Best Grill Pan for Your Indoor and Backyard Grilling

When the weather outside won’t allow you to fire up your grill, you can still prepare your favorite grilled meal right in your kitchen. With a good grill pan, there won't be any limits to your recipe, and you’ll be able to entertain your family and friends anytime. However, purchasing a great grill pan does not come easy. To help you make the best, most informed choice, we have scoured the market and picked five of the best grill pan brands, and here we feature one from each of their great offerings. By the way, if you were looking for either an indoor grill or a larger, stovetop griddle, we have reviews for those as well — check out the related review links below the table.

Prime Chop

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Our Top Choice
Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan
Twelve-decades old and a family-owned company, Lodge is a leading cast-iron cookware brand in both the US and globally.
Ribbed bottom. Advanced technology. Pre-seasoned. No synthetic coatings.
Strong smell when new
17.25" x 10.5" x 2.63"; 6.5 lbs
Cast iron
Oven Safe 450° F, Dishwasher Safe
American made since 1836
Best Value
Calphalon Nonstick Grill Pan & Panini Press
For the last half-century, Calphalon has decorated kitchens all over with their high-quality cookware, bake ware, and cutlery collections.
This grill pan is usable on electric and gas cookers, and it’s oven safe. As a sign of quality assurance, it has a full lifetime warranty.
The only downside to this grilling pan is that it isn’t designed for freezer use.
17.8” x 12” x 1.5”; 2.3 lbs.
Hard Anodized Aluminum
Oven Safe 450° F, Dishwasher Safe
Comes with Panini press
Le Creuset LS2021-2620 Square Skillet Grill
Le Creuset was a pioneer in bringing the world cast iron cookware and has continued to provide innovative products to food lovers.
Even heating. Tasty grilling ability. Long lasting enamel. Handle.
A bit shallow. Hard to clean.
13.9’’ x 15.1’’ x 2.6’’ ; 7 lbs
Cast Iron
Oven Safe 450° F, Dishwasher Safe
Two pouring sprouts
Pampered Chef Nonstick Grill Pan
Pampered Chef is on a mission to help loved ones create memories through creation of great meals.
Ridged base. Spacious. High sides. Detachable handle.
A bit pricey.
17’’ x 12.4’’ x 2.2’’ ; 4.02 lbs
Titanium reinforced
Oven Safe 450° F, Dishwasher Safe
Nonstick surface
Staub Cast Iron Pure Grill Pan
Staub is a decorated French brand known for its enameled, cast-iron cookware, and bakeware, both of which are loved at home and by professional chefs.
Even heating. Two loop handles. Excellent browning..
A bit shallow. May fade with time.
13.4’’ x 10.6’’ x 1.4’’ ; 6 lbs
Cast iron
Oven Safe 500° F, Dishwasher Safe
Rough texture

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What is the Best Grill Pan to Use on Stove Top and Grills? Read Our Reviews to Find Out!

The best grill pan should help you make delicious grilled food just as you do on the actual grill. Before picking one, consider how to get the best value for your money and how to get the most out of your grill pan. The following are questions that will help you make a great pick. What material is the pan made of? Is it dishwasher safe? Can you use it in the oven? In this review, we have included different sizes, shapes, and other features. Read through and get the best one for you.

Our Top Choice
The Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan boasts of a ribbed bottom that allows you to cook using low fat for healthy meals. Want to really ramp up your cast iron collection? Take a look at the Lodge Essential Pan Set which comes with a 10.5" Griddle, a 10.25" Skillet, and a 10.25" Grill Pan plus silicone cleaners and mits!

Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Square Grill Pan - Other Sizes and Shapes Available

Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron has been making quality cookware for many years. It is well known for its quality kitchenware that performs extraordinarily. Its tradition is anchored on the belief that a great kitchen is a key to a healthy home. Lifetime durability makes their kitchenware a perfect companion.

The Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan beats most others hands down. It has a perfect shape and space to accommodate your steaks and in proper amounts. With its unique ribbed bottom, healthy fat-free food is guaranteed as it drains the fat from the addition, it gives your stakes and food a ribbed bottom finish that is appetizing.

The square grill conducts and distributes heats evenly through your food, allowing your food to cook thoroughly. This is made possible by its thermal shock resistance technology. It's seasoned with 100% vegetable oil to give you superb results. It's safe to use on the stovetop and oven too. Makes perfect grilled chicken breasts and BBQ every day.

