Best Gym Mat Reviews 2023

When it comes to fitness and gym mats, having the best possible brand will improve the quality of your workout significantly. If you have a flimsy, poor quality mat, your workout is going to be stopped numerous times, mostly because mats that aren’t up to par with quality standards tend to require halting routines to fix and rearrange them. You might spend a lot of time trying to figure out which mat suits your body, but our experts at TopProducts have done thorough research and come up with 5 of the best gym mats brands to make your selection easier and help you get started.
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Our Top Choice
The Giantex Thick Folding Mat has both durability and comfort for a safe workout. Its padding helps the modern gymnast to stick the landing without the pain.
Great length for tumbling. Bargain price for quality. Durable enough for activities outside fitness. Lightweight size.
Ripping between the seams reported. Sometimes has loose material.
4 X 10 X 2 Inches
PU Leather
Folding Panel
4-sided Velcro
Red and Black
Best Value
ProSource Puzzle Mat
ProSource began as little more than an idea between two friends who discovered the joys of personal workouts outside the gym. Their puzzle mat lets you take your gym with you.
Bargain price. Good for basic workouts. Non-skid foam material.
Contains a phthalate chemical.
EVA Foam
Interlocking Tiles
Lifetime Warranty
3 Colors
Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Flooring
The Rubber Cal Gym Mat can be modified at home to suit your needs by using a utility knife; it’s also made of nifty sound-proofing material.
Soundproofs the floor. Waterproof. DIY modifications can be made. Easily cleaned with water, no soap required.
Can be pricey depending on which size and thickness you want. Issues with sizes coming in wrong.
18 Sizes
Recycled Rubber
Roll-out mat
Custom sizing
7 Colors
Poco Divo Multi-Colour Exercise Mat
The perfect gym and play mat for little ones to move around, play, and be kids on.
Perfect for kids of all ages. Easy to put together for playtime. Fascinatingly bright colors for kids.
Has left residue on flooring. Difficult to clean.
EVA Foam
Interlocking Tiles
9 Tiles
6 Colors
Silvan Health and Fitness NBR Yoga Mat
An excellent choice for avid yoga gurus and amateurs. The memory foam brings comfort and absorption to protect the joints while preventing you from slipping as you work out.
Ribbed side provides proper traction for safety and cushioning. Added thickness to ensure comfort in any yoga position.
Padding stretches after long periods of use. Not good for hardwood floor or tile.
Memory Foam
Roll-out Mat
Non-Skid Ridges
7 Colors

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What is the Best Gym Mat?

When you're shopping for a gym or fitness mat, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, the type of quality you’d like to have, and what features or additions work best for you. We’ve performed the research to help you find five of the top brands of gym mats available on the market today to save you time and help you get back to working out. Check them out below.
Our Top Choice
We have selected the GIANTEX Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat as our top choice because it’s useful for all gym-related activities. Whether it’s yoga or karate, this gym mat can handle it. GIANTEX also offers a more simple gym mat, their GIANTEX Thick Two Folding Panel, for those who are looking for the same quality, but in a smaller size.

Giantex 4’X10’X2” Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

GIANTEX is a brand of gym and fitness gear that is renowned for their quality, durable products, especially when it comes to their Thick Folding Panel Exercise mat. Not only is GIANTEX a great brand to go with, and our Top Choice, but they also have incredible prices for what you are investing in.

GIANTEX is not one to sacrifice superior quality for multiple features, but they do incorporate the important aspects, such as:
  • 4 folding panels to ensure easy storage and an easy carry
  • Ability to withstand multiple activities, thanks to the durable leather cover
  • Has velcro on all sides, which makes it easier to hook more mats on
  • Easily cleaned with a solution of soap and water because of the PU leather
Though our Top Choice may be a simple one, its worth speaks for itself.
Best Value
The ProSource Puzzle Mat has all of the impact absorbency that you’ll need for any workout, whether it’s yoga, tumbling, or even aerials. With non-skid textured foam material, this gym mat provides a comfortable workout space that lasts. ProSource also offers smaller mats, without sacrificing quality, such as their Premium High Density Yoga Mat.

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Protective Flooring - Available in 3 Colors

ProSource is a fitness brand that has it all! Yoga, pilates, cross training, muscle therapy, rollers, strength, resistance bands, and toning gear are just a few of the many products that this brand offers fitness gurus. Their main goal is to make the happiness that fitness brings more affordable for all men and women through these simple, inexpensive products.

The ProSource Puzzle Mat offers a non-skid feature, thanks to the foam material, which helps to ensure that you won’t slide or be moved too much during your workout.

On top of this, the Pro Source Puzzle Mat:
  • Is water and noise resistant, which means aside from any noises related to your person efforts, you can have a quiet workout.
  • Is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean, so you can alter the size of your workout space at any time and take it with you.
  • Covers up to 24 square feet, which gives you plenty of space to move around, stretch, and perform any exercises you need
  • The ProSource Puzzle Mat definitely delivers its worth for the price tag it comes with.
The gorgeous line of Elephant Bark Flooring Mats by Rubber Cal are a sight on their own, and are customizable for the most glamorous of fitness gurus. With so many colors to choose from, on top of its durability and features, this mat is one of our top choices. Looking to save a little cash? Try Rubber Cal’s Coin-Grip Mat.

Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat - Available in 7 Colors & Numerous Sizes

Rubber Cal is a brand that stays true to the name - they have endless supplies of products for all needs, including specialty products, sheet rubber, industrial rubber, and more. Their gym mats are one of their more popular products currently available.

Like the ProSource, the Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat does not have a lot of features, but is still well worth the investment.

The following is a list of features you can expect with your Elephant Bark Flooring:
  • Fully waterproof
  • Recycled rubber
  • Helps to sound proof your floor
  • Easy to cut based on the design
  • Material makes it easy to vacuum
The DIVO POCO Multi-Colour Exercise Mat is the perfect choice for kids, especially babies and toddlers, to have something to play on. DIVO POCO has other great products, including the Dark Multi-Purpose Floor Mat.

Poco Divo 9-Tile Multi-Color Exercise Mat

Play and gym mats for younger children, need to have some pretty significant features to counteract the inevitable drool and wear-and-tear they will succumb to. The Multi-Color Exercise Mat from Poco Divo is an excellent choice; it is made from waterproof material, so no worries when your little one spills their sippy cup. It is also made from non-slip material, so important as you don’t want to worry about the safety of your child while playing in your own home.

The interlocking tiles are easily put together and pulled apart, which helps children develop hand-eye coordination and basic motor skills. And they can do this all at a comfortable temperature thanks to the insulation of this gym mat; it will ward off the cold when using it on cold surfaces.
The Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Yoga Mat has the proper amount of cushioning to ensure your poses don’t leave you sore and longing for a massage, and is crafted to last. Sivan has a wide range of fitness gear, including the Puzzle Exercise Mat, if you’re in need of a gym mat with interlocking tiles.

Silvan Health and Fitness NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat - Available in 7 Colors

Sivan Health and Fitness are a brand that truly cares about the well-being of their customers and clients. They have products designed for exercise and fitness, back pressure, and they even carry a line of massage stools and tables.

One of the most notable features of this gym mat is the integrated carry strap that is both convenient and surprisingly stylish. There are 7 different colors to choose from and the carry strap matches each and goes well with the overall appeal of the mat.

The 24 inch wide and 71 inch long mat is a great length for Yoga or many other exercises too. It’s particularly suited for toning and stretching work outs and pilates. The ultra-thick 1/2 inch mat is made with a long lasting material that’s comfortable, durable and easily wiped clean. Not only this, but Sivan Health care about your safety too and have made sure one side of the mat is ribbed, for a great, safe, non-slip gym mat.

How Do I Choose the Best Gym Mat?

We live in a world where staying healthy and fit is given a lot of importance – as it should because of both the short and long term benefits. Whether you have a home gym or you frequent your nearby commercial gym, preventing workout injuries is paramount if you want to get the most out of your exercise regime. A gym mat is used for different postures and exercises to prevent your body from injuries and give you a comfortable workout session.

These mats protect your knees, feet, elbows, and tailbone when doing floor workouts. They also provide a safe landing when doing more complex movements. Gym mats are also common with yoga enthusiasts and individuals who perform workouts that require excellent composition. There are three main types of gym mats: portable ones that you can simply fold and put them in your gym bag and carry them around on your back or in your car, foldable ones that you can be taken out when needed and permanent/semi-permanent ones designed to cover your floor and stay there. In this last category, there are ones that are made from tiles that fit together, and others that are a large, single layer of protection.

So how do you go about choosing the best exercise mat from the many available on the market today? It is important that you not only buy a mat that is comfortable but also one that will withstand the abuse it is sure to take as well. Some essential considerations when shopping for an exercise mat is what you intend to use it for, the ease of use, its durability, and various other factors. Plenty of exercise mats exist to allow you to choose the one that suits your exercise routine. For instance, pilates and yoga mats should have a lot of cushioning, while mats meant for weightlifting require more protection for the floor beneath.

Let’s take a closer look at the consideration factors so you have a clear understanding of why you need a gym mat what to look for in the best gym mat before we jump straight to our picks.
A decent, portable exercise mat will cost you around $20, while a more advanced one will be around $250 or more depending on designs or logos, patterns, premium thickness, cool textures, and antimicrobial treatments. Eco-friendly mats tend to be pricey, while basic PVC mats generally lean toward the lower price range.

While it’s true that you can find cheap gym mats on the market, you might not get the desired comfort and traction from them. Note that some of the most expensive mats are durable and worth every coin. So, always go for quality rather than price.
Some of the most obvious features that a good gym mat should have include comfort, usability, and correct size. Let’s look at these three factors in detail.

    It goes without saying that you want a gym mat that feels good underneath you. While most of the good mats are comfortable, there are those that are more suitable for different types of workouts than others. Some mats are well-suited to light exercise and stretches and others are appropriate for lifting weights. Also, the type of material used to make the mat will determine its comfort level. So, it pays to know the style and magnitude of workout you will be doing to be able to choose the correct level of comfort for yourself.
    Just like comfort, the size of the mat you choose will depend on the type of exercise you intend to do. However, note that a larger mat is generally the best one, as it provides the required versatility. Remember to also consider the thickness of the mat. If you intend to be doing small stretches and some simple warm-ups, then you will be better off with a small mat, but if you do more high-impact and strenuous exercises, then consider something large and thicker.
    Always consider what features come with the mat you intend to buy. Is it waterproof? Is it non-slip? Is it transportable? What about storage? Look for something that is durable, easy to wash, use, store, move, and with a reliable design to keep you exercising regularly.
Construction and Design
Even though it is important to consider comfort, size, and usability, there are other factors that you should also look at when choosing a good gym mat. These include the type of material and durability.

    The different materials used to make gym mats affect their density, cushion, feel against the skin, bounce, and much more. Some materials absorb odors too, so consider materials that are non-absorbent. Most basic gym mats are made of vinyl, commonly known as PVC. Newer and eco-friendlier options include organic or natural cotton, jute, and natural and recycled rubber. If you want to go with a tried and tested mat, go for those made of PVC, which will endure abuse for over a decade. If you are allergic to rubber, avoid mats made of latex.
    The style and design of your preferred mat will determine its shelf life. Depending on your workout, consider the durability of the material. A thin exercise mat will do just fine for light exercises and stretching, but will not go well with more vigorous exercises and heavy equipment.
Performance and Ease of Use
Versatility, convenience, and injury prevention are some of the main reasons why we need gym mats. It is therefore, good to look for a mat that will enable you achieve your fitness goals in an easy and safe manner.

While most gym mats allegedly have non-slip technology, not all of them actually possess this feature. If you intend to exercise on wooden or other slippery floors, then choose a mat that will maintain its stability and stay in place to avoid injury or any other potential strains and sprains.

Weight is a factor that is often overlooked. For portability and convenience, consider something lightweight, but make sure the mat is not too light or you might not get the desired sturdiness. Basically, a heavier mat provides more support and reliability, which is an excellent feature you don't plan on traveling with it too much.

Get the Best Gym Mat of 2023!

Gym mats are exceptional non-slip mats that will not only cushion you from the distressing floor underneath, but also help reduce injuries as well as prevent your feet and hands from slipping, allowing you to enjoy your workout safely. We hope our list helped you find a great gym mat for your workout. If you didn’t, feel free to check out other alternatives from these brands for comfort and cost effectiveness.

Our Top Choice
Best Value
ProSource Puzzle Mat
Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Flooring
Poco Divo Multi-Colour Exercise Mat
Silvan Health and Fitness NBR Yoga Mat