Best Hand Dryer Reviews 2023

If you’re tired of paper towels on the floor of your public restroom, it’s probably a good time to buy a hand dryer. The lack of dirty paper towels and napkins makes a huge difference in the cleanliness of the restroom. It also saves a great deal of time and money that would have been spent stocking the bathroom with paper towels, and ensures there is always a convenient way for people to dry their hands after washing. We’ve taken a look at some of the best hand dryer brands and carefully selected five top products from five great brands, reviewing each one so you can easily decide which one is best.
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Dry Time
Our Top Choice
XLERATOR White Thermoset
Excel Dryer, Inc. is headquartered in Massachusetts, where it specializes in manufacturing hand dryers and hair dryers.
Reduces noise by up to nine decibels. Features an automatic infrared optical sensor and meets GreenSpec standards for energy efficiency.
A little expensive, but saves money down the road.
13"H x 12"W x 7”D, 14 lbs
10-15 seconds
5-year warranty
Best Value
American Dryer Steel White Epoxy
American Dryer is headquartered out of Berkeley, Illinois. It services a multitude of facilities, from healthcare and hospitality to sports venues.
This dryer has an automatic infrared sensor with heated air for hand drying. It features a sturdy 18-gauge steel cover with white epoxy finish.
There have been some complaints that hands aren’t completely dry after using.
9.5"H x 10"W x 5.5”D, 9 lbs
5-year limited warranty
Dyson Airblade V
Dyson was founded in 1991. This British technology company is known for innovative designs in vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, heaters, and bladeless fans.
Features a sleek design, and only extends four inches from the wall. Easy-mount back plate for self-service installation. Narrow airblade blower is powerful and reduces noise.
Some users have complained of water spraying off while hands are drying.
15.5"H x 9.2"W x 3.9”D, 6 lbs
12 seconds
5-year warranty
World Dryer AirMax
World Dryer has been in operation for over 60 years, producing a full range of hand dryers that are suitable for a variety of environments.
Classic white design with a durable steel foundation. Great for high-traffic areas. Highly efficient with a powerful motor.
Some prefer automatic hand dryers. World Dryer offers these as well.
11.3"H x 9.5"W x 8.3”D, 16 lbs
15 seconds
10-year limited warranty
Tek Motion Auto Power Hand Dryer
Tek Motion is a Chinese consumer electronics company that develops everything from jewelry cleaners to Bluetooth speakers, and, of course, hand dryers.
Modern-looking hand dryer with a stainless steel cover. Hand drying time is 3 times more efficient than other dryers on the market.
Visible electric cord that leads to the power supply.
12"H x 12"W x 6.75”D, 14 lbs
10-12 seconds

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What is the Best Hand Dryer?

When it comes to the best hand dryers on the market, check for the amount of time it takes to dry hands, and also what size the dryer is, to make sure your space can accommodate it. We have picked five of the highest-quality hand dryers on the market. They all provide quick hand-dry time, and are energy efficient. We also have models with noise-reduction nozzles, as some hand dryers are loud. Let’s check them out.
Our Top Choice
The XLERATOR Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer is a highly efficient hand dryer that dries hands within 10-15 seconds. It comes with a noise reduction nozzle to reduce noise by up to nine decibels, and operates on 5.5 amps. If you want to bump up the ampage, check out the XLERATOR XL-GR with 12.5 amps.

XLERATOR Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer with White Thermoset (BMC) Cover and 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle

Excel Dryer, Inc. manufactures hand dryers and hair dryers that comply with green standards in efficient energy consumption.

You’ll be relieved of having to clean up and supply a messy washroom with the XLERATOR Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer. It has a noise reduction nozzle that reduces the loud sound some hand dryers make by up to nine decibels. The high-velocity air stream quickly removes water from hands in about 10-15 seconds, which is pretty fast. It features an optical sensor that will operate for a full 35 seconds, or until the infrared light senses that hands have been removed.

This hand dryer comes with a one-piece white reinforced thermoset polymer cover, and is energy-friendly. It is endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association for energy efficiency. The featured model is 5.5 amps and 277 volts, but there are also other options, such as 7.7 amps and 208 volts, or 12.5 amps and 110 volts.
Best Value
The American Dryer Steel Cover Automatic Hand Dryer has an automatic infrared sensor and features a sturdy 18-gauge steel cover with a white epoxy finish. While our featured dryer is more economical, if you want a stronger motor with more horsepower for faster drying times, check out the American Dryer AD90-BG model.

American Dryer Steel Cover Automatic Hand Dryer, 110-120V, 1,500W Power, 50/60Hz, White Epoxy Finish

American Dryer services many facilities, from healthcare and hospitality to sports venues. It offers a range of hand dryers to fit any budget. The American Dryer line includes the latest in hand drying technology, including cold plasma technology, and dryers with adjustable sound and speed.

The American Dryer Steel Cover Automatic Hand Dryer has an automatic infrared sensor, and blows heated air that reaches up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. The sensor turns on and off when hands enter the infrared light, but it will automatically shut off no matter what after 80 seconds.

It uses 110-120 volts of electricity with a 12-amp, 1500-watt motor. The sound level operates at a 50/60 hertz cycle and reaches 63 decibels. The horsepower is 1/12 with a motor speed of 3,100 revolutions per minute.

With its sturdy 18-gauge steel cover and tamper-resistant screws, it is tough enough to withstand vandalism. The one-piece steel cover has a smooth white epoxy finish. This dryer comes with a five-year limited warranty.
The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer features a sleek, innovative design that extends just four inches from the wall, and dries hands in under 15 seconds. If you want an alternative top-of-the-line hand dryer with a completely different design, check out the Dyson AB04 Airblade Hygienic Hand Dryer. It’s also lightning-fast!

Dyson Hand Dryer, Integral, Polycarbonate ABS

Dyson has been operating out of its headquarters in Malmesbury, United Kingdom, since 1991. This technology company is known for innovative designs in vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hair dryers, heaters, and bladeless fans.

Dyson's Airblade V is sleek-looking with a compact, low-profile design. It's an efficient hand dryer that does not make too much noise. This hand dryer only extends four inches from the wall, so it doesn’t have the bulky look of most hand dryers.

Dyson specially designed the Airblade V's motor to reduce air intake and emit it in a streamlined fashion through the vents, making this hand dryer more quiet than traditional hand dryers. More importantly, this design does not sacrifice on efficiency. It uses a HEPA filter to purify the air, and dries hands in just 12 seconds.

You don’t have to hire a professional to install it, either. This dryer comes with an easy-mount plate for self-installation, and Dyson offers a five-year warranty.
The World Dryer AirMax is a great choice for high-traffic areas. It features a classic white design, operates via push button, and dries hands within 15 seconds. Prefer a more contemporary look with automatic drying? Check out the World Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer with Aluminum Brushed Chrome Cover.

World Dryer AirMax High Speed and Heavy Duty Hand Dryers, Push-Button, 110-120V, Steel White

World Dryer has been in operation for over 60 years, producing a full range of hand dryers that are suitable for a variety of environments. Since opening its doors in 1951, it has stayed on a solid learning curve by remaining current with trends in new technology and engineering in its production line.

The World Dryer AirMax operates on 2300 watts and has a durable steel foundation. The drying time is very fast at around 15 seconds. It comes with a white finish, and operates via push button.

This dryer should last a long time. It comes in a classic design and is energy-efficient, using about half the energy of standard hand dryers. It meets GreenSpec standards, and comes with a limited 10-year warranty.
Tek Motion's Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer has a high air velocity of 200 miles per hour that quick-dries hands in about 10-12 seconds, helping to create a neat and tidy restroom. If you’re looking for a hand dryer for your home, Tek Motion offers a low-noise model for homeowners at a great price. Check out the Tek Motion Stainless Steel Automatic Commercial Household Hand Dryer.

Tek Motion Electric Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer 110V 1800W Commercial (Silver)

Tek Motion is a Chinese consumer electronics company that develops everything from jewelry cleaners to Bluetooth speakers, and, of course, hand dryers.

The Tek Motion Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer is rust-resistant and turns on automatically via motion sensor. The hand distance for activation is five inches, and this feature is adjustable to suit your needs. The drying time is extremely fast at around 10-12 seconds, and the warm air it generates is around 125 degrees.

This dryer operates at a reduced noise level of 70-72 decibels. It is CE certified, with energy consumption savings that make it about 50% more efficient than standard dryers. For a great way to keep your restroom clean and tidy, this hand dryer is a time and money saver, making it a good investment.

How Do I Choose the Best Hand Dryer?

It’s important when owning a business to create the right atmosphere for your services and skills and to have everything your customers might need or want while doing business with you, whether that business is in an office or a family-owned restaurant.

Although the restroom isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of décor or customer service, it is vital in maintaining high standards and that feeling of excellence and care you have for your clients. Haven’t you ever walked into a restroom and admired the cool, stylish sink or wished you had that mirror at home? So, whether it’s putting up mirrors so everyone can freshen up and look their best, or neat soap dispensers to ensure good hygiene, you need to make sure the fully functioning bathroom is beautiful and practical, and that includes hand dryers!
Hand dryers are a good investment for a cleaner, more hygienic restroom, and that does come with a hefty price tag initially. For a basic hand dryer that heats air and blows it downward to dry customers’ hands, expect to pay around $200. The factors that will bump up the price of a hand dryer are: brand, noise level, energy efficiency, maintenance costs, drying time, and hygienic design, such as filtered air. If you decide to buy a hand dryer that is top-of-the-market for all of these aspects, you’ll be looking at around $800, at least.

Although hand dryers can seem expensive when you first buy them, it’s worth the investment over a cheap hand dryer that will use more electricity and might break down on an important client.
You might think picking a hand dryer is easy – you simply ask, “Does it dry your hands?” and if the answer is yes, it’s good to go. But there are definitely products that perform far better than others.

Here are some features to look out for:
  • Energy Efficiency - How much does it cost to run?
  • Size - Check out the dimensions to make sure it fits in the space available.
  • Drying Time - Some dryers can do the job in 12 seconds.
  • Noise Level - Is there a noise-reduction mechanism?
  • Air Filter - Hygienic levels of the air passing through.
  • Operating Design - On button/movement sensor.
Let’s have a look at these a bit more closely.
Construction and Design
Energy Efficiency

There are different ways to increase the efficiency of a hand dryer, and it usually comes down to the design inside that we can’t see. Using less air but through smaller spaces means that the air can dry hands more quickly, using less air, energy and heat to warm the air to do the job. A motion sensor can also save energy, as opposed to a press-button that has a set cycle that won’t stop even if no one is using it.


The dimensions are important to get right, especially if you have limited space in your restroom. Hand dryers can come in different sizes, from 9.4” height by 5.5” length by 9.9” width, to a longer and thinner shape at 9.25” length by 15.5” height by 4” width. So make sure to measure the room you have carefully and find the best fit.

Noise Level

Hand dryers are notoriously noisy, but with new designs, it doesn’t have to be like that. Some designs use less air but more power, which reduces the noise, and others have actually incorporated a noise reducer into the mechanism to improve the noise level.
Performance and Ease of Use
Operating Design

The majority of hand dryers are motion sensing, so the air starts without having to touch the machine, which can be much more hygienic when so many people are using the bathroom. However, some prefer the traditional “on” button that simply starts when it’s pushed and does a set cycle to dry.

Drying Time

The quickest drying time on offer from a hand dryer is 12 seconds, which will help in busy periods so the restrooms don’t get too congested with lines of people waiting to dry their hands. However, other options that take longer can still be quick enough for smaller businesses.

Air Filter

A small number of brands offer air filters in the hand dryer to make sure that there is no dirt or particles being blown onto a customer’s hands after they have just washed them. However, hand dryers without air filters are still more hygienic than a communal towel that will be used by multiple people.

Get the Best Hand Dryer of 2023!

We hope you’ve been blown away by these five hand dryers we’ve featured! Although, if it’s not what you need, make sure to check out the other options from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
XLERATOR White Thermoset
Best Value
American Dryer Steel White Epoxy
Dyson Airblade V
World Dryer AirMax
Tek Motion Auto Power Hand Dryer