Best Halloween Window Decoration Reviews 2023

Halloween is here again and it’s time to keep the long-standing tradition alive with the spookiest, creepiest and the absolutely most horrifying décor that makes everyone stop dead in their tracks! In this review, you’ll find we’ve selected five of the best Halloween window decorations from the biggest names in the game. If they don’t scare you enough to want to buy them, feel free to check out other offerings from your favorite brands. Good luck, people, and let the screaming match begin! Ahhhh!!!
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Our Top Choice
WOWindow Posters Menacing Mummy Decoration
In and out of season, WOWindows makes it a point to ensure the windows of its customers stay popping with the latest designs at the most affordable prices.
Translucent and comes backlit. Fits big windows and comes trimmable to fit small ones too. Illuminates with daylight and inside room lights. Easy to attach. Reusable.
Sticky pads aren’t sticky enough.
Translucent plastic
34.5 x 60 inches
Hang up in 30 seconds
Best Value
Impact Innovations Lighted Window Decorations
Founded in 1968, Impact Innovations has built a successful business around seasonal decorations and UV printing, providing lasting display solutions to its numerous customers.
Clear plastic frame allows light to be seen from both sides. Comes with 43 sparkly mini lights. No batteries or assembly required. Suction cup for hanging. Full-color box for storage.
Cord is a little short.
Lighted silhouette
5; jack, bat, ghost, boo, cat
Clear plastic frame
14 x 17 inches
Can be reused
Scary Peeper Peeping Tom Halloween Window Prop
Scary Peeper was specifically founded to meet all your pranking and scaring needs in the creepiest and spookiest ways possible – of course with consideration for your pocket.
Comes with eerily real life size and features. Features life-like sparkling eyes. Great as a Halloween décor and for pranks too. Sets up easily with suction cup and line. Packable.
Too pricey for some.
3D sticker
Peeping Tom
9 x 12.5 x 7 in
Suction attachment
Forum Novelties Bloody Halloween Window Posters
Forum Novelties Inc is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of a wide array of choice novelty gifts crafted for different budgets and suited for different occasions.
Bloody “help” and “do not enter” design that’s really spooky. Fits most regular single windows. Can be trimmed to fit smaller windows. Easy to set up. Looks real with inside lights.
Quite narrow width.
30 x 60 inches
Easy to hang up
Fun Express Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration
A leading wholesaler in some of the most unique and attractive toys, party flavors, novelties and decorations, Fun Express is the truly the express route to all things fun!
Large and spooky cotton cloth. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use: holds up under rain. Usable in all parts of the house. Also useful as a costume add on.
Comes with a musty out-of-the-box smell.
Spooky cloth
30 x 144 inches
Can be reused

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What is the Best Halloween Window Decoration?

Now you have all the creepy deets to perfect your scare tactics, we’ll go down to the reviews and find out what’s getting people to scream among Halloween window décor today. Ready?
Our Top Choice
Freak passers-by out with the extremely spooky WOWindow Posters Menacing Mummy Halloween Window Decoration. It’s large enough to fit any window and if it’s too large, by all means trim to fit! Or how about this equally spooky yellow-eyed cat Halloween window décor, which is more affordable? See the WOWindow Posters Yellow Eyed Cat Halloween Window Decoration.

WOWindow Posters Menacing Mummy Halloween Window Decoration – Backlit Plastic Poster


The team at WOWindows Posters is a highly inspired, creative and motivated one. It therefore comes as no surprise the number of achievements accrued to this brand. It’s built a business around creating a wide variety of the most beautiful and eye-catching window décor that reflects the unique and individual lifestyles of each of its customers. Whatever season or holiday, WOWindows Posters comes fully stocked with everything you need to make your home the talk of the town!

The WOWindow Posters Menacing Mummy Halloween Window Decoration is definitely one of the scariest ways to freak peeps out this Halloween. Why? It’s a mummy! Everyone’s scared of mummies because they’re dead and can eat people alive and do all sorts of horrifying stuff to people. Nuff said.

Now about this particular poster: it’s a translucent backlit poster with dimensions large enough to fit any standard window. If your window seems too small for the poster, you can trim it to size to get the dimensions that are just right for your window.

In the daylight, and with indoor lighting, this baby lights up for that eerie appearance. This means that whether at night or in the morning, your poster will always look bright and let’s not forget the creepy part too, which is why we’re buying this poster in the first place.

Setting up your poster will be about the breeziest thing you ever did as it comes with its own adhesive tapes with which to set it up nicely. In all honesty though, get some extras because those tapes don’t exactly get a gold star for stickiness.

