Best Halloween Costume For Pets Reviews 2023

Are you looking for a pet costume your dog or cat can wear this Halloween? We understand the essence of finding the right costume and that the many brands on the market don’t make the selection process any easier. Therefore, we’ve researched the best Halloween costumes for pets brands on the market, showcasing one from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Our Top Choice
California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume
Founded in 1992, California Costumes Collection is a leading manufacturer of fancy dress costumes, Halloween costumes, wigs, and related accessories.
Available in four sizes. Themed for the look of a UPS delivery guy. Comfortable and easy to put on and off. Strong for reuse. Affordable. Small size fits cats. Multiple pieces.
Box requires setup to give it shape.
UPS driver
2 pieces
Box sheet
XS, small, medium & large
100% polyester/polyurethane foam
Best Value
Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Halloween Pet Costume
Topsung is a reputable global brand that manufactures cube puzzles and pet Christmas and Halloween costumes.
Comfortable & easy to wash. Versatile for use by cats & dogs on different occasions. Three sizes to fit different pet breeds. Easy to wear & take off. Affordable & durable.
Costume can’t fit large dogs.
Caribbean pirate
3 pieces
Rope on the hat
Small, medium & large
Soft cotton/polyester
Rubies Wonder Woman Halloween Pet Costume with Headpiece
Rubie’s Costume Company is a leading global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of Halloween costumes and accessories.
Colorful & fun. Versatile for use on different occasions. Reflects the superhero in your pet. Cost-effective. Dress and headpiece.
Dress is a bit difficult to put on.
2 pieces
Small, medium, 2XL & 3XL
Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Halloween Costume
Zack & Zoey is a family-owned company with a focus on manufacturing high-quality costumes for various occasions ranging from Halloween to Easter.
Plush fabric for comfort. Easy spot cleaning & durable use. Eight flexible legs for different poses. Hairy fabric for a scary look. Available in four different sizes.
More fasteners are required.
One piece
X-small, small, medium & large
100% polyester
Namsan Cat & Puppy Hat Cosplay Peacock Costume
Namsan is an experienced Chinese company that manufactures premium pet products such as Halloween costumes.
Two pieces for navy sailor look. Adjustable to fit dogs and cats. Cotton material is easy to wash and iron. Multiple other themes available.
Hat closure is big for some puppies.
Navy sailor
2 pieces
Neck bow

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What is the Best Halloween Costume For Pets?

Choose a fitting costume for your pet. Make sure it’s of the right theme and comes with desirable accessories, if any. Find out if one of our recommended Halloween costumes for pets is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume with Sleeves for Front Legs includes a shirt with attached arms, sleeves and a stuffed front, a cap, and a box. Opt for the California Costumes Animal Planet Lion Halloween Costume for Pets if you want your dog to act as a lion this October and scare off your neighbors.

California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume with Sleeves for Front Legs - Available in 4 Sizes

California Costumes manufactures and supplies fancy dresses and Halloween costumes all year ‘round. The company is popular for its innovative and trendy costume designs. Every style and design is made to meet the varied needs and tastes of consumers worldwide. It offers outstanding and responding customer service to all consumers as well. By designing high-quality costumes and offering fast shipment, the company is focused on meeting consumer demands at all times.

The California Costumes UPS Pal Halloween Costumes for Pets is comprised of a shirt, a cap, and a box accessory. The shirt has attached arms and sleeves for your dog’s front legs, though you need to cut out the box from the sheet it comes in, giving it shape and form. Attach the box to the arms of the shirt using the Velcro dots on them. Your cat can also dress up in this costume this Halloween because the x-small size runs small.

Made from 100% polyurethane foam and 100% polyester and fiberfill, this dog Halloween costume is strong and durable for use on many occasions to come. Available in four sizes, the costume can fit almost all dog breeds and sizes. Use the elastic chin strap on the foam visor to adjust the costume around your pet’s neck for a perfect fit. If you’re looking for a simple yet themed pet costume for your dog, this shirt and cap has you covered.

Here are a few other California Costumes Halloween costumes for you and your pets to consider:
  • California Costumes Collection Spider Pup Dog Costume - medium
  • California Costumes Collection Santa Pup Dog Costume - medium, different theme
  • California Costumes Albert Einstein Al-Bark Pet Halloween Costume for Pet - unique theme
You have XS, small, medium, and large sizes to choose from.
Best Value
The Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Halloween Pet Costume includes a cloak, a suit, and a hat for a complete pirate look, and is made of comfortable cotton. If you want a Christmas Pumpkin-themed costumed made from cashmere and cotton for puppies and cats, opt for the Topsung Christmas Pumpkin Lion Mane Wig Halloween Costumes for Pets.

Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Halloween Pet Costume with a Hat, Cloak & Suit - Available in 3 Sizes

Topsung has a large collection of pet costumes to suit the needs and tastes of different pet owners out there. The company uses high-quality materials to manufacture fun costumes you’ll love to see your pet wear. Based on different themes to match various occasions, the costumes are made in multiple sizes to fit cats and dogs. It also offers exceptional customer support services to satisfy the needs of pet owners, and offers a money-back guarantee on all products if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

The Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Halloween Pet Costume comprises of a hat, suit, and cloak for a true Caribbean pirate look. Made from soft and breathable cotton and polyester, the costume is comfortable and easy to wash. Designed to add style and fun to your pet’s general outlook, it can also be worn on various occasions. Dress up your pet during weekend parties, Halloween, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, every day, or any other event.

Made for entertainment and holiday celebrations, the costume also makes a perfect gift idea. Buy one for your friend or loved one and they’ll love it. There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween this year than to dress your dog as a pirate. You won’t just be entertained by your pet’s humoristic look, but can also take great photos of you and your pet for memorable moments you can look back to in the future.

Here are a few other Topsung Halloween costumes for pets you might like:
  • Topsung Wedding Princess Dress for Small Dogs and Cats
  • Topsung Princess Tutu Dress for Dogs and Cats
  • Topsung Santa Claus Suit with a Hoodie for Dogs and Cats
You have small, medium, and large sizes to choose from.
The Rubie’s Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes for Pets with a Dress & Headpiece is designed to show your pet’s femininity and is great for use on various occasions. However, opt for the Rubie’s Big Wonder Woman Halloween Costume for Pets if you’d like a similar costume for your larger female dog.

Rubies Wonder Woman Halloween Costume for Pets with a Dress & Headpiece - Available in 4 Sizes

Rubie’s Costume Company is family-owned and has been operational for at least six decades. The company manufactures costumes for Halloween and other occasions such as bachelorette parties, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, etc. It has a team of experienced designers who come up with costumes for every personality and theme out there, including those based on various popular movie characters. Available in brick-and-mortar and online stores, Rubie’s has a worldwide presence.

The Rubie’s Wonder Woman Halloween Costume for Pets comprises of a dress and a matching headpiece to bring out the best in your pet. Made from polyester, the costume is lightweight and allows easy movement. The medium size can fit your pet if its chest measures seventeen inches, and neck-to-tail fifteen inches. With the DC Comic-themed character, you can dress up your pet in this costume to showcase the superhero in them.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Halloween, a weekend party, or any other event, you won’t go wrong with this costume. It’s also ideal if your pet is fighting a disease or other obstacle and you want it to look bright and positive. The costume size we featured can fit the French Bulldog, Maltese, Pug, Boston Terrier, and Jack Russell Terrier, among other pets of the same size.

There’s no better way for your pet to join in on the fun this Halloween than with this colorful costume. What’s more, you can give it out as a gift to a friend, neighbor, or a loved one in need of a costume for their pet. They’ll love it.

Here are a few other Rubie’s Halloween costumes for pets for your consideration:
  • Rubie’s Big Dog Superman Halloween Costume for Pets
  • Rubie’s Supergirl Halloween Costume for Pets
  • Rubie’s Wonder Woman Tutu Dress Halloween Costume for Pets
You have small, medium, 2XL, and 3XL sizes to choose from for your pet.
The Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Halloween Costume for Pets with 8 Bendable Legs is made from a hairy spider-like fabric to give your pet a scary look. Prefer to turn your dog into a werewolf this Halloween? Opt for the Zack & Zoey Werewolf Halloween Costume for Pets with a removable cape.

Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Halloween Costume for Pets with 8 Bendable Legs – Available in 4 Sizes

Zack & Zoey has been in the industry for years and understands what pet owners look for in costumes for Halloween. The company uses various premium materials to design costumes of varying sizes and themes. Whether you own a cat or dog, the company has a large collection of costumes to suit every pet out there. It continuously redesigns its costumes to meet consumers’ changing needs. It also offers excellent customer support services and a 100% money-back guarantee on all sales.

The Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Halloween Costume for Pets comes in the form of a hairy coat you place over your dog and fasten. It’s made from a hairy and furry material to resemble the creepiest spiders. It’s what you need to turn your dog into the scariest animal in your neighborhood. All the kids will be scared to death. Despite being hairy, the plush fabric it’s made from makes it soft and comfortable for your dog.

The costume will also keep your pet warm outdoors in cold weather, and you can play around with the eight flexible legs to get different poses for amazing photo shots. Available in four sizes, there’s a size to fit your pet. Further, when not in use, you can spread the costume beneath another fabric on your pet’s bed for increased comfort. The costume can also work well as a display mat at the entrance of your home indoors.

Here are a few other Halloween costumes for pets by Zack & Zoey to consider:
  • Zack & Zoey Butterfly Glow Harness Halloween Costumes for Pets - for dogs, small
  • Zack & Zoey Show Jockey Saddle Halloween Costumes for Pets - large, for dogs
  • Zack & Zoey Glow-in-the-Dark Bat Wings Harness Halloween Costumes for Pets - medium, for dogs
You have x-small, small, medium, and large sizes to choose from.
The Namsan Cat & Puppy Hat Cosplay Peacock Halloween Costume for Pets with a Tie Collar comes in two pieces to dress your pet as a navy sailor. Do you prefer a Christmas-themed costume for your pet? Opt for the Namsan Classic Dog’s Christmas Suit Costume made from high-quality beam cotton for comfort.

Namsan Cat & Puppy Hat Cosplay Peacock Halloween Costume for Pets with a Tie Collar – Available in 5 Themes

Namsan invests heavily in research and development to come up with innovative pet products. The company adheres to strict product quality inspection to ensure that only the best items get to the market. It also tests all products to ensure each product is safe for use by pets. The customers’ needs always come first and the company works to satisfy each need with a premium product. With a team of highly experienced professionals, the company has mastered the technique and art of producing premium pet supplies.

The Namsan Cat & Puppy Hat Cosplay Peacock Costume features a hat and a tie collar with a neck bow. It’s the costume you need to dress up your pet professionally as a sailor. Made from cotton, the costume is easy to clean and iron for a straight and clean look. Available in five themes, you have four other costumes to choose from. If you don’t like the sailor theme, consider the lion, Christmas, green and black hat themes for your pet.

The costume is ideal for competitions, parties or even pet shows. With the pet hat navy suit, your small- or medium-sized cat or dog can be on their best behavior; let your pet showcase the discipline and behavior they’ve learned from their owner. Easily adjust the tie collar to fit your dog or cat. Your pet won’t just be respected by other pet owners and neighbors, but also other pets in the vicinity.

How Do I Choose the Best Halloween Costume For Pets?

Halloween is a big deal for many and a time to celebrate in all sorts of costumes. If you’re a pet owner then you know how much dressing up your cat or dog can add to the fun and action of the October holiday. Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. During this festival, people would dress up in costumes and light bonfires to help ward off ghosts that were believed to come back to earth at this time of transition from fall to winter.

The traditions were adopted and have become the popular holiday in October when people celebrate the dead. Dressing up during Halloween is therefore important. A dressed-up pet is a lovely sight and will make your Halloween holiday even more eventful. If you have kids, you can get them dressed in a certain kids’ Halloween costume theme and match them with their pets, for more enjoyment during the holiday.

Remember the children during this holiday want to be dressed up so they can trick-or-treat. Dressing up pets in pet costumes isn’t only for the sake of it, but helps create a bond between your family and the pets. It’s not as easy as dressing children, but is intricate and shows how well you relate with your pet. Some pets also love to be dressed up and will really enjoy the day.

When your pets are dressed up in cat or dog Halloween costumes, you’ll surely enjoy taking memorable photos as a family, while you’re in your women’s or men’s Halloween costume for family fun. Pet costumes also make great gift ideas. Despite your holiday theme, this guide will help you find a good Halloween costume for your pets.
Halloween costumes for pets aren’t too pricey and won’t set you back financially as they mostly cost about $15. Pet costumes are priced based on the material used to make them, the theme, and the quality of the final product. Cheap Halloween costumes for cats and dogs might not be comfortable for your pets, and can also lack enough pieces to bring out the desired effect of the intended theme.

You should always get a costume with enough pieces so the theme of the costume is properly displayed. Opt for a high-quality costume your pet won’t just love having on, but will last. You’ll find a good Halloween costume for your pet in the price range of $8 to $40.
There are many features of pet costumes to look out for. Size is really important because a costume should be able to fit your pet properly and allow free movement. It also needs to keep your pet relaxed and comfortable. Make sure it comes with enough pieces and is made from a strong yet soft and comfortable material. Also look out for any accessories your pet’s costume might come with such as caps, belts, and boxes.

Here are some of the features to consider when shopping for Halloween costumes for pets:
  • The right size to fit your pet
  • Strong, soft, and breathable materials such as cotton
  • The number of pieces the costume comes with
  • The theme portrayed in the costume such as angels, Santa Claus, etc.
  • The suitability of the costume for your pet
  • Accessories the costume comes with such as belts
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • A versatile costume for various occasions
With the right costume for your cat or dog, it won’t just celebrate Halloween in style, but can also dress up in the same attire for other occasions.
Construction and Design
The market is flooded with various pet costumes in varied themes. Whether you’re shopping for a costume for your pet as a newbie or looking for something different for your best friend, here are the factors to consider:

Theme – Halloween costumes for pets are available in different themes just like those for adults and kids. The themes you can find include pirates, Dracula, sailors, pumpkins, Star Wars, Lion King (or other Disney themes), Wonder Woman and so many more. Some of the costumes, such as Dracula, are classy and will remain trendy even in years to come.

On the other hand, other themes are inspired by recent events and things such as movies. The choice here depends on how you would like to enjoy your Halloween and what theme you already have as a family.

Pieces – Pet costumes come with different pieces depending on what the costume is for. For instance, a pirate costume might have a pant, shirt, jacket, and hat to complete the look. The pieces work to bring out the desired look on your pet. Each piece is designed to fit a certain part of your pet’s body and are made depending on the kind of pet intended to dress in them.

Accessories – A costume has a high appeal if it’s well-accessorized. There are many accessories that could come with a costume depending on the theme it portrays. Look out for belts, hats, scabbards, fake swords, guitars, scarves, neck collars, and so much more. A highly accessorized pet costume accurately displays its intended theme, unlike one that’s vague. The accessories should also be safe for your pets and kids to avoid causing harm.

Size – It’s essential to know the size of your pet and the right size of costume you should purchase. Taking measurements of your pet requires time since there are many aspects to be measured. If your pet is a puppy, take measurements of its neck, chest, girth, length, diameter of its legs, and so much more.

Take the measurements effectively so you buy a costume that fits well and is comfortable. While buying, ensure you check the dimensions of the costume and compare them with the measurements you have so the costume is a perfect fit.

Material – The material used in making dog or cat Halloween costumes is also important because it determines whether your pet will be comfortable in it or not. Most costumes are made of cotton, nylon, or polyester. These materials are favorable because they are highly breathable, making your pet comfortable. Also, the material should be light and soft to the touch to enhance comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
Pet Halloween costumes should be made in a way that they’re easy to put on and get off. Remember that animals aren’t meant to wear clothes and therefore might not enjoy tight clothes that are difficult to put on. Some pets might even resist when you attempt to put a costume on it. This explains the essence of buying a costume that’s easy to get on and remove. The essence of a versatile costume goes without saying.

Opt for a costume that’s also easy to clean to help you maintain proper hygiene of your pet and household. Good costumes allow pets freedom of movement. They’re also made of breathable materials to ensure proper air circulation and comfort for your pet. Buy a Halloween costume for your pet that requires minimal setup if any, and can last several uses before wearing out.

Get the Best Halloween Costume For Pets of 2023!

Whether you’re looking for a costume to dress your pet or one to give out as a gift, there’s one out there for you. We hope this guide was resourceful and you were able to find a good costume for your best friend. In case you need something different, check out our other kids, men’s, or women’s Halloween costume reviews. Or, still, you can see what else our featured brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume
Best Value
Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Halloween Pet Costume
Rubies Wonder Woman Halloween Pet Costume with Headpiece
Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Halloween Costume
Namsan Cat & Puppy Hat Cosplay Peacock Costume