Best Hanging Light Reviews 2023

When it comes to choosing a chandelier light, personal taste is going to play an enormous role in the selection process. What one person adores, you may consider to be an absolute eyesore. This is why, to make it slightly easier for you, we have selected five of the best hanging light brands to give you a better idea of what is out there. We have also selected one individual piece to feature from each brand so you can get a better feel for what they have to offer.
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Chain Info
Bulb Info
Our Top Choice
CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Chandelier Light
CLAXY is a brand under the Ecopower Light LLC brand. They focus on manufacturing vintage-style hanging, flush mount, chandelier, wall and outdoor lights.
Vintage look. Oil-rubbed bronze and silver finish. Has 6 candle-shaped lights. Compatible with a dimmer switch. Chain is adjustable up to 47.2-inches.
Some people don’t like the extra silver detail and would prefer it just oil-rubbed bronze.
Adjustable up to 47.2-inches
6 x LED or incandescent
110 V
30.5 x 17 x 13.9” / 12.75lbs
Best Value
Diamond Life 4-Light Round Crystal Chandelier
Diamond Life focuses on manufacturing lighting products only, pouring all their expertise into manufacturing ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and light bulbs.
Crystal design will catch the light of any room. Contemporary chandelier design. Not too large, 14 x 18”. Hanging chain is adjustable up to 33”. Takes 4 x E12 bulbs.
Doesn’t come fully assembled/decorated.
Adjustable up to 33-inches
4 x E12 60-watt
Not specified
14 x 14 x 13” / 8lbs
Gallery Lighting Crystal Chandelier
If you are looking for a chandelier that will create a real statement in your home then Gallery Lighting is the brand choice for you. They manufacture a range of beautiful lighting solutions.
Elegant style. Large 27x32” to suit a big room. Decorated with 100% crystal. Empress Crystal™ trim. Fits 12 candle lightbulbs. 18-inch long chain.
Requires Assembly. Light bulbs not included.
12 x E15 bulbs
110 V
32 x 32 x 27” / 25.6lbs
Jojospring La Pedriza Antique Chandelier
Jojospring appreciates the beauty of art and light which is why they sell oil paintings and light fixtures. They’ve got a mix of chandelier, flush-mount, sconces and table lamps.
Modern look. Clear glass panels make up the shade. Iron constructed frame. Black finish with a hint of brown. Takes 3 x E12 bulbs. Long chain is adjustable.
Isolated issue of glass breaking after a few months use.
Modern/iron and glass
Adjustable up to 39.4-inches
3 x 60-watt E12
Not specified
10.2 x 10.2 x 18.7” / 8lbs
Hardware House Bristol Hanging Light
Hardware House is a lighting brand that specializes in simply designed, elegant glass chandeliers. They’ve been perfecting their craft since 1971.
Comes in 2 styles, with 5 or 1-lights. Mix of contemporary and vintage style. Alabaster glass shades. Frosted glass look. Medium sized. Brushed nickel finish.
Some received lights that didn’t quite hang straight.
Modern/vintage chandelier/pendant
3-feet long
5 x 60-watt A19
120 V
24 x 24 x 15” / 12lbs

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What is the Best Hanging Light?

Now that we have narrowed it down to five trusted and renowned brands, you can finally get on with the fun part of actually shopping for your perfect chandelier light! We recommend having a nose around to see all the lighting choices our selected brands have to offer as, although the chosen product we have featured is adored by us, it may not be the right fit for you and your chandelier needs. With such a huge selection of products available, however, we can guarantee you will find the best hanging light that will light up your life! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)
Our Top Choice
The CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Chandelier Light features 6 candle lights that are compatible with a dimmer switch to give you the ultimate mood setter. If you want hanging lights with a simpler design, you should check out the CLAXY Ecopower Metal Industrial Pendant Lights which come in a handy 3-pack so you can light up a large dining room, kitchen or living room with ease.

CLAXY Ecopower Lighting Industrial Vintage 6-Lights Candle Chandelier

CLAXY is an Ecopower Light LLC brand. They manufacture vintage-looking lights, including chandeliers, wall lights, outdoor lights, pendant and ceiling lights. They’re committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price whilst also maintaining a high level of customer service.

The CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Chandelier Light is a 6-light candle chandelier with a stylish oil-rubbed bronze finish and a silver strip on the bottom of the fixture and base of the candle holders. This elegant design would fit in any home, whether you’ve got a modern style home or one with more vintage vibes. The candle bulbs can be hooked up to a dimmer switch, for the ultimate mood setter and the hanging chain is adjustable up to 47.2-inches.

This is just one style of hanging lights offered by CLAXY. They also have:
  • CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Kitchen Linear Island Glass Chandelier Pendant Lighting Fixture - 3 Lights
  • CLAXY Ecopower Kitchen Linear Island Pendant Lighting Vintage Lamp Chandelier - 3 Lights
  • CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Barn Mini Metal Pendant Light - 1 Light
  • CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Metal & Hemp Rope Chain Pendant Light Hanging Ceiling Light
  • CLAXY Ecopower Lighting Glass & Crystal Pendant Lighting Modern Chandelier for Kitchen - 3 Lights
So, whatever your personal style, CLAXY is bound to have a suitable hanging light just waiting for you to discover it.
Best Value
The Diamond Life 4-Light Round Crystal Chandelier has a contemporary look, with a full crystal beaded drum shade. If you’d prefer a classic chandelier-style light, check out the Diamond Life 6-Light Gold Finish Crystal Chandelier Lighting instead!

Diamond Life 4-Light Chrome Round Metal Shade Crystal Chandelier Pendant Hanging Ceiling Fixture

Diamond Life is a brand that focuses entirely on manufacturing high-quality lights. They produce ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and light bulbs, all made with the same focus on quality, functionality and style.

The Diamond Life 4-Light Round Crystal Chandelier is one of their hanging lights with a contemporary, chandelier style. It features a crystal beaded drum shade that’ll sparkle beautifully in any room of the house. It’s constructed with a combination of metal, with a chrome finish, and crystal. Measuring 14 x 18-inches (with the hanging crystals), this chandelier won’t be too overpowering even for a small room. The included chain is adjustable up to 33-inches. Once you’ve decided this is the light fixture for you, you’ll just need 4 x E12 candelabra base bulbs up to 60-watts each.

Of course, Diamond Life has more to offer than just this light fixture. If you’d prefer a different style, here’s some more to consider:
  • Diamond Life 4-Light Chrome Finish Square Metal and Crytal Shade Crystal Chandelier Pendant Hanging Ceiling Fixture
  • Diamond Life 4-Light Chrome Finish Square Metal and Crytal Shade Crystal Chandelier Pendant Hanging Ceiling Fixture
  • Diamond Life 1-light Black Finish Modern Crystal Chandelier Pendant Hanging Lighting Fixture
  • Diamond Life Modern Industrial Edison Vintage Style Glass Pendant 1-Light Hanging Ceiling Lighting Lamp
  • Diamond Life 1-light Chrome Finish Metal Shade Crystal Chandelier Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Fixture
As you can see, Diamond Life offers a lot of different hanging lights in a range of designs to suit each individual taste.
The Gallery Lighting Crystal Chandelier would complement any dining room, kitchen or living area with its sparkling Empress Crystal™ decoration. If you would prefer a chandelier with Swarovski crystals, check out the Gallery Lighting Swarovski Crystal Trimmed Chandelier.

Gallery Lighting 27x32” Crystal Chandelier

Gallery Lighting has been producing stunning hanging chandelier lighting for over 40 years and they have been doing so in some serious style! Now regarded as the main source for fine home furnishings across the world, this is a brand that is seriously dedicated to offering THE best products at reasonable prices. Gallery Lighting simply love the whole tradition around classic European style Chandeliers and this is established in their product range spectacularly. A chandelier can bring a sense of wonder into any room in any home and Gallery Lighting regard themselves as the only place to buy a chandelier that will do all this and more. With all their products warranty guaranteed, as well as coming with approved instructions for setting up your chandelier (we are sold on this point alone) Gallery Lighting will have your back every step of the way!

The Gallery Lighting Crystal Chandelier is a beautiful hanging light trimmed with Empress Crystal™, an elegant finishing touch to the piece. The entire chandelier is decorated with 100% crystal that captures and reflects the light from the candle bulbs. There’s a lot of light to catch thanks to the 12 lightbulbs (not included) all resting in a scalloped bobache. Measuring 27 x 32-inches, this chandelier is large enough to make an impact even in a large room and there’s 18-inches of chain to work with.

Gallery Lighting is not a one trick pony. Here’s some of their other awesome hanging lights:
  • Chandelier Lighting Crystal Chandeliers H25" X W24" - 10 Lights
  • Empress Crystal™ Chandelier Lighting H25" x W24"
  • Empress Crystal™ Chandelier Lighting H38” x W37”
  • Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier Lighting 30" x 28"
  • French Empire Crystal Chandelier Lighting H30" x W24”
With tons of different styles of chandeliers to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one for your home.
The Hardware House Bristol Hanging Light is a great mix between contemporary and vintage, with two options to choose from; 5-light chandelier or 1-light pendant. Alternatively, the simplicity of Hardware House’s 3 Light Round Chandelier means this product is versatile enough to be used in any room of the house whilst creating a dramatic and fashionable look that your friends are sure to be envious of!

Hardware House Bristol Brushed Nickel Hanging Light, Available as 5-Light Chandelier or 1-Light Pendant

Hardware House is a lighting brand that specializes in the use of glass in their chandelier products. This allows the brand to create dainty and modern products that won’t look out of place anywhere in the home. With Hardware House being significantly cheaper in comparison to other chandelier brand’s out there, this is a collection that allows you to decorate your home beautifully at a fraction of the cost. Their use of frosted glass adds a touch of glamour to any room with a warm glow that will make even the dreariest of rooms that bit cozier.

The Hardware House Bristol Hanging Light comes in two variations. You can opt for the 5-light chandelier or 1-light pendant. Both are finished with brushed nickel, giving them a contemporary look that’d fit in with any modern kitchen or décor. This modern finish is expertly juxtaposed with vintage-looking alabaster glass bulb shades. The 5-light model measures 24 x 15”, so it’s not too imposing but also wouldn’t look silly in a medium-large sized room. This light takes 5 x 60-watt A19 bulbs which are sold separately.

Hardware House has tons of other designs, including some stylish outdoor hanging lights too. Here’s some of their other lights:
  • Hardware House 543728 Berkshire 21-Inch by 18-Inch Chandelier, Classic Bronze
  • Hardware House LLC 20-7737 3-Light Round Chandelier Satin Nickel
  • Hardware House H10-3527 Madison Outdoor Fixture Hanging Light, Royal Bronze
  • Hardware House H10-3299 Monaco Outdoor Fixture Hanging Light, Parisian Bronze
  • Hardware House 210294 Galveston Pendant Single Light Fixture

How Do I Choose the Best Hanging Light?

If you are looking to give your home a classy feel, then nothing beats chandelier hanging lights. You get the same atmosphere that comes with flush mount ceiling lights, only even better. The best hanging lights have etched glass, which gives them a classy, artistic appearance. They are also pretty easy to install! Yep, you don’t need the services of overly expensive ‘experts.’ Get one today and complement it with a table lamp or a floor lamp, and you will have a living room or bedroom to die for.

We’ve mainly chosen to feature chandelier-style hanging lights in our review as they seem to be the most popular, however, there’s tons more brands and options out there. For example, Revel is a well-known brand for manufacturing modern, sleek lighting options like the Revel Nolan 18-Inch Classic Drum Hanging Light. It wouldn’t look out of place in any modern home.

Hanging lights come with a variety of bulb numbers, from 1 all the way up to 12 or more. One classic style of hanging light that’s very popular is the 5-light chandelier with glass shades. The CO-Z Brushed Nickel 5-Light Chandelier Lighting is a great example of this style. Most hanging lights refer to the fact that they hang down from the ceiling on a chain, however, you could also argue that some flush-mounted chandelier lights are also hanging, thanks to their hanging crystals. The Hile Lighting Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball Fixture is one great example of this or the Lifeholder Mini Chandelier too. They both mount to the ceiling and then have stylish crystals hanging down.

Okay, now you’ve seen some examples of what’s out there it’s time to check out some important consideration factors to bear in mind.
If you are looking to instill class into your home, then price is the least of your concerns. But just so you know, they are quite affordable, retailing for between $80 and $750. The more expensive ones come in a variety of designs, and are also very eco-friendly. You don’t get any of these attributes if you go for cheap hanging lights, and these might be made of inferior materials that won’t give your home a pleasant ambience.
You are probably motivated by the unique beauty of a hanging light. But, there are several other factors you need to consider before buying one.

These features are as follows:
  • Style – They come in both modern and contemporary styles.
  • Base Type – They come with either a bulb base, incandescent, or chain and wire of varying lengths.
  • Bulb Type – Some come with light bulbs, while for others, the bulbs are sold separately
  • Voltage – They can handle different voltages.
  • Size – They come in a variety of sizes in terms of length and width.
Construction and Design
The base you choose should be determined by your budget. If you have a large budget, go for one with a base back plate, or one with an incandescent base. These allow it to hold more bulbs, giving your house a more sophisticated look. But if your budget is not big enough, you can get one with a bulb base, or a chain and wire base. It will still serve its function and give your home the classy feel that you are looking for.

The voltage level you decide on should be determined by your overall power usage. If you generally use lots of power in your home, then you may prefer one with high voltage. On the flip side, a hanging light with low voltage will suffice.

As for size, pick a hanging light that is proportionate to the room it will hang in. If the room is big, then it would make sense to purchase a big hanging light. This way, it is noticeable, but at the same time, it doesn’t become the only focal point of the room. The same goes for a small room. Go for a smaller hanging light that gives your house a classy feel without becoming the focal point of your room, which might ruin its overall design.
Performance and Ease of Use
Let the style of the hanging light you look for be determined by the overriding theme in your home. If the prevailing theme is a contemporary one, then it would make sense to seek out a contemporary-styled hanging light. On the other hand, if your home has a modern theme, then get a hanging light that has a modern touch.

Whether the hanging light comes with light bulbs or not is a function of your budget. If your budget allows for it, purchase one that comes with light bulbs. Otherwise, one that comes without them will serve you just fine, as you can always buy bulbs separately.

Get the Best Hanging Light of 2023!

Still not satisfied? Well, rest easy, as these brands have a host of other products. You will find one that catches your fancy!

Our Top Choice
CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Chandelier Light
Best Value
Diamond Life 4-Light Round Crystal Chandelier
Gallery Lighting Crystal Chandelier
Jojospring La Pedriza Antique Chandelier
Hardware House Bristol Hanging Light