Best Hair Clipper Reviews 2022

You don’t have to be a barber or stylist to be in the market for a great set of clippers. We have numerous guys on our team who comment on how great it is to be able to shave or style their own hair or beard. In the long run, it saves time and money. But with so many clippers out there, it’s no easy task to choose. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you. Check out these five awesome clippers to see which one you’d like for your home or barbershop.
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Suitable For
Our Top Choice
Andis T-Outliner Trimmer
Andis is a well-known brand when it comes to grooming. It has achieved this by manufacturing products such as the long-lasting and precise T-Outliner Trimmer.
Cool and quiet operation. Precise. Great for dry shaving. Easy to hold and handle. Durable. Strong blades that last. Long power cord.
It doesn’t come with any attachments, but you can easily purchase them on Amazon.
5.5", 0.7 lbs
Carbon Steel T-Outliner
Fades, Outlines, Details
Best Value
Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper
No one can mention hair clippers without Wahl coming to mind. That’s because even after many years, it continues to produce affordable hair clippers such as the Color Pro.
Great grip. Silent. Color coding makes for easy identification. Affordable. Adjustable taper. Comes with attachments and accessories. Self-sharpening blades. Durable. Powerful.
A few users spoke of overheating, but this is rare.
10", 1.9 lbs
Self-Sharpening Precision Ground
Cuts and Trims
Oster 76 Classic Hair Trimmer
Oster is no stranger to professional barbers and stylists around the globe. This is because of its reliable and impressive trimmers, such as the Classic 76 Clipper.
Durable. Comes with detachable blades and other accessories. Great for heavy-duty jobs. Powerful. Long power cord. Great for amateurs and professionals alike.
Pricey, but a great long-term investment.
Single Speed Universal
7.5", 2 lbs
Trims, Fades, Details, Outlines
Remington 18-Piece Trimmer
Remington is a brand unlike any other. It has a 200-year history and makes innovative products, including the Vacuum Clipper, which makes cleanup after trimming a breeze.
The blade system is superb. Great grip for easy handling. A loaded hair kit. Collects hair in chamber for easy disposal. Dual motors deliver excellent performance.
A few users complain about noise.
Dual Motor System
19.5", 1.5 lbs
Precision Ground
Cuts and Trims
Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Clipper
Conair is a global brand with a rich history and a diverse range of products. One of those products is the Chopper 2-in-1 Custom Styler, which offers a lot for quite a small price.
Loads of accessories and attachments. Turbo feature. Covered by a long warranty. Great for detailing, dry shaving and overall styling. Affordable. Loads of attachments.
Some users mentioned it’s not great for thicker beards, but it works well for just about everything else.
10", 1.6 lbs
Stainless Steel
Cuts, Trims, Details

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What is the Best Hair Clipper?

When choosing a set of clippers, there are a few things to consider, such as the build, whether it’s corded or cordless, the motor and more. Check out what these clippers have to offer and see which one is right for you.
Our Top Choice
The Andis T-Outliner Trimmer’s contoured body makes it easy to handle, and its close-cutting carbon-steel blades are perfect for detailing. But that’s not the only great trimmer from Andis. Its Pro Alloy XTR is an adjustable blade clipper that runs remarkably cool and quiet, thanks to its revolutionary Extreme Thermal Reduction (XTR) Technology.

Andis T-Outliner Clipper – Carbon-Steel T-Blades & Magnetic Motor

Andis is an American, family-owned company with over 90 years in the personal care industry, and strong values such as excellence, respect, and integrity. It's come a long way since starting out as a small clipper company in the 1920s. Now Andis’ clippers and other grooming products are sold in over 90 countries around the globe. It caters to the needs of both professional barbers and home users like you.

Andis’ products are popular with many barbers around the world, and that’s because they are extremely reliable. The Andis T-Outliner Clipper retails for $91.13 and is a great trimmer to have in your home, salon or barbershop. We love the build of the T-Outliner, with its contoured housing which makes it easy to hold and handle. On top of that, it’s extremely durable, lasting many people for years. Even though the housing is contoured – some may even say compact – it still delivers impressive performance.

Check out its other features:
  • Oiled and tested before it leaves the factory so you get it ready to go
  • Built with close-cutting blades for precise trimming around the neck, edging around ears and taking care of beards and moustaches
  • A clipper with contoured housing and a high-speed magnetic motor that runs cool and quiet for a peaceful shave
  • Works best for dry-shaving
  • You can personalize your shaving experience by adjusting the blades
  • The carbon-steel blades are built to last a long time and are great for detailing different styles
  • Built with a heavy-duty 8-ft cord and even has a hanger loop for easy storage
  • Covered by a limited 1-year warranty
Best Value
The Wahl Color Pro is a special hair clipper, thanks to its unique color coding which allows you to easily identify which combs you want. Another great clipper from Wahl is the Elite Pro, which is built with Wahl’s most durable and powerful motor that’s guaranteed to give you a lifetime of amazing cuts.

Wahl Color Pro Trimmer Kit – Colored Guide Combs & Precision Ground Blades

Wahl can be thought of as the father of all electrical hair clipper companies, because it was Leo J. Wahl who invented the first electric hair clipper. Ever since then, Wahl has been considered a leader in the grooming industry, not simply because Wahl made the first electric clipper, but because it's continued to create great trimmers that perform well and are super affordable. This makes them great for both professionals and home users alike.

The Color Pro is the Wahl clipper we think offers the most value. Not only is it affordable, retailing at $31.99, it costs significantly less on Amazon. It also comes with a great color guidance system, making it simple to identify which comb you want to use. Another plus is the hair kit, which has a blade guard, blade oil, scissors, styling comb, barber comb and a handy 6” storage case. It’s not only great for cutting the hair on your head; it also works wonders for manscaping.

Check out its other features:
  • Blades stay sharper longer because they’re self-sharpening precision ground blades
  • Body has a soft touch grip and comfort while you shave and style
  • Comes with an adjustable taper control
  • Backed by a limited 5-year warranty
The Oster 76 Classic is an awesome clipper that’s ultra-durable and will last you for years. It also has a powerful single speed universal motor that makes it perfect for heavy-duty cuts. But if it's a bit too costly, try the Oster Fast Feed Clipper, which has a powerful whisper pivot motor with twice the power of a magnetic motor.

Oster Classic 76 Clipper – Universal Motor & Detachable Blades

Oster began in 1924 as a small firm making manually powered hair clippers. It's become known for designing and manufacturing hair clippers that carry a signature design and are praised by professional barbers and stylists everywhere.

One such clipper is the Oster Classic 76, which has a vintage design but impressive power. The 76 Classic can handle just about any job, small or large, and tackle it with ease. What’s even better is how it was built. It’s nearly indestructible, serving those who have bought one for years. Granted, the Classic 76 isn’t cheap. It retails for $209.99, but it’s a great tool for professionals or anyone looking to purchase a clipper that they know will serve them many times over. When you purchase the 76 Classic, you also get a blade guard, clipper grease, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush so you can keep it in tip-top shape.

Here’s what else it has to offer:
  • Blades are detachable for easy replacement and cleaning
  • Built with an ultra-durable and break-resistant housing for long-term use
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Has a 9-ft power cord, allowing free movement while you style your or your clients’ hair
The Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper is great, thanks to its built-in chamber and high-speed fan that collects all the trimmed hair for easy disposal when you’re finished cutting. If you like that, then definitely check out the HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Trimmer, which has a wicked power cut system that will give you an ultra-smooth cut every time.

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Clippers – 18-piece kit & Precision-Ground Blades

Remington is a brand with 200 years of rich history. It originally started out as a firearms company founded in 1816, but Remington has since ventured into other areas. It even had a hand in the development of a typewriter with the first QWERTY keyboard. While many people don’t know that, they do know that Remington makes great hair clippers. The company's move into this industry started in 1937, and has grown to be popular among consumers around the globe.

