Best Handbag Hangers Reviews 2023

If you just bought your new, expensive handbag or backpack, putting it on the floor only to realize it was sitting in a puddle of water can turn out to be the worst nightmare. Even worse, the bag picking up germs, bacteria, and microbes can be dangerous for your health. But why go through all this when you can keep it off the ground and within reach? A handbag hanger is all it takes, and we have brought you five of the best handbag hanger brands in town, where you can get more than just a hanger.
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Our Top Choice
Clipa 2 Ring Style Handbag Hangers
If there is one company that has cracked the code to offering customers ideal quality products, it has to be Clipa.
It is light and sleek but can support purses of up to 33lbs. It is made of premium alloy. It can last for years without tarnishing. It can open wide.
Might not hang the purse for easy retrieval.
Round shape
Available in 5 colors
High-strength alloy
33 pounds
2.8 x 2.7 x 0.4 inches
Best Value
Silver Hooks Classic Purse Hooks
If you are looking for amazing product quality and variety, Silver Hooks might well be the place to turn.
It has a lightweight and simple design, easy to carry around. The sturdy construction can support 15 pounds. It can hold several bags.
The hanger cannot be turned around, so you have to use it underneath the table or counter.
Open design
Available in 8 colors
15 pounds
6 x 0.2 x 4 inches
Lulabop Heroclip Handbag Hanger
Innovation is not a cup of coffee for every manufacturer, but Lulabop has perfected this aspect to give its customers outstanding value for their money.
You can hang any type of bag. Its sturdy make can easily support 50 pounds. Sleek design for easy portability in big or small bags.
The hanger might slide on some surfaces.
Available in 12 colors
Solid aluminum
50 pounds
Available in 3 sizes
b.m.c Theme Designed Folding Handbag Hanger Set
If you are looking for great deals and high-quality handbag hangers, b.m.c has the solution for you.
It can support bags as heavy as 6 pounds with ease. Its compact design enables easy portability. It comes in different, beautiful colors.
This hanger might be too small, especially if you have a big bag.
Shoulder bag
Available in 4 colors
6 pounds
2.5 x 2.1 x 0.3 inches
uxcell Round Folding Handbag Table Hanger
For over 10 years now, uxcell has been offering customers nothing short of quality products.
Designed with a non-slip tip. It holds up well and does not damage your desk or counter. Has a foldable, sleek design. It is super easy to carry for use almost anywhere.
It can only be used on tables and counters.
Round shape
Available in 13 colors
Alloy and rubber
4 pounds
1.7 x 1.7 x 0.3 inches

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What is the Best Handbag Hangers?

No one would want to place their designer bag on the floor while enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant. And, since we know you feel the same, it is time to get a good handbag hanger for you. Now that you are well informed of the features to look out for, let’s jump to our top five brands that made it to the list.
Our Top Choice
The Clipa 2 Polished Gold Handbag Hanger is light and sleek, but still sturdy enough to support purses of up to 33lbs. If you are looking for a handbag hanger that can hold up to 45lbs, designed with a clip closure, and that can make a perfect gift, then check out Clipa Women’s Chloe Handbag Hangers.

Clipa 2 Instant Handbag Hangers Collection— Available in Five Colors

In its quest to offer customers the best experience regarding quality and service, Clipa has ensured it delivers ideal products that users love. Besides, the company is confident in its products and wants to share this trust with customers, so it goes the extra mile to offer warranties for satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking for a handbag hanger is just half the story; getting the one that can take on the job is the real task. This comes down to the performance that any hanger can offer, and the Clipa 2 Polished Gold Handbag Hangers are good for the job. With a slimmer, lighter but sturdy construction, it supports purses as heavy as 33 lbs quite easily. And there is more; the handbag hanger also comes with a number of other features to be reckoned with.

These are some of the features to note in this hanger:
  • Rubber pads make it safe to use even on wood or glass, as it does not scratch your tabletop or other light surfaces.
  • Since it is built from durable premium alloy, the hanger will last you for years, as it does not tarnish easily.
  • The design is also so sophisticated that you can actually use the hanger as a bracelet if you wish to.
  • You cannot go wrong with the wide variety of finishes in this clip, from soft matte to the polished ones. Its look offers something for everyone.
  • Needing only half an inch of space, it does not require a large surface to be able to support your purse. Therefore, you can use it on tiny edges without the risk of it falling off.
  • If the only thing around for you to use for hanging your purse is a thick table, rail or counter, you need not to worry, as this hanger opens wide enough to cover virtually any space ideal for hanging your bag.
Polished gold may not be your go-to option, but you can still get something that fits your preference. Why not try other colors, like matte gold, polished silver, matte silver, and matte hematite? Remember, they all come with the same quality.
Best Value
The lightweight and simple design of this Silver Hooks Classic Purse Hook makes it super easy to carry around in your purse for convenience. If you are looking for a square design handbag hanger with a 2.5-inch clearance space for your purse, then check out Silver Hooks Square Purse Handbag Hanger.

