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There are so many different hair dryers, with price tags ranging from about $20 to ones that cost hundreds of dollars, choosing one that’s right for you can be a time consuming process. What one person considers the “best blow dryer” for them because it fit their budget, may not fit your definition of best because you are someone who is looking for a professional style hair dryer. In order to help, we have put together a short list of five of the top blow dryers and are going to tell you about the features that make them worthy of consideration.
Heat Settings
Our Top Choice
Rusk W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer
Professional, highly rated salon quality hair dryer – without paying the price.
Lightweight. Ceramic tourmaline ionic technology. Far-infrared heat dries hair quicker. 7 settings.
Some reports that concentrator nozzle falls off.
2000 watts
Lightweight and compact
Ceramic and tourmaline
3 heat/2 speed settings & cool sh
Best Value
Revlon Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer Dryer
Very affordable but still get the benefits of ionic technology.
Budget hair dryer made well known brand. Good for all hair types. Comes with 2 attachments. Tourmaline ceramic.
Only has 2 heat settings. Motor is a bit noisy. Some isolated defect reports.
1875 Watts
User-friendly, Quiet operation
Triple Baked Tourmaline Ceramic
2 Heat/Speed Settings & cool shot
BaByliss Pro™ Nano Titanium™ Hair Dryer
Babyliss is a brand known for quality, with many loyal customers. Nano Titanium technology is a plus.
Cool touch housing protects fingers from heat. Nano Titanium Ionic Technology. Dries hair quickly while keeping it protected.
Only comes with one attachment (concentrator). Produces very high heat so caution needed when using high settings.
2000 watts
Lightweight and compact
Nano Titanium
3 heat/2 speed settings & cool sh
Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer
Remington is a well known brand. Some people swear by the benefits of the crushed pearl.
Patented crushed pearl technology adds micro-conditioners while you style. Super fast air flow.
On the heavy side. Users with fine hair should be careful of the high air speeds.
1875 watt
Elegant, minimalistic
Crushed Pearl Ceramic
3 heat settings/2 speeds
Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Hair Dryer
Some known mechanical defects but overall a good choice for a low cost hair dryer.
Popular consumer model. Affordable. Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Technology. Helps reduce frizz.
Attachments don’t stay on properly. Some reports of defective products and breakdowns.
1875 Watt
No-Slip Grip
Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic
3 heat/2 speed settings & cool sh

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How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer?

Did you know that just because a manufacturer says that they make a “professional hair dryer” doesn’t mean that it’s the same thing as a salon quality blow dryer used by hair stylists? Or did you know that blow dryers made with ceramic tourmaline can actually help to lock in moisture while you are drying your hair? These are important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for cosmetic tools such as hair dryers, flat irons or curling irons.

You might be pleased to find out that for this review we avoided super-expensive, salon-like hair products because they might not be within everyone's budget reach, but at the same time we tried to stay away from very cheap hair dryers too. Instead, we focused on bringing reasonably-priced, high-quality blow dryers into the spotlight! Read our review and you might just find the perfect hair dryer for your needs.

