Best Hearing Aid Dryer Reviews 2022

Hearing aids are relatively low-maintenance gadgets but it’s necessary to keep them dry at all times and for this reason, you’ll be needing a hearing aid dryer. There are so many types of hearing aid dryers out there, so the problem becomes: how do you know the right one that will get the job done as it ought to? We’ve come up with five of the best hearing aid dryer brands carefully selected from a pool of brands; they have some of the best hearing aid dryers on the market. Be sure to check out other hearing aid dryers by our featured brands because the one reviewed for the brand may not be exactly what you’re looking for.
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Drying Time
Our Top Choice
Quest PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid Cleaning System
With a wide range of products from hearing aids to hearing aid driers and dehumidifiers, Quest’s is preceded by its great reputation.
30 minutes cycle. Quality and sturdy. Optimized ergonomics. Compact case and design.
The USB plug may not work unless plugged into a socket.
Forced air fan
30 min, 1hr 30 minutes
USB power supply
0.5 lbs
Optimized ergonomics
Best Value
Serene Hearing Aid Dry Box
Serene boasts of a decade of experience in the industry, producing quality products that match the industry's finest.
Easy to use; just a one-touch operation. Uses UV light to inhibit bacteria growth, meaning less itching in the ears.
Plastic lid is susceptible to scratches and breaking, so you need to take care of it.
24-48 hours
No power source
0.1 lbs
Small tub, 6 dry bricks
Phonak D-Dry Hearing Aid Dryer
Phonak boasts an excellent solution-based approach when manufacturing their products. This has seen the brand win many hearts in its industry.
3-hour and 6-hour settings to allow you to choose your preferred drying time. Dual power operation source, allowing you to use a standard plug or USB.
This hearing aid dryer is a bit expensive, but worth it because of the impressive features it comes with.
Dry gentle heat
3hrs, 6hrs
USB, electricity
1.1 lbs
Magnetic lock cover
Dry and Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dry Kit
Dry & Store is a value-driven brand that started out as a doctor's dream. Today it has grown into a solution provider, reaching out to more hearing aid users.
Lightweight and portable, making it a good option for travelling. Dries hearing aids without the use of batteries or electricity.
This dryer is also a little pricey, but it’s understandable because of the extra features.
Dry gentle heat
2, 4, 8 hours
2 lbs
Easy-to-open compartment
Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid
Hearing Aid Battery Club is an experienced industry manufacturer. Its products exhibit unmatched professional quality standards.
Effective in keeping tips and molds from moisture. Compact in size for travellers.
Pellets have to be rejuvenated after several uses.
Molecular sieve pellets 
1 hr
No power source
0.55 lbs
Blue indicator pellets

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What is the Best Hearing Aid Dryer?

A hearing aid dryer is as important as the hearing aid itself, so now that you’ve read through this buying guide, we hope the information you’ve gotten shall be of immense help as you check out the hearing aid dryers we have lined up for you. Go on to our individual product review section and have fun browsing through our selections.
Our Top Choice
The Quest PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid is a cleaning and disinfecting system that allows you to keep your hearing aids away from humidity and germs. If you’ve got a quest ventilating dehumidifier in your home, we suggest that you get the Quest DEH 3000R Wall Mounted Humistat to keep track of the humidity and temperature conditions of your home.

Quest Perfectdry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C Disinfecting and Cleaning System 

Year in year out, Quest has been on the verge of breaking boundaries when it comes to inventing quality products that address the very hearing health problems that face us today. Working on and tweaking small aspects of their innovations to makes sure their products meet the needs of their clients, you cannot expect anything less from such a company. With their new release, the Quest PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid Cleaning System, you can rest assured that Quest has your back.

This hearing aid dryer is not only a maintenance device for all your hearing aids, but also a storage. To help prevent itchiness and the ear infections, Quest has incorporated the UV-C rays which help in the disinfection of the equipment by eradicating the bacteria and viruses with a fast and easy clean of 30 min at 113 degrees. The Forced-air fan system aids in drying the hearing aids making them even last longer.

Every great product comes with unbeatable features that make it stand out from the rest. So, what can you expect from the Perfectdry LUX System? See for yourself!
  • Has a low energy consumption rate
  • Eradicates 99% of viruses and bacteria
  • Reduces ear infections and also itchiness
  • Has a compact case and design
  • Has a light weight of 8 ounces
  • USB power supply incorporated
  • Fitted with a Forced-air fan drying system
  • Comes with inbuilt 360 degree UV-C lamp for disinfecting
  • Easy, fast and effective 30 min cleaning cycle
Best Value
The Serene Hearing Aid Dry Box uses gentle heat to remove condensation and moisture without any chemicals. Want to get a hearing aid vacuum cleaner as well? Get the Serene Innovations HC-200 Professional and improve the performance of your hearing aids.

Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box with One-Touch Operation

Established in 2002, Serene Innovations specializes in making communication products for people with special needs. Its products range from telephone amplifiers and loud ringers to TV listening devices and hearing aid dryers. Though the company is relatively young, its founder has had over three decades of experience as an innovator in the industry.

The Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box offers good value for your buck thanks to its excellent performance. Say goodbye to strained hearing by getting yourself this hearing aid dryer that makes wax build up removal easier than ever before. Its gentle yet robust suction ensures your hearing aids remain clean and dry. Retailing at just $74.94 this hearing aid dryer is cost-efficient and very reliable.

There are a couple of features you should expect when getting the Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box. They include:
  • Easy-to-remove washable filters for convenience
  • Battery-operated for maximum functionality
  • Doesn’t require any costly repairs or cleaning
  • Ideal for prolonging the life of your hearing aids
  • Has a cozy non-slip grip that comes attached to a lightweight body
The D-Dry Hearing Aid Dryer features a magnetic lock cover and easy push button for simple operation. It gets rid of all the moisture, keeping the hearing aids clean and dry. Want a kit with dry capsules that you can use without needing a power source? How about you try the Phonak Hearing Aid Drying Kit.

Phonak D-Dry 3-in-1 Drying Hearing Aid System – Cleaning Drying & Storing

Phonak makes hearing aid dryers that are known to satisfy their customers’ needs. The brand receives great ratings for its unmatched innovation in the industry and prides itself on providing products to thousands of people with disabilities.

The Phonak D-Dry Hearing Aid Dryer is designed to return your hearing aids to top form for a better hearing experience with zero interference. The device has a streamlined build that makes it portable – great when traveling. With its retail price set at $105, this hearing aid is worth every penny for the convenience it provides you.

Even with its high pricing, this hearing aid dryer promises awesome features. Here’s what we are talking about:
  • Uses natural air circulation with heat development through a gentle suction process for cleaning
  • Reduces the chances of getting a skin or ear infection with its UV-C light that radiates the hearing aid sufficiently
  • Comes with an easy to use USB charging system with an included cable in the package
  • Easy to operate with the simple one-push button
  • An intense 6-hour drying for maximum moisture suction
  • Enabled with a time setting and an automatic on and off switch giving you better control
The Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dry Kit comes with a convenient tub and powerful proprietary molecule sieve to keep your hearing aids dry. Want a box design that works just as well? Why not try out the Zephyr Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer. You might like it!

Dry and Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dry Kit – Comes in a Convenient Tub

Dry & Store was born out of Dr.Schumaier's frustration of hearing aids that had a poor performance. He ventured to fill this gap as a way of providing a solution to his patients and other people with special needs across the globe. After being successful with acquiring the patents in 1997, the company took its first baby steps and Dry&Store hearing aid conditioning systems was born.

The Dry Caddy Dry Aid Kit is a high-quality hearing aid dryer with a powerful molecular sieve for moisture and odor capturing. It is easy to use and comes in a kit that also includes a dry Caddy jar and six Dry Caddy disks for prolonged protection and durability. At the moment, the Dry Caddy Dry Aid Kit retails at about $19.95, which is a good bargain considering the functionality you get.

There are a couple more features that make the Dry Caddy Dry Aid Kit an excellent choice for your hearing aids. Here are some of them:
  • Easily portable and great for travelling
  • Ideal for keeping your hearing aids moisture-free
  • The tube design is compact and convenient for carrying around
  • Doesn’t require any electricity to function, instead uses six dry-bricks to get rid of moisture
  • Gives you guaranteed safety as it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals
The Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid gets rid of the enemy of all hearing aids – moisture. It comes with molecule sieve pellets to keep your devices free from germs and humidity. Want a super small kit that’s even more portable? Check out Hal-Hen’s Mini Super Dri Aid.

Hal-Hen Super Dri Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Hal-Hen is a committed community of professionals that are dedicated towards delivering quality products in the line of hearing healthcare. With a very fine touch of service this company has been upfront in transforming the lives of its customers by making sure that they are up to date with the latest hearing aid dehumidifiers and disinfectants.

This is evident even with the Super Dri Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier, a new and innovative dehumidifier which uses special kind of molecular sieve pellets which have a massive capacity to hold moisture for a couple of months before you have to rejuvenate them once more. The Super Dri has a blue indicator which lets you know when to rejuvenate it by turning opaque that way you need not worry about knowing when to rejuvenate it.

If you are wondering what other features are incorporated in the Super Dri by Halhen, take a sneak peek.
  • Useful in preventing moisture from testing molds and tips and also removing moisture from I.T.E. and canal Instruments
  • Can be used both from home or work
  • The Special indicator pellets have a different chemical and physical element when compared to the Silica gel products
  • Have enormous capacity to hold moisture for a very long time before rejuvenation
  • Blue indicator pellets that turn opaque to alert you on when to rejuvenate the dehumidifier

How Do I Choose the Best Hearing Aid Dryer?

Those using hearing aids or cochlear implants will be the first to tell you that the hearing aid is one delicate object that if well taken care of, will last the user a lifetime. Regular cleaning of your hearing aid is guaranteed to prolong the lifespan and save you lots of grief from costly repairs or even outright changing of the gadget. Some common cleaning tools such as a fine-tipped cleaning brush (much like a make-up brush), wire loop, or wax pick and a storage case, are often used in a hearing aid’s daily care.

Another cleaning accessory for the hearing aid, and maybe the most important one, is the hearing aid dryer. Granted, there’s no way you’re going to wear your hearing aid or implant for a dip in the pool or at the beach, but there are about a thousand and one ways in which moisture can get into the hearing aid. Just think about the havoc that can befall one of your precious household electronic gadgets if left outside for a day or two… guess you’d rather not imagine that. Well, the same goes for a hearing aid. The internal circuitry of this gadget is quite delicate and the fastest way to get it deteriorating is by allowing moisture to build up.

And, just because you’re using a hearing aid and wouldn’t want moisture to get into it, doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising (yeah, we understand that most times we’re just looking for an excuse not to go sweat it out in a gym or fitness club).

This is where the hearing aid dryer comes in. The hearing aid, especially the behind-the-ear model, is exposed to moisture as long as it’s in use, what with the sweat that beads along the hairline and drips down the face and neck. And for the fact that you’re wearing it on your person, it’s sure to come in contact with your body fluids which also aren’t good for its battery longevity and quality performance.

Now that you know how important the hearing aid dryer is for your hearing aid, you’ll want to know what features to look out for when shopping for one. The type of hearing aid dryer, power source, and drying time are the critical features you need to verify. Also, checking the price tag of the product you’re going for is recommended.
Hearing aid dryers are not terribly expensive gadgets, having different brands with varying price tags for their products. One important factor to consider, however, is the power source of the dryer. This determines to a large extent, the price of the hearing aid dryer. Electronically-operated hearing aid dryers are generally more expensive than non-electronic ones.

That said, hearing aid dryers can cost as low as $5.00 and as much as $110.00, which means there’s a wide range of prices to choose from. We featured products that fell within the above-mentioned price range and they’re from renowned and trusted brands that will serve you well and give you exceptional value for your money.

During our research, we came across some cheap hearing aid dryers but they may not give you what you desire most—a completely dry hearing aid. So we decided to skip them and stick with only the best and most affordable.
Because there are so many hearing aid dryers out there, shopping for the right one is often taxing, but the following features are things that you can use to weed out several options and narrow your search faster. They include:
  • Type of hearing aid dryer
  • Drying source
  • Drying time
  • Other accessories
Keeping this in mind, let’s move on to find out even more about these topics.
Construction and Design
The two largest components to consider in your hearing aid dryer in terms of its construction and design are its type and its drying source. Below is some more info on each topic.


There are majorly two types or kinds of hearing aid dryers available in the market: the electronic dryer and the non-electronic dryer. Naturally, the electronic type utilizes a powered source and often encompasses other advanced features for the general wellbeing of your hearing aid. The power source for these is usually the universal AC or USB adapter, with an option of rechargeable battery.

The non-electric type, on the other hand, is not powered. It usually uses a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the device and works wonderfully well, although it usually takes a longer time. If you move around a lot and may not have access to power, buying a non-electronic hearing aid dryer is the way to go. You’ll have to think about reactivating the dehumidifier after each use though, so you can be assured of top performance when next needed.

Drying Source

The dryer source refers to the main drying agent contained in the device or the means through which the dryer performs its task. For the electronic type, the dryer source could be a fan, convection heat, or even a desiccant. Some electronical hearing aid dryers even have both fan and convection heat drying sources for shorter drying time.

The non-electronical hearing aid dryer comes with either a gel or desiccant to absorb or draw out moisture from the hearing aid.
Performance and Ease of Use
Hearing aid dryers, no matter the type, are simple devices with an uncomplicated plug-and-play design, so that anyone can use it easily. All you need to do for most of them is simply put your hearing aid inside, close, and if it’s the electronic type, plug it into a power source. But that said, we do recommend looking at the drying time and additional accessories that your hearing aid dryer will come with.

Other Accessories

For the electronic hearing aid dryer, there’s always a means or an indicator that shows when it’s functioning properly, such as an LED indicator. The non-electronic type will simply need you to reactivate it constantly to keep it functioning at its optimum. To reactivate the dehumidifier in a non-electronic hearing aid dryer, just stick it (if it’s in a soft pouch) in a microwave for a minute; if it’s in a tin, you put it inside an oven for 30 minutes.

One advantage of the electronic hearing aid dryer is that you don’t have to worry about changing the drying source like you do for the non-electronic one.

Most electronic hearing aid dryers don’t just dry your hearing aid; they also sterilize them with UV lights built into them for that specific reason. This ensures additional safety for you and longer life for your hearing aid. So, if you sweat heavily, or engage in work or exercises that make you sweat profusely, there’s every likelihood that your hearing aid will be moisture-logged—and we all know that bacteria thrive in wet places. Given the tiny nature and the positioning of the hearing aid inside the ear, it often provides an ideal environment for germs to grow in. For this reason, getting a hearing aid dryer with UV light becomes imperative, so you can stave off ear infections that may worsen your hearing capacity.

Drying Time

The drying time varies from one hearing aid dryer to another and depends solely on the drying source and the power input (if it’s the electronic type).

Hearing aid dryers with a gentle convection heat drying source tend to have shorter drying times than other drying sources, except those that come with both circulating fan and convection heat drying sources. But generally, electronic hearing aids are naturally faster than non-electronic types.

The drying time of a hearing aid dryer can vary from 2 hours to 8 hours and so, you should check to see that the model you wish to buy has a drying time suitable for you.

And to make things easier for you, most of them come with timers that go off with flashing lights or vibrations so you know when your hearing device is completely dried and ready to use.

Get the Best Hearing Aid Dryer of 2022!

Thanks for staying with us to the end. Be sure to place an order for the hearing aid dryer that caught your eye and if it’s more than one, go ahead and order them all. The more, the better…

Our Top Choice
Quest PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid Cleaning System
Best Value
Serene Hearing Aid Dry Box
Phonak D-Dry Hearing Aid Dryer
Dry and Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dry Kit
Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid