Best Hammer Drill Reviews 2022

Hammer drills give you that extra kick you need to plow through the toughest materials with ease—even if it feels like you're operating a jackhammer while you do it. The best hammer drills have durable designs, high-quality batteries, and convenient features for easy use and versatility. We've chosen five top hammer drill brand choices in a range of budgets for you to choose from. Because we’ve chosen some of the best hammer drill brands, you may find a fit with one of their other quality products if the ones featured aren’t perfect for you.
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RPM Speed
Our Top Choice
DEWALT Max XR Hammer Drill
Dewalt is a well-known brand with a relentless commitment to innovation and quality design, which is why so many professionals trust Dewalt products in the field.
High-powered brushless motor. High-performance transmission. 3-mode LED light with spotlight mode.
Potential quality control issues like a loose battery, but users have gotten replacements quickly.
Hammer drill
4 pounds
0-2000 RPM
Cordless: 20V lithium ion battery
3-mode LED light
Best Value
Makita LXT® Hammer Drill Kit
Makita has been in the power tool business for over 100 years, carefully perfecting and revolutionizing their designs to maximize power and control.
Powerful torque. Variable speed. Extreme protection technology. Compact. Ergonomic. Lightweight.
A small number of users were sold a defective battery - choose a reputable distributor.
Hammer drill/driver kit
10.3 pounds
0-600 RPM/0-1,900 RPM
Cordless: 18V lithium ion battery
Extreme protection technology
Bosch SDS-Max® Combination Hammer
Bosch is the market leader when it comes to innovative power tools, releasing over 100 new tools every year to match the growing demands of onsite professionals and average homeowners alike.
Tool-free bit changes. Best-in-class impact energy. Hammer drilling and chiseling modes. Varo-lock 12-position chiseling.
It's on the expensive side, but makes up for the price with superior performance.
Combo rotary hammer
26 pounds
170-340 RPM
Corded: 12 amp motor/120 volts
Varo-lock chisel mode
Milwaukee M18FUEL ONE-KEY Hammer Drill
Milwaukee is the expert when it comes to heavy duty, reliable power tools, which is why so many contractors trust them over other brands.
Compact. High torque. Intelligent overload protection. All-metal gear case and chuck. Inexpensive.
Some users had issues with overheating, but most did not experience this problem.
Hammer drill/driver
3.4 pounds
0-400 RPM/0-1,800 RPM
Cordless: 18V lithium ion battery
Intelligent overload protection
Porter-Cable VSR 2 Speed Hammer Drill
Porter-Cable prides itself on providing and servicing high-quality, high-value power tools that deliver professional results time and time again.
Powerful motor. Cast metal gear housing to combat overheating. 2-speed transmission. 2-finger locking trigger.
Less durable than higher-end alternatives, making it less ideal for frequent use.
Speed hammer drill
6.4 pounds
0-1,100 RPM/0-3,100 RPM
Corded: 7 amp motor/120 volts
2-finger locking trigger

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What is the Best Hammer Drill?

We looked mainly at tried and true power tool brands, since they know what it takes to create a reliable drill. We compared price against power, weight, and other factors that can make a hammer drill easier or harder to use. No matter what you're looking for, one of these top power tool brands is bound to have a suitable tool for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Dewalt 20V MAX XR Brushless Compact Drill Driver is powerful and comfortable to hold with many versatile features. For a full kit with included Dewalt lithium ion batteries, check out the Dewalt MAX XR Compact Hammer Drill Kit.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill – Also Available as a Kit

Dewalt is the first choice of many contractors working in the field on a daily basis. Many of these professionals consider Dewalt to be extremely reliable and easy to work with. The Dewalt philosophy is to continuously and relentlessly innovate to make the job easier every day.

The Dewalt Max XR Lithium Ion Brushless Drill is no exception. This heavy duty model is built to tackle the toughest materials. Let's take a closer look at its features:
  • The high efficiency motor delivers up to 75% more runtime when compared to 18v NiCad brushed motors.
  • A heavy-duty ½" nitro-carburized chuck is included with carbide inserts for high bit-gripping strength.
  • The LED light has 3 modes and can be 20X brighter than the previous model.
  • LED spotlight mode has a 20 minute time shutoff function so you can work longer in confined spaces.
  • The XR lithium ion batteries provide 33% more capacity compared to standard batteries.
Best Value
The Makita 18-Volt LXT Lithium Ion Hammer Driver-Drill is a #1 best seller on Amazon and packs a serious punch in a small, reliable unit for home or professional use. Looking for something different? How about the highly versatile Makita 3-Mode Rotary Hammer & Angle Grinder?