But in other good news, this poster is quite reusable. After Halloween this year, you can always take it down, and pack it up for next year’s scare or for April Fool’s day – whichever you like.

This poster is creepy cool – we know you like it!

Best Value
Check out the frightfully fun Impact Innovations Lighted Halloween Window Decoration. It’s beautiful with its clear plastic construction that allows the 43 sparkly mini lights to be seen from both inside and outside. Or would you prefer your decoration to come as a skull? Then check out this affordable one: The Impact Innovations Halloween Shimmer Lighted Window Decoration – Skull.

Impact Innovations Lighted Halloween Silhouette Window Decorations – Available in 5 Designs


The two arms of Impact Innovations – seasonal and commercial – provide creative, lasting solutions to different individuals as well as businesses worldwide. Its two major product lines are primarily in decorations for all seasons and UV printing. With these two product lines, it has successfully supplied different customers with all they need for their homes and their business decoration, promotional, and display needs. With industry-leading technology, Impact Innovations has manufactured products that now set the trend in the sector.

You already know Halloween isn’t complete without a Jack-o-lantern. Come on, who are we kidding? We all know this truth. It should be in the constitution! So, you see why you must get the Impact Innovations Lighted Halloween Window Decoration. Like its manufacturers say, it’s frightfully fun! Check it out:

It’s made of clear plastic with 43 mini sparkly lights strewn about the entire body. When this baby lights up, it transforms everywhere with its creepy smile and just sets places in the Halloween mood.

There’s nothing fun about electric fire and that’s why special care was taken to ensure your décor and cord come safe and UL approved. Only do your part and treat it the way you’d treat other electrical products.

This item does not require any battery for its operation and is super easy to install. It comes with a suction cup (yeah, we know, we also distrust suction cups, but we investigated and found this one holds up pretty well). So, thumbs to Impact Innovations for getting this one right for the team.

To store your décor for the next Halloween, there is a full-color box provided that helps you store this guy in a place where it won’t get damaged.

In the end, all homes need a Jack-o-lantern, so why not get an amazing one?

Anyone with even a mild level of instinctive fear will crap their pants when they see this Peeping Tom Halloween Window Prop! It’s eerie form comes life-size, with two life-like sparkling eyes that scare! Need something different? Then check out this other more affordable décor that’s equally true-to-life and creepy: the Scary Peeper Giggle Halloween Window Decoration!

Scary Peeper Peeping Tom True To Life Halloween Window Prop


The Scary Peeper brand was born out of the need to bring back the fun of pranking to homes, schools, and even offices. This brand aims to add spice, drama and a few laughs to different seasons and everyday life too with its uniquely spooky decorations. By doing this, it believes that it can help various individuals, groups, and families create lasting memories that always bring back nostalgic feelings of joy when remembered. By making its products of the highest standards and quality available in the industry, Scary Peeper’s products aren’t just creative, they are equally durable and stick around for the long haul.

The Scary Peeper Peeping Tom Halloween Window Prop is a really awesome prop that you shouldn’t miss this Halloween. It’ll scare anyone and their age group isn’t even relevant.

If you’ve ever been harassed by a peeping tom before or at least seen a movie where someone was, you’ll know that somewhere in between the fear of goblins and fiends is the fear of a human being like you watching you creepily. Boy – has it made grown men weep like toddlers!

First, this prop is so eerily real in size and features that it’ll even scare you, barely minutes after you set it up. Have you seen its sparkling eyes? They are blue, shimmering and look so real!

Installing this prop won’t take you long. It requires just suction cups and a line which are provided.

Whether for Halloween or just a harmless prank, this prop will definitely come in handy, so you’re not under duress to not use it at other times aside from Halloween. You will always get your target “victim” with this prop – trust us.

When you finally decide you’ve had enough, you can always pack it up into a box or some other safe place to be stored for future use.

So are you ready to creep out your friends and fam? Hopefully they won’t get too freaked out and call 911. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? So place your order now!

Your house will look so haunted with the Forum Novelties Bloody Halloween Window Posters! Its bloody design will scare the trick or treaters and still remain cool enough to be envied by everyone in the neighborhood. Or you could check out this peeping tom window prop. It’s scary-creepy and affordable too: The Forum Innovations Lurking Peeping Thug Halloween Window Prop Poster!

Forum Novelties 2-Piece Giant Bloody Halloween Window Posters


When it comes to gifts, décor and things of the sort, Forum Novelties knows just how to do it right. Manufacturing and distributing the best of these things, it’s earned itself an enviable spot in the elite class of brands in the industry. Its love for its customers has caused this brand to go to great lengths to ensure they’re involved in its manufacturing processes. Plus, it takes great care to attend to their questions and challenges, pledging 100 percent support, 100 percent of the time.

Do you want passers-by to drive slowly past your house in curiosity? Then this is for you: The Forum Novelties Bloody Halloween Window Poster. It’s so scary, people are actually going to think your house is haunted.

With the bloody hands and the different signs warning people against entering and still calling for help, there’s no way people won’t think twice before driving past. Curiosity plus man’s innate kindness will be your allies in pulling a fast one on your neighbors and passers-by with this poster.

Although it fits most regular large windows, it can also be trimmed to fit any sized window. And despite its size, with good lighting, this poster shows its full potential. It comes out pretty bright, real and spooky.

Setting up this poster is only as difficult as pasting paper on a wall, and how difficult is that, really?

Now by the time all the dust settles on how freaked out everyone was by these posters, everyone will forgive you enough to admit how totally awesome your Halloween décor is. Maybe the trick or treaters won’t immediately but with some treats, they’ll come around, won’t they?

So, what are you waiting for? Order this guy now!

How freaked out would you be, seeing a spooky white cloth hanging down your neighbor’s window? Pretty freaked out yeah? Then get the Fun Express Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration. It’s got that large, spooky look! Or you could also check out this spider web décor that’s affordable and even comes with plastic spiders: the Fun Express Halloween Spider Webs with Plastic Spiders!

Fun Express Cotton Natural Creepy Cloth Halloween Window Decoration – Available in White or Black


For several years now, Fun Express has channeled all its resources into keeping its customers fully stocked with the latest and the most creative toys, party flavors, novelties and decorations. It prides itself on strong ties with some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry, thus affording it the edge of supplying customers the best and most affordable items every single time. Customer service over here is top-tier too. All hands are always on deck to provide the customer with the most amazing experience with every purchase.

Who says you have to rob a bank to get decorations for Halloween this year? The Fun Express Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration is affordable and still every bit as creepy.

And you know the good thing about this particular décor? It doesn’t have to be at the window. Indoors or outdoors, this creepy cloth can find an excellent vantage point anywhere to scare every living thing that passes by it.

And if you want, you can even use this item as a costume add-on for the Halloween party next door. It’ll add character to your costume and will definitely stand you out.

So, now you know that you don’t have to spend all your money on Halloween decorations that scare. This creepy cloth from Fun Express will do a bang-up job and your pocket won’t feel the crunch. Place your order!

How Do I Choose the Best Halloween Window Decoration?

‘Twas a dark, chilly night, and the shadows were out to play. I thought the only sound was the steady report of my heels on the sidewalk, but that wasn’t true. As I approached my house, I became aware of other sounds – the gentle rustling of leaves that was probably the wind but might be a lurking attacker in a bush, sighs on the air that could be a breeze or fetid breaths, the horrid, demonic cooing of a red-eyed owl … The moon was staring at me from the blackness above, a cyclops’ eye giving out just enough light to see where threats might be hiding. I sped up, my footsteps taking on the same urgency twisting my guts inside. I turned into my driveway, and my blood turned to acid in my veins!

A ghoulish face was staring from my bedroom window, all bloodshot eyes and menacing leer! I felt my heart hammering like a sputtering engine in my chest, sweat like a cold compress on my back and forehead. Someone was in my house! Then my world erupted into light, motion, and the sounds of my kids giggling themselves silly. In a rush of clarity, I remembered what day it was, and by the time they jumped on me, all happy cuddles and screeches, I’d almost managed to wipe the petrified expression from my face.

It’s Halloween, baby, and there’s every reason to get excited! From the cool costume parties that require us to go all Shawshank on the costume and makeup, to trick or treating and all the accompanying candy, to the haunted houses on the streets, Halloween is just dope. Possibly, the dopest of all them holidays!

To make sure your house isn’t left out of the scare party, you need to up your décor game and there are several ways to do that. Whether you choose to buy or make yourself, the goal remains the same: to create a spooky, cool, and fun Halloween.

In decorating your house for Halloween, of course, you already know your window is one prime spot that cannot be left out. And boy, is it a great vantage point for freaking the guts out of everyone: neighbors, passers-by, friends, family, yourself! No one is safe!

And there are several ways you can do this, you can decide to go traditional and make your décor yourself or you can decide to go modern with the myriad of décor different brands carry today. The important thing is that your home isn’t the only undecorated one in the street this season.

Halloween is no time to show off your fancy curtains. The window is crucial to keeping the Halloween spirit alive. If properly decorated, your house can elicit all the screams and “oohs” and “aahs” of a really cool and haunted place that will get people driving past slowly, or walking curiously past your house.

There are several things to consider when picking out the perfect Halloween window decoration. Aside your personal tastes and budget, there are also practical factors you must consider before you make a choice. So, stay close with us while we take you through the scary paths that lead to the best Halloween window decorations.


Whatever Halloween window decoration you intend to get, it’s important to check with Mr. Wallet first, cos he determines which décor is good for you. Usually, Halloween window decorations go for anything between $5 and $100 plus. It all depends on how elaborate you want your décor to be. The more gigantic, life-like and detailed it is, the more you’ll have to pay. For instance, a peeping tom prop will definitely cost more than, say, a jack-o-lantern or something.

Now while there are cheap Halloween window decorations and it may seem like a logical way to go in order to save cash, it might be in your best interests to stay away from those, especially if they require electricity. You don’t want to be the victim of a cheap electrical item, trust us. And even if it’s not electrical, do you really want to be forking out money every year for Halloween décor? Really? Remember, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just next door. It might seem like a small expense but it can fast become a nuisance when it becomes a recurring event.


Look, we need to get the scare right, and we will do anything to get that scream, won’t we? Good. Now for that perfect trick, check out the features to consider in your Halloween window decoration:

  • Types
  • Dimensions
  • Size
  • Lighting
  • Installation
  • Reusable?
Construction and Design

There are various kinds of Halloween decorations and you can even create some fun types yourself if you want. In fact, many prefer handmade types because they appear more traditional. There are really no rules though, so feel free to let your creative juices flow.

Lanterns: There are all kinds of lanterns you can put by your window this Halloween. There are the really expensive antique and ornate ones, or the inexpensive plastic ones that feature LED bulbs. You could even make one with the family from everyday materials.

Skeletons: Whatever kind of skeleton décor you go for: paper, inflatable plastic, or the more elaborate ones, skeletons never fail to add ghoulish fun to Halloween. Some can even get as creepy as to repeat recorded messages or move when someone moves close to them. So, what can you handle? You go for it!

Pumpkin: Of course, you know it’s an aberration to celebrate Halloween without at least one pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern in place. It just doesn’t happen. Real pumpkin can be prepared as a fun family activity, or you could also go for the inflatable types or paper cuts or even wall hangings for convenience.

Bats and Creepy Crawlies: You’ll always find all sorts of these types, from plastic to rubber to paper.

Paper cut-outs are also common designs for Halloween window decorations and they can be made by everyone in the family together.

Now, let’s talk about something that can save us some cash in the long run: reusable or not?

If you can get decorations that are reusable, please do. It saves you the cost of having to spend extra again next year. Trust us, it might look like it’s a whole year but then when it’s time to fork out some dollars, a year ago can seem like 24 hours ago! So, get something that is durable enough to be packed into a box and stored for the next season.

Performance and Ease of Use

Of course, you’ll have to check out the dimensions of your window before buying any decoration. It would be wise to get something you can trim. This way, even if the decoration is a bit too large, you can cut it to size. Plus, you alone know just how you want the décor to look, so if it can be trimmed, it becomes easier to get something you can place to your tastes.

No Halloween decoration should ever be difficult to set up or install, and that should be in the constitution. The kids should even be able to figure it out in their sleep. But keep them away from those that require electricity, and you should also make sure the electrical ones are safe enough to be used at home. You wouldn’t want a fire accident in your home in a season when everyone is supposed to be merry.

Electrical decorations can be quite tricky to manage because you might want to leave them on even when you go out but please, for safety’s sake, don’t. If no one is at home, please put them off. And if they get fried, remove immediately and replace them. For those that come with bulbs, don’t leave a dead bulb’s empty socket unfilled. If you can’t find a replacement, take down the decoration. It is potentially dangerous to leave it up that way.

Finally, for your décor to stand out, you’ll need some form of lighting. Some will come with lights, others might not. If they don’t, then you have to work with your lighting at home to give your decoration the perfect, scary and realistic look. Because the truth is that no Halloween decoration is ever complete without some form of lighting.

Get the Best Halloween Window Decoration of 2023!

Whew! Well done! You’ve stayed with us to the end of this review. It’s now time to get your acts together, so go on and place that order!

Our Top Choice
WOWindow Posters Menacing Mummy Decoration
Best Value
Impact Innovations Lighted Window Decorations
Scary Peeper Peeping Tom Halloween Window Prop
Forum Novelties Bloody Halloween Window Posters
Fun Express Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration