Best Hammock Chair Reviews 2018

Hammock chairs are used either indoors or outdoors on patios, on the beach or even when you go camping. With many types, brands and designs out there, finding one suitable for you can be a nightmare. We’ve researched five of the best hammock chair brands on the market, showcasing a hanging chair from each, to help find one for you.
Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair with 40” Suspension Bar
The Caribbean Hammocks brand produces comfortable hammocks of high quality based on hand-crafting techniques of weaving and top-notch raw materials.
Durable. Large enough to accommodate people of different sizes. Weather resistant. Comfortable and luxurious. Attractive and glossy appearance. Easy to maintain.
Does not come with suspension hardware; sold separately. Pillow in picture is not part of set.
Rope Hammock Chair
Soft-Spun Polyester
Up to 275 pounds
60 X 72 X 40 inches; 5.1 pounds
13 colors available
Best Value
Prime Garden Soft Comfort Hammock Chair with 40" Hanging Bar
Prime Garden is a brand that manufactures outdoor products for leisure, with a focus on outdoor living and patio furniture products.
Easy to maintain. Affordable. Durable. Weather-resistant. Resistant to mildew. Will also work as an indoor or patio hanging chair.
Doesn’t come with the hammock chair stand; sold independently.
Lounger Hammock Chair
Natural polyester and cotton
Up to 275 pounds
39.9 X 8.2 X 6.2 inches; 5.2 pounds
Tropical or seaside stripes
Best Choice Products® Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair with Stand
A top selling Amazon brand, Best Choice Products designs affordable, yet high quality products. This hammock lounge chair comes with everything you need for sheer relaxation.
Comes with hanging stand that provides a floating sensation and gently sways. Usable both indoors and outdoors. Waterproof fabric. Easy to assemble. Construction is robust, strong and solid.
Some reports that color fades over time. Hooking the seat can be a challenge. Occupies a large space.
Lounger Hammock Chair
Polyester with foam fill
Up to 265 pounds
73 X 46 X 78 inches; 86 pounds
Teal, green and orange
Vivere Brazilian Hammock Style Hanging Chair with Spreader Bar
Vivere aims at relaxing the world with a range of high quality outdoor living products. Made from tightly woven cotton fabric, this hanging hammock chair is both comfortable and durable.
Can support two children and one adult at the same time. Appeals to people of different ages. Colorfast and high quality cotton thread. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Durable. 1-year warranty.
Comes with spreader bar but springs and hooks are sold independently.
Fabric Hammock Chair
100% woven cotton
Up to 250 pounds
67 X 35 X 45 inches; 4.8 pounds
7 vibrant stripe designs
Sorbus Indoor/Outdoor Rope Swinging Hammock Chair with 31.5" Bar
Founded in 2010, Sorbus is an innovative brand, ensuring that you can get quality products to last years.
Can be used outdoors and indoors. Easy to relocate. Can hang anywhere. Suitable for persons of all ages. Machine-washable. Stylish.
Doesn’t come with hanging hardware; sold independently.
Rope Hammock Chair
Polyester and cotton
Up to 265 pounds
31 X 6.2 X 78.7 inches; 4.9 pounds
5 striped designs

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How Do I Choose the Best Hammock Chair?

When it comes to hammocks there are two primary types: hammocks designed for laying down and hammocks that are smaller in size, designed for a seated position. Basically, you use them in places you want to hang out and chill with friends or family, because a hammock is all about relaxing. For the purposes of this review, we are looking at the second type – hammock chairs. Also known as hanging chairs, like a traditional full sized hammock, there are ones you can tie between trees (poles) and ones suspended from a special frame or hanging rod. There are also ones that are made for outdoor use, as well as ones meant for indoors or patios.

Besides making sure the hammock can support the weight you need it to, one of the most important things to look for is comfort because that’s what they are meant to be – a comfortable place to lounge! The best hammock chairs are designed for durability, aesthetics, and sturdiness, and are made with strong materials. They come in different designs, shapes, styles, colors, color blocks and color combinations.

Hammocks have increased in popularity over the last few decades not just because they’re comfortable, but because they’ve been linked to many practical and health benefits. Various studies link the best hammock chairs to stress reduction, optimal blood circulation, improved sleep, better focus and relaxation of aching body muscles. They’re even said to be more comfortable than some bed mattresses or even glider chairs.
The material used, type, seating capacity, style and design, brand and size of a hammock chair determine the price you can pay for one. Think about how often you might use it and whether it will be primarily indoors or outdoors. This will inform your choice of materials and whether its handling of the elements is important. If it’s going camping with you, then consider spending extra on a waterproof, collapsible model.

Are the aesthetics an important factor? Perhaps, this chair will feature in a ‘show room’ of your holiday home, or maybe you want it to say something about your personality. Elaborate and colorful hammock chairs can be worth that extra dime to reflect who you are.

With varying prices to fit different budgets, you can find a cheap hammock chair when working on a tight budget without compromising good quality. You’ll find a good hammock chair in the price range of $20 to $300. Higher-end full-sized hammocks can cost more.
When shopping for a hammock chair, there are certain features you’ll always look for in an ideal product. The best hammock chair is designed for both functional use and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some features to look out for in a hammock chair:
  • The right type for your use
  • Strong yet comfortable material
  • Sufficient seating capacity
  • Cushioning
  • Look and color options to suit you
  • Size and portability
With these features in your hammock chair, expect to use it for many years to come.
Construction and Design
The design and construction of hammocks determine their intended use. Originally, hammocks were only used for sleeping. Today, there are those used as chairs. Whether you want to use your hammock for sleeping or seating, ensure it’s comfortable and has a natural curve at the center and seating area, respectively.

For lounging or relaxing, go for a durable hammock made of synthetic materials such as acrylic and vinyl for beach-side or poolside use. This kind of hammock comes with stands or spreader bars for support and often has an aesthetic appeal. Choose a material suitable for the area you live and intended use of your hammock.

Going for a hike? Choose a small, lightweight, spacious, strong, eco-friendly, comfortable and easy-to-setup hammock. This kind of hammock is designed to offer shelter and resilience for durable use, especially if you backpack regularly. Find a multi-use hammock that doubles up as a camping chair and can carry supplies. Consider additional accessories camping hammocks come with such as mosquito nets, all-weather tarpaulins, webbing straps, insulation systems, etc.

Are you the type who enjoys the thrill of extreme expeditions (sleeping or spinning) or vertical camping? Hammocks designed for extreme activities are compact, lightweight, and affordable without the need for frame ledges. There are also hammocks designed for two.

Hammock chairs also come with cushions or extra padding for additional comfort, if that’s a primary factor.

Whichever hammock chair you opt for, make sure it answers all your requirements.
Performance and Ease of Use
Hammock chairs are all made of strong, soft and durable materials for comfort and prolonged use. However, you should consider whether they are easy to clean. If it’s going to be used outdoors, the material benefits from being wipe-clean or removable for convenient washing.

If camping is part of the plan, look into how easily a hammock chair can be constructed and collapsed so you don’t waste time. Also, think about how often it will be used and whether repeated set-up will weaken it.

A colorful hammock chair in your home - outdoors or indoors - is bound to become a center piece guests will notice, so it’s important to choose one with the right looks and the durability to retain them

What is the Best Hammock Chair?

The best hammock chairs are strong and spacious to support your weight, and made of soft yet durable materials for comfort. When buying a hammock chair, you need to consider its type, the material it’s made of, seating capacity, size and any extra features it comes with, such as a warranty. Read on to see if one of our recommended hammock chairs is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Caribbean Large Hammock Chairs are sturdy enough to support the weight of different people. Polyester is used to hand-craft these magnificent seats with proper ventilation for extra comfort. It you want check out one of their full sized hammocks for laying down, we recommend taking a look at the 55” wide Caribbean Rope Hammock, made from polyester rope.
Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks Hanging Chair with Footrest – 40 inch Spreader Bar, Soft-Spun Polyester, Available in 13 Colors

Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chairs B014MXQ5MM - Purple

These hammocks are a great addition to any home, making for better outdoor spaces. They do not just add color to your outdoors; they provide a luxurious space for relaxing during summer under the shades of your trees. Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks is a top brand that works to ensure that you have access to durable and strong hanging seats for outdoor use.

Caribbean’s large hammock chairs are made of 100% polyester for durability. The fabric the seat is made of imparts resistance to fungal growth and rotting to the hanging hammock chair. Marine varnish is used to coat the hardwood spreader bar for an enhanced look and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Here are other features of the hammock to consider:
  • Footrest to support legs
  • A large seat and spacious room for shoulders
  • 47-inch spreader is made from tropical hardwood covered with a marine varnish
The hammock chair is available in 13 colors for you to choose from, ranging from purple and blue to red and rainbow colors.
Best Value
The Prime Garden Soft Comfort Hanging Hammock Chair is made using spun polyester, for resistance to harsh weather conditions and for durability. This lounger hanging chair is designed for total relaxation and comfort. The Prime Garden® Super Soft Hand Woven Caribbean Style Hammock Chair is another good alternative at a slightly higher price.
Prime Garden Soft Comfort Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Hammock Chair – Built-In Cushioning, Available in Two Colors

Prime Garden Hammock Chair PGFHC002 – Tropical Stripe

Hammock chairs are designed to accommodate different capacities, meaning that with the right product, you can enjoy the summer heat under shade alone, with your spouse, or even with your little one. Prime Garden is a brand popular for its durable and attractive hanging chairs that will not just carry your weight and offer luxurious relaxation moments, but also enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

The Prime Garden Hammock Chair is designed for total comfort using soft material of high quality. It comes with a large seat to accommodate up to 275 pounds of weight. The contemporary design is will definitely add a splash of color to your outdoor space. It can also be used as an indoor hanging chair or on a patio. This particular model is available in two vibrant designs – Seaside Stripe in shades of blue and Tropical Stripe with bold colors of the Caribbean.

This hanging chair has a solid, mildew-resistant fabric seating section made from all natural polyester and cotton. It is suspended from a 100% polyester ropes and comes with a 40-inch hardwood spreader bar for hanging. The steel rings on this hammock chair are plated to keep them protected from all types of weather. As an added bonus, you get two comfy, soft pillows.
The Best Choice Products Hanging Chaise Lounger is attractively designed to enhance the look of your porch or patio for outdoor use, or bring your outdoors inside for use in your sunroom. Check out the Deluxe Sky Swing if you are looking for a more traditional style hammock chair.
Best Choice Products® Hanging Air Porch Swing Hammock Chair with Arc Stand and Canopy, Available in 3 Colors

Best Choice Products Hammock Chair SKY1831 –Teal

Hanging chairs allow you to enjoy cool breezes in your backyard, patio or porch during summer. You can also use one indoors by simply removing the canopy. Since 2002, Best Choice Products has been dedicated to ensuring that you have access to quality patio furniture. The Best Choice Products Hanging Chaise Lounger allows you to rest with your legs off the ground while enjoying optimal comfort. One of the things that we love about this hanging chair is that it has a firm back support, yet it’s long enough for most people to spread out and really relax.

Unlike many other hammock chairs, this one comes with everything that you need to set it up. The swinging chair suspends from an arc-shaped frame, that comes complete with a 46” canopy style umbrella for protection from the sun. All of the metal pieces are solidly constructed and powder coated for added durability and weather resistance. The seating section of this hanging lounge chair is made from polyester and filled two inches of foam. The entire unit is strong enough the hold up to 265 pounds.

As an added bonus, you get both a removable pillow and a container of touch up paint. We have pictured the teal chaise hammock, but it’s also available in lime green and orange.
The Brazilian Style Hammock Chair is woven tightly using 100% cotton thread of top quality to come up with a fabric that’s durable and heavy. If you’re looking for a more “structured” hammock chair, Vivere’s Hanging Hammock Chair comes with hanging hardware and has both arm and foot rests, as well as a cup holder.
Vivere Brazilian Style Hammock Chair – 100% Cotton Fabric, Hardwood Spreader Bar, Available in 7 Designs

Vivere Hammock Chair B524 - Oasis

These hanging hammock chairs come in vibrant colors, with a touch of the Brazilian style, that you will find appealing whether you are in your teens, middle age or old age. Vivere has been in the market for decades, striving to ensure that you have access to quality, innovative and unique products at pocket-friendly prices. Made from 100% tightly woven cotton, the Vivere Brazilian Style Hammock Chair is designed in a comfy fabric to ensure that you can use it for prolonged periods, and it's durable enough to last years. For an added “special touch” each hammock has color coordinated, hand-crocheted fringe edges.

This hanging hammock chair comes with a wooden spreader bar and is strong enough to handle up to 250 pounds. The seating is spacious enough to fit either two children or most adults quite comfortably. We chose to picture this fabric in the Oasis pattern, but there are six other stylish designs to choose from - Denim, Tropical, Salsa, Desert Moon and Rio Night – all of which feature bright, vibrant colors. While many people may choose to use this as an outdoor hammock chair, it can also be used on a porch or even indoors as a modern, yet casual chair. We’ve heard that teens love them.

It is important to note that hooks and springs are sold separately, as is an optional hanging frame.
The Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat is not just designed for comfort and style, but is also very affordable. This one has a fabric base, with cushions included however if you are looking for something larger, we recommend checking out their large Brazilian Hammock Chair Swing Set. It doesn’t have the pillows, but the extra long bed is great if you want a fuller recline position.
Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat for Indoor or Outdoor Spaces - Max. 265 lbs, 2 Seat Cushions Included, 5 Design Choices

Sorbus Hammock Chair SWING B01FGI7ZZI – Green/Purple

Whether you plan to use your hanging chair indoors or outdoors, this is a great way for you to usher in comfort and style. Although Sorbus is a brand with a focus on designing tools for use in the kitchen, it has not failed in coming up with a hanging hammock chair that’s trendy and stylish enough to lure people of all ages. The Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat comes in bold stripes to add an accent of style to your interior or outdoor space while complementing the background.

The hanging seat comes with 2 cushions (one for sitting on, and one for added back support) and a 31.5-inch spreader bar for hanging. The fabric is made of strong polyester and cotton fabrics for durability and sturdiness, with a weight capacity of 265 pounds. There are five design options – blue/green, blue/yellow/orange, green/purple, red/purple and yellow/orange – each of which features stripes of at least 3 different colors.

Get the Best Hammock Chair of 2018!

Whether you’re looking for a hanging hammock chair to use indoors or outdoors, there’s a product out there that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We hope our review of five of the top hammock chairs on the market will come in handy and help you pick one that meets your needs. If you’ve changed your mind and decided to go for a full-sized hammock so you can lay down in comfort, check out our other hammock reviews.

Our Top Choice
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair with 40” Suspension Bar
Best Value
Prime Garden Soft Comfort Hammock Chair with 40" Hanging Bar
Best Choice Products® Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair with Stand
Vivere Brazilian Hammock Style Hanging Chair with Spreader Bar
Sorbus Indoor/Outdoor Rope Swinging Hammock Chair with 31.5" Bar