Best Hanging Bike Rack Reviews 2023

An effective way to reclaim floor space is to use hanging bike racks. The idea is to move your bikes off the floor and onto this invention. There are many of these racks out there in the market, so getting the right one for you might be somewhat of a chore. Hence, we present to you our top five choices from some of the best hanging bike rack brands. Each of these brands has a few other hanging bike racks you can check out, as we highlighted just one from each. We’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that we also have bike racks for cars and standing bike racks, in case you need even more options.
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Our Top Choice
RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist
RAD Cycle is one of the biggest names in cycling-related products and accessories, bringing with it innovative designs, lifetime warranty and exceptional value.
It comes with a lifetime warranty. Can be fixed to ceilings as high as 12 feet. It can also be used to hang ladders, storage nets and benches.
It might be hard for some to disengage the lock mechanism.
Safe locking mechanism
2 pack; 1 bike per
100 pounds
Mountain bike
Info not provided
Best Value
Racor 2-Pack Ceiling Bike Lift
Racor specializes in storage solutions for different equipment: bicycles, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment and even ladders, helping you regain control of your space.
Assembling the hanger is quite easy. Tools are not really necessary. Constructed with sturdy steel. Hooks are coated with vinyl to protect your bikes against from.
Directions on how to work the rope could have been made clearer.
Rope and pulley system
2 pack; 1 bike per
50 pounds
All bikes
Steel/epoxy finish
Delta Cycle Gravity Bike Storage Rack
With a specialized line of cycling equipment, Delta Cycle has dedicated itself to the creation of interesting ideas for practical products with realistic prices.
Requires no drilling of holes into walls or ceilings. Quite easy to set up. Comes with rubber bumpers to protect your walls and floors from marks and scratches.
Space between the two hanging spots is a bit small.
Leans against wall
2 or 4 bikes
80 pounds
All bikes
Steel/powder coat finish
Swagman 2 Bike Storage Hang It
Established in the 90s, Swagman is one of the first companies to venture into the design and marketing of bike racks. Buying from Swagman means buying experience.
The hooks can be adjusted to any height or angle. It can accommodate bicycles of different sizes and shapes. It is quick to hoist and take down your bicycle.
The clamps on the bottom bar are not properly sized.
Upright storage
2 bikes
80 pounds
All bikes
Info not provided
Cycling Deal 2-Bike Bicycle Hanger
Cycling Deal offers a wide range of products, from mountain bikes to bicycle repair parts, and even cycling gear and other bicycle accessories; you never run out of options.
Weighs just 5 kilos. Quite flexible. Hanger can be extended to a maximum height of 118 inches (approximately 10 feet).
The upper mount needs a bit more work.
Upright storage
2 bikes
80 pounds
Mountain bikes
Steel/epoxy coating

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What is the Best Hanging Bike Rack?

Whatever hanging bike rack you eventually decide on should be ideal for you; after all, it will be hanging your babies. Be sure to take everything we’ve highlighted into consideration as you make your choice. We support your choice all the way.
Our Top Choice
With the RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist, you don’t need a ladder to get your bike up. Raising your bikes is quite easy and convenient with the pulleys and latches that can hoist a bike as heavy as 100 pounds. If you want a hanger that is quite flexible, and one you can hang vertically or horizontally, check out the RAD Cycle Products Highest Quality Rail Mount.

RAD Cycle Products 2-Pack Bike Lift Hoist with 100lb Capacity

For years, RAD Cycle Products has been a real force in the production and sale of bike parts and cycling equipment, including bike racks, bicycle hoists, bicycle repair stands, bicycle air pumps, etc. With its brother company, RAD Sportz, it has been able to branch out of cycling and into every sports and fitness product. The three watchwords “innovative designs,” “exceptional value” and “lifetime warranty” are what guides the production of everything RAD Cycle Products has to offer. It promises not just high-tech designs and high quality with each of its products, but cost effectiveness too.

The RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist is an effective and safe way to store your bikes and reclaim your space. It is an overhead bike hanger, that is. You are to fix it to your ceiling and your bike will hang down. Scared that your overhead hanging bicycle will soon fall on you? Not to worry, RAD Cycle is one step ahead. It has incorporated into this product a special rope-locking mechanism that secures your bikes for as long as you want it.

Getting your bikes up there is also not a problem, seeing as the RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist is outfitted with pulleys and latches. The pulleys and latches help you hoist your bikes up conveniently, and the rope lock keeps them there. Provided your bike is not heavier than 100 pounds, the pulleys and latches will conveniently hoist it up. Since this is a two-rack hanger, if you want to store two bikes, just make sure that the shared weight of both bikes is 100 pounds.

The hooks are made with rubber coating; this protects your bikes from unwanted scratches on their way up or down. Amazingly, it can be used to hang some of your other stuff, like your ladders, storage nets, benches, etc. This hanger is quite multifaceted.

Other stuff by this same brand includes:
  • The RAD Cycle Products Highest Quality Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift-Quality Bicycle Hoist: That is quite flexible and can be hung either parallel to the ceiling joist or horizontally. Why? Just because.
RAD Cycle Products’ products are built to last a long time, seeing as they all come with a lifetime warranty.
Best Value
The safety lock on the Racor Bike Rack Lift prevents your bicycles from falling by accident and more so, the ratio of your bicycle’s weight to the lifting weight of the hanger is 4:1, so it is quite secure. If you’d rather have your hanger as a stand, Racor has its Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Stand that you should check out.

Racor 2-Pack Ceiling Bicycle Mount Rack Lift with 50lbs Capacity

Since 1985, when Racor came into the market with its SR-2 Ski Rack, it has identified itself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of storage solutions. It provides solutions to your space and clutter problem with storage equipment for a wide range of products, from your sports equipment and bikes to your ladders and lawn and garden supplies. With over 50 items in the market, Racor caters to everybody and to every storage problem there is. It does not just preach the gospel of high-quality products and true customer satisfaction, it lives it.

With a bicycle weight to lifting weight ratio of 4:1, you can be sure to trust the Racor Bike Rack Lift to hoist your bike safely to its place of rest. Without stress, you can hang your bikes as high as you decide to place your hanger. The safety locks ensure that your bikes stay up and only come down when you want them to; no accidental coming down. The pulley and rope can conveniently lift or lower a bike that is as heavy as 50 pounds.

Wondering how your bike will be brought down? Think no more, because the strong rope that is a part of this hanger is equal to the task. All you need to do is pull on the rope, gently of course, and your baby comes down to you smooth and nice. It is constructed with sturdy steel and finished with epoxy – what this spells out is durability. Both the steel of which this hanger is made and the epoxy with which it is finished combine together to make this product corrosion resistant.

Assembling this product is no hassle; practically anybody can put it together even without assembly instructions. It also does not require any tools to assemble it, so this should suggest to you that you don’t need to be experienced in the art of construction or putting things together; just go ahead and do it. Its rubber guards are skid free and will keep your hanger fixed and stable, preventing your bike from falling.

Other hanging bike racks by Racor include:
  • The Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Stand: If you want your hanger as a stand
Most Racor hanging bike racks are two-rack hangers, making it possible for you to get the value of two for the price of one.
The Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity Storage Rack is finished with quality, silver powder-coat finish that makes for a durable, efficient and environment-friendly hanging bike rack. If you are pressed for space, you could save even more space with the Delta Cycle El Greco Bike Hoist, just because it is a ceiling mount hanger.

Delta Cycle Gravity Stand Bicycle Storage Rack – Available with 2 or 4 Bike Capacity

Delta Cycle has been on board the cycling equipment train for over 30 years. It has been consistent in creating products that take care of your cycling needs: storage, maintenance and even repair. Its team is focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing practical products for cyclists and bicycle lovers at realistic prices. Delta Cycle offers a small, focused line of products and this helps it dedicate itself to providing some of the best cycling products there are. When you get a Delta Cycle product, be sure that a lot of careful thinking and dedication have gone into its making.

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity Storage Rack is a study in efficiency. It is a stand that doesn’t require too much ceremony. In fact, you don’t need to deface your walls in an attempt to properly stow your bikes. All you need to do is assemble it and place it on the floor, and boom – it is ready for business. Attached to it are rubber bumpers. These bumpers are to provide a landing for your bicycles. That they are made of rubber means that the landing is soft and that your walls, floor and even your bicycles are safe from unwanted scratches.

This hanger is quite accommodating with its easily adjustable arms. Irrespective of the shape or style of bike you have, all you need to do is adjust the arms to your desired specification and you have no problem. It can bear a maximum weight of 80 pounds; if you are going to be hanging two bikes on it, they both should weigh, together, 80 pounds. Ensure that you keep to the maximum weight so you don’t create problems for yourself.

Its coat finishing is of quality silver powder, and this gives the hanger a nice look to it, but that is not all. It also makes the hanger resistant to corrosion, so your hanger is quite durable and not going anywhere for some time yet. We are still not done; the powder finish used is an environment-considerate and friendly kind of finish. This is good news for everybody, but especially our “save the earth” enthusiasts. Our dear earth was not hurt during the process, so you can rest easy.

Delta Cycle also has:
  • Delta Cycle El Greco Bike Hoist for Garage Lift Space Storage Kayak: That is quite versatile and can be hung from your ceiling
The beauty of the Swagman Hang It is that it is quite flexible and expandable. It can be comfortably extended to a maximum height of 9 feet. So, it fits snugly against any wall that is within the range of 9 feet. If all you have to hang is one bicycle, you might prefer the Swagman Hook It: Single Bike Wall Hanger.

Swagman Hang It 2 Bike Storage Rack

Sometime in the early 90s, Jim and Jan Morris decided to come up with an easier and more effective way to move bicycles. This is the simple story of how Swagman came to be. Many years down the line, that decision has grown into one of the world’s leading producers of outdoor sports equipment, ranging from products with wheels to products for water and even products for snow. Swagman credits some of its success to its dogged staff, feedback from its brand ambassadors and its loyal customers and other regular people who use and test its products.

Looking for a bicycle rack that you can easily manipulate? Then you sure are looking for the Swagman Hang It. It can be easily adjusted to any height of wall, with a maximum height of 9 feet. What this means is you can use it in any room, provided the ceiling is not higher than 9 feet. Just adjust the pole to your required length and you are good to go. The pole attaches itself to the ceiling and to the floor too, so it is properly fixed and not going anywhere.

However, if your bikes are so precious you wouldn’t risk hurting them (even though there is nothing to fear with the Hang It), you could reinforce the pole’s sturdiness through the extra holes drilled into the body. Get your rope or something, pass the rope through the holes and fasten the rope wherever you want it – the wall, a pillar, anything. As easy as it is to put up, it is also easy to take down, just in case you want to relocate (it or yourself).

Remember when we told you the Hang It can be easily manipulated? Well, here is another confirmation. The Hang It is a simple, one-piece (when assembled) product. No problem assembling; just take out the pole, fix the arms to it, adjust the pole to your desired length and adjust the arms to your desired spec; that’s all. Yes, the arms are adjustable to varying heights and degrees, and can be made to accommodate any bike, irrespective of shape or size (not weight). In fact, you can even hang two bikes of varying sizes without upsetting your Hang It.

Other bike products by Swagman include:
  • Swagman Hook It: Single Bike Wall Hanger: For those that have or intend to buy just one bike
Finished with epoxy powder coating, the Cycling Deal Bicycle Hanger is built to last and is resistant to heat. Its black color means that your hanger blends in beautifully with the other furniture in your home. If what matters most to you is durability, Cycling Deal is quite confident in the Bicycle Bike Hanger Parking Rack, which comes with a lifetime indoor use warranty.

Cycling Deal 2-Bike Bicycle Hanger Parking Rack Storage Stand

This Australian-based company is involved in the marketing of bicycles and bicycle accessories. Every bicycle lover is covered under Cycling Deal’s wide range of products, from repair and upgrade parts to bike rack stands, bike tools and car roof racks. Cycling Deal wants to see you look at your bicycle as something close to a best friend by giving you the very best of bicycles (mountain bikes, road bikes and BMX bikes) and bicycle accessories (bicycle tool kit, replacement lights). The family-owned company has committed itself to the provision of quality products, affordable prices and excellent customer service.

The Cycling Deal Bicycle Hanger is one of Cycling Deal’s best products yet. It has this epoxy powder coat that transforms this hanger from an ordinary bike rack to an important piece of furniture. That it comes in black is just awesome; we all know why. Black is the ultimate blender and does not only blend in, but ties together all other components of a whole. This, people, is what you are getting with Cycling Deal’s two-rack hanger.

The epoxy powder and the steel, which the hanger is made of, combine to make this hanger durable and long-lasting, seeing as it is resistant to corrosion. Be prepared to use this product for a long time, because it is going nowhere (well unless, of course, it is stolen).

Whatever wall, ceiling or floor you have, Cycling Deal Bicycle Hanger will fit right in. Also, it can be adjusted to accommodate a ceiling that is close to 10 feet high. Weighing just 5 kilos, this hanger weighs practically nothing and can be easily moved from room to room, or within the same room, without scratches on your wall, floor, ceiling or the hanger itself. That it weighs practically nothing doesn’t take away from its ability to lift your heavy bikes.

Other Cycling Deal hanging bike racks include:
  • Bicycle Bike Hanger Parking Rack Storage Floor to Ceiling Stand 3.4m: That inspires confidence with its lifetime indoor use guarantee
  • The Storage Hoist Surfboard Kayak Bicycle Rack Bike Lift Ceiling Hooks: That can carry a bicycle as heavy as 60 kilos
  • The 2 Bike Bicycle Storage Floor Garage Parking Rack Stand Leans Against Wall: which also has a lifetime in door use warranty
There are a few others with the same quality that could only be Cycling Deal.

How Do I Choose the Best Hanging Bike Rack?

Whether you use your bike as an extension of your home gym or as your favorite means of transportation, bicycles are a favorite of so many people. Most bike owners have, at one point or another, had a problem of how to store their bike(s). Those that have a big enough garage might not understand what this feels like, but for those that are pressed for space, it could be a huge headache. You don’t want to just dump it outside, but bringing it in means sacrificing precious space. All that can be in the past with the hanging bike rack; it is the solution to your space and clutter problem.

The purpose of a hanging bike rack is to get your bikes off the ground and give you your space back. When your bike is hanging from the ceiling or from a stand, you have all the floor space to yourself to use as you please. You don’t even need too much from your tool kit and definitely not the heavy stuff like, say, an air hammer or something; they are pretty easy to put up.

Most hanging bike racks you’ll come across hang things other than the obvious; you could hang your ladders, your benches and even your kayaks, depending on the weight accepted by the rack. Besides hanging your bikes and organizing your space, there is also the angle of beauty that these racks bring. Imagine seeing one or two of your bikes hanging from the ceiling; there is just this beauty and air of sophistication it brings to your room. Plus, knowing your bikes are safe – that’s a whole different feeling on its own.

Come along with us and we will tell you what you need to know before you purchase your hanging bike rack.
Different factors typically go into pricing a product. For a hanging bike rack, the material the rack is made of, the material it is finished with, its carrying capacity, etc., determine how expensive or otherwise it will be. You can get a hanging bike rack for between about $20 and $55. Well actually, there are some way-too-cheap hanging bike racks we have not included in our review, because we are after the safety of your bikes and, of course, yourself too.
Here are some features for you to bear in mind while making your choice.
  • Design
  • Size
  • Flexibility
  • Load
  • Material
Construction and Design
Buying the right hanging bike rack should be important to you, since this instrument will be saddled with the responsibility of carrying your bikes. Now, one thing you must consider is the design – the pulleys and latches, the rope, the bumpers, etc. Here is the reason: your bike is going to be lifted. You should understand the gravity of that statement. Whatever rack you decide to go for, be absolutely sure that its features will lift your bike, keep it up and bring it down when necessary. A good hanging bike rack should have pulleys and latches that can actually lift a bike; you shouldn’t have to hoist the thing up yourself. Also, you should be able to bring your bike down without climbing up there, and of course, your bike should stay safely put when it is not needed down.

The size of your room and the size of the rack are two important factors. Get a hanging bike rack that will fit. Most hanging bike racks are either ceiling/wall racks or stands. Depending on the space you have in your room and, generally, what you are after, you could pick either. The ceiling/wall kind will remove the bikes completely from the ground, while the stands will occupy as little floor space as possible.

The material your rack is made of will typically suggest to you whether or not it will last. So, be careful to choose a rack that is constructed from and finished with materials that prolong its life. Stainless steel usually suggests corrosion resistance; that’s a good place to start.
Performance and Ease of Use
One thing you should look out for is the carrying capacity of the hanging bike rack you are about to purchase. Typically, the maximum weight a bike rack can carry is 100 pounds, but there are some with lower capacities. You already know the weight of your bike (if you don’t, go check), so, buy the rack that will hold it comfortably. However, the carrying capacity of the rack is different from the carrying capacity of the pulley or the rope. If the carrying capacity of a hanging bike rack is 100 pounds and it is a two-rack hanger, the carrying capacity of the pulley or rope will most likely be 50 pounds. Since these are the features that will be lifting and lowering your bikes, be sure to find out their maximum carrying capacity.

You might want to get a hanger that is flexible and will allow you leeway. For example, you could get a hanger with adjustable arms so that it can accommodate any size or shape of bike, provided it is within its (the bike rack’s) weight range. Also you can get a rack that is adjustable length-wise. What is meant here is, there are some hangers (the stand kind) that can be elongated to fit your room. A bike stand is supposed to be wedged between the ceiling and the floor, so these adjustable racks can be made to fit your room, even if they don’t exactly come fitted for your room.

Get the Best Hanging Bike Rack of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through all there is in this review, we believe you are ready to pick your hanging bike rack. Don’t forget to click on the brand links to view some of their other options if the featured ones don’t do it for you.

Our Top Choice
RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist
Best Value
Racor 2-Pack Ceiling Bike Lift
Delta Cycle Gravity Bike Storage Rack
Swagman 2 Bike Storage Hang It
Cycling Deal 2-Bike Bicycle Hanger