Best Guitar Pick Punch Reviews 2023

Most guitarists prefer to play with a pick for different reasons. But every guitarist knows that losing a pick is almost an everyday occurrence. Worse is that some guitarists have found themselves missing their pick at critical moments. The guitar pick punch solves this problem and we have found five of the top brands that produce top quality pick punches. Some of these brands have a number of pick punches you can choose from, but we are just featuring one from each brand to give you an idea of what they have to offer you. Look through our selection and either choose one, or look at the other options presented by the brands.
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Pick strips
Pick Size
Our Top Choice
BridgeWire Music Perfect Pick Puncher
BridgeMusic loves all things rock n’ rock and produces guitar tutorials, guitar accessories and jewelry - bracelets and necklaces - specially designed by rockers for rockers.
Sturdily built. Easy to use. Quick operation. Bonus pick strips. See outline before punching. Great customer service. Cuts 351 shape picks. Made with stainless steel.
It makes only one size of pick.
10 strips included
7 x 1.5 x 3 inches / 15.7 oz.
1mm thick plastic cards
Standard style 351 shape
Stainless steel
Best Value
Signstek Flanger Guitar Pick Cutter
Signstek offers its customers a wide range of quality products aimed at simplifying their everyday activities; keeping things organized and closer to perfection.
Sturdily built. Good quality metal. Portable. Easy to use. Cuts cleanly. Durable. Includes bonus card. Great gift item. Cut’s any 1mm thin plastic.
Only cuts 351 style picks.
1 card included
7.1 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches / 12.8 oz.
1mm thick plastic cards
Standard style 351 shape
Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch
The Pick-a-Palooza brand is owned by Equipt4 LLC, a company that treats its customers like royalty, constantly ensuring that every product results in their total satisfaction.
Sturdily built. Compact design. Easy to use. Bonus pick strips. Leather pick holder on key chain included. Great gift item. Great customer care.
Can only make standard 351 style picks.
15 strips included
7 x 2 x 2.4 inches / 22.4 ounces
1mm thick plastic cards
Standard style 351 shape
Stainless steel
Pick Punch Standard 351 Plectrum Punch
Pick Punch is committed to providing guitarists with the information and tools they need to be able to make high quality guitar picks of different styles and thickness in seconds.
Built sturdily. Good quality material. Easy to use. Makes standard picks. Durable. Comes with a strip of sandpaper. Perfect gift idea.
It does not come with any pick strips.
None included
6.2 x 1.5 x 4 inches / 19.2 ounces
1mm thick plastic cards
Standard style 351 shape
Nextronics Premium Guitar Pick Punch
Nextronics manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to bring simplicity to some of our regular activities. One such product is the guitar pick punch.
Solidly built. Easy and safe to use. Sample pick sheet included. Pick holder included. Gift bag included.
May be a bit hard to press sometimes.
2 strips included
6 x 1 x 2 inches / 15.2 ounces
Credit cards, gift cards etc.
Info not provided

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What is the Best Guitar Pick Punch?

Choosing the right guitar pick punch is a decision you alone can make. Having read thus far, you have seen the features that can differentiate one product from the other. Look at these features and decide which is important to you so that as we begin to review our selection, you can easily find the one that has the features you want.
Our Top Choice
Turn that credit card, identity card or hotel keycard into a few standard 351 shape guitar picks in seconds with the BridgeWire Music Perfect Pick Puncher featuring a stainless steel cutting mechanism. If you also need a pick strip refill, get the 9 Shades of Rock Guitar Pick Strip Sheets for Pick Punchers.

BridgeWire Music Perfect Pick Puncher with Bonus 10 Rock and Roll Inspired Pick Strips

BridgeWire Music is a small business that produces guitar tutorials, guitar accessories and Rock n' Roll jewelry. Being a small business, it is able to monitor every aspect of its operations to ensure every product is of top quality. It also affords its customers a personalized relationship with the brand. BridgeWire is so confident of the quality of its products that it offers a 100% satisfaction, no risk guarantee.

The BridgeWire Music Perfect Pick Puncher is the guitarist's perfect handy tool. Never again be without a pick simply because you misplaced the one(s) you had. Featuring a stainless steel cutting mechanism that will cut through any 1mm thick plastic, you can quickly and easily turn that old credit card, identity card, hotel keycard and any other similar card into a couple of standard guitar picks in seconds. It has some other features some of which are listed below:
  • Standard puncher - Produces a standard 351 shape fender style pick
  • A sanding file – Helps smoothen the edges of freshly cut picks
  • 5 capacity pick holder – For storing cut picks
  • Strip sheets included -10 Rock & Roll inspired bonus pick strips
  • 100% satisfaction no risk guarantee – Return if not satisfied with it
Best Value
Save yourself from the constant need to buy guitar picks (that you always lose) with the Signstek Guitar Pick Cutter. Quickly and easily cut a 351 style pick from any 1mm plastic card with this sturdily built pick punch. While you are getting your pick punch, do you have a guitar stand? Check out the Signstek Portable Collapsible Adjustable Anti-slip Classic Acoustic Guitars Bass Stands.

Signstek Portable Professional Flanger Guitar Pick Cutter – Available in Silver or Gold

Signstek creates a wide variety of products that are designed to be highly functional, meeting exact needs. Some of these products include among other things guitar stands, guitar pedals, guitar pick punch and home decor products. It simply focuses on offering products that will simplify the lives of its customers.

The Signstek Guitar Pick Cutter is a sturdily built device that will punch out standard 351 style guitar picks from your credit cards, bank cards, hotel keycards and more in seconds. It is very durable and really easy to use so you can now have an unlimited number of guitar picks. It has some other features. Find some of these below:
  • Metal construction – For durability and strength
  • Will punch any 1mm thick card or plastic – Ideal for credit cards, bank cards, hotel keycards and more
  • Includes a bonus card – Start punching immediately
  • Includes a sandpaper – For smoothening edges after punching
  • Portable design – Can be carried around and used anywhere
This guitar punch is available in silver and gold so you can choose your favorite!
The Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch is compactly and powerfully built to make punching through 1mm plastic cards a breeze. With this pick cutter, you can quickly and easily cut a guitar pick regardless of where you are. Do you need more lovely pick strips? Check out the Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Pack Custom Strips For Your Guitar Pick Maker.

Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch with Leather Key Chain Pick Holder, 15 Pick Strips and a Guitar File – Available in 4 Colors

Equipt4 LLC which owns the Pick-a-Palooza brand is a small company that has built a simple but effective business strategy around its deep understanding of the value of its customers. It ensures its customers are continually satisfied with the quality of the products it presents to them. It achieves this by getting feedback from this customers and then implementing the feedback it gets, resulting in products that are not just top quality, but are exactly what the customers need.

The Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch is sturdily built and so it easily handles the cutting of credit cards and other 1mm plastics into guitar picks. Despite being sturdily built, it is portable and can easily fit into a small pocket for use at any location. This is an ideal companion for any guitarist because with this, you will never have to be without picks again. This pick punch has other great features. Find some of these below:
  • Stainless steel cutter – For an easy and smooth cut
  • Leather pick holder (key chain style) – Easily keep your picks close to you always
  • 15 bonus pick strips – To get you started immediately
  • Guitar-shaped file – To smoothen the edges of the cut picks
This is offered in 4 different colors – Black/black, blue/silver, red/silver and white/silver.
The Pick Punch Standard 351 will cut your 1mm plastic cards into standard 351 guitar picks in seconds. It features a front loading mechanism that’s easy to use, only accepting cards within the acceptable thickness limit. Want a pick punch that can cut a different size? Try the Pick Punch Large 346 Pick Making Tool.

Pick Punch The Original Standard 351 Guitar Pick Punch

Pick Punch was setup with the sole purpose of being an encyclopedia of all things relating to guitar picks. Founded by Von Luhmann the inventor of pick punch, the company through its website provides tons of information on picks, how to make them, materials to use and more. For this brand, it is all about making guitar picks.

The Pick Punch Standard 351 is a solidly built guitar pick punch that makes the 351 style picks in seconds. Simply get any 1 mm plastic card, insert it into the slot, punch and voila, you have a standard pick. Aside from its heavy duty design, its brilliantly designed front loading cutting slot makes it easy to load and also ensures that plastic cards over the acceptable thickness cannot fit the slot.

This brand makes other great pick punch options which include the following:
  • The Pick Punch LLC Dorito Chip 355 Shape Pick Making Tool – For making 355 style picks
  • The Pick Punch Jazz Shape Guitar Pick Making Tool – This makes the Jazz shaped pick
  • The Pick Punch Large 346 Pick Making Tool – For making the 346 style guitar picks
  • The Pick Punch® "Gift Set" - The Original Pick Punch Kit – Includes a pick punch, some pick strips, a sanding block and a pick holder
  • The Pick Punch LLC Large Guitar Pick Making Craft Kit – Includes everything you need to make a guitar pick
Give yourself a continuous supply of picks with the Nextronics Guitar Pick Punch. It has a sturdy steel construction which will cut easily through plastic cards. It is also compact so you can take it with you everywhere. Do you need more pick strips? Get the Guitar Pick Strip Pack - Pick Punch Refill Kit.

Nextronics Premium Guitar Pick Punch with Pick Holder, 2 Sample Sheets and Microfiber Gift Bag

Nextronics is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of products which cover home electronic accessories, audio accessories and of course guitar pick punch and pick sheets among other things. It is so confident of the quality of its products that it offers its customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Every guitarist knows that losing a pick is almost an everyday thing. With the Nextronics Guitar Pick Punch, this will no longer be a problem as you can just as easily, if not more so, punch out as many picks as you desire. This pick punch is made of steel and so is durable and can easily cut through most plastic cards, giving you an inexhaustible supply of picks. It has some other great features some of which are listed below:
  • Two sample pick sheets – Gets you started instantly
  • A pick holder – For easy storing of your picks
  • Microfiber gift bag – Ideal for storing the pick punch
  • Compact design – Easy to take around with you

How Do I Choose the Best Guitar Pick Punch?

His name had just been called as the next act to perform. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for to show how good he really is. Some big names were in the audience and he was hoping to catch their eye with his performance. Just as he was about to step out, he suddenly discovered that the guitar pick he was holding a short while ago was missing. He quickly ran back to look for it. Where could it be? It was so tiny that locating it in that backstage chaos was going to be a miracle.

Of course he could play without the pick but he was using steel guitar strings on his acoustic guitar and not the nylon ones. He knew he was not going to like the consequences of having to play for that length of time with his bare fingers. His name had just been called again and he couldn’t still find his pick. Sadly, there was no other guitarist around so he just had to play with his fingers and bear the consequences of doing that, not to mention the fact that his tone was not going to be as sharp as he would have wanted it to be.

If you have ever played guitar for long, you will know that unless you have played with your fingers long enough to have developed callouses on them, you will always be left with blisters after each period of extended playing. Aside from this fact, the guitar pick makes your tone sharper and also makes some techniques easier to pull off. Guitarists know how important it is but sadly, unlike other guitar accessories like the guitar tuner, guitar stand etc., the pick is so small that losing it is very easy.

With a guitar pick punch, you are not going to stop losing the picks, nope! You are just going to have so much that losing them won’t be an issue. This guide will help you choose the best guitar pick punch that will serve you well so you will never have to be without a pick again. In fact, you will become the guy everyone at a show runs to when they have pick emergencies.
A guitar pick punch is one of those devices that are not expensive but very useful. Most of them have the same basic features which will explain why we found that with $15 to $25 you can get a good one. The only features that make one more expensive than another is the quality of material used, the construction and what additional products are added to it.

A sturdily built pick punch with a stainless steel cutting mechanism that also comes with bonus pick strips, sanding block and maybe a carrying bag is likely to cost a bit more than one without these extra features. You may even find some that cost beyond the range given here because they include additional features. Your budget and what you want should dictate which you get. Just be sure to avoid any cheap guitar pick punch that will not give you any value.
When choosing a guitar pick punch, there are few things to consider to ensure you get the right pick. We will look at some of these factors so you can know exactly what they are. Here are a few of the factors to be considered:
  • Pick size
  • Construction
  • Material
  • Included pick strips
  • Ease of use
Let’s now take a look at these.
Construction and Design
The very first thing you should consider when choosing a guitar pick punch is the size or type of pick it produces. Most pick punches cut the standard 351 style pick. If you need a jazz style pick or a 355 or 346 style pick, ensure the pick punch you choose cuts that style before making the purchase.

A lot of guitar pick punches can cut plastic cards with a maximum thickness of 1mm. You should ensure that the pick punch you choose can cut the thickness of pick you want. Of course, professional guitarists know that the pick you use will affect the sound that will be produced which is why some of them are very picky when it comes to choosing a pick. If you need thicker picks, be sure the punch you pick can cut that size of thickness.

Another thing that is important is the construction and material used for the pick punch. A guitar pick punch is something you’re likely going to use a lot and would want to cut easily and also be durable. The material used and its construction will be one of the major determinants of this. Most pick punches are made from steel. At least their cutting mechanisms are. Having a steel mechanism will make it easy for it to cut through a wide range of plastic cards.
Performance and Ease of Use
When you get a guitar pick punch and it comes with some pick strips, it makes it easy to start punching immediately. Some come with nicely designed strips from which you can punch out lovely designs of picks. While you can use your old bank cards, hotel cards credit cards and the likes, having some specially designed pick strips included in your order will mean you will have some lovely looking guitar picks.

The major selling point of a guitar pick punch is that it is easy to use. It does not require any tutorials or special training to use. Simply insert the plastic card and punch. This is basically how they all operate. However, some mechanisms may either be a bit too hard to punch easily or not sharp or strong enough to easily and quickly cut through the plastic card. You need something that can cut through the plastic cards easily.

Like we noted earlier, these pick punches have limits. They cannot cut through every plastic regardless of the thickness of the plastic card. Ensure you know what the pick punch can handle and stick within that limit. To ensure this limit is not exceeded, some pick punches have front loading designs that will not accommodate plastics thicker than the acceptable limit. With these considerations properly looked at, you are sure to find the right guitar pick punch.

Get the Best Guitar Pick Punch of 2023!

Thanks for being with us through this journey. We do hope we have provided you with some good information that you can use right away. Take that next step now by placing an order for your own guitar pick punch.

Our Top Choice
BridgeWire Music Perfect Pick Puncher
Best Value
Signstek Flanger Guitar Pick Cutter
Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch
Pick Punch Standard 351 Plectrum Punch
Nextronics Premium Guitar Pick Punch