Makita 8V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2" Hammer Drill – Available in 3 Kits

Makita is well respected in the power tool community, among home handymen and professional contractors alike. Its products deliver consistent results and innovative features to make work easier and more comfortable. It's no surprise either, since the Makita name has been in the industry for over a hundred years.

Overall, this hammer driver offers great value. It's strong, comfortable and comes at a great price. Let's take a closer look:
  • Lithium ion batteries offer the best in battery life and charge time.
  • The 4-pole motor offers 480 in.lbs. of max torque for driving through tough materials.
  • Variable 2-speed design allows for a wide range of drilling, driving and hammer uses.
  • Extreme protection technology increases resistance to dust and water so this drill can last longer even on a harsh job site.
  • The design is both lightweight and compact for easy use.
  • The grip is also designed for an ergonomic feel.
The Bosch Combination Rotary Hammer packs a powerful punch with impact energy of 6.1 foot pounds and offers 3 distinct modes for different jobs. Looking for a more basic hammer drill? Check out the budget-friendly Bosch 2-Speed Drill Driver.

Bosch 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

Across the globe, the Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the industry leader when it comes to power tools and accessories. Each year, Bosch introduces over 100 new tools with some of the most advanced innovations available. Bosch is committed to ongoing advancement to stay ahead of users' growing needs, whether that means professional contractors or non-professionals.

This high-end rotary hammer and chisel is powerful and easy to use, offering a range of convenient modes to easily accomplish a range of jobs. Let's see what makes it so high-end:
  • The SDS-max Bit System makes it easy to change bits without using a tool and features automatic bit locking.
  • This tool features best-in-class impact energy at 6.1 foot pounds for lasting productivity and power.
  • A simple selector knob lets you switch between hammer drilling and chiseling only mode.
  • The Varo-Lock function lets you rotate and lock the chisel into one of 12 different positions so you can work at any angle.
  • Finally, there's a convenient variable speed dial you can adjust so you can control your drilling and chiseling for different jobs.
This compact hammer drill is easy to use, highly durable and features best-in-class torque. For a classic, heavy duty hammer drill featuring anti-vibration tech, check out the Milwaukee Hammer Drill.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Hammer Drill with ONE-KEY™ Functionality - 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver,

The slogan that comes to mind with Milwaukee is "nothing but heavy duty", and huge numbers of user reviews back up that claim. Contractors and amateurs alike rely on Milwaukee for daily and occasional use. The company offers both power tools and hand tools, as well as a variety of detection instruments and tool accessories.

The Milwaukee M18 ½" Hammer Drill is simple and easy to use—making it ideal for quick drilling jobs. That being said, it's also built with advanced design for rugged power and durability. Let's take a closer look:
  • The design is made with a 4-pole frameless motor along with rare-earth magnets to give it a longer life.
  • Its design also gives this drill best-in-class torque at 500 inch pounds.
  • It features an all-metal gear case and chuck for maximum impact and shock durability.
  • The REDLINK intelligence feature offers advanced overload protection so the drill will last longer.
This quick and inexpensive hammer drill is powerful and versatile so you can speed through tough jobs, which is proven by many users declaring it’s great value. Looking for a more conventional hammer drill that still offers speed and power? Check out the Porter-Cable Li-Ion Hammer Drill.

Porter-Cable 1/2-Inch VSR 7 Amp 2-Speed Hammer Drill – Available in 2 Styles

Porter-Cable was founded in 1906 and has always been committed to providing quality tools. But that's not enough for Porter-Cable. It also strives to provide the highest quality service so professional tradesmen and household craftsmen can rely on them in a pinch.

Users consistently call the Porter-Cable 2-Speed Hammer Drill a great value purchase—or say it offers a great bang for your buck. That's because it's strong, reliable and inexpensive all at the same time. Let's take a closer look:
  • The powerful 7 Amp motor offers the strength and durability you'll need for tough drilling jobs.
  • The cast metal gear housing works to dissipate heat and is highly durable so the drill lasts longer.
  • Alternate modes for hammer drilling and standard drilling offer the versatility to drill through various materials such as metal, wood, concrete, brick, etc.
  • The dual-speed transmission lets you use the ideal torque for any project.
  • The body is made with a streamlined over mold body and handle for optimal comfort.
  • Two-finger locking trigger system makes it easy to drill for extended periods.
  • The side handle lets you control the drill more easily during heavy applications.

How Do I Choose the Best Hammer Drill?

Just when your financial situation takes a downward spiral and difficulties start befalling you one after the other, another big blow comes in—your farmhouse’s roof goes down. On the onset of such a mishap, stress takes its toll on you, leaving you stranded on where to begin the reconstruction process. Bearing in mind your economic constraints, the situation forces you to channel your inner masonry skills, albeit without prior experience. The urgency of the matter is further fueled by the rainy weather, making it imperative to carry out the repairs almost immediately. For this reason, you promptly delve into your tool belt, pick up the most relevant tools, and begin the DIY repair job.

A typical renovation would require nails—both roofing and normal—hammers, different types of saws, iron sheet cutters, and paint, among other equipment. The process can be rather tedious, especially if the apparatus used are entirely manual. However, if you invest in automated tools, such as the hammer drill, an electric screwdriver, and an electric chainsaw, the effort put in will be reduced by substantial proportions. Moreover, these advanced gadgets also reduce the chances of accidents, as in the case of drills, where the repairer doesn’t come into contact with the nails or screws.

While nobody desires misfortunes, it always serves you well to be adequately prepared to encounter such happenings on the occasion that they arise. Thus, a hammer power drill is fundamental if you are to carry out a number of basic DIY activities, such as boring holes for nails, loosening and tightening up screws, and so on. Also, in addition to being useful in multiple situations, a power drill is far more convenient and hassle-free compared to taking on the tasks with manual tools.

Luckily, manufacturers have made numerous options available to clients looking to acquire electric drills. Nonetheless, this wide availability also has its downside. For greenhorns, identifying the perfect choice for the job at hand may be a difficult task, but after going through our in-depth guide, beginners will be transformed into seasoned pros, fully capable of making their own choices!
Typically, the price of a hammer drill is dictated by the purpose for which it’s intended. Regarding this, drills meant for heavier and more demanding tasks tend to be costlier than those built for easier duties. Besides tenacity, other factors that influence the price include: battery performance, speed of operation, and power rating.

The contemporary market has many players, so prospective owners can be rest assured that the pricing is competitive. Currently, hammer drill prices range from $30 to $350. After much research of several variants, our team vouches for the drills on the upper half of the pricing range, as they represent best value for money.

We also looked at some cheap hammer drills, which were sufficiently up to the task, though we found that the outputs attained were really disappointing. We wouldn’t recommend them even if you’re on the tightest budget.
Besides the cost, another obvious thing to look out for is the specifications of the desired hammer drill. Various manufacturers equip their products with different features, all in a bid to stand out from competitors in this highly competitive niche.

These are what you should look for while purchasing hammer drills:
  • Type – The device can be entirely a hammer drill, or incorporate additional features such as a screw driver or rotary capabilities.
  • Weight – Heavier drills are meant for demanding tasks and vice versa. Bulkier units also tend to offer superior performance.
  • Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Speed – This directly impacts the performance of the drill, as it is the velocity at which the drill moves.
  • Power Supply – Is the drill corded or wireless? If cordless, how long can the battery hold power after a full charge? Is the battery replaceable?
  • Add-ons – These vary from brand to brand, ranging from LED lights, dedicated protection mechanisms, trigger locking, and so on.
Once the features are in line with the desires of the buyer, the next task is to assess the usability of the gadget.
Construction and Design
Most owners opt for the cordless drill, as they’re portable. This suits them perfectly, as a majority often use the drills to do easy tasks. However, if the task at hand is demanding, investing in a drill with a durable battery is paramount. Instead of piling up several batteries or juicing up your machine in short intervals, it’s advisable to acquire drills with Lithium-ion batteries as opposed to the cheaper Nickel-Cadmium batteries, which cannot hold power for long periods.

For heavier jobs, corded drills are the ideal choice. With them, you’re guaranteed a continuous supply of power throughout your project, regardless of the time spent. Furthermore, corded drills have higher torque and last longer than their cordless counterparts. Contrariwise, these drills have a limited scope of use, as they depend upon the length of the power cable.

Another consideration is the RPM of the drill. Regarding this aspect, variants that offer a constant RPM have limited capabilities. Models with variable speed tend to be more versatile, capable of working in different scenarios.
Performance and Ease of Use
While operating a drill, its weight should not be overlooked. Heavier drills are usually uncomfortable, making the job cumbersome. Apart from the weight, drills with two handles are more comfortable as compared with single-handed models.

Before buying a drill, you should take into consideration the drill bit capacity and how easy it is to replace them. This is particularly important if you intend to use the device to handle a variety of tasks.

Get the Best Hammer Drill of 2022!

Consider what you’ll be drilling through, and how often you’ll use your new hammer drill. The higher-end models we chose are built to last under consistent use, even on a professional jobsite. We also chose some models that are better-suited to the jobs and budget of a household handyman. We hope you found just what you were looking for by reading our reviews.

Our Top Choice
DEWALT Max XR Hammer Drill
Best Value
Makita LXT® Hammer Drill Kit
Bosch SDS-Max® Combination Hammer
Milwaukee M18FUEL ONE-KEY Hammer Drill
Porter-Cable VSR 2 Speed Hammer Drill