Whether you are looking for an affordable blow dryer to meet a tight budget, or are looking for the absolute best one available, there are factors that you need to consider to help you choose the best blow dryer for your needs.
When it comes to a product that has such a wide price range, blow dryers definitely fit the bill. You can get a decent quality, budget hair dryer for around $20 or you could go for a salon quality professional hair dryer and easily spend over $100. In looking at the price you pay, it is important to understand what you are getting for the money you are putting out. We have chosen five popular hair dryers, in a mixture of prices, to help you get a better understanding of what is available – and what you get.
We have already discussed a lot of the standard features that help to make a blow dryer efficient and comfortable – and of course make your hair look great, but it is also important to take a look at safety features. For example, if there is no filter or screen at the back of the blow dryer (you know, where the air gets pulled in) – it can also suck your hair right in with it. Ouch!
Construction and Design
With regards to choosing the hair dryer that will work best for you, there are three general things that you will want to look at in terms of design (besides the obvious of whether it has high quality construction) - type and power, settings and technology.
  • Type and Power - Hair dryers come in different types (each with different power levels). You can choose a professional quality hair dryer like the ones that are used in salons, a standard conventional hair dryer made for the average home user or a compact model that’s great for people who travel. Typically, a compact, small sized blow dryer will have a power level of under 1200 watts. Standard home hair dryers usually run between 1200 and 1800 watts, whereas a salon quality blow dryer will be much more powerful, usually between 1900 and 2400 watts. The power usage of a blow dryer is split between the heater and the fan. The difference that wattage makes is in how long it takes to style your hair. It also has an impact on how much heat it puts out. It is important to keep in mind that just because a blow dryer CAN put out a lot of heat, doesn’t mean you should always use it (even if it is faster) because it risks damaging your hair. Which brings us to the next factor to consider – settings.
  • Heat and Air Settings - Just about every blow dryer available has more than one option for both fan speed and air temperature. Typical settings are low, medium and high, and cool, warm or hot, respectively. But depending upon the quality of the hair dryer – and the power – these ranges can mean different things. For example, a professional blow dryer will have the highest air flow (as well as heat potential) which is why they work so well. What is great about a salon hair dryer is that you can use high air speeds with moderate temperature and still get the job done quickly. If you have damaged hair, or perm it, you will definitely want a dryer with a nice cool setting.
  • Technology - Heat and hair settings are not the only features that a blow dryer can have to keep your hair healthy and protect it from over drying. There are “construction technologies” that will impact this as well. Gone are the days when people are settling for “plain ol’ hair dryers” made of just plastic. Now you can choose from ones that have porcelain ceramic or tourmaline ceramic that emit negative ions that will lock in moisture and protect your hair.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the important things to consider is whether or not a hair dryer is comfortable and easy to use. It might not seem like a blow dryer weighs that much when you take it out of the box – that is until you are standing there with your arms raised in the air. Another thing that improves how easy a blow dryer is to use is the cord length and whether or not it has a swivel on it (to avoid those pesky tangles that we all know and hate).

It goes without saying that the design of the blow dryer itself should lead to great results, but you may also want to consider what kind of attachments come with it. Attachments like nozzles and diffusers help with creating different styles and working with different hair lengths and types.

What is the Best Hair Dryer?

When it comes to buying a new blow dryer, how much you spend will depend upon the features that are important to you. We took a look at a mixture of five of the top rated blow dryers (that don't go into the super expensive salon price category) and we think that there's something for just about everyone.
Our Top Choice
The Rusk W8less is a powerful but super lightweight blow dryer infused with ceramic tourmaline. If 2000 watts is too much for you, you may want to check out the RUSK® Deepshine® Professional 1875 Watt Dryer.
RUSK® Engineering W8less® Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer

Rusk W8less IREW8LSBD - 2000 Watt

The W8less® blow dryer, made by RUSK® Engineering uses ionic technology and far-infrared heat waves to protect your hair while styling.

The Rusk W8less is a hair dryer that will give you salon quality results, without the expensive price tag. At the moment of this writing, we found it on sale for around 75 dollars on Amazon. This is an incredible price when you consider all the features that you get. Here are more interesting features:
  • Tourmaline infused ceramic grill
  • Powerful 2000 watt motor
  • Negative ion and far-infrared technology
  • Super lightweight construction – weighs less than a pound
  • Built in safety screen to stop you hair from getting pulled in the back
This blow dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle, but you have to purchase the diffusing attachment separately (but many users report that they don’t even need one). Some people report that they have a problem with the nozzle falling off.
Construction and Design
The W8less® Professional Dryer, made by RUSK® Engineering (or just RUSK for short) is a super light hair dryer weighing in at under 1 pound. But don’t let its lightweight fool you – it is also super powerful. The 2000 watt hair dryer uses far-infrared heat waves is infused with ceramic and tourmaline which emits negative ions that will help to lock in moister while speeding up drying time – both of which will help to protect your hair from damage and over drying.

This RUSK professional quality hair dryer has 7 settings - 3 heat settings and 3 for air speed, plus a cool shot button. It has an 8 foot long power cord.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Rusk W8less is ergonomically designed for comfort. Add that to the super light weight, and it’s to see why many professional stylists choose this model – especially those who are working with clients for long days.

Because this blow dryer uses far-infrared heat, which penetrates your hair, drying it from the inside out, not only does it reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair, but it also adds another level of protection – the faster you get the job done, the less time your hair is “under the heat.”

There have been some people who have used this blow dryer who say it “feels” less powerful than others, but they don’t complain about the results. It works for people with all hair lengths, textures or styles. It is great for hair that is usually more difficult to dry, such as course and thick hair – because the far-infrared heat waves penetrate deeply.

The Ceramic Tourmaline inside the Rusk W8less uses ionic technology which creates hair that is sleeker with less frizz or fly-aways. Users with extremely curly or difficult hair report that it is much more manageable when they use the Rusk W8less® Professional Dryer.

According to the over 800 reviews left on Amazon so far, people love the Rusk W8less professional blow dryer. It has an overall rating of 4.4, and 72% of owners gave it five stars. This product only has 4% 1 star reviews, most of which appear to be isolated defects or people who expected something different from what they got – with many people not used to the way that professional salon blow dryers work.
Best Value
Infused with tourmaline, he Revlon RV544PKF is a lightweight hair dryer that features ionic technology which helps to produce healthy and shiny looking hair styles. This is just one the great budget hair dryers made by Revlon.
Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Revlon RV544PKF - 1875 Watts

The Revlon Revlon Ionic Ceramic Dryer has an ion indicator light and two dual switches – one for heat and one for air speed. One thing that this hair dryer brings with it as a great feature is the reputation of the Revlon name – a company that is known for dependable products. But you get more than just a well-known brand with the Revlon RV544PKF.

While this is a budget priced blow dryer, that doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing functionality and quality. Let’s take a look at all that you get for an affordable price tag of around $20.
  • Powerful 1875 watt motor
  • Even heat distribution because of the triple baked ceramic interior
  • Tourmaline Ionic technology that helps protect hair
  • Two heat and two speed settings, plus a cool shot button
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachments.
Construction and Design
The Revlon RV544PKF is what we could consider a quality budget hair dryer. On the inside it has “triple baked ceramic” that has been infused with tourmaline. The tourmaline ceramic not only distributes heat evenly, but it takes advantage of negative ion technology. These design features not only help to speed up the drying time, but they also help to protect your hair from over drying, fly aways and frizziness by helping to lock in moisture. It even has a cool ion indicator light.

According to the manufacture, the Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer is designed to be super lightweight – weighing 25% less than the average hair dryer. It has a powerful 1875 watt motor that efficient in drying your hair quickly.

There are two heat and two speed settings on separate dual option rocker switches. It also has a cool shot button for air without heat. While there are other low cost hair dryers that offer a mid range heat setting, the Revlon makes up for this for its history of dependability and quality.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are on a budget, or are just looking for a second hair dryer to take with you when you travel (but don’t want a compact one), you will be happy with the performance of the Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer. This blow dryer is good for people with all types of hair – and those of you with longer, or thicker hair that is more difficult to dry will appreciate how quickly it gets the job done.

This hair dryer comes with two attachments, a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle, which add more versatility what it can do. Unlike some other blow dryers, both attachments stay on the barrel of the blow dryer quite nicely. The diffuser is bigger than average, which has pros and cons. On the downside, it’s a bit more difficult to pack but with a wider diffuser, it means that the hot is spread gently over a larger area.

People differ on their views about the noise level of this hair dryer – some say it’s quiet while others say it’s noisy. We guess that it’s all a matter of perception. Some people also think that it would be more convenient if this blow dryer had a longer cord.

When we were doing our research, the number of reviews on Amazon was about to pass 4300 with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars – that alone speaks volume for the popularity of the Revlon Ionic Ceramic 1875 Watt Dryer. When looking at the people who were not satisfied, it’s important to consider the fact that this is a low end hair dryer, so it can’t be expected to perform as well or have as many features as a more expensive model. Among the critical feedback, there are people who have reported defective devices that either stopped working properly, as well as a few safety issues. These apparently are isolated incidents because the majority of users have positive things to say about this blow dryer.
The Babyliss Pro 2000 Watt Nano Titanium hair dryer is lightweight, ergonomically designed and uses ionic technology to produce great looking hair styles. Babyliss also makes a compact Nano Titanium™ Travel Dryer.
BaByliss Pro™ Nano Titanium™ Mid-Size Hair Dryer with Integrated Ion Generator

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 – 2000 Watt

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 features the hair styling flexibility of six heat and speed settings and a cool shot button. It has a suggested retail price of about $119.99, but it can be found for about half that price on Amazon. When you consider the fact that you are getting a professional, titanium blow dryer, that’s an incredible price.

Another great feature of this product is that it comes with a cooled housing which protects your fingers while you use it. This company has a reputation for high standards of quality which has earned them any loyal, repeat customers.
Construction and Design
Unlike the other hair dryers on our short list, the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 uses Nano Titanium instead of ceramic to generate the negative ions that help to protect your hair. While in general, titanium is more expensive, it is said to emit more negative ions, which in turn will give you better results. The powerful 2000 watt motor helps to speed up drying time. The Babyliss BABNT5548 has a removable filter makes which makes cleaning easy – yup, that means no more trying to pick out the collected lint with q-tips.

There are three heat settings (low, medium and high), two speeds (low and high) plus a cool shot button. It comes with a concentrator attachment (but not a diffuser) and has a convenient 8 foot long cord. It is ergonomically designed and lightweight. The housing of the BaBylissPro™ Nano Titanium™ hair dryer is made to be cool to the touch so that you won’t burn your fingers even on high – this is important because the air does get super hot.
Performance and Ease of Use
The BaBylissPro™ Nano Titanium™ is what is considered a professional-grade hair dryer, which is why it costs a bit more – but the results that you will get are worth paying more. Users are just about unanimous in reporting that their hair is healthier, silkier and less frizzy when they use this blow dryer.

Another thing that people love, especially those with extra long, or thick course hair, is that drying times with the Babyliss Pro 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium hair dryer are less than they are with other models they have used. One women said that she literally went from 45 minutes in the morning drying her hair to 15! This blow dryer generates a lot of heat, so people with fine, thin hair may want to protect their scalp by using the low heat setting (or at least the medium).

On the negative side of things, some people report that the concentrator attachment falls off when the dryer is on the high speed setting. There are also people who feel that the location of the control switches on the handle is awkward – sometimes causing accidental changes while styling. Other concerns that people report about this hair dryer are that the air that comes out on the highest heat setting is very hot and that the concentrator nozzle falls off when it’s on the highest speed setting. Both of these “problems” are a testament to the power of this blow dryer – although the later could be fixed by a tweak in the barrel.

Despite these concerns, when we last looked, the BaBylissPro™ Nano Titanium™ Mid-Size Hair Dryer had just passed 1200 Amazon reviews and had an overall rating of 4.5 – with 72% of users rating it worthy of 5 stars.
The T|Studio™ Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer by Remington has a salon-quality motor and uses patent-pending ceramic pearl technology for fantastic styling results. This is just one of Remington's great hair care products.
Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer

Remington AC2015 – Deep Purple

The Remington Pearl Hair Dryer hair dryer is an affordable, good quality styling tool with 7 different settings.
It offers users a touch of professional quality, with out the salon quality price tag. For around $29 you get the same features that the other “budget priced” blow dryers PLUS the benefit of patent-pending pearl technology.

It is important to note that pearl ceramic and DC motor make this hair dryer heavier than a lot of other models.
Construction and Design
Remington’s T|Studio™ Pearl Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer stands out because it’s made with patent-pending ceramic pearl technology. This is another modern technology that emits negative ions to seal in moisture, protect your hair and make it look shinier and healthier. This technology also generates nourishing micro-conditioners that add a level of protection that come from the crushed pearl on the inside – something that other blow driers don’t offer.

Like most salon quality blow dryers, the Remington AC2015 T|Studio has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings as well as a cool shot button. It has a powerful 1875 watt AC motor which dries your hair up to 40% faster when compared to a standard dryer with a DC motor (AC motors also tend to last longer). You also get both a diffuser and concentrator attachment.
Performance and Ease of Use
Out of all the blow dryers that we are recommending, Remington’s T|Studio™ Pearl has the fastest air flow when on the high setting – which means for quicker drying. If you are someone with long or thick hair, this is a great benefit because it means less time standing in front of the mirror.

The ceramic pearl inside the blow dryer produces smooth hair styles without any frizz. The powerful motor runs quietly, which is nice. For users with super fine hair, some stylists caution that the super powerful air force on high could damage the cuticle but real user reviews appreciate how using this blow dryer can add volume to their normally limp hair.

At the time of this writing there were almost 1500 Amazon reviews for the Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer with an overall rating of 4.2 stars. 61% of owners liked the features and benefits of this hair dryer to give it 5 stars.

Among the critical reviews there are a few reports about product defects, but there are also “updates” about Remington’s hassle-free 3 year warranty – which meant that products were replaced quickly by the manufacturer.

Get the Best Hair Dryer of 2018!

As with all purchases that you are going to make, the final decision of what type of hair dryer is best for you will be based upon your budget and personal preferences. We hope that this review of five highly rated blow dryers helps you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Our Top Choice
Rusk W8less Professional 2000W Hair Dryer
Best Value
Revlon Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer Dryer
BaByliss Pro™ Nano Titanium™ Hair Dryer
Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer
Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Hair Dryer