Best Walking Hand Weights - Hand Fitness Weights for Power Walking, Cardio Exercise and Body Toning

Hand weights are a great fitness tool to help you achieve both a cardio and strength building workout. Whether you plan on doing arm exercises or power walking with hand weights, you might be confused by the sheer number and types out there. So, we’ve done the grunt work for you — you’ll have to do the real heavy lifting. We have the honor of presenting some of the best walking and exercise hand weight brands with great options on the market. The featured brands all have a wide array of walking weights, but for the purpose of this work, we chose just one product from each brand to review.

When we did our research, we came across many great options and it was difficult to narrow it down to just five. We also discovered that many of the best hand weights often sell out quickly. For that reason, we went ahead and grabbed a few other options to highlight.

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Our Top Choice
Tone Fitness Walking and Exercise Dumbbells
Tone Fitness has a wide range of products to suit all physical fitness needs, for individuals or for commercial purposes.
Adjustable straps for reliable and snug fit. Reflective strip on Velcro closure. Absorbent neoprene cover. Easy grip, ergonomic handle.
There’s a slight smell to this item, but it fades away with prolonged use.
Dumbbells with handles
Adjustable Velcro strap
1 pound, 2 pounds, 3 pounds
7 inches x 3 inches
Best Value
Empower Weighted Gloves for Women
Empower is focused on the overall improvement of women through physical fitness and mental endurance training without going to the gym.
Portable design for easy workout. Open palm and fingers for boxing training. Weight positioned on backs of hands. Easy to clean.
The finger loops might be too large for people with tiny hands.
Weighted gloves
Colored trimmings
1 pound per glove (2lb total)
Neoprene/other fibers
One size fits most - adjustable
Merrithew Soft Dumbbells with Straps
Merrithew is dedicated to motivating people from all walks of life to live well through responsible fitness programs such as Pilates.
Slightly elastic, fitted handle. Soft, moldable easy-grip design. Sand-filled and non-rigid. Great for grip training.
The straps aren't adjustable.
Dumbbells with handles
Elastic strap
1.1/1.65/2.2 pounds
Neoprene/iron sand
7 inches x 2 inches
Spri Deluxe Dumbbells for Walking and Exercise
Spri is the pioneer brand in the development and popularization of rubberized resistance exercise products. Its products are simple to use but highly effective.
Wide range of weight sizes to choose from. Easy to clean. Non-slip vinyl coating. Color-coded for easy identification of weight.
These weights may crack easily.
1-10, 12, 15, 18, 20 pounds
6.9 inches x 3.7 inches
Gaiam Walking Hand Weight Set
Gaiam is committed to making yoga, well-being and fitness a way of life accessible to all, while respecting and nurturing the earth, its inhabitants and natural resources.
Sand-filled cores are moldable and easy to grip. Neoprene handles for added secure hold. Absorbent material keeps palms dry.
Sometimes there’s noticeable disparity in the weight of two walking weights in a set.
2 pounds, 4 pounds
7.5 inches x 2 inches

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If you read our buying guide below, you’ve fully armed yourself with relevant information on how to choose the walking and exercise hand weight that will suit you perfectly, you should keep your eyes open as you go through our product review section. We’re quite sure there’s a hand walking weight just right for you.

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Our Top Choice
The adjustable straps on the Tone Fitness Walking Dumbbells ensure a snug fit regardless of the size and shape of your hands, so the dumbbells stay firmly in place while you're working out. For a pair of hand walking weights that strap to the ankles or wrists, check out the Tone Fitness Wrist and Ankle Weights.

Tone Fitness Walking Dumbbells with Handles– Available in 3 Colors, Several Weight Options


Tone Fitness is dedicated to helping you stay physically fit at home, in the gym, and anywhere else physical exercises are carried out. At first, its only products were weight benches and free weights. As its customer base increased, it expanded into the production of other fitness items, including plyometric boxes, storage racks, medicine balls, weight training equipment, and immersion tables. Its wide range of products takes care of all your physical fitness needs, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Maybe you’ve been walking and it feels routine and mundane, because you want something different without necessarily sweating it out in a gym. The Tone Fitness Walking Dumbbells are here to help you ramp up your walking routine and add another dimension to it. It’s ideal for building strength and muscle resistance in your upper limbs while doing light aerobics activities without breaking a sweat…well, almost.

Although they're shaped like the traditional dumbbells used by body builders and trainers in the gym, these weights have straps that ensure they stay put on your wrists while you walk. The straps are adjustable to suit different body types for a snug fit when you’re in motion. Even if you’re arthritic or prone to dropping things inadvertently, you’re spared the indignity of having to stop and retrieve your dumbbells when you lose your grip.

The Tone Fitness Walking Dumbbells feature ergonomically contoured handles that are extremely easy to grip with no stress. They also have an absorbent neoprene covering, so that no matter how sweaty your palms are, these weights won't get slippery or scratchy and you can go on burning out those calories for as long as you want. If you happen to prefer working out in the late evenings or at night, the Velcro closures have reflective strips that make you more visible to help avoid accidents.

Best Value
The Empower Weighted Gloves let you tone your upper body easily anytime and anywhere. You can even wear them at home while doing normal house chores. If you prefer a fitness weights that wrap around your wrists to keep your fingers free, check out the Empower Adjustable Soft Weights that can go on either your wrists or ankles.

Empower Weighted Gloves - Hand Weights for Power Walking, Kickboxing, Exercise and MMA, Available in 3 Colors


With its fun and quirky but results-oriented products, Empower is set to bridge the gap between the ideal woman and the woman who juggles family life with work and just doesn’t seem to have enough time to visit the gym. It helps motivate and inspire its customers to set and achieve goals by offering workout routines that are even-paced, shareable, and, best of all, portable. With products and services geared towards helping you feel great in your own skin, look great in your clothes, and feel mentally alert, you really cannot go wrong with this brand.

If you do lots of Pilates, boxing or kickboxing exercise and want to add more intensity to your routine, you'll like the Empower Weighted Gloves. They're good for sculpting your upper limbs and body, and offer a great way to burn calories with your hands and fingers free.

Here are some reasons why this weighted glove is a must-have for you:

  • Made with stretchy, breathable neoprene fabric that wraps snugly around your hands
  • 100% absorbent neoprene ensures that sweat is efficiently absorbed, leaving your hands dry while exercising so you don’t develop rashes on the covered parts
  • The sand-filled weights are positioned square on the backs of your hands; this leaves your fingers free so you can practice boxing techniques easily while toning your arms
  • These gloves don't require much cleaning; just toss them in the washing machine and you’re good to go
  • They allow you to tone your upper body anywhere. You can even wear them while carrying out normal routines
  • A boxing-oriented workout routine comes with the gloves to give you a head start, in case you’re new to the game or to add to your already established routine

If you don’t like the black/teal color, don’t worry because this hand walking weight is also available berry and mint colors.

The Merrithew Paired Soft Dumbbells are excellent for toning the muscles without exerting much energy in gripping. They're great for the physical therapy requirements for back and shoulder surgeries. Looking to get your children to start healthy habits in a fun way? Take a look at the Merrithew Play and Exercise Kit for Kids. It comes with hand weights that are just the right size!

Merrithew STOTT PILATES Soft Dumbbells for Arm Exercises and Walking – Available in 3 Colors, Several Weight Options


Merrithew International was founded to bring the Pilates exercise regimen (and its equipment) to a wider audience, so more people can have access to its numerous benefits. It’s dedicated to motivating people from all walks of life to live healthy through responsible fitness exercises, and its slogan “Leaders in Mindful Movement” captures what it stands for. With premium, renowned brands such as Stott Pilates, Zenga, Core and Total Barre, among others, there’s no doubt as to the quality and performance capacity of its products. This is why it has maintained its leadership position in the health and fitness industry.

The Merrithew Paired Soft Dumbbells are excellent exercise companions if you’re more concerned with keeping your arms and upper body toned than in building bulky muscles. They're also highly recommended for those recuperating from shoulder or back surgery, and people living with chronic tendonitis and related health issues. If you’re placed on home physical therapy rehab, this pair of soft dumbbells is just what you need to get those sore muscles toned without much energy exerted on gripping them.

These dumbbells are filled with weighted metal sand and covered with a soft, cushioned fabric. This makes them easy to hold, as the sand filling conforms to the shape of the hand, eliminating the awkwardness of holding a solid, traditional dumbbell. The slightly elastic handles fit snugly on your wrists and stay there while you exercise. These soft wonders come in fractionized sizes of 1.1, 1.65 and 2.2 pounds so you can have more diversified and flexible weight sizes to train on. You can also get them in lime, lemon and orange colors.

The Spri Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells range from 1 to 20 pounds, so you can have a wider range of weights to choose from for your light aerobics routine. If you’re looking for a different, fun and efficient workout tool, then you should try the Spri Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell.

SPRI Dumbbells Deluxe Vinyl Coated Hand Weights All-Purpose Color Coded Dumbbell for Strength Training – Available in 14 Different Weight Capacities


Spri's innovative and practical rubberized resistance exercise products are known for their effectiveness in strength training, building and toning lean muscles, and general body fitness. It’s played a major role in popularizing this simple but highly effective fitness exercise technique with items dedicated to it. As the health and fitness industry moves towards portability and affordability, Spri has evolved alongside it and has remained relevant with its top quality products and services.

The Spri Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells are made for those who’d like to add some intensity to their step training, aerobics, power walking, jogging, yoga routines and even physical therapy. They come in a wide range of weight sizes ranging from 1 to 20 pounds, so there’s something for everyone. Just identify your need, choose the weight that best meets it, and you’re good to go. Some notable features of this walking weight include the following:

  • Non-slip vinyl-coating that's extremely easy to grip, so you don't drop the weight on your toes
  • Dimensions long enough to accommodate your hands, giving no room for the weight to move around unnecessarily and distract you from your workout. The diameters are sized just right for easy grip, not too large and not too small
  • Color-coded in vibrant colors so you can easily pick out the right size
  • Easy clean up after use - all you have to do is wipe them down with a towel and store them

The Spri Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells come highly recommended, so go right ahead and order yours. 

The Gaiam Walking Weights have a soft, moldable design for an easy grip. The neoprene handles give additional secure hold across the backs of your hands. For walking weights with rigid cast iron cores and neoprene covers, look at the Gaiam Neoprene Hand Weight.

Gaiam Hand Weights for Women & Men - Soft Dumbbell Walking Hand Weight Set with Hand Strap, Multiple Color and Size Options


Gaiam has three brands that are focused on fitness and yoga, well-being and fitness respectively, and it also has an eco-travels business package. It believes in nurturing, preserving and respecting the earth. This can be seen in its name, which literarily translates to “I am earth,” leaving one in no doubt as to what it stands for.

Whether you're into running, walking, stretching, jogging, or any other form of light aerobic exercise, the Gaiam Walking Weights are there to take your routine to a higher level. When we say your upper limbs and body will thank you for using this weight on them, we aren’t just making small talk. These weights are designed for comfort and ease of use. They're made from stretchy, absorbent neoprene material filled with iron sand. This means that sweat is readily absorbed, leaving your palms dry all through the exercise.

If you’re on a physical therapy regimen, do your muscles a favor and get the Gaiam Walking Weights to strengthen them and get back in shape in short order. With the soft and moldable body design of these weights, you don’t have to exert yourself holding them in place, so you get to concentrate fully on your workout and build up your muscle strength faster.

If you have a nerve-related health issue that makes it difficult to hold on to objects for extended periods of time, you’re going to love these weights. They have neoprene, fitted handles that wrap around your knuckles snugly so you can use them without actually gripping them. You can also choose to squeeze them at intervals and work on your gripping strength. Perfect, right? We think so too!

How to Choose the Best Exercise Hand Weights for Walking - Experience Power Walking with Hand Weights

Everybody knows that getting in shape isn't child’s play. There’s really no easy way to go about shedding those extra pounds. But who says you have to huff and puff and grunt your way through the task of getting in shape in the gym?. We understand just how aggravating it can be, watching others push and pull on all the contraptions in their home gym, while you’re struggling and getting embarrassed. What to do? The hand walking weight is your solution. Now you can go mobile with your exercise regimen, set your own pace, and, most importantly, there'll be no pushy instructor breathing down your neck. Perfect, right?

Walking or jogging is an excellent exercise routine that can easily fit into one’s daily schedule, and many people already walk or jog as a routine. Hand walking weights are designed to work out and tone your arm muscles, which ordinarily will not receive any attention when you’re out walking or jogging. These weights are also recommended for those recovering from back or shoulder surgery, to rebuild their arm strength in a gradual fashion. Some of them come in form of dumbbells, but most have hands-free designs.

Although the physical results may not be as visible as they are when you’re working out or weightlifting in the gym, there’s no arguing the fact that these weights have several advantages over traditional dumbbells. You can choose to either walk, run or jog with them. You can even stay in your house and train without going out. You set your own pace and, since you don’t get to see other serious weightlifters going through their routines effortlessly, you avoid being demoralized. So, lace up your running shoes and hit the road with these hand walking weights !


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Benefits of Walking Everyday. | Courtesy of BRIGHT SIDE

Generally, hand walking weights are not expensive. Their prices are affected mainly by the material from which they’re made and, to some extent, the design type. Most hand walking weights are priced between $14 and $30, which is quite affordable by any standards, but some may cost more. By keeping in mind the type or design that best suits your needs, you can get a great hand walking weight without breaking the bank.

The hand walking weights we featured all fall within the above price range. Since they come from reliable brands, you’re assured of top performance at a reasonable price for any of these weights you choose to go with. There are several cheap hand walking weights available, but why waste good money on an item that’ll likely not serve its purpose, when you could simply buy a great one that’s priced just a bit higher?


Now that you’re fully prepared to start your hand walking weight routine, there are some features that you’ll need to check before making your final decision on the hand walking weight that best suits you. These features are:

  • Design type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Extra features
Construction and Design

Walking is a recommended form of daily exercise for almost everyone, but when you walk, you’re basically working out only the lower limbs. To overcome this imbalance for a holistic walking routine, hand walking weights are employed so your arms are not left out in the workout session. There are different types of hand walking weights, but whatever form they take, a great one must be weighted so as to test and stretch the enduring capacity of the arm muscles while walking.

Hand walking weights may come in the form of a traditional dumbbell or dumbbell with handle. This type of hand walking weight is held in the hand by the shaft. For the dumbbell with handle type, you hold the dumbbell by its handle, which is often an adjustable strap.

Another type is a wrist weight that straps to your ankle or wrist, leaving your hands free for any other activity you wish to engage in. There are hand-glove types, but unlike conventional hand gloves, these are usually designed to keep your fingers and palm free for easy grip and have the weight distributed evenly on the back of the hand.

Most dumbbell-shaped hand walking weights have cast iron cores and soft, comfortable neoprene finishing. Some brands have the weights tucked into easy-grip soft foam covers for a comfortable and protective hold while working. Others are filled with metal sand, making them conform easily to your hand’s shape. Generally, a hand walking weight should have a comfortable, non-slip and sweat-absorbing covering to protect the palms, wrists, and any other part of the hand it will be in contact with.


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How to Walk with Hand Weights.| Courtesy of eHowFitness
Performance and Ease of Use

Using a hand walking weight can be as simple as strapping one on (for the dumbbell with handle type) or pulling it on (for the weighted glove type), with minor adjustments to give a perfect fit. There’s really no setup required for most of them, except those that you’ll have to tuck the weight into its foam covering before using. To make using these weights easy and comfortable, the dumbbell with handle types sometimes come with adjustable straps. You can adjust them to fit your hand snuggly so the weight stays put where it’s meant to stay when you’re walking, without sliding around and distracting you. If you get a hand walking weight with a handle, you’ll want to make sure that it comes with adjustable straps, so you can concentrate fully on your workout.

The weighted glove type usually comes with Velcro wrap that goes around the wrist. Many of these weights also have finger loops for individual fingers for better hold and even distribution of weight, while some come in form of a traditional hand covering glove. One advantage of a weighted glove with finger loops is that it leaves your palm free, so you can train for your cage match while toning your arms.

Choosing the right size for your hand walking weight routine is important. Hand walking weights have weights ranging from one to five pounds each, and it’s always recommended that you start off with a lighter weight. As with most workout routines, start small and then build up gradually. For hand walking weights, your focus should be on the long-term effects, toning your arms gradually, and adding a little resistance to your muscles while at it. If you saddle your arms with excessive weight, you run the risk of injury to your ankles, shoulders and back.

Get the Best Walking Hand Weight of 2023!

If you’re reading this, it’s a clear sign that you have likely made up your mind on one of the hand walking weights, so go ahead and order it. Thanks for stopping by.

Our Top Choice
Tone Fitness Walking and Exercise Dumbbells
Best Value
Empower Weighted Gloves for Women
Merrithew Soft Dumbbells with Straps
Spri Deluxe Dumbbells for Walking and Exercise
Gaiam Walking Hand Weight Set

Walking Hand Weight FAQs

What are the best walking hand weights?
The best walking hand weights are those that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals. That’s true whether your goal is to build shoulder strength or to help your shoulder and back recover. It doesn’t matter if it has a hands-free or dumbbell design. What’s important is that it should be easy to use. The materials also need to be just right for you. Check out our buying guide for more.
Do hand weights help when walking?
Yes. Hand weights help when walking because they enhance the quality of the exercise. It is especially beneficial to individuals whose primary way to exercise is walking. With the weights, you will give your upper body a workout that’s much better than just walking.
How do you store waking hand weights?
You can store walking weights with the rest of your fitness gear. So, they don’t require special storage as such.
How do you use walking hand weights?
Use walking hand weights to increase the levels of resistance in your upper arms as you move. So, that means you lift the weights back and forth. When one hand is lifted upwards, the other one should be to the back. Keep alternating the hand movements until you are through with your workout.