5 x 8.5 x 3 in/2.5 lbs
LED lighting
4 D batteries
Fulcrum MultiFlex Work Grill Light
Fulcrum is a leading company in the production of all kinds of lighting solutions.
6-LED floodlight technology. Wide beam. Flexible gooseneck that can bend in almost any position.
Batteries must be bought separately.
Table mount
Adjustable neck
27 x 3.2 x 7 in/1.3 lbs
36 lumens
3 AA batteries/6 LED bulbs
Maverick Magnetic Mount LED Grill Light
Maverick Industries began its production of home appliances in 1981. It started out by manufacturing electronic barbecue grills.
21-bulb work lights and six-bulb flash light. Bendable neck to focus light anywhere.
It uses 3 AAA batteries that are not part of the package.
Magnetic mount
Adjustable neck
3.6 x 5.4 x 11.8 in/0.85 lbs
50 lumens
3 AAA batteries

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What is the Best Grill Light?

The moon and your outside lights aren’t sufficient for you to grill or barbecue at night in your backyard. You may need a grill light that fits or sits properly on your grill’s handle or serving table to help you see your food. The best grill light is one with the right bulbs, and one that's flexible and adjustable to help you focus light where you require it.
Our Top Choice
The Weber-Stephen Natural Organic Grill Out Light has a flexible neck that moves easily, allowing you to focus the light where you need it. If you want a smaller grill light, consider going for the Weber 6427 Grill Out Table Light.

Weber-Stephen Natural Organic Grill Out Table Light

Weber has been making grills and grilling accessories for more than 50 years. Its efficient grill lights are a true testament of the hard work and brilliance this company has put into manufacturing lights and other related cooking products.

Who said grilling should only be possible during the day? You can still enjoy your grilling experience at night with the Weber-Stephen Natural Organic Grill Light, thanks to its flexible neck that moves easily so you can focus the light where you need it.

Here are some more features that come with this lamp:
  • Powerful LED light that you can use at night and on dim days
  • Clamp mounts that can attach to many different grills and rise a good 8.7 inches
  • Made of durable materials and has a water-resistant design
  • Comes with 3 AAA batteries
Best Value
The Cave Tools BBQ Grill Light comes with three brightness settings that provide over 100 lumens, giving you the same maximum visibility as lights used by security guards and firefighters. If you’d like a set of high-quality barbecuing tools too, look at the Cave Tools BBQ Grill Tools Set.

Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light

Cave Tools has been making excellent tools for barbecues and other cooking since 2013. This company doesn’t claim years of experience, but it's dedicated to giving you the best with excellent customer service. Cave Tools strives to give you tools out of the ordinary by going the extra mile to improve on the common products.

You can have an amazing grilling experience in any season and at any time of the day with the Cave Tools BBQ Grill Light. It has three brightness settings and light of more than 100 lumens, so you'll have the same visibility that you'd get from lamps used by firefighters and security guards. You can use this light even in the darkest of forests.

Other qualities of this light that might pique your interest include:
  • Handle mount clamp that fits any grill handle shape
  • Will withstand rain and hot temperatures
  • Fully adjustable and can turn a whole 360 degrees
  • Comes with 25 professional recipes that will give you and your family great cooking ideas
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes packed in an attractive, reusable box that makes it perfect for a gift
The Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light comes with bright LED bulbs that will last well over 100,000 hours. We’re sure that with the grill going, the drinks will be flowing too. Grab the Brookstone Compact Wine Opener to make your barbecue run without a hitch.

Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light

Since 1965, Brookstone has built a reputation for distributing hard-to-find products that are often not available in other stores. It focuses on the quality of products and customer service in order to bring people the best of a wide range of items.

Grilling at night with family and friends is a great way of bonding, but you'll need a grill light that allows you to see your food and your grilling area clearly. The Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light lets you do just that, with its bright LED bulbs that will last over 100,000 hours.

This terrific light also comes with:
  • Adjustable aluminum universal clamp that attaches to a variety of grill handles
  • Weatherproof design and durable polycarbonate cover
  • Automatic shut off after six minutes when it’s not in use
  • Pivoting design to focus light where you need it
  • Included gift wrap if you want to give it as a present
The Fulcrum MultiFlex Work Grill Light features six-LED floodlight technology to ensure you get the brightest of light. It also has a wide beam. If you need more lighting for your outside area, why not get the Fulcrum Wireless Motion Sensor Weatherproof Porch Light too?

Fulcrum LED Wireless MultiFlex Clip Work Grill Light

Fulcrum makes many different kinds of lighting solutions. It manufactures floodlights, security lights, decorative lights, and utilitarian lights, among others. This company is especially known for producing battery-powered wireless LED lights.

Having a light that you can use for multiple purposes any time of the year is advantageous. A late-night grill date with your loved ones wouldn’t be possible without a portable and weather-resistant light. The Fulcrum MultiFlex Work Grill Light can save you a great deal of hassle with its six-LED floodlight technology that gives you bright light in a wide beam.

You cannot ignore this particular grill light's great features. It has:
  • Large powerful clamp that can hold on firmly to any surface
  • 36 lumens from ultra-bright, glare-free bulbs
  • Flexible gooseneck that adjusts to nearly any position
  • LEDs that last over 100,000 hours
  • Heavy duty metal construction that is very durable
This light is easy to install and comes with a two-year warranty.
The Maverick Magnetic Mount LED Grill Light comes with 21-bulb work lights and a six-bulb flash light to ensure you get enough light on your work area. If you want a smaller mountable grill light, consider the Maverick GL-200 LED Grill Light Handle Mount.

Maverick GL-9019 Magnetic Mount LED Grill Light

Maverick Industries first started making home appliances and electronic barbecue grills in 1981. It has continued producing innovative appliances in the same line, improving tremendously with time. Maverick is now among the leading companies in this category.

If you like reading or barbecuing at night in your backyard, then the Maverick Magnetic Mount LED Grill Light can come in handy. It comes with 21-bulb work lights and a six-bulb flash light, so you can be sure to get enough light on your work station. You'll want to see all the food you're grilling clearly at night, to make sure it cooks properly.

This lamp's magnetic base makes it easy to attach it to most grills’ sides and surfaces. The flexible neck enables you to focus the light where you want. This grill light uses three powerful AAA batteries.

How Do I Choose the Best Grill Light?

Think about what you will need to have an awesome grilling experience. Much as you will need a grill light to enable you see your food, you will also need a good spotlight to light up your patio. To spice up your grilling evening with your friends and family, you may also want some wine to enjoy with your barbecue. How about getting a cool wine rack that you can have ready with wine in your backyard, instead of having to head back to the house every time you need a drink?

A good grill light should fit or sit appropriately on your grill’s handle or serving table. You do not want a light that you can’t adjust easily from any angle. Since most of the time you will be holding your kitchen food tongs to turn your sausages or chicken on the grill, it's vital to have a light that you can move with your free hand, to focus the light on the right places.
You won’t have to dig deep into your pockets to get a good grill light. They are fairly cheap, ranging from just $9 to anywhere above $40 for the high-end ones. The type and design, as well as the materials, determine the price of these grill lights. Grill lights come in different types. They come with different mounts, such as clamp, table, magnetic, and universal mounts. Those with universal mounts can fit on any grill handle and cost a bit more than the rest. When it comes to design, some lights have with adjustable and flexible necks, while others have moveable parts. Those that are adjustable cost a bit more than the fixed lights, since you can move them to focus light on your grill. Finally, the higher the quality of materials used to make a grill light, the more durable it will be, and the more it will cost.
If you are going to leave your grill light outdoors, you may want to be sure that it’s resistant to both heat and cold. Its materials should be able to withstand hot sun, snow, and heavy rain if left outside. Otherwise, get one that you will store in the house.

Here some important features you should consider before making the final decision:
  • Type -Grill lights come in various types depending on the mount. There are U-shaped clamp mounts, magnetic mounts, and those with extendable feet that can freely stand on any surface
  • DesignThese lights come in various designs. Some have long and flexible goosenecks that you can adjust and hold in any position. Others have expandable designs that you can open to spread the light beams and also collapse for ease of storage
  • SizeGrill lights come in various sizes. Consider the size of your grill to decide the length and height of your grill light
  • BrightnessThere are three main types of bulbs used in grill lights. They determine the brightness of each particular light. LED bulbs emit less light than halogen and xenon bulbs, but are more energy-efficient
  • Power -Grill lights use either batteries, wall power or solar power
  • MaterialGrill lights come in aluminum or steel. Some have a mixture of both. The quality of material determines whether they can withstand extreme weather when left outdoors
Construction and Design
Grill lights come in different constructions and designs. Different mounts determine how you will attach the light to your grill and how you will use it. Some lights come with U-shaped clamps that you can attach vertically or horizontally. You can also attach these permanently on your grill. Lights with magnetic bases allow you to stick them at appropriate angles to light up your grill, while ones with extendable feet can stand up right on your grill. You can also use lights with extendable feet on your work desk.

Some lights come with flexible and adjustable necks that vary in height, while others have an expandable design. You may want to check the design of your grill to determine the most appropriate design of your light. Look at the switches and their positions. Consider grill lights whose switches are placed strategically so you can access them easily.
Performance and Ease of Use
Grill lights should be easy to install and use, and should be weather-resistant to withstand extreme cold and heat, since you will be leaving them outside most of the time. They should also be bright enough to allow you see your food clearly and get well-barbecued niceties.

A grill light without enough light is useless. Consider the bulbs and their wattage as well as their life. While LED bulbs are energy-efficient, they emit less light than halogen and xenon bulbs. If you want a lot of light, then consider going for the latter.

You can power your grill light using batteries, wall power electricity, or solar power. For a permanent grill light, you will need a qualified electrician to fix the light permanently on your grill. Those that use batteries or solar are better if you will be moving your grill from one location to another. Solar lights can let you down, especially in cold weather, but they work well during hot days.

Switches should be sensitive to touch and easy to access, since you will be switching the light on and off frequently, sometimes with greasy or dirty fingers. The switches should also be weather-resistant.

Get the Best Grill Light of 2023!

We are glad to have helped you light up your grill. While these five are not the only lights available, they are among the best grill lights you’ll find anywhere. If in the unlikely case you haven’t found one yet, continue reading our reviews for more options.

Our Top Choice
Weber-Stephen Natural Organic Grill Out Light
Best Value
Cave Tools BBQ Grill Light
Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light
Fulcrum MultiFlex Work Grill Light
Maverick Magnetic Mount LED Grill Light