Best Hair Extension Reviews 2023

Every woman, regardless of age, deserves a gorgeous look. Hair extensions can give you a boost when your own locks don’t match up to your desired shape. As you shop for the perfect hairpieces to bring out your beauty, you’ll need to sift through hundreds of options available in the market. To save you this tedious exercise, we searched widely for the best hair extension brands and settled on five top companies in the industry. We went ahead and reviewed five hair extensions from these trusted manufacturers which we think will catch your attention.
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Our Top Choice
OneDor 15" Clip in Claw Hair Extensions
OneDor Inc.’s motto is that every girl deserves to look gorgeous. They deliver on that promise with products such the OneDor 15" Dual Use Curly Styled Ponytail Hair Extension.
Easy to maintain. Reusable. Gorgeous.
Not human hair.
Best Value
S-noilite 22" Synthetic Full Hairpiece
The S-noilite brand prides in trading in blue ribbon consumer products in 50 countries. Their S-noilite 10 pc 22" Straight Synthetic Thick Full Head Hairpieces give colorful flare.
Easy and safe to use. Affordable. Eye-catching and colorful.
Not real hair. Does not style easily. Item color on website may vary slightly with that of actual product.
Hair Couture CLIP & GO Hair Extension
With a keen focus to enhance consumer beauty and confidence, Hair Couture has invested heavily in producing quality products such as the Clip & Go 6 Pcs Human Hair Extension.
Offers natural feel. Easy to maintain. Durable.
Product cannot be returned.
Taida Hair Tape Hair Extensions
Since 2005, the Taida brand has been consistent in serving consumers across the globe with quality hair products such as the Taida Brazilian Remy Virgin Straight Hair Extension.
Its color does not fade after washing. Cost effective. Does not affect your hair.
You’ll have to replace the tape, if you want to reuse the hairpieces.
AGPtek 24" Synthetic Hair Extensions
The New York, USA-based company AGPteck is renowned for highly innovative consumer products such the AGPtek 24"Full Head Clip in Synthetic Hair Extension.
Highly affordable. Easy to use and maintain.
Not human hair. It’s thin, so you may need to buy more pieces, if you don’t have much hair.

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What is the Best Hair Extension?

Since you now know what to look for in hair extensions, we invite you to go through the key features of the products covered in this review. See whether these features match your needs, such as style and color preferences. We hope that by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll find hair locks that suit your needs.
Our Top Choice
The washable OneDor 15" Dual Use Curly Styled Ponytail Synthetic Hairpiece is designed to serve you for a long time. Cleaning it with a little shampoo and cold water will keep its style intact. However, if you need a longer option, we recommend the Onedor® SE-011 24" Straight 3\/4 Full Head Synthetic Hair Extensions.

OneDor® 15" Dual Use Curly Styled Clip in Claw Ponytail Synthetic Hairpiece - Available in 15 Colors

With a noble goal to make quality beauty products available to all ladies, the OneDor brand has been consistent in producing gorgeous and highly affordable hair products. With products ranging from synthetic hair to dazzling hair-highlighters, thiey spoil you with amazing options. We’ve reserved our favorite spot for their OneDor 15" Dual Use Curly Styled Clip in Claw Ponytail Hair Extension.

This product’s synthetic fiber hair is highly versatile, giving you the pleasure of wearing it for many days. With its gorgeous ponytail accent, you can enhance your looks with dual styles in seconds. To achieve this, you will need to reverse the ponytail for striking elegance. It offers a hair length of 15 inches and 12 inches when in reverse mode. It’s made of lightweight, soft and silky premium synthetic hair for a natural feel that blends well with your hair. Its claws make it easy to wear, as all you need to do is clip them around your hair. The secret to enjoying this product for a long time lies in how well you take care of it. The good news is that it comes with easy-to-follow care instructions, so you can keep it and wear it for a long time before you need a replacement.

If the OneDor 15" Dual Ponytail hair extension doesn’t match your personal taste, OneDor has many more options you can choose from. Here are a few other synthetic hairpieces from OneDor you can use to transform your appearance:
  • OneDor SE-042 20" Curly Synthetic Hair Extensions - Transparent wire / No clips
  • OneDor HE-304 12" Virgin Brazilian Afro Remy Human Hair Extensions - Unprocessed Natural Black Hair
  • OneDor® SE-051 23” 12 Pcs Straight Colored Hair Extensions Multiple Colors- Ideal for festive occasions
  • OneDor SE-124 16" Wavy Synthetic Clip In Claw Ponytail Hair Extension - with Moldable Micro Braids
And if you’re a fan of hair buns, instead, OneDor has those, too.
Best Value
Designed with the safety of consumers in mind, the S-noilite 10 Pcs 22" Wig is chemical free, thus preserving your hair and general health. If you prefer a single-color option, get the S-noilite 24"\/26" Straight Curly 3\/4 Full Head Hair Extension. This product is tangle free, so you don’t have to worry about snarls ruining your hairstyle.

S-noilite 10 pc 22" Straight Synthetic Thick Full Head Hair Extension - Mix of 10 Colors

A relatively new entrant in the consumer goods industry, the four-year-old brand, S-noilite, has continued to catch global attention for providing artificial hair products. Among its high-quality wigs, we have picked the S-noilite 10 pc 22" Straight Synthetic Thick Full Head Hair Extension as our best value product.

The S-noilite Wig 10 Pcs 22" Straight Clip-in Hair Extension comes in an assortment of 10 colors. Built for a smooth light feel, these funky locks are sure to give you a fresh look. Ideal for celebrations and relaxed occasions, this wig comes with a natural look to blend well with your personal attributes. The varied bright colors of this hairpiece such as Purple, Red and Sky Blue allow you give the impression of dyed or highlighted hair without the mess or the expense.

If you find this product a little bit wild, S-noilet has plenty of other options you can pick from. Here are a few we felt might be interesting to you:
  • S-noilite 8” Front Neat Light Brown Bangs Clip-in Hair Extensions- Comes a single piece straight fringe
  • S-noilite® 17" 8 Pcs 18 Clips Curly Ash Blonde Full Head Clip Hairpiece – A trending design in USA
  • S-noilite Long Thick Claw Jaw Ponytail Big Wave Clip-in Pony Tail Hair Extension
If the party option is not what you are looking for, S-noilite has hairpieces for formal occasions.
The Hair Couture Clip & Go 14" 6 Pieces Human Hairpiece is an excellent solution to increase your hair volume comfortably and safely. If you’re looking for a longer option, the Hair Couture 18" Le Prive Remy #27\/613 Hair Extension is a great choice.

Hair Couture CLIP & GO 6 Pieces Clip In Human Hair Extension - Available in 9 Colors

As the Hair Couture CEO put it, “Hair is not just an expression of style, or an affirmation of beauty, it can be a life changing moment for some.” This company is built upon a strong desire to bring joy and confidence in the lives many. This is demonstrated in the way they consistently produce top-notch hair products. Today our favorite choice is the Hair Couture Clip & Go 14" 6 Pieces Human Hairpiece.

Made from carefully select human hair, this hairpiece blends seamlessly with your locks. It feels natural, and its care is no different from that of your personal hair. You don’t have to worry about its length, as it is 14 inches long. This hair extension comes with two single, three double and one four-clips pieces. You can change your look with this hairpiece in minutes.

If the Clip & Go 14" 6 Pieces Human Hairpiece is not what you are looking for, don’t worry. Hair Couture has various hair extensions you can choose from. Here are a few examples worth trying out:
  • Hair Couture 18-inch Pastel hot Pink Human Remy Hair - One Clip extension for Highlights
  • Hair Couture Le Prive Remy 16" I-Tips Hair Extensions #613
  • Hair Couture Pure Clip On 7 Piece 18" Extensions, #27/613
As you shop for hairpieces, remember to checkout for hair care products by Hair Couture such as the Everyday Hair Mist for beautiful locks.
The Taida Brazilian Remy Virgin Straight Hair Extension is highly versatile and can be styled in many ways for stunning looks. If you prefer longer locks, check out the Taida Hair 613 Bleached Blonde 36” Longer Remy Human Hair. These curls can be bleached to suit your desired hue in case you don’t like the initial one.

Taida Hair Tape Human Hair Extensions - Available in 16 Sizes & 9 Colors

Dedicated to satisfying the needs of hair product consumers, the Juancheng County Taida Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd., through its Taida brand, has won the hearts of many clients across America and Europe. As this brand continues to grow, this company has also invested a lot in manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure quality in production. The Taida Tape in Human Remy Hair Extension is among the products of this company that clients love most.

It comes in six different lengths: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 inches for a wide selection range. Each package usually has 10 pieces of tape-in straight human hair extensions. These easy-to-maintain locks are washable, and can be styled under low temperature. If the tape is applied correctly, you can enjoy the hairpiece for a month. When fixed, this Remy hair looks as if it is growing from your head. It is also important to mention that you can still use them for a second time.

If you don’t fancy these hair extensions, the Taida brand houses other hairpiece styles that will wow you. Here are some hair extensions you can try out:
  • Taida Hot Sale Smooth and Soft Human Hair Full Lace Wig
  • Taida Hair Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 3 Bundles With 4*4 Lace Closure Human Hair Weave Bundles
  • Taida Hair 7A 24-inch Best Virgin Brazilian Closure Body Human Hair
  • Taida Top Quality Full Head Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extension
Besides the tape-in hairpieces, the Taida brand makes wigs, clip in and skin weft hair extensions, among other designs.
The AGPtek 24" Full Head Clip in Synthetic Hairpiece is highly adaptable to any hairstyle you can think of. This makes it easy for you to change your appearance whenever you feel like it. If this hairpiece doesn’t suit your taste, we recommend the AGPtek 26" Enstyle Supreme Neon Tangle Curly 100% Human Color Hair Extension Ponytail.