Not only is Lodge cast iron safe for oven use, but it can go on an outdoor grill and open fire too. That's what makes Lodge a favorite of campers all over!
Best Value
The heavy-duty and hard-anodized aluminum construction of the Calphalon Nonstick Panini Pan & Press is the reason for its durability and great grilling results. If a round-shaped grill pan makes you tick, consider the Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Nonstick Grill Pan with deep ridges and stainless steel handles.

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Grill, Panini Pan and Press - 13 3/4-inch

Since 1963, Calphalon has decorated kitchens around the world with their wide and impressive collections of cookware, bake ware, and cutlery. The brand’s mission is to be a leading culinary expert and to deliver a chef’s experience through their kitchenware. It has everything you need for meal planning, prepping, cooking, and baking.

Calphalon Nonstick Panini Pan & Press is made from heavy-duty aluminum to facilitate even heat distribution and deliver great grilling results. To ensure you won’t have to buy another grill pan any time soon, the aluminum used in construction is hard-anodized, which has multiple benefits: A fast heating rate, even distribution of heat, heat retention, and great cooking results.

The pan’s interior has three layers of coating. The non-stick coating gives it its durability while the top-most non-stick layer ensures that food does not stick to the ridges, which can affect the pan’s lifespan. The non-stick surface is easy to clean, so you won’t need to worry about fat sticking to it when you’re grilling. To ensure you don’t get burned, the pan handles are made of brushless stainless steel.

With Calphalon Nonstick Panini Pan & Press, you can comfortably prepare Panini sandwiches, cuts of meat, sear chicken, and grill vegetables right in your kitchen. The pan is also oven safe, adding to its usefulness. The grills are uniquely designed to leave impressive char marks as well as hold drippings, grease, and any liquid residue emanating from what you are grilling. Finally, it’s dishwasher safe and made from PVOA-free materials. As a sign of quality, Calphalon Nonstick Panini Pan & Press comes with a lifetime warranty.
The Le Creuset LS2021-2620 Square Skillet Grill has an extra large cooking surface made of even-heating iron. Prefer an extra-large grill pan? The Le Creuset L2032-4067 Double Burner Grill will wow you!

Le Creuset LS2021-2620 Cast Iron Signature Square Skillet Grill - Available in 7 Colors, 2 Sizes

Le Creuset prides itself on the production of unique cookware since 1925. Each piece is carefully crafted to perfection. With the use of sand mold technology, strength and durability have been the has a wide range of products from enamel cast ironware to stoneware and so much more. It empowers kitchen users and prides in inspiration with every use.

The Le Creuset square grill set is purposefully crafted to conduct heat and distribute it evenly in an excellent way. It has ridges that complement the taste of food and impart signature grill marks on food. They also aid in draining excess fat from food, giving you the best and the healthiest meals. Make delicious stakes any day.

The le Creuset signature square grill has unique handles. It has a main handle and a loop handle which are adjacent to each other. This reinforces its stability and safety in the events of moving the grill or manipulating it as it cooks. It fits adequate cuts and cooks to perfection.

Le Creuset Square Grill conducts heat very well and distributes it to the entire pan. The food cooks adequately to your liking. You can carry this grill with you for outdoor food preparation. It has a beautiful color and professional finish inside out. It is dishwasher safe and effortless to clean giving you nothing but the very best.
The Pampered Chef Nonstick Grill Pan has a ridged bottom with a large surface that lets you grill four steaks or chops at the same time. Did you have a grill press in mind to go with your grill? The Pampered Chef Grill Press comes highly recommended!

Pampered Chef Nonstick 2738 Grill Pan

Pampered Chef has been pampering kitchens with the most practical and essential cookware. This is the home of quality cookware, including their signature nonstick grill pans. The quality of every meal gets better with the pampered chef, creating long-lasting memories that will stick generation after generation.

The Pampered Chef's nonstick grill pan is unique in many ways. It's simple yet very sophisticated in the way it cooks. Its ridged base enhances cooking and imparts the ridged signature marks on your cooking and a natural rich taste. It also drains excess fat giving you a healthy meal.

This grill pan is spacious enough to fit 4 portions of steak, chicken, or even burgers. It has unique high sides that prevent splattering to a minimum. It conducts heat well and distributes it evenly as you cook, allowing your food to cook adequately.

The Pampered Chef nonstick grill has a signature handle that is detachable in two easy steps. This makes it very easy to transport as well as store. It is easy to clean. Its oven and dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. Its quality is built with 4 layers of nonstick coating. This masterpiece is also titanium-reinforced, making it a durable piece.
The STAUB 1203006 Cast Iron Pure Grill comes with a ribbed bottom and a rough texture that helps brown your food. Fancy a folding handle? Go for the Staub Cast Iron 9.5’’ Folding Handle Grill!

Staub 1203006 Cast Iron Pure Grill Pan - 10-Inch, Cherry

Staub has built on a wonderful tradition of making quality and unique enamel cast iron cookware. Its fabulous line of kitchen products comes second to no other. Your meal preparations are made fun and stylish every time you pick the Staub cookware. Staub believes in client satisfaction and giving every home a healthy choice in cookware.

The Staub Cast Iron Grill is built to give you the most exceptional grilling experience. It has a rough texture that is intentional as it gives your food an exceptional brown delicious finish. It also allows for drainage of excess fats from the food adding on to tasty, healthy meals.

The nonstick grill is fabulous, and no seasoning is required since the grill is already seasoned. It has a smooth enamel bottom suitable for all stovetops. It is oven safe too. Finishing both inside and out is unique. It has two stylish loop handles that add to safety and stability while handling.

The Staub Cast Iron grill conducts heat evenly and distributes it through your cooking effortlessly. Food never tasted better than with this piece. It's easy to wash and maintain. The Staub aims to give you a new cooking experience each time you set out to make a meal.

How to Choose the Best Grill Pan - Cast Iron and Aluminum Pans for a Better Grilling Experience

Julia Child said, “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak.” This statement sums it up for most of us – grilled food is life. Not only are the marks satisfyingly crusty but they taste great. The real challenge, however, is getting a perfectly grilled lamb, shrimp and vegetables. But with a good grill pan there are no limits and you can make all this right in your kitchen.

Because of the popularity of grilled food, there are numerous grilling options, from gas grills to camping grills, indoor grills and charcoal grills, but there is something special about grill pans. They are cheap, lightweight and easy to operate. When compared with other cooking pans, grill pans are usable both indoors and outdoors and have impressive heat retention abilities.

Grill pans can also cook lots of food simultaneously, saving you time. For instance, you can grill beef, chicken breasts and vegetables without needing extra pans or washing the pan every time you are done cooking one dish. Its efficiency is enhanced by the ridges that collect fat and oils, which you can later use on fish, gravy, and steak.

Grill pans come in a wide range of materials, shapes and functionalities, making it tricky to decide on one. In this post, we’ll take you through the different materials and types and finally show you our picks for the five best grill pans on the market. Be our grilling guest!
For a good grill pan, expect to pay between $20 and $200. We also came across cheap grill pans, which we didn’t review, as we don’t believe they can stand the test of time. The major determinants of price include the brand, material and size of the pan. A unit with dual pour spouts, made of enameled cast iron, which is broiler safe, as well as oven and induction cooking safe will most likely cost more than a smaller unit without pouring spouts and the other features.

How to Cook with Cast Iron and Make It Last a For Generations

Detailed Instructions on how to clean, season, cook with and store your cast iron pans. | Courtesy of CareerVidz

Grill pans are available in a wide range of features, which explains the difference in functionalities and prices. Assess your specific grilling needs and get one that will meet those needs.

Here is a list of the important features to consider when buying a grilling pan:
  • Material
  • Heat conduction, distribution and retention abilities
  • Grade of grill lines and ridges
  • Presence of drainage
  • Shape, size and weight of the pan
  • Whether it’s dishwasher safe
  • Warranty
Let’s now see how these features affect the construction and performance of a grill pan.

Prime Chop

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Construction and Design
The first consideration in the construction of a grill pan is the material. Here are the different materials that are used and their differences.

Cast Aluminum or Hard Anodized Aluminum: Grill pans made of cast aluminum have several layers which can be made of titanium, diamonds or sapphires to harden the pan. These pans are non-stick, have even heat distribution properties and can withstand high temperatures. Hard anodized aluminum is non-stick and promotes even distribution of heat.

Cast Iron or Enameled Cast Iron: Known for impressive heat retention, cast iron is non-stick when enameled or seasoned, and it’s a utensil-safe metal. It’s also advisable to season the pan regularly. These pans, however, are known for absorbing flavors, so it’s best to have several pans. By the way, we have a separate review for cast iron skillets which includes additional cast iron grill pans, besides the ones on this page.

Coated Polished Stainless Steel: Similar to aluminum and cast iron, stainless steel grill pans are non-stick. The best thing about them is their fast heating rate, being tough and with impressive durability.

Other materials we came across include ceramic and satin formed iron. After deciding on your preferred material and budget, here are other features to consider:

Compatibility: Here, you’ll be looking at where you can use the pan. Check if the pan is broiler and freezer safe. Also check if you can cook in the oven or on an induction, electric, or gas cooktop. Cast iron grills are best for induction cooktops, but we recommend you not use cast irons pans on glass cooktops.

Drainage: One of the best things about grill pans is the spouts, allowing you to drain fat and juice for sauces. You’ll find that some models have double spouts, others have a single spout and others don’t have any.

Heat Distribution and Retention: As mentioned earlier, grill pans are made of different materials. Depending on the material, the heat distribution and retention of a pan varies. When buying one, ensure that the pan has good heat retention and distribution properties. This ensures that the food is properly cooked. Apart from material, the heating of a pan depends on the width of the pan – the thicker the pan, the better.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a grill pan will depend on whether you choose one with the right features. Choose one depending on your grilling needs. If you have many mouths to feed and you intend to grill often, go for a bigger pan in your preferred shape and color. Also consider the size of your microwave if you’ll be using it, to ensure it can fit inside (don’t put a metal pan in the microwave, though).

Another feature that determines the performance of a grill pan are the grills, which are the probably what defines a grilling pan. You’ll come across a wide range of grill lines and ridges. Sharp and highly defined ridges produce better grill lines than rounded ridges. You’ll also find some pans that have detachable grills, making cleaning easier. Don’t forget to check the recommended mode of cleaning and if the lids can turn the pan into a sandwich press or Panini.

We also recommend following these steps to get good results. Cut or pound meat into ½-inch pieces for even cooking. Ensure that the pan is well heated before placing food inside and don’t oil it. Another element that influenced the ease of use is the handles. For ease of use, ensure the handle is heat resistant to avoid accidents when the grilling surface is extremely hot.

How to Cook Rib Eye Steak on a Stovetop Cast Iron Grill

Steak cooked on Lodge flat cast Iron reversible stovetop grill but you can also use one with sides. | Courtesy of TosTinMan EasyCooking

Get the Best Grill Pan of 2023!

We hope you’re now more informed about grill pans. Assess your specific needs and pick the right pan to meet them. Good luck!

Our Top Choice
Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan
Best Value
Calphalon Nonstick Grill Pan & Panini Press
Le Creuset LS2021-2620 Square Skillet Grill
Pampered Chef Nonstick Grill Pan
Staub Cast Iron Pure Grill Pan

Grill Pan FAQs

What is a grill pan?
In basic terms, a grill pan is a frying pan that has ribbed surface that allows food to cook with both direct contact and indirect heat. These handy kitchen utensils make grilling foods possible without a charcoal or electric grill. Grill pans made from cast iron can withstand high heats and can be placed both in the oven, or directly on an open fire (or on an actual grill).

There is another type of grill pan, which is technically not a pan, which allows for indoor grilling — electric grill pans. Also called indoor grills, these kitchen appliances can either be a single flat ribbed surface or two layers that fold over and cook food on both sides at the same time. Probably the most recognizable electric indoor grill pan is the George Foreman grill.
How to use cast iron grill pan?
First, ensure that you select a grill pan with raised ridges with a nonstick surface. If the pan is brand new, it will need to be seasoned first for the best performance. Seasoning cast iron cookware is a process of lightly coating the pan with oil and then heating the pan to high temperatures. This provides a protective layer over the cast iron - both making food taste better and preventing the pan from rusting. There are many different seasoning strategies - see the video in our buying guide for the how to's.

When it comes to cooking with a cast iron grill pan, most recipes will require getting the pan hot before adding food. This is what makes that perfect grilling sear. Depending upon the recipe, you will either add a small amount of oil directly to the pan, or lightly coat the foods themselves.
How to clean cast iron grill pan?
While technically speaking, most cast iron grill pans are dishwasher safe – this is not the best way to clean them (save that for the Teflon or ceramic coated ones – double checking with your manufacturer’s instructions of course). Part of the beauty that is cooking with cast iron is the “seasoning” of the pan that happens over time. Non-coated cast iron will also rust over time if not taken care of properly.

When washing a cast iron grill pan, it you are using a coated cast iron pan, avoid using rough abrasives that may scratch the cooking surface. You also want to stay away from dish detergent, unless it's the first use and/or you will be seasoning the pan after cleaning. Die-hard cast-iron users may rarely even use soap, instead prefer to make a “scrub” from coarse salt. Take a look at the video in our buying guide for how to get the job done right!
Will a grill pan work on an electric stove?
Yes, you can use a grill pan on an electric stove top. However, the heat distribution may not be as good as on a gas range.