Silver Hooks Womens Lightweight Handbag Purse Hanger— Available in Eight Colors

For Silver Hooks, great products are just the beginning of the story. The company takes things a little further with great service that fulfills every customer’s interest to the fullest. From unbeatable prices to the customer service itself, this company takes the whole idea of shopping experience to a completely different level.

Using a purse hook can be a great option, but if you have to work with one that cannot support heavy purses, or keeps sliding, things can be quite difficult. Well, this does not mean you should resort to keeping your bag on the ground. With non-slip rubber, the Silver Hooks Classic Purse Hook maintains a tight grip on virtually any surface, ensuring the bag does not slide and fall off, so you can hang your bag safely and conveniently. And it comes with other features that are worth checking out as well.

Some of the features you should not miss include the following:
  • Built for heavy-duty use, this hanger can hold bags up to 15 pounds with no problem, so you do not need to worry about the weight of your bag; this hanger will get the job done.
  • Something else you shouldn’t miss is the gift bag that this hanger comes with, which is large enough to fit your hanger so that you can keep it safely both at home or on the go.
  • Another interesting thing is its lightweight construction, which makes it ideal for carrying with you, not to mention the sleek design which means it can fit in virtually any small purse.
  • Versatility is also among the benefits that this hanger has to offer, whether you want to use it to hold your shopping bag, your handbag or any other bag within this weight range, you can always count on this hanger.
If green is not your favorite color, you can still choose from 8 different options: blue swirl, assorted flowers, green, pink paisley, multi floral, orange cute dog, white, and white butterflies.
The Lulabop Heroclip Handbag Hanger is versatile enough for use on almost any bag you want to keep off the ground. If you are looking for a hanger with a rotating, folding hook and a strong clip that is ideal for camping, then check out Lulabop Qliplet Carabiner Handbag Hanger with Rotating-Folding Hook.

Lulabop Heroclip Carabiner Clip Outdoor Camping Travel Gadget — Available in 12 Colors and 3 Sizes

Getting quality products in this vast market can be a pain in the neck. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know where to look, and Lulabop is one of the places you need to turn. With the company’s commitment to providing the quality every customer is looking for, it has achieved milestones in making some of the best products available. And its customer service is great as well.

So you have that expensive bag you bought the other day, and you can’t just place it on a wet floor, right? Well, you need to get the right tool to keep it off the ground, and a hanger is virtually all you need to keep your bag at a safe height. The Lulabop Heroclip Handbag Hanger comes in handy – thanks to a rotating and folding hook, you can use it just about any place without problems. And perhaps the best part is that it features other interesting qualities that you can make the most of.

These are some of the other features to look out for:
  • This hanger is good for multi-functional purposes, thanks to its convertible design that you can use on almost any platform or rail.
  • The sturdy make is an ideal choice if you want to hang heavy bags. With the capability to support up to 50 pounds, you can always get more with this hanger.
  • Besides, it is versatile enough for use with different things, from purses to lanterns and suitcases, as well as toilet bags, camera packs and much more.
  • What’s more, the innovative and sleek design makes this hanger super easy to carry with you, whether for travel, camping, or shopping.
This pink hanger might not be the best color for your liking, but you have an array of 12 total colors to choose from. You can go for green, orange, phoenix, black, thunder, hot rod red, and blue, to mention just a few. Plus, it also comes in three different sizes; talk of being spoilt for choice.
Built for heavy-duty use, this b.m.c 4-piece Theme Designed Folding Handbag Hanger can support bags as heavy as 6 pounds with ease. If you are looking for a 4-piece hanger set with circle eye-catching designs, then check out b.m.c Various Design Folding Purse Hangers.

b.m.c 4-piece Theme Designed Shoulder Folding Handbag Hanger Set— Available in Four Themes

Shopping for a handbag hanger can be quite a task, but the search gets easier when you have a variety of options to choose from. No one knows this better than b.m.c, and the company goes to extremes to bring customers a wide range of products that they can choose from. Well, and unparalleled customer service too.

When it comes to handbag hangers, you need to get one that guarantees nothing short of reliable support for your bag. This comes down to the features the hanger comes with, and the b.m.c 4-piece Theme Designed Folding Handbag Hanger is among the best you can consider for the job. Its anti-slip grip from rubber backing makes it the real deal when it comes to keeping your bag high and safe. .

These are several other qualities this hanger can offer:
  • The first thing you will notice about this hanger is the attractive design, and it is compact enough for easy portability, especially when you want to use it on the go.
  • With the right grip on virtually any surface, you can always find somewhere to hang your bags, regardless of the construction of the available tables or rails.
  • With its small size and beautiful colors, this hanger fits perfectly on the handle of your handbag, which not only adds to the beauty of your bag, but also makes retrieval super easy.
  • What’s more, it is sturdy enough to take on up to 6 pounds; the purse is usually easy to open since all you need to do is pull the hook out.
If you’re not a dog person, you can always try the swirled heart, the Hawaii Island theme, or purses, all of which come with the same high quality.
The non-slip tip of the uxcell Glittery-Black Butterfly Round Folding Handbag Hanger holds up well and does not damage your desk or table surface. How about pairing your purchase with this uxcell Artificial Rhinestones Wall Handbag Hook, which can be mounted in your office or home, and is built to hold heavy items from bags to coats?

uxcell Round Folding Accent Table Handbag Hanger— Keeps Purse off Floor, Available in 13 Stylish Colors and Designs

If you are looking for a variety of products, uxcell may well be the right place to check, as the company offers an array of options. From handbag hangers to other types of products such as PCs, MP4 and MP3 players, cell phones, and digital cameras, the list is almost endless. You can always get all you need for a better lifestyle.

While any handbag hanger may seem fit for the job, the key goal is finding the one that can go the distance. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a ruined bag after having spent money on a bag hanger anyway. This uxcell Glittery Black Butterfly Round Folding Handbag Hanger will take you there, thanks to its robust construction, as it can hold up to 4-pound or heavier bags with ease. And there is more, since it comes with several other features – you will always have something to love about it.

These are some of its other features that you cannot afford to miss:
  • With a non-slip tip, this hanger keeps your bag well in place despite the different textures of surfaces you will need to hang your bag on.
  • Besides, the edges are soft enough not to scratch the desk or table, whether they are made of glass or wood. So you can count on this hanger for the safety of both your bag and table.
  • And since it is foldable and the right size for portability, carrying it with you will always be super easy.
  • Since the hook extends to the bottom of the table or desk, this gizmo keeps your bag out of the way, while still ensuring it is well off the ground.
Maybe the black is just too dull for your liking. Not to worry, there are 13 options total, such as hot pink, purple, red, yellow, light blue, light green, royal blue, just to mention a few. There is definitely something for everyone.

How Do I Choose the Best Handbag Hangers?

Handbag hangers have been around long enough, and maybe you have been worrying all this time that your bag is not well placed when you are out. It is frustrating to have your new designer bag sitting on your lap during your lunch date, because it’s the only alternative to the floor. As they say, if it is on the floor, it is cheap. Oh! If you want to display your new gem, you need to get the right purse hanger, and the first step is to understand what it takes to land the best deal in the business.

The most important thing you should look out for is the safety of both your bag and the surface where your hanger attaches. This could be a table, desk, or a counter, to mention just a few. Well, if you can find a hook with a rubber tip, then you can be sure you have the right thing. It goes a long way in preventing scratches to the surface, as well as being non-slip, which is essential for keeping your purse off the ground.

The other thing you need to have is a robust hanger that can handle the weight to a reasonable scale. If you want a hook for your camera bag, then a simple one can do. But things can be different, and perhaps complicated, if you need a hanger to support a heavier backpack – for this you will need a sturdier hanger.

When it comes to using your hanger on the go, you need to be sure you have a way of carrying it. This should not be a problem, as most clips are sleek enough to fit in your handbag without taking up much space or having to force it in. But if you do not want it mixed in with your beauty products, then you might have to reconsider your options. Some have an ideal design of attaching easily to the handle of your bag. And what’s more, many come in beautiful colors that can add a touch of class, too.

So you can proceed to check out our selection of five of the best hangers on the market, but be sure to take a look at these features first.
When you consider the efficiency that a handbag hanger can offer and factor in the price, you will notice that most of them are reasonably priced. If you have any amount between about $5 and $20, you can get a quality hanger that you will always be proud of. But you can spend a bit more for higher quality.

Talking of handbag hanger prices, several factors come into play. These include the features – if you want a hanger made of tough material, with rubber tips, or that can rotate, expect to spend a bit more for the value. The same story for the brand, as well. If you want the brand everyone is looking for, be ready to spend a little more than you would with other options.

But, what you should be wary of are the cheap handbag hangers that have flooded the market. These types are not ideal choices, as they will hardly serve you. Since they lack such features as rotating ends, sturdy material and rubberized tips for perfect grip, they may not perform as you expect.
When selecting a handbag hanger, several things have to be considered, and one of them is the features. If you want a hook that will not let you down at the most crucial time, or one that will command the attention of everyone around you, then the features are what can take you there.

Before you click the buy button, there are several things you need to double check:
  • Type – From open designs to fully circular ones, and the clips as well, these hangers come in different shapes and designs. You can just choose your preferred design, as well as one that can best fit your needs.
  • Material – The material of your hanger could mean the difference between a lasting hanger and one that could turn out to be a waste of your money. Handbag hangers are built to last and are made of material that makes them sturdy enough to keep going despite the heavy weight they have to support. Many hangers also come in attractive materials, making them classy enough to clip to your purse.
  • Capacity – The fact that these are handbag hangers does not mean they are supposed to be flimsy, since handbags sometimes have lots of items. Sometimes you might also want to use a hanger to support a heavy backpack. The good news is, the market has all you need, and most of these hangers will keep your bag well off the floor. It boils down to selecting the right one that can work perfectly with the weight of your bag.
Construction and Design
The construction, as well as design, could make the hanger you get one that you can be proud of. Hangers are built differently, but these variations are essential when it comes to choosing the right hanger for your needs.
  • Design - This largely depends on what you feel most comfortable working with, whether it is a fully circular, clip or open hanger. More importantly, you need to get a hanger that is easy and fun to use or carry. This also involves the size, where you need to weigh your options. If you have a heavy and spacious bag, then the size of hanger you need will differ from that of a purse that cannot accommodate a lot of stuff.
  • Size - Just as the difference in design and other aspects is apparent, these hangers come in different sizes and weights as well. This is worth considering if you do not want to add weight to your already full and hefty bag. But with size ranging from the sleek and lightweight designs to the bigger ones, you can make your choice depending on your bag size and weight.
  • Color - You can hardly talk of handbag hangers without mentioning this aspect. If there is one thing that comes in abundance, as far as these hangers are concerned, it is the variety of colors. You can choose your favorite color, or one that matches the bag you usually carry. Whether you prefer dark or bright colors, there will always be something for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
No matter how classy your hanger may look, or how well built it is, if it cannot withstand the intensity of the task, then it is not worth it. And since the gizmo is made with this necessity in mind, it is usually equipped to offer you the service you are looking for, and the value for your hard-earned money.
  • Durability - It is obvious that you will need a hanger for a long time, and once you get used to it, there’s no turning back. But this does not mean you keep buying new ones. At least look for a hanger that can last for years, despite the stretching it may receive from your bag. And, more importantly, you need to make sure your hook can still perform after long periods of exposure to harsh weather, especially if you travel a lot.
  • Where Does it Work Best? - Different hangers will work differently on varying surfaces, but the most important thing is how well your hanger can perform on almost any surface. Some feature rubber tips for a better grip on such surfaces as glass and tabletops, and this can be a big plus, as it also prevents scratching that may result in damage to the table or other surface. You also need to keep an eye on the tip; ideally, it should be able to hold on to thin surfaces. Some hangers can grip a surface with just half an inch of space quite well, such as what you would find in bathroom stalls or the back of a chair.
  • Versatility - Using handbag hangers does not mean you buy a new one for each bag you have around. So, you will need a hanger that can work on virtually any bag. Some of these hangers are built to work with different kinds of bags, from sports bags to purses, and the list goes on and on. All you need to do is make sure you consider this factor before making the final decision, unless you want to spend more money down the road, buying several hangers for different types of bags.

Get the Best Handbag Hangers of 2023!

We believe that by now you can hit the market with confidence and get a great hanger for your bag. But, if you did not find the one you were after, you don’t have to worry. You can still browse our recommended brands for more options, as they have an extensive collection of some of the best handbag hangers around. The days of keeping your handbag on the floor are over!

Our Top Choice
Clipa 2 Ring Style Handbag Hangers
Best Value
Silver Hooks Classic Purse Hooks
Lulabop Heroclip Handbag Hanger
b.m.c Theme Designed Folding Handbag Hanger Set
uxcell Round Folding Handbag Table Hanger