While Remington has an impressive assortment of hair clippers, we like the Vacuum Hair Clipper with an 18-piece set. This beauty retails for $49.99. We loved the vacuum suction created by the built-in high-speed fan. It deposits the trimmed hair into an extra-large chamber you can easily throw out, saving you time and the energy that you’d use to clean up. The 18-piece kit has 5 combs, right/left taper, barber scissors, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade guard, sectioning clips, oil bottle, and an XL storage pouch.

The precision-ground blades cut hair quickly and are built to stay sharp, giving you a stellar cut every time. And covered by a full 5-year warranty we can't see what could go wrong when purchasing these durable hair clippers.
The Chopper 2-1 Custom Styler is an affordable hair clipper with 24 pieces, including a blade guard and a barber cape. It also has a turbo power button that gives you 15% more power for a faster cut. Conair also has an awesome trimmer for beginning barbers, the Simple Cut 10-piece trimmer, which is built with an impressive magnetic motor.

Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Custom Styling Trimmer – Turbo Power & 24-Piece Set

Conair was once a small hair care and hair appliance company. Now, it's known as one of the most diversified consumer product companies around the world. It offers everything from kitchen appliances, cookware, and tools to clippers and other personal care items.

Conair undoubtedly has many great products, but the one that caught our eye was The Chopper 2-in-1 Custom Styler. It comes in yellow or orange and has some handy accessories and attachments, such as 5-position and 3 jawline combs, mustache and styling combs to help you get your look just right. Another plus is the barber cape and scissors, which are great if you’re a barber or just don’t want to mess yourself up while cutting your hair or shaving your beard. It also comes with a blade guard and handy soft storage pouch so you can travel with your clippers. This is a great deal for $23.

Its features also include:
  • Turbo button to give you 15% more power, getting you out the door faster
  • Hair clipping blade for that ultra-close bald look or a nice fade
  • Facial trimming blade for precise and detailed styling
  • Backed by a limited 5-year warranty

How Do I Choose the Best Hair Clipper?

There’s a meme going around that says that a great haircut and beard are like makeup for men. That’s because a great haircut and a well-groomed beard can do wonders for guys. It not only makes them look better but also helps to boost their confidence.

Hair care isn’t just for women anymore. Men are paying more attention to their appearance and many women are loving it. Now more male beauty products are being introduced into the market, such as beard balm and beard oil, two things that were not very popular back in the day.

But there are some tools that have always been a staple in a man’s grooming kit, specifically, his hair clippers. Sure, many men opt to use razors for their day-to-day grooming but some men, especially those with very curly hair, opt for using hair clippers to groom their beard and style their hair. Some men even use them to manscape and get that shaved look either for their special lady or the beach.

Whatever the reason, hair clippers continue to maintain their status as a primary tool in the men’s grooming arena. If you’re looking to buy a new set of hair clippers, then we’re here to help you get the best one for your needs. The right hair clippers can help you achieve that sharp look all men desire.
While hair clippers don’t vary widely in terms of look, there’s a lot going on under the hood which affects their performance and, ultimately, their prices. One of the first things you’ll notice is that corded clippers tend to be more expensive than cordless ones. This is because corded hair clippers are more powerful and, in many cases, will last far longer than a cordless clipper. These are the ones often used by your barber, but that isn’t to say that cordless hair clippers are durable or weak – not at all; it’s just that of the two, corded clippers carry much more power.

Hair clippers are affordable, and it’s a good thing to know your budget before buying one. There’s a large price range when it comes to hair clippers. On the low end, you can get a good one for around $40 and, on the high end, you can look to spend between $200 and $300. We’d advise you stay away from cheap hair clippers because these won’t give you a great cut and, in many cases, will wear out before you know it and you’ll have to start looking for a new set of clippers.
Your clippers’ feature set is what’ll ensure you get the most out of it. Some people only use their clippers for their hair, others use them for both their hair and beards, while some use them only for body hair. To get the best experience out of your clippers, you need to look for features that would line up well with your needs.

Here’s what you need to consider before choosing a set of hair clippers:
  • Motor - Your clippers’ motor is what will determine its performance. You want a motor that can perform without running hot quickly and, for a cordless clipper, you want one that will be able to get you through a session before needing to be recharged.
  • Guides - These are also known as combs and are the attachments that you put on your clipper to get a desired cut. You can get up to eight different attachments with your clippers.
  • Blades - Some clippers come with different blades, which give you versatility when cutting, while others have adjustable blades which do the same.
  • Accessories - Combs and scissors may seem unnecessary – after all, you may have many around the house already, but it’s still a good bet to get a hair clipper with them as you never know when you may need them.
  • Cleaning Tools - Often when you buy your clippers, you’ll get a bottle of oil and a brush with it. Always go for the ones with these included as they save you time and money down the road.
  • Storage Unit - If you travel a lot, then a travelling pouch or case will come in extremely handy.
Let’s look at these features in more detail.
Construction and Design
When you’re shopping for a new set of hair clippers, one of the first things you need to consider is whether you want a corded or cordless one. Corded hair clippers are the more powerful of the two – this is why you always see your barber using a corded one rather than a cordless. However, cordless hair clippers offer a lot more maneuverability and are lightweight, making them a better choice for travel.

The overall build of hair clippers tends to not vary greatly. As we’ve mentioned, most of the differences lie under the hood, such as the motor. However, the length of the blades themselves is one thing you’ll notice differences in. You can get a hair clipper with an adjustable blade. There are also those with different blades for different lengths. Most hair clippers also come with guards to prevent you from giving yourself a bad cut or cutting more than you had intended.
Performance and Ease of Use
We mentioned that one of the most important parts of a hair clipper is the motor. It determines the performance of the clipper and ultimately affects how well you’re able to cut your hair.

There are three types of motors found in hair clippers:

Magnetic Motor - These motors are quite common and found in numerous clippers on the market. They work with a fixed blade that you can adjust with a lever on the side to cut hair to the desired closeness to the scalp. These motors are not as powerful as Pivot or Rotary motors, but they provide high speeds and work great for fine to medium hair. These motors require little to no maintenance and can last you for years to come.

Pivot Motor - These motors are similar to the magnetic motors, however, whereas magnetic motors provide high speeds with less power, pivot motors give a lot of power but low speed. These are especially great for thick, wet, or heavy hair. Pivot motors are durable and require little maintenance, making them great for busy individuals.

Rotary Motor - These motors are also known as universal motors and are the most powerful out of the three. Clippers with these motors tend to be a bit more expensive but offer a wide variety of cuts, making them great for barbers and hair care professionals. Rotary motors have a much higher torque and more power than the pivot and magnetic motors and, while the blade speed is a bit slower, it’s not by much. Also, unlike pivot and magnetic motors, which have an adjustable lever, rotary motors allow you to switch out the blades or cutting head. You can find rotary motors in AC and DC-powered clippers. Many of the DC-powered clippers with rotary motors are cordless and, while they tend to be less powerful than the AC units, the freedom of the cordless clipper makes up for it. These motors run relatively quietly and will last you for years. These motors are great for thick, wet or heavy hair and can also be found in pet clippers as well.
There is no perfect clipper on the market; however, there are many great ones and the best one for you is based on your hair type, household, and needs. Happy grooming!

Get the Best Hair Clipper of 2022!

Thanks for reading our hair clippers review. Whether you’re a barber or stylist looking to add something new to your arsenal, or just looking for a set of clippers to make your everyday routine easier, there’s an affordable trimmer on this list that would work for you.

Our Top Choice
Andis T-Outliner Trimmer
Best Value
Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper
Oster 76 Classic Hair Trimmer
Remington 18-Piece Trimmer
Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Clipper