Best Handbag Organizer Reviews 2023

If you have concluded you need a handbag organizer, what you may soon discover is that finding information about the right handbag organizer is not organized at all and it’s the last thing you want to spend your time doing. You don’t have to give up on getting the best though; we have done the search for you and have come up with five great handbag organizers from five of the best handbag organizer brands. These brands have other variations of handbag organizers you can check out if you are so inclined.
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Our Top Choice
Pelikus® Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert
Pelikus understands that attention to detail sets a brand apart, which is what helps it create solutions that are tailored to customer needs.
Has 10 compartment. Easy to use. Can easily switch between handbags. Available in four colors. Thick wall for form and protection.
Center section makes it clumsy to use.
Pouch inserts
9.5 x 6 inches
5 colors
Best Value
Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer
Periea is a go-to brand for storage solutions with its quality clothes storage and handbag organizers that help you keep things where you want them.
Has 13 compartments. Two zippered compartments. Machine washable. Handles for easy lift. Available in multiple colors. Comes in three sizes.
Some of the stitches come loose rather easily.
Open inserts
S; M; L
18 colors
Dahlia Patented Sturdy Handbag Organizer
Dahlia is true to its name: tasteful. It designs and sells premium-quality clothing, accessories and fashion jewelry in trending styles, and offers them at competitive prices.
Has 21 components. Comes with a retractable keychain. Has open and zippered pockets. Pleated pockets. Elastic edges.
Edges not sturdy enough to protect items in that area.
Open inserts
11 x 6.7 inches
100% Nylon
7 colors
Multifunction Slim Bag-in-Bag Purse Organizer
Established in 2004, Hoxis designs and markets trendy fashion items women love to love. Its level of innovation and creativity is what makes it a choice brand.
Has 13 pockets. Made of nylon. Expandable center pocket. Washable. Padded outer layer. Foldable. Available in different colors.
Not stiff enough to stay upright.
11 x 7 inches
100% Nylon
10 colors
Jet-Bond Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer
Jet-Bond understands that solutions need not be complex to meet needs. It produces sports products, car accessories, clothing, etc., aimed at meeting individual needs.
Foldable and lightweight. Has 13 pockets. Easy to clean. Available in nine colors. Has handles for easy lift.
No support on the sides, so it can’t keep form.
Pouch inserts
10.6 x 7.4 inches
9 colors

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What is the Best Handbag Organizer?

When you find the best handbag organizer, you will know because it will have the features you seek. Go ahead and read our review of individual products to find the one that meets your needs the most.
Our Top Choice
The Pelikus® Medium Purse Organizer has multiple compartments to store your stuff and can easily be switched between bags anytime, so you won’t have to reorganize. If you’d like a handbag organizer with more compartments, get the Pelikus Extra Large Bag Organizer, which has 16 compartments and comes in four unique colors.

Pelikus® Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert with 10 Compartments – Available in 5 Colors

Pelikus is a unique brand founded with the aim of impressing its customer base. With the amount of patronage it has been getting since its inception, it is obvious it has stayed true to that commitment. Consistently creating solutions that specifically address problems, as well as its razor-sharp attention to detail, are some of the qualities that make this brand unique. Its series of bag organizers, such as the one we are featuring, is an epitome of this brand’s dedication to customer happiness.

From arranging the smallest item into your handbag to the biggest, the Pelikus® Medium Purse Organizer has got your back. It is an easy way to have your bag always organized without having to do it daily. This bag-in-bag, as it’s often called, has 10 compartments that can hold a notepad, tablet, cosmetics, and those other important things you can’t do without. When you’re done arranging your items into fitting compartments, just put the organizer into your bag and you’re done! No more crammed-up bags, and definitely, no more embarrassing episodes of handing an eyeliner to someone instead of a pen.

It is possible you will need to switch bags during the day. With this item of resounding creativity, it is no more a hassle. All you have to do if you have the Pelikus Purse Organizer is lift it out of one bag and drop it into another. You won’t have to carry the same bag the whole week out of fear of transferring your stuff. This organizer is sturdy, but also light enough to not add any significant weight to your handbag. That’s another worry question answered, right?

Some bags look wilted or misshapen due to their contents. There are also times you wish your bag was fuller and you may throw in a thing or two to make it appear so. The beauty of totes and handbags shows when the entire surface is stretched out without folds or wrinkles. Pelikus® Medium Purse Organizer is a great way to give your handbag shape without throwing in unnecessary items just to achieve form or shape. This handbag organizer is a smart way to protect the interior of your bag from dirt, as contents only come into contact with the organizer and not your bag.

This handbag organizer is available in five colors currently. You can choose from caramel, chocolate, dark grey, pink or red depending on your personal preference!
Best Value
The Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer is made with a combination of polyester and nylon and has a cotton lining that helps it retain its shape and it is also machine washable. If you’d like a sleek-looking variant, go for the Periea Claire 15 Pockets Medium Handbag Organizer, which looks great with its faux leather surface.

Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer With 12 Compartments – Available in 3 Sizes & Multiple Colors

Established in 2011, Periea, being a millennial brand, understands the challenges clutter can cause. It is passionate about helping people get storage solutions for their clothes, shoes, drawers, cars, etc. What endears Periea to customers is its durable and quality products, which it manages to offer at affordable prices. Periea doesn’t stop at giving the conventional solution; it goes a step further to add an extra touch of personality, which makes its products stand out.

The Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer has 13 compartments to store your personal effects. It is a convenient way to keep items in your bag arranged, visible and within reach. Its compartments are of different sizes to accommodate items as big as your notepad and as small a pen. Two of its large compartments have zippers to conceal the contents from prying eyes. This is a great security feature, because if a peeper does not know what’s in there, there’s hardly a motivation to try to steal it.

This handbag organizer is an easy way to switch bags without having to transfer the contents individually. It has two sturdy handles you can use to lift the organizer out of one bag and place it into another. It is available in 18 different colors. So, if you want one that matches your bag, or just want your favorite color, it won’t be hard to find. Since handbags come in different sizes, it only makes sense for handbag organizers to come in different sizes too. This particular one is available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can get all three sizes; we’re sure your bags are not all the same size.

The Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer is made of a combination of polyester, nylon, and cotton. While this bag organizer protects your bag from dirt, it is made with materials that are easy to wash. And to make it even easier for you, it is machine washable. The best part is that it comes with all these great features, yet at an affordable price. Isn’t it amazing that the lifespan of your expensive designer bag can be extended with a product at a fraction of its price?
The detailed design of the Dahlia Handbag Organizer will make accessing items in your bag much easier. It has a retractable keychain for easy access to your door. For a less expensive variant, go for the Dahlia Nifty Handbag Organizer, which has 18 compartments and is available in three colors.

Dahlia Patented Sturdy Handbag Purse Organizer Insert with 21 Components – Available in Multiple Colors

Dahlia is a supplier of diverse categories of products, such as clothing, jewelry, dining sets, and so much more. Its goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices, by selling directly to customers. Its educational posts on how to get the best out of products makes this brand different. For instance, it has step-by-step directions on how to wear a scarf. Dahlia doesn’t just sell to its customers; it goes a step further to teach them how to use them. It is no surprise it’s a preferred choice by customers, and a highly rated brand on Amazon since 2005.

The Dahlia Organizer offers a unique organizing solution for tote and handbag carriers. It has 21 components to help you sort and arrange items in your bag. With this much volume, you can choose to live on the move if you want. It won’t be difficult at all locating anything in this organizer, as the compartments are neatly arranged and you will easily see almost all the contents of your bag in one glance.

The details of this bag organizer are mind-blowing. It has a leather strap across its length to keep items in place during transit or a fall. It has a compartment designated for cards, which makes it easy to reach one without having to dig into your purse. We often throw keys into our bags and then get frustrated looking for them. The Dahlia Handbag Organizer features a retractable keychain to keep your keys within reach.

This self-standing handbag organizer is firmly built, with elastic edges to accommodate thick items. It features both open pockets and zippered pockets. Open pockets give easy access, while zippered pockets are for privacy and security. It’ll fit into bags with the length of 11cm, a width of 4.5cm and height of 6.5cm. Available in seven beautiful colors to choose from, you can complete that chic look you desire. And if for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, which we doubt, Dahlia offers a 30-day return warranty.
The Hoxis Purse Organizer is made of nylon and is well padded on the sides to securely cuddle its contents so your personal effects remain intact and undamaged. If you’d like a smaller product, get the Hoxis Colorful Handbag Organizer, which is designed for smaller bags and has six pockets.

Hoxis Insert Organizer with 13 Pockets – Available in 7 Colors & 2 Pack Sizes

Hoxis, a subsidiary of Mizo International Industry Limited, was established in 2004 in Guangzhou, China. Hoxis is passionate about women’s fashion. Despite being located in China, Hoxis sends its designers to Korea, Italy, and Japan every year to study fashion trends and create up-to-date clothing and fashion accessories at competitive prices without compromising quality. It has a commitment to keep improving and to continue to satisfy its customers with quality and trendy outfits.

If you still have your stuff all over the place in your handbag, congratulations, you’re ancient. Luckily, we’re here to bring you back to our savvy reality. The Hoxis Purse Organizer will help you turn the interior of your handbag from chaos into a compartmentalized array of personal items it is supposed to be. Welcome to the modern age. One lovely feature of this handbag organizer is its side buttons for expanding and reducing the center pocket.

It has two zippered compartments, which are perfect for keeping items you’d rather not have exposed. It has five mesh pockets to store bulky items, and the main center pocket can be used for items that are quite big. Changing bags has never been easier with the Hoxis Purse Organizer. Simply lift with its two handles and place in your desired bag. No need to reorganize or repack anything. This unique organizer is made of nylon and is washable; it is also foldable for easy storage when not in use. It has a padded outer layer to protect the items in its compartments, so you don’t have to worry about the delicate items you might have in your bag. This ‘bag in bag’ is fluffy, smooth and comes in seven different colors, so feel free to flaunt your style. This purse organizer has dimensions of 11.6 by 6.8 by 3.8 inches, which will neatly fit into most totes and handbags.

If you’re not sure on the colors we’ve chosen, don’t worry, we won’t be offended! There’s actually seven colors to choose from including blue, army, brown and purple. But that’s not all. You can also get this organizer in a 2-pack and there’s three different color combinations to choose from.
The Jet-Bond XB001 Handbag Organizer is a lightweight insert for purses, totes, and handbags, which has 13 pockets to keep your things organized and within reach. If you’d like one without a zipper, go for the JET-BOND JJ014 Candy Color Handbag Organizer, which is also lightweight and is suitable for smaller bags.

Jet-Bond XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer Purse Insert Liner Pouch Medium Size with Handles Many Pockets – Available in Multiple Colors

Jet-Bond is a big supplier of car accessories, sports accessories, clothing, and so much more. This innovative brand is committed to offering products that give uncomplicated solutions to individual needs and at competitive prices. It has a workforce that is passionate about their jobs and committed to ensuring customers’ maximum satisfaction with their customer engagement. It has a wide distribution network to make its products available where you need them.

Handbags without compartments make accessing items in them difficult. Arranging items in your totes and handbags just got easier with the Jet-Bond Handbag Organizer. With two zippered pockets to conceal items you want to keep away from prying eyes, one big pocket to accommodate voluminous items, six mesh pockets for keeping the smaller items, such as your mobile phone and cards, and four parachute pockets. With all these compartments, you probably can store half of your belongings in there. Switching bags is as easy as lifting the organizer from one bag and placing it in the other.

There are times you might inadvertently spill whatever is in your bag. It would be such a shame if the particular bag was the most expensive of your lot. Such times are when this bag organizer comes in handy – it is a great way to keep the interior of your bag fresh and spanking. This product is made of nylon, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth or anything you can wipe nylon material clean with.

This bag organizer is lightweight, as it weighs in at just 78 grams. It has two handles to make carrying easy and comes in nine dazzling colors you can choose from, so you can mix and match all you want. Jet-Bond XB001 Handbag Organizer is compatible with bags without compartments, and it is foldable for easy storage when not in use.

How Do I Choose the Best Handbag Organizer?

We’ve all had such moments when you find everything except what you are actually looking for. It doesn’t matter how organized you think you are; finding your car keys in the myriad of stuff you have in your bag can prove to be the ultimate challenge. While this seems peculiar to women, men also have their fair share of looking for ‘that one thing’ among all the stuff they carry around. That is what makes handbag organizers the best thing to happen after handbags.

If you happen to be a new mother, the odds are high against you because, just as you search for things in your handbag, you also have to search in the diaper bag. Yet, with a suitable handbag organizer, you may not even need the latter at all, as the organizer can help you fit your things and those of your little one, in your handbag – all easily accessible.

Needless to say, with your handbag organizer, you can organize your bag just as you organize your day. If you search well enough, you may even find a handbag organizer that can double as a toiletry organizer. No longer will you have to turn your bag over as you search for your blush.

Who knew such a little invention could spare women the stress that comes with searching through a handbag? The best handbag organizers are versatile and have several pockets and sections to arrange your things according to their types. You have the freedom to place your personal effects in groups according to their category. These organizers are pretty much generic, as they are compatible with most handbags, especially those that are not already compartmentalized. They are often available in small, medium, and large sizes. Handbag organizers will literally transform your handbag from a jungle to a well-planned city.
Handbag organizers vary in all sorts of ways, such as the materials they are made of, the size, and design. These are also the factors that affect their pricing. A small one with just six compartments, made of nylon, can cost you around $6. A large size with a felt surface, beautiful prints, zippered compartments, etc. will cost over $25. While price doesn’t guarantee quality, beware of the cheap handbag organizers that will probably add to the chaos in your handbag eventually.
To buy the right handbag organizer, you need to consider the kind of bag you often use, the size of the bag and the personal effects you will put into the bag. The important features to look out for in a handbag organizer include:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Compartments
  • Color
  • Weight
The subsequent sections will help you better understand how these features matter in a handbag organizer.
Construction and Design
Although women these days have busy schedules, some still find the time to switch between bags to look more appropriate for the occation. This is why handbag organizers must function across various kinds of bags, and it also explains why there are basically three types of bag organizers – open inserts, pouch types, and peripheral pocket organizers. Open inserts are the most versatile of the three and can easily be transferred from one handbag to another. Pouch type inserts are more suitable for pouches because of their rectangular shapes. The peripheral pocket organizers are arguably the most versatile, as they are available in various shapes and sizes.

While the type of handbag organizer is important, it is also related to the size of your bag. If you will use your organizer for different bag sizes, this is all the more important. Handbags generally come in three dimensions: small, medium and large. Measure the interior height, depth, and width of the handbag and compare it to the measurements of the handbag organizer you are considering. Oftentimes, a handbag organizer that fits a medium-sized bag will also fit a bag of a larger size. While some organizers are higher than others, some are compact and others roomy. Ensure you buy an organizer that fits your bag and, more importantly, meet your needs. If it’s too big, the entire purpose of buying an organizer will be defeated.

Handbag organizers are made of different materials such as nylon, polyester and felt. Some are made purely of nylon or a combination of nylon and polyester. Nylon is more lightweight than the other materials, but felt is sturdier. Normally, a nylon handbag organizer is suitable for a handbag that has a strong structure, while a handbag with a soft build will be better off with a felt handbag organizer.

Handbag organizers have several compartments, with some as many as 21. These compartments make it possible to convert your handbag for any suitable purpose, such as travel bag, book bag, makeup bag, among other uses. You can consider getting a foldable or expandable handbag organizer if you would like some level of flexibility. They also often include internal and external pockets which can be open or zippered. They come in various colors to suit your taste. It is certainly fashionable to buy a certain color of handbag organizer that complements the bag; manufacturers have provided various options for this purpose.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some women carry a lot of stuff in their bags that they aren’t even aware of. I suppose this is the time to say that a handbag organizer won’t solve your problems if you lug around too much stuff. By too much stuff, I mean those things you don’t need, such as old receipts, books you aren’t reading, etc. You need to evaluate your things and only go about with the things you need, such as glasses, phone and your keys, and the things that should always be handy, such as pen and tissue.

We doubt there is anyone who wants to carry extra weight in the name of keeping her bags organized. This also explains why suitable handbag organizers shouldn’t be weighty. Many handbag organizers are made of nylon and polyester materials, which are more lightweight than felt. If your handbag is already heavy, you should consider buying an extra-light handbag organizer, but if it doesn’t weigh much, you can go for the sturdier option. The idea is for both the handbag and the handbag organizer weights to be bearable.

Handbag organizers can easily be cleaned with a wet towel, hand washed or machine washed. You should follow the cleaning instructions on how best to care for your handbag organizer, and how to safely keep it when not in use. Now you have it. All the information you need to make up your mind on what to look for in a handbag organizer. This will surely make it easier for you to choose the best handbag organizer for your needs.

Get the Best Handbag Organizer of 2023!

We believe we have provided sufficient information to ease the task of choosing a suitable handbag organizer. Now, you only have to make that purchase and tidy up your handbag.

Our Top Choice
Pelikus® Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert
Best Value
Periea Chelsy Handbag Organizer
Dahlia Patented Sturdy Handbag Organizer
Multifunction Slim Bag-in-Bag Purse Organizer
Jet-Bond Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer