Best Hair Crimper – Create Textured Crimps or Large, Beachy Waves with a Hair Crimper Tool

Looking good is a constant task, and hair is one of the most challenging things to groom. At times, you don’t have the finances or the time to get your hair done in a professional setting, so you opt for home-based glamor. One essential tool in many a woman’s “beauty arsenal” is a hair crimper, or hair waver.

This review is an exhibition of 5 of the best hair crimper brands that cater to your every need. We picked a single hair crimper tool from each brand to feature. However, if it’s not the kind you need, we provided information about other option, with links, within each review to make things easier for you.

For those of you looking for a large hair crimper for natural looking waves, we also want to give a shout out to the Amazon Exclusive Revlon hair crimper. This 3-barrel ceramic jumbo waver features a tourmaline Ceramic coating helps reduce damage, 30 heat settings for complete customization and great performance on all hair types. The Revlon Salon Deep Hair Waver is another good option if you just need a single barrel hair crimper.
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Wave Type
Our Top Choice
Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Wave Hair Crimper
BedHead is a hair care line that's part of TIGI Linea. The Deep Waver is what you need to bring out the waves in your hair.
Quick heating recovery. Fast heating time. Barrel locking switch. Dual voltage for worldwide use. 2X Tourmaline ceramic technology combats frizz.
It feels bulky.
Beachy or sculpted waves
Tourmaline ceramic
Up to 400°F
30 heat settings
Tangle-free swivel
Best Value
Remington Wet2Waves Hair Waver Tool
Remington is an American company with a rich history of diversity in its products. The S7280 is an arguably lightweight waver most ideal for wet hair.
Wet and dry hair waver tool. Create waves and dry hair in one step. 30-second heat-up. 60-minute auto shut-off. Salon length, tangle free cord.
Too heavy for some people.
Sleek, sexy waves
Ceramic and titanium
Up to 420°F
30 heat settings
Salon length swivel cord
Hot Tools Deep Wave Hair Crimper
The Hot Tools 2179 is made by Helen of Troy, an American hair care superbrand. The waver has been leaving plenty of satisfied customers in its wake.
Increased hydration and reduced frizz. Exclusive Hot Tools Pulse Technology. Locking switch.
Questionable durability.
Ultra deep waves
Tourmaline ceramic
Up to 430°F
Multiple settings
8' swivel cord
Conair Infiniti Pro Steam Wave Hair Crimper
The Infinity Pro is a well-designed waver that will give you stunning waves. It is a product from the innovative American company Conair.
Hydrating steam. 30-second heat up. Makes your hair look fuller. Ion generator releases up to 100x more concentrated ions.
Some people experience problems with the steam feature.
Versatile beachy waves
Ceramic plates
Up to 437°F
2 settings, normal and steam
Non swivel
Gold N’ Hot Professional Ceramic Micro Crimping Iron
Gold N' Hot is the American company responsible for the Gold Tone, a lightweight crimper that packs enough heat to make you forget about bad hair days.
Heats quickly. Light. Works well with long hair. Easy to use. Rheostat control for temperature variation. Budget friendly price.
No auto power off. Not as many settings as other brands.
Tight textured crimps
Gold tone ceramic
200°F and 400°F
2 settings
6' swivel cord

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What Is the Best Hair Waver Tool? Read Our Hair Crimper Reviews!

The best hair crimpers will leave you looking and feeling like you have control over your hair. It leaves you feeling so good, you have to stop and compliment yourself. Now you know what to consider when buying a hair crimper, here are our top 5 reviews of some of the best hair crimpers out there. Indulge!

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Our Top Choice
The Bed Head Deep Waver accentuates your waves to look more bouncy. The fast heating and recovery time is a plus, as you can style your hair quickly. The 2" Bed Head Totally Bent Chrome Crimper is a lighter option for tighter waves, and it works well on thin hair.

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II - Fast Recovery Time & Convenient Barrel Locking Switch


Bed Head is a one-stop resource for hair care products for both men and women. Bed Head products are distributed by TIGI Linea, a brand owned by the colossal Unilever company. Its products feature next-level technology to keep you looking fresh all day.

The Bed Head Deep Waver is the essential hair product for desirable waves. It heats up to about 400 degrees in about 30 seconds and creates waves that can see you through your busy day.

Here are some of the Deep Waver’s features:

  • 400 degrees Farenheit heat that gives you perfect waves
  • Tourmaline ceramic material
  • 30-second heat-up time and fast recovery
  • 8” flexi cord that doesn’t tangle
  • Barrel locking switch that is ideal for travel and easy storage
  • Multicolored variety

You can try the purple BH336 for a tousled or defined look, or the BH330 for shiny "S" waves.

Best Value
The Remington S7280 is a phenomenal waver. With soy-infused ceramic plates, it takes care of your hair despite the 425°F heat. However, it does have a reputation for being a little bulky. And for those days when you prefer using curlers, we recommend checking out the Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter. It features ceramic technology and an exclusive thermal wax core for long lasting curls.

Remington Wet2Waves Styler Hair Crimping Tool with 2-inch Barrel - Style and Dry Hair in One Step


Remington started out as a firearms company, but occasionally developed and produced other products such as sewing machines. In 1994, Remington bought Clairol, a personal care appliance company. Remington remains one of the most trusted brands in personal care appliances to date.

The Remington S7280 is full of cool features that make this tool worth a look. Everything from its 60-minute auto shut off to the steam vents make this a powerful tool to have.

Have a look at some of the features that come with the S7280:

  • Works for wet hair
  • Automatic shut off after 60 minutes
  • 30-second heat-up
  • 30 heat settings
  • Wet/Dry styling indicator
  • Steam vents to dry off water in the hair
  • 2-year warranty
The Hot Tools 2179 has an enviable profile in homes and salons, because of the cutting-edge Pulse Technology exclusive to Helen of Troy that keeps it hot. It has far-infrared heat and negative ions that keep your hair hydrated and give it bounce. You can also have a look at the Hot Tools Professional Nano Ceramic Deep Waver. It has variable heat settings for optimal results on a variety of hair types and textures.

Hot Tools Professional Ceramic + Tourmaline Deep Waver for Luxurious Waves - Pulse Technology


Hot Tools is a wide array of personal hair care tools by Helen of Troy. Established in El Paso in 1968, this company has grown to be one of the world’s biggest hair care brands, employing over 1250 people.

Hot Tools continues the strong reputation of equally impressive hot irons that preceded it. The gentle far-infrared heat and negative ions and cool tips make this iron super-efficient, yet easy to handle.

Take a look at some of its features:

  • Deep plates
  • 8-foot flexi cord for tangle-free operation
  • Locking switch for easy storage even for travel
  • Patented Pulse Technology keeps the iron hot for easier styling
  • Cool tips for easy handling
  • 1-year warranty from Hot Tools
  • On/Off switch
  • Increased hydration and frizz reduction
  • Ergonomic comfortable design

The Hot Tools website is full of useful videos on how to use its products.

The Infinity Pro is a superb waver that features hydrating steam, so you can use it without water. It also gets really hot, yet doesn’t damage your hair. Want even more styling options? Check out the Conair Double Ceramic Triple Barrel Curl Styling Waver. It features 5/8” outer barrels and an 1/2” inner barrel to create gorgeous continuous waves to switch up your everyday style.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Waver with Hydrating Steam Mist - Ion Generator, Combination of Ions and Steam Protects Hair


Conair has grown from a barely noticeable small hair appliance and hair care company in the late 1950s to a world leader in hair care, grooming, home care and personal health products. With a wide presence in over six regions, Conair remains a trusted partner for men and women worldwide.

The Conair Infiniti Pro is a functional waver that makes quick work of turning your hair from looking average to being a majestic wave. It uses steam to infuse moisture into the hair, and the ceramic build ensures there are no hot spots.

Here are some of its features:

  • Ion generator that produces ions to lock moisture into the hair
  • Steam mist infuses moisture into the hair for a healthy shiny finish
  • Ceramic plates that give this waver no hot spots
Gold N' Hot puts a lot of effort into its products. The Gold Tone works for long hair or thin hair as well, and the heat doesn’t damage hair. However, the Gold Tone doesn’t have temperature control. Looking for a large hair crimper? The Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver has a rheostat for temperature control and comes with a lighted on and off switch, so it's easy to operate.

Gold N Hot Professional Gold Plated Ceramic 2” Crimper Iron - Quickly Create Eye-Catching Textured Crimps


Gold N' Hot has been in the hair business for two and a half decades, specializing in products that keep your hair looking good without compromising on the state of the hair. It's widely trusted, as its products are ideal even for little girls.

The Gold Tone is a lightweight product that has been hailed as easy to use and highly effective by most people who have used it. It heats up pretty quickly and does a fast job, so you can glam up properly when you have a bit of time on your side.

These are some of its features:

  • Ceramic material that handles heat and doesn’t take any damage
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Lightweight build makes it super easy to use
  • Works for thin hair

Best Hair Crimper Tool Guide – What to Look for When Shopping for a Large Hair Crimper or Single Plate Hair Waver

When your hair looks good, you feel good. There’s no better feeling than leaving the salon with bouncy, energized hair. Once in a while, you need a quick hair fix at home and you want it to be as glamorous as the salon version. Every woman should have a quality hair dryer at home to quickly blow out moisture after you shower. In addition to this, you can get a good ceramic flat iron if you prefer straight flowing hair. For those into waves reminiscent of a breezy ocean, go for a hair crimper, also referred to a hair waver. All these hair appliances will allow you to quickly look glam without ripping your purse apart. By the way, in case you didn’t know it, many flat irons come with exchangeable plates so you can use them to put different styles of waves and curls in your hair.

The best hair crimper is one that has a fast heating potential because the secret to great soft waves is the ease with which the waver heats up. Unlike old school hair crimpers that were bulky and slow to heat, modern brands have embraced light weight hair crimpers that make styling your hair a walk in the park. Good hair crimpers can quickly reach high temperatures of between 400°F and 437°F.

The steam capability of the hair crimper is also an important consideration since hydrated hair looks fuller on the head. Wavy hair is the in thing nowadays and everyone wants luxurious looking curls on their heads – hence the increased popularity of hair crimpers. With the right hair crimper, you won’t need to hide your frizzy hair using an old baseball cap.
If you are looking to replace that curling iron you bought in the 90’s, you can get yourself a stylish ceramic crimper that safely crimps your hair with nil damage. There are models made of titanium but they tend to be heavy and uncomfortable on the hand.

Video: How To Crimp Weave Easy

Crimping Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes. | Courtesy of Lexis Makiah

Regardless of your budget, there’s a wide variety of hair crimpers for you to choose from. You will pay more for a crimper that has exclusive pulse tools technology due to its ability to safely crimp your hair with nil damage. The common price range of hair crimpers is $23 to $40 depending on the unique features the crimper possesses – but there are also higher end, professional crimpers that can cost double that or more, such as ones that use ceramic and ionic technology.

Some of the things affecting price include hydration features in the hair crimper as those with steaming capability are a bit more expensive. You will pay a few more bucks for a hair crimper with an auto heat turn off compared to those that lack this feature. If you have a limited budget, there are less expensive hair crimpers in the market that not only reach high temperatures but are light and easy to use. But beware of cheap hair crimpers because not only do they tend to not be as durable, but they can also cause damage to your hair or burn your fingers – the exact opposite of what you want!!


When shopping for a hair crimper, there are important features to look out for to ensure you get a product that leaves your hair looking lustrous and free from frizz. Outlined are the key features to put into consideration:

  • Type - Is the crimper a dual hair waver or a deep hair waver? Does the crimper have steaming capability? Are the waves produced wet or dry? Make sure you choose one to suit both your style of hair and what result you want.
  • Plates - Are the plates made of ceramic or titanium? How deep (in inches) are the plates? In some instances, you may find hair crimpers whose plates are made of a mixture of ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is lighter and this will make working with them easier. .
  • Temperature - How hot can the crimper get? The heating potential of a crimper is critical since it determines the quality of your waves. Look for one that gets hot fast for the best results. .
  • Settings - How many heat settings does the crimper have? The settings can be as low as two heat settings while some crimpers have as many as 30 heat settings. More is better as it gives you finer control. .
  • Power - Majority have a power consumption of 220 Volts but there those whose consumption is as low as 120 volts.

Having pointed out the most important features, let’s elaborate further on some of the highlighted components of a hair crimper that will help you further in your decision

Construction and Design

When shopping around, you will notice most hair crimpers come with ceramic plates but there also are some with titanium plates. Ceramic plates are preferred by many because they are light compared to titanium which is quite heavy – but others like titanium because they get better performance with them – especially if they feature ionic technology (most higher quality ceramic plates have this as well). However, you may also find crimpers which are gold plated.

The most common feature in all hair crimpers is the heat control settings although the ability to set the heat may vary with some having only two ways to control heat while others have 30 heat settings. For hair crimpers with hydration ability, they possess settings to control the steam. Hydration allows your waves to look fuller.

The temperatures a hair crimper reaches are also important with majority of them quickly reaching 437°F. Ensure your preferred hair crimper has a high heating potential because that will result in better looking, soft waves. Most hair crimpers have a consumption of 220 volts but there are those whose consumption is 120 volts due to the limited features they have.

Video Easy Beach Waves Tutorial

How to Achieve Effortless Beach Waves at Home. | Courtesy of Chatters Hair Salon
Performance and Ease of Use

You do not need to be a seasoned hair dresser to produce lustrous wavy curls using a hair crimper. Just plug the crimper to a power source, set the heat and start working the hair. Most hair crimpers have a quick heat-up time and a lock switch when you are done crimping. You will want to choose a hair crimper that is lightweight and less bulky allowing you to quickly and easily style your hair. Without going into “technical details,” we also recommend looking for crimpers that feature ionic technology that will help to lock moisture into you hair, rather than drying it out.

Get the Best Hair Crimper of 2022!

The market is full of hair crimpers that fulfill different purposes, and hopefully we’ve found one to match yours. If none of these five crimpers match up to your expectations, the Internet is a rich resource to find exactly what your heart, purse, and hair desire.

Our Top Choice
Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Wave Hair Crimper
Best Value
Remington Wet2Waves Hair Waver Tool
Hot Tools Deep Wave Hair Crimper
Conair Infiniti Pro Steam Wave Hair Crimper
Gold N’ Hot Professional Ceramic Micro Crimping Iron

Hair Crimper FAQs

What is a crimper for hair?
A crimper for hair is an electric device that helps crimp hair, giving it an attractive wavy look. Check out our review of hair crimpers to find the right one for you!
How to crimp hair with a crimper?
If you want to know how to crimp hair with a crimper, start by washing it with a shampoo and conditioner. Apply an anti-frizzing serum followed by a styling spray. Plugin the hair crimper so that it heats up. Pass it through the hair in 1 to 2-inch sections for 3 to 5 seconds at a time.
Where to buy a hair crimper?
We recommend that you buy a hair crimper from Amazon, the most affordable online retail store. It also has the widest variety of hair crimper and unbeatable deals. If you are looking for a hair crimper to buy, we have reviewed some of the best. Ensure you are crimping hair from the scalp to the tips for uniformity. Once you achieve the right style, apply a spray to secure it.