Best Hamster Cages Reviews 2022

When it comes to choosing a hamster cage, there are many different options. Some are simple wire cages, others can be a maze of tunnels and platforms for your beloved pet to explore and enjoy. Picking your favorite one can be quite time-consuming, and this is where we can help. The TopProducts team has spent hours researching the best hamster cage brands, narrowing that down to a list of 5 and showcasing one great cage for each one. Needless to say, these cages are good for other small pets such as gerbils and mice.
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Our Top Choice
IRIS USA 3-Level Hamster Cage
Iris USA is committed to producing revolutionary products to help organize both you and your pets home.
Clear plastic front allows you to watch your hamster enjoying their cozy home. Includes exercise wheel.
3/8” Wire spacing not suitable for tiny pets that could squeeze through.
Available as 1, 2 or 3 tier
18 x 12 x 19 inches / 6lbs
Plastic and wire
2 doors to remove pet easily
Wheel, Water bottle, Bowl
Best Value
Kaytee One Level Habitat
Kaytee is a specialized brand that covers everything from healthy food to innovative homes for pets
Exercise wheel to keep your pet happy and healthy. Detachable petting zone makes it easy to give your hamster a loving hug.
Some reports that pets caused some damage to the smooth finish by gnawing at the plastic wire.
One tier
20 x 11.5 x 11 inches / 5lbs
Front access door
Wheel, Bottle, Bowl, Petting Zone
Lixit Animal Care Hamster heaven metro
Lixit is a leading manufacturer in the pet industry, known for producing high quality and unique creations for beloved pets.
Your hamster will have fun with a tunnel, two platforms to climb up on, and a large wheel to run in. The cage is easily transportable with two handles on both sides.
A handful of customers with small hamsters have reported that their pets were able to escape, and that this cage would be more suitable for larger critters.
Two platforms (three tier)
20 x 20 x 31 inches / 12lbs
Easy to assemble
2 houses, tunnels, bowls, wheel
Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage
Ferplast is an established pet-care company, who strives to create advanced ideas for pets.
Your hamster will have lots of fun with tubes and a platform for extra room. The detachable base makes it very easy to clean out the cage quickly with no fuss.
A limited number of customers found their pets chewed at the structure, which in time, caused damage.
Two tier
11.5 x 18 x 15 inches / 6lbs
Plastic and wire mesh
Detachable base
Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage
Habitrail has created a range of hamster cage accessories, so that each customer can personalize their hamster’s home to imitate a more natural habitat.
The quiet exercise wheel allows your hamster run around all night long without disturbing you. The curved corners on the base make it quick and easy to clean it out.
As an individual cage, it is too small for an average sized hamster, and would need add-ons to make enough room.
Two tier
15 x 10 x 11 inches / 4lbs
Plastic and wiring
Curved corners for easy clean
Habitrail tunnels and add-ons

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What is the Best Hamster Cages?

Before choosing a hamster cage, think of the most important features you’d like, so that you can narrow down the best fit for you and your pet. If you’ll be transporting your hamster, then a home with handles would make movement easier. If the cage will become a permanent fixture in your home, then you can be more generous with the selected space and size, and even match the decor of your home! Now that you know what it takes to get the right hamster cage, let’s take a look and see if one our out top picks is the right one for you.
Our Top Choice
The Iris USA Hamster and Gerbil cage comes with three fun levels for your pet to discover, and a wheel to run around in. With the open wired sides, allowing for fresh air, and a removable plastic house, your pet will right at home in no time. If you’d like to give your pet a dream home, the Hamster Playhouse Cage also comes with a removable plastic house, so there are even more options for your hamster to enjoy.

IRIS USA, Inc Hamster and Gerbil Pet Cage – Available in 2 Colors & 3 Tier Options

Established in 1994, Iris USA manufactures a range of boxes, cages and containers to help keep your home and office organized. This includes a wide range of products that will help to create the perfect home for your pet.

Iris USA created the 3-Tier Hamster Cage as a fun and cozy place for your hamster to feel at home. The front of the cage is made of clear plastic, so you can easily check on your beloved pet, and see them in action. To keep the cage well ventilated with fresh air, both sides are made with wire with 3/8” spacing between.

With three different levels and a wheel to climb, play, and run around on, your hamster will have many hours of joy in this mini playground. When your hamster finally needs a well deserved rest, the cage comes with a plastic house for your pet to curl up in and relax. The house is removable so you can easily make more room if necessary.

Iris USA has designed this cage with both you and your hamster in mind. With two openings on the cage--one on top and one on the side--it’s much easier to reach in and pick up your hamster for cuddles. Displayed here in blue, this cool cage also comes in red.
Best Value
The Kaytee CritterTrail Level One Habitat goes above and beyond with the innovative design of an easy access petting area. This space provides room for much needed cuddles, and a safe place to keep your pet whilst you clean the cage. Alternatively, if an all-pink cage isn’t your style, take a look at the bright and stylish multicoloured Kaytee CritterTrail Primary Habitat.

Kaytee Super Pet Crittertrail One Level Habitat - Pink

Kaytee has produced a range of high-quality pet homes, accessories, and food for 150 years, ensuring they are a front runner in the market.

Kaytee’s CritterTrail One Level Habitat is ideal for small pets such as mice, dwarf hamsters, and gerbils. The 6mm wire spacing makes the cage secure and allows for a flow of fresh air. No more awkwardly sticking your arm in the cage when you’d like to stroke your adorable pet, as this cage has a removable petting zone so cuddles are easier than ever. It also doubles up as a safe place to keep your pet whilst cleaning the cage. This hamster cage comes in pink to brighten up your home.
Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is an exciting hamster playground with cool accessories and add-ons. If you are looking for something even more spacious, explore the extra-large Lixit Animal Care Savic Mickey 2 Mice and let your pet stretch its legs in an even larger enclosure.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage – Accessories Included

Lixit, starting off as Atco Manufacturing in 1968, is the largest manufacturer of small animal watering devices. That sounds like quite a strange thing to be an expert in, we know, but Lixit also produces a range of pet accessories. They now have 54,000 square feet of office and warehouse space across the US which is quite an achievement considering they started off in a family garage! Apart from pet watering devices and other accessories, Lixit also manufacturers small pet cages, which is what brought them to our attention for this review.

Their Hamster Heaven Metro Cage aims to be just that, a heaven made up of a long, adventurous tunnel, two snug houses, two exciting platforms, and a large exercise wheel. There is so much for your energetic hamster to explore in this secure cage made of quality plastic. The large and spacious cage has two handles making it easy to transport. The green, purple, and blue color scheme makes the cage bright and cheerful in your home.
The Ferplast Laura cage has an exciting design with outside space, running tunnels, and a climbing platform. However, if you’d like even more space for your hamster, why not look at the Ferplast 2-Floor Hamster Cage that has a whole second floor to utilize the entire size of the cage.

Ferplast Hamster Cage in White – Available in 2 Sizes – Includes Tubes for Exercise

Recently celebrating their 50 year anniversary, Ferplast is an established pet care company, creating advanced products for the well-being of their customer’s pets.

The Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage is a fun home with running tubes curving outside the cage for your hamster to enjoy exercising in. A second platform attached to the sides means your hamster can relax after the exhausting run up the tunnels. The detachable base is simple and easy to clean out. With a metal wire mesh, your hamster won’t damage the cage or gnaw their way out, meaning they will be safe and secure to explore their home. The cool color scheme of green, purple and a hint of yellow, makes this cage a lovely addition in a home.
The Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage is an awesome cage with loads of options to personalize and expand for your hamster. If you are looking for a cool add-on to buy, there are many of options such as the Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack that has a cute den included.

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat - Easy Connection to Habitrail Items

Habitrail are a company who specifically focus on hamster cages, so you can bet your bottom dollar they know what they’re talking about! They recently redesigned their line of products to make them even more functional, practical and pretty darn swanky looking, if you ask us. Their extensive line of tunnels, tubes and add-ons means you can create pretty much any design you can think of for your little critter.

The Habitrail Cristal Cage is a central cage made from plastic and wire, which creates a secure and cosy area for your hamster. It’s compatible with any other Habitrail trails, tunnels, and add-ons, so you can continue to expand the world your hamster lives in. With curved corners and great ventilation, the cage is easy to clean and will stay fresh for longer. Included with the cage is a ladder to a second platform, an exercise wheel, a chew proof water bottle, a holder with stainless steel tip, a food dish, and a litter guard. It comes in a sleek white and orange finish.

How Do I Choose the Best Hamster Cages?

Hamsters are becoming quite popular pets these days, and for good reasons. They’re cute, furry and adorable. If you are looking to get one of these pets, there’s one important thing you need to consider first – getting a good cage! We are not talking about your dog crate or cat cage, no! We are talking about a cage specifically made for hamsters!

Hamster cages don’t take up much space in your home. They are almost the size of a bird cage but they come with a number of accessories to keep the hamsters busy. You can find models with wheels, tunnels, water bottles and other add-ons.

In order to help you in this purchase process, we have done some research and provided you with some of the important things you should keep in mind before you buy a hamster cage. Go ahead and see what we have in store for you!
As much as we’d like to deny it, price is a big factor when choosing what to buy at anytime. Even if you’re not on a tight budget, you want to get your money’s worth when dishing out on the luxuries, and buying a cage is no different.

At the lower end of the range there are cages for around $30. They offer the basics that a cage should in terms of safety and durability including common features like levels and an exercise bike, however, even for a small animal, the space is reasonably compact, so considering the purchase of add-ons such as running tunnels could be beneficial for your pet. However, while you can find lots of affordable options in the market today, we highly advise that you avoid the really cheap hamster cages, because they might lack the important add-ons that will keep your pet busy.

More complex, larger cages can be found on the market at $170, which can seem like a big jump from the lower end of the range. For this price, however, you will be looking at a complete home, full of adventure and space for your little rascal. This can include the addition of running tunnels, multiple houses/safe spaces for hiding, levels, and even slides.
Choosing the right cage depends very much on your individual pet. Bigger pets will need more space and bigger tunnels to run around in, where as small hamsters or mice will need cages with thin spaces between the bars to ensure they can not escape. As well as the size, there are other features to think about so we’ve put a list together for you to tick off when looking at what to buy.

The important features to keep in mind are:
  • Space between bars
  • Overall space for pet
  • Features and entertainment for your pet
  • Cleaning process
  • Access to pet via doors
  • Material that’s durable against biting
  • Can add-ons and extras be included later
We hope this helps picking out the best cage for you!
Construction and Design
The construction mainly comes down to two things; what the cage is made of and the space between the bars. Different materials can be used for the bars, usually metal or plastic, or sometimes metal with a coating of plastic on it. The material needs to be durable against nibbling and harmless for your pet to chew on so they can gnaw away to their heart’s content.

Your cute little fluff balls come in all sizes, so pay attention to the gap distance between the bars, ensuring that they can’t escape.
Performance and Ease of Use
Having a pet is so much fun and can bring joy to all of the family, but that doesn’t make cleaning the cage any less unpleasant. You will be happy to know some companies think about the owners just as much as the animals and have designed the cages to create a quick, easy cleaning process. Cages can detach from the bottom, allowing you to quickly dump and dispose of the used bedding and pour in fresh chippings in a matter of minutes.

With tunnels and platforms, exercise wheels and slides, your pet can find themselves in the furthest corner of the cage away from the door. Whilst trying to pick them up, we can find ourselves in some pretty awkward positions twisting our arms to reach over to the highest platform in the corner. Some cages now offer multiple doors, making it much easier to reach for your pet wherever they have run off to on their adventure trail.

Get the Best Hamster Cages of 2022!

Finding a home for your new hamster or settling your old family pet into a new cage can be an exciting task. Hopefully picking out a new home for your pet can be exciting too. Thanks for reading our review and we hope you haven’t left empty-handed!

Our Top Choice
IRIS USA 3-Level Hamster Cage
Best Value
Kaytee One Level Habitat
Lixit Animal Care Hamster heaven metro
Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage
Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage