Best Hammock Chair Reviews 2022

Hammock chairs are used either indoors or outdoors on patios, on the beach or even when you go camping. With many types, brands and designs out there, finding one suitable for you can be a nightmare. We’ve researched five of the best hammock chair brands on the market, showcasing a hanging chair from each, to help find one for you.
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Our Top Choice
Sorbus Macrame Swing Hammock Chair
Sorbus has been around since 2010 manufacturing a wide range of home and kitchen products. Their products include wine racks, storage boxes, kitchen items and hammocks.
Weight capacity suitable for children and adults. Indoor and outdoor use. Quick set up. Portable and lightweight. Handmade. Comfortable. Versatile uses.
Some feel the rope is shorter than expected.
Macrame string hammock
100% handmade cotton
Not weather resistant
Best Value
Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks Large Hammock Chair
Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks has been manufacturing high-quality, durable hammocks for over 20 years. All their products are made with 100% soft spun polyester for durability and comfort.
Handmade. Constructed with weather resistant material and dyes. Ample weight capacity. 47-inch spreader bar makes sure there’s a lot of space. Footrest incorporated.
Some find the design confining.
String hammock with footrest
100% soft-spun polyester
Over 20 colors available
Weather resistant
Cloud Mountain Hanging Chaise Lounger
Cloud Mountain, founded over a decade ago, designs and manufactures outdoor furniture. Their range of products includes outdoor tables, chairs, loungers, sofas, gazebos and more.
Comfortable design. 2.3” cotton filled cushion. Polyester cover. Powder coated steel frame. Built in pillow. 43.3-inch canopy umbrella. Large weight capacity.
It sits quite close to the ground.
Chaise lounge hammock swing
Steel frame,cotton/polyester seat
Frame is weather resistant
Hammock Sky Jumbo Hammock Chair
Hammock Sky has been manufacturing hammocks, hammock chairs and hammock accessories for over a decade. Their Relaxation Engineers ensure your comfort is a number 1 priority.
Solid fabric design with no holes. Made with soft cotton fabric. Includes detachable drink holder. Large weight capacity. Thick, sturdy spreader bar. Hanging hardware included.
It’s too long to hang on a C-frame.
Solid fabric design
Soft cotton
Tan, blue or orange
Not weather resistant
Hammaka Net Hammock Chair
Hammaka manufactures a huge range of high-quality hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock stands and hammock accessories, all with your comfort in mind.
100% cotton netting. Keep cool design. No assembly required. Indonesian hardwood spreader. Spacious hammock. Sit or lay down.
Some complaints that the head position isn’t comfortable.
Netting design
100% cotton
Weather resistant

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What is the Best Hammock Chair?

The best hammock chairs are strong and spacious to support your weight, and made of soft yet durable materials for comfort. When buying a hammock chair, you need to consider its type, the material it’s made of, seating capacity, size and any extra features it comes with, such as a warranty. Read on to see if one of our recommended hammock chairs is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Sorbus Macrame Swing Hammock Chair is constructed with 100% handmade cotton and has a 265-pound weight capacity. Alternatively, if you would prefer a hammock chair with a different design and some cushions, you should check out the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat.

Sorbus Macrame Swing Hammock Chair, 265lbs Capacity

Sorbus, founded in 2010, is primarily a kitchen tools and products company, however, they’ve since expanded to manufacture a whole range of products. They now have products in the make-up organization and accessories, patio, lawn and garden, home organization, kids’ organization and wine racks categories.

The Sorbus Macrame Swing Hammock Chair would be a great addition to any yard, garden or patio. It’s ideal for relaxing by the pool, snuggling up and reading or using as a meditation chair. The simple rope and knot design will compliment any décor as well as the neutral, beige color.

Let’s check out some more features:
  • 265-pound weight capacity
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Constructed of 100% handmade cotton
  • Measures 31.75 x 24.5 x 54”
  • Chair measures 19” without rope
Best Value
The Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks Large Hammock Chair is constructed with 100% soft-spun polyester and has a built-in 7-foot footrest for comfort. This hammock chair has a 47-inch spreader bar however, if you don’t need one quite so big you could save yourself a few bucks and get the Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks 40-Inch Hammock Chair with Footrest instead!

Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks Large Hammock Chair with Footrest – Available in Multiple Colors

Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks is a brand that specializes and focuses on manufacturing high-quality hammocks only. Because they put all of their efforts into hammocks, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product that can stand the test of time. All their products are handmade from soft spun polyester which makes them weather resistant and durable, not to mention comfortable.

We’re featuring their Large Hammock Chair because of its comfortable and durable design as well as the multiple color options you can choose from. Having the choice between so many colors means you can coordinate your new hammock chair to whichever space you’re going to set it up in. The colors include mocha, cream, dark blue, green, light blue and multicolor options.

Check out more features of this chair:
  • Ample weight capacity; 275-pounds
  • Simple set up with one hanging point
  • Handmade using soft-spun polyester cord
  • Weather resistant and strong
  • Dyes used are colorfast and rainproof
  • 47-inch wood spreader gives you plenty of shoulder space
  • Spreader bar is made from tropical hardwood
  • Footrest incorporated into the design, over 7-feet long
With all these awesome features it’s easy to see why these hammock chairs have been such a success. Note though, that you have to buy the hanging hardware separately.
The Cloud Mountain Hanging Chaise Lounger is a great marriage of a chaise lounge and a hammock, giving you the ultimate comfortable sitting space outside. If you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to spend more time outside in the yard, rather than cooped up inside when the sun is shining, you’ll need some outdoor furniture. Check out the stylish Cloud Mountain Bistro Table Set today!

Cloud Mountain Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair - Floating Swing Hammock in Green

Cloud Mountain has over a decade’s experience designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor products and furniture. They manufacture outdoor tables, chairs, sofas, loungers, umbrellas and canopies, to name a few. They’ve also branched out into home & office and sports & fitness products.

The Cloud Mountain Hanging Chaise Lounger is a stylish mix between a chaise lounge and a hammock. It combines the best of both to give you a comfortable, unique outdoor chair that you just wont be able to draw yourself away from.

Here’s some features to expect:
  • 2.3-inch thick pillow with 100% cotton filling
  • 180g polyester fabric outer cover
  • Powder coated steel frame is durable and sturdy
  • 43.3-inch canopy umbrella protects you from the sun
  • Built in pillow for added comfort
  • Overall dimensions are 74.8 x 39 x 79-inches
  • Weight capacity of 330-pounds
  • Cushion sits on top of mesh support, making it extra comfortable
The Hammock Sky Jumbo Hammock Chair features a solid fabric design with a large weight capacity of 330-pounds. If you would prefer a pattern design to the plain one, check out the Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock which comes in two striped designs.

Hammock Sky Jumbo Hammock Chair Swing – Indoor and Outdoor, Includes Hanging Hardware & Drink Holder

The Relaxation Engineers at Hammock Sky ensure that all their hammocks are crafted with comfort in mind. Their aim is to take you into a world of unparalleled bliss. Their product range includes hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock stands and accessories.

We’ve decided to feature the Hammock Sky Jumbo Hammock Chair. It’s XXL size, measuring 73-inch, means you have ample space to stretch out and relax. Unlike other hammock chairs that force you to sit up, you can use this hammock to sit, lounge or lay down, whichever makes you the most comfortable.

Here’s some more features you might enjoy:
  • Constructed with 100% soft cotton fabric
  • Solid fabric design without holes rather than rope makes it more comfortable
  • Multiple uses; hang in a bedroom, living room, patio, deck or under a tree
  • Thick spreader bar for security
  • Large 330-pounds weight capacity
  • Includes free hammock hanging hardware
  • Also includes a detachable drink holder
If you like the look of this hammock, you can purchase it in iced coffee, limpet shell or peach echo colors (tan, blue or orange).
The Hammaka Net Hammock Chair is comfortable and large enough to use as a seat or lay down in too. If you would prefer a solid fabric hammock chair, you should take a look at the Hammaka Nami Deluxe Hanging Hammock Lounger Chair instead. It comes in many colors to choose from.

Hammaka Net Hammock Rope Chair – Available in Multiple Pack Sizes

Hammaka is a brand under the Kings Pond products umbrella. Hammaka manufactures a whole range of hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock stands and accessories. They’ve got hammocks perfect for the home, yard, beach or camping. They’ve also got hammock covers to protect your hammock from the elements.

We’re featuring the Hammaka Net Hammock Chair is a light and breathable hammock made from 100% cotton netting, perfect for enjoying that summer breeze whether you’re on a beach or just at home in your backyard. You can sit up or lay right back in this hammock and it’ll support up to 220lbs. The Indonesian hardwood spreader is durable and sturdy and this hammock requires no assembly, simply open up your delivery, find the perfect hanging spot and get relaxing!

How Do I Choose the Best Hammock Chair?

When it comes to hammocks there are two primary types: hammocks designed for laying down and hammocks that are smaller in size, designed for a seated position. Basically, you use them in places you want to hang out and chill with friends or family, because a hammock is all about relaxing. For the purposes of this review, we are looking at the second type – hammock chairs. Also known as hanging chairs, like a traditional full sized hammock, there are ones you can tie between trees (poles) and ones suspended from a special frame or hanging rod. There are also ones that are made for outdoor use, as well as ones meant for indoors or patios.

Besides making sure the hammock can support the weight you need it to, one of the most important things to look for is comfort because that’s what they are meant to be – a comfortable place to lounge! The best hammock chairs are designed for durability, aesthetics, and sturdiness, and are made with strong materials. They come in different designs, shapes, styles, colors, color blocks and color combinations.

For example, there are some “pod” type hammock chairs, like the HappyPie Frog Hanging Pod Swing Seat. This one is ideal for children as it’s not got any holes in and is encased on most sides so they’re less likely to fall out. Another type of hammock chair is the solid fabric seat kind, like the Blissun Hanging Hammock Chair. This hammock chair comes with cushions for added comfort. Finally, you could go for a traditional net rope hammock like the Sunnydaze Polyester Rope Hammock Chair which can be use as a seat or to lay down.

Hammocks have increased in popularity over the last few decades not just because they’re comfortable, but because they’ve been linked to many practical and health benefits. Various studies link the best hammock chairs to stress reduction, optimal blood circulation, improved sleep, better focus and relaxation of aching body muscles. They’re even said to be more comfortable than some bed mattresses or even glider chairs.
The material used, type, seating capacity, style and design, brand and size of a hammock chair determine the price you can pay for one. Think about how often you might use it and whether it will be primarily indoors or outdoors. This will inform your choice of materials and whether its handling of the elements is important. If it’s going camping with you, then consider spending extra on a waterproof, collapsible model.

Are the aesthetics an important factor? Perhaps, this chair will feature in a ‘show room’ of your holiday home, or maybe you want it to say something about your personality. Elaborate and colorful hammock chairs can be worth that extra dime to reflect who you are.

With varying prices to fit different budgets, you can find a cheap hammock chair when working on a tight budget without compromising good quality. You’ll find a good hammock chair in the price range of $20 to $300. Higher-end full-sized hammocks can cost more.
When shopping for a hammock chair, there are certain features you’ll always look for in an ideal product. The best hammock chair is designed for both functional use and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some features to look out for in a hammock chair:
  • The right type for your use
  • Strong yet comfortable material
  • Sufficient seating capacity
  • Cushioning
  • Look and color options to suit you
  • Size and portability
With these features in your hammock chair, expect to use it for many years to come.
Construction and Design
The design and construction of hammocks determine their intended use. Originally, hammocks were only used for sleeping. Today, there are those used as chairs. Whether you want to use your hammock for sleeping or seating, ensure it’s comfortable and has a natural curve at the center and seating area, respectively.

For lounging or relaxing, go for a durable hammock made of synthetic materials such as acrylic and vinyl for beach-side or poolside use. This kind of hammock comes with stands or spreader bars for support and often has an aesthetic appeal. Choose a material suitable for the area you live and intended use of your hammock.

Going for a hike? Choose a small, lightweight, spacious, strong, eco-friendly, comfortable and easy-to-setup hammock. This kind of hammock is designed to offer shelter and resilience for durable use, especially if you backpack regularly. Find a multi-use hammock that doubles up as a camping chair and can carry supplies. Consider additional accessories camping hammocks come with such as mosquito nets, all-weather tarpaulins, webbing straps, insulation systems, etc.

Are you the type who enjoys the thrill of extreme expeditions (sleeping or spinning) or vertical camping? Hammocks designed for extreme activities are compact, lightweight, and affordable without the need for frame ledges. There are also hammocks designed for two.

Hammock chairs also come with cushions or extra padding for additional comfort, if that’s a primary factor.

Whichever hammock chair you opt for, make sure it answers all your requirements.
Performance and Ease of Use
Hammock chairs are all made of strong, soft and durable materials for comfort and prolonged use. However, you should consider whether they are easy to clean. If it’s going to be used outdoors, the material benefits from being wipe-clean or removable for convenient washing.

If camping is part of the plan, look into how easily a hammock chair can be constructed and collapsed so you don’t waste time. Also, think about how often it will be used and whether repeated set-up will weaken it.

A colorful hammock chair in your home - outdoors or indoors - is bound to become a center piece guests will notice, so it’s important to choose one with the right looks and the durability to retain them

Get the Best Hammock Chair of 2022!

Whether you’re looking for a hanging hammock chair to use indoors or outdoors, there’s a product out there that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We hope our review of five of the top hammock chairs on the market will come in handy and help you pick one that meets your needs. If you’ve changed your mind and decided to go for a full-sized hammock so you can lay down in comfort, check out our other hammock reviews.

Our Top Choice
Sorbus Macrame Swing Hammock Chair
Best Value
Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks Large Hammock Chair
Cloud Mountain Hanging Chaise Lounger
Hammock Sky Jumbo Hammock Chair
Hammaka Net Hammock Chair