AGPtek 24" Full Head Clip In Human Hair Extensions - Available in 3 Colors

Besides being a seasoned dealer in consumer electronics, the Apgtek Company also deals with hair products. One of their highly praised merchandise in this category is the AGPtek 24" Full Head Clip in Synthetic Hair Extension.

These light brown artificial locks are built to mimic your natural hair. With their curly design, they’re sure to add some bounce and volume to your hairstyle. The clip-in attachment makes it easy for you to change you look on a moment’s notice. You can also style it into several designs for a dynamic appearance depending on the occasion. This product is chemical free, which makes it a safe way to look great without putting your health at risk.

However, if this hair extension doesn’t tickle your taste, there are still other great options from AGPtek you can use to enhance your beauty. Here are some of their more popular hairpiece designs:
  • AGPtek 13 Inches Bob Style Wig Disco Party Short Straight Bang Hair Heat Resistant Full Wig-Dark brown
  • AGPtek 26-inch Wine Red Neon Tangle Curly Color Hair Extension Ponytail
  • AGPtek New Popular Black 12.6-inch Short Bang Hair Wig
As you shop for hair extensions, use this opportunity to get more beauty products such as complementing eyelashes from AGPtek.

How Do I Choose the Best Hair Extension?

A woman’s hair can be changed in limitless ways to achieve a wide array of looks that enhance her personality and how she feels about herself. The entry of hair extensions into the market reinforced this fact, and now no woman should condemn themselves to a look that they aren’t proud of. If for some reason you deal with hair loss, you can get artificial locks to maintain your appearance as you seek treatment. Hair extensions also allow you to pull off funky looks just for fun for one occasion and get back to your normal self when such functions are over. Such flexibility can be hard to pull off with one’s natural hair.

Hair extensions can be broadly classified into various types, such as human and synthetic hair extensions. These types vary further in styling, length, and color. Consumers have a wide range of options to choose from to satisfy their different needs. Just like normal hair, some artificial locks allow you to style them as you wish. You can use a hair curling iron to create curls, or straighten them using a flat iron. Other hair extensions are also washable, allowing you to re-use them. For these, you'll need a quality hair dryer to dry them after washing.
The prices of hair extensions vary with type, styling, and other factors such as length and quantity. For instance, a 24-inch-long full head clip-in synthetic hair with natural light brown color costs about $5. On the other hand, the price of a six-piece set of 14-inch-long clip-in human hair can go up to about $70. The prices vary with every aspect you put into consideration. There are cheap hair extensions available, but they're likely to perform poorly and serve you for a very short time. This is because many of them aren’t made with quality materials. But you don’t need to be worried when buying from any of our featured brands, as we haven’t included low-quality products in our review.
When you purchase hair extensions, it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want to style your hair. This helps you avoid undesirable instances where the style you’ve chosen doesn’t quite match your personality. It’s thus important to scrutinize the features of the artificial locks before buying them.

Here are the important features to look for in a hair extension:
  • Type – Is it human hair or synthetic?
  • Length – The length of hair locks
  • Durability – Maximum time you can use it
  • Color – How many colors is it available in?
  • Styling – The styling of the hair extension, e.g. straight or curled
  • Care and Use – Is it washable, and can it be reused or restyled?
These features allow you to find the hair locks that not only meet your needs but also are within your budget.
Construction and Design
While human hair extensions are made from real hair, artificial locks are manufactured using premium synthetic fiber. Both natural and artificial locks can be dyed in a variety of colors that mimic real human hair shades. There are also other funky color variants, such as red, blue, and green, for fun events.

All hair extensions, whether natural or artificial, can be styled in a number of ways, such as straight, curly and ponytail styles. Their lengths also vary in order to cater to varied consumer needs, such as hair thickness and personal preference.

These hair locks come with fastening mechanisms such as claw and crocodile clips that hold the extensions firmly in place. The types of fasteners vary from one brand to another, so you’re at liberty to pick a mechanism that works for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for human hair extensions, the same methods applied to your natural locks still apply. These are also the most durable locks on the market, with a lifespan of twelve months. Synthetic locks, on the other hand, come with limited styling options. They are, however, less expensive and built to serve you for a short time while giving you value for money. If you don’t use them daily, these locks can also last for a long time.

Some of the reusable types can be washed with hair shampoo and straightened with a low heated iron to give them a fresh look. As you shop for your hair extensions, do so with an open mind and have fun sampling new styles.

Get the Best Hair Extension of 2023!

Now that you’ve seen our list, we hope you're a little more informed on the products and the hair extension market, and that you’ve been able to find the extensions, or at least the brand, that will work for your preferences and budget. Thank you for using our services, and happy shopping.

Our Top Choice
OneDor 15" Clip in Claw Hair Extensions
Best Value
S-noilite 22" Synthetic Full Hairpiece
Hair Couture CLIP & GO Hair Extension
Taida Hair Tape Hair Extensions
AGPtek 24" Synthetic Hair Extensions