Best Hearing Protection Reviews 2022

Loud noise over time can cause serious hearing problems, which is why you may need hearing protection if you’re exposed to loud sounds. We’ve made it easy for you to select your ideal gear: we researched the many options out there and came up with 5 of the best hearing protection products from five top trusted brands. If you don't see what you want among our featured products, that's not a problem; these trusted brands make other variants apart from the ones we featured. You’ll do great to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff
For 30 years, Howard Leight has been creating ingenious technologies for hearing protection through its numerous comfortable products.
This earmuff is lightweight, and bundled with a pair of long lasting batteries. It has an adjustable headband and is foldable.
It’s not suitable for indoor ranges.
Electric earmuff
2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5” / 0.3 pounds
Padded foam
Designed for shooting
Water resistant
Best Value
SureFire Sonic Defender Earplugs
For years, SureFire has been manufacturing superior quality illumination products and tactical equipment for both consumers and law enforcement agencies.
This durable earplug is hypoallergenic and can reduce surrounding noise to a mere 28 decibels.
No con reported yet.
1 pound
Soft memory-foam, polymer
Noise reduction
Hypoallergenic and long lasting
Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff
For 25 years, Walker’s has been setting the pace for hearing protection and enhancement with its superior quality products.
It’s comfortable to wear and provides good hearing protection. The batteries are easy to change and they last a long time.
It’s not omni-directional, so you can’t quite tell what direction a sound is coming from, so bear this in mind if you plan on using it for hunting.
Electronic muff
6.8 x 13.5 x 13.8” / 10 pounds
Ultra-thin rubberized cups
Protects ears from loud noise
Soft padded headband
3M Peltor Earmuffs
For over 110 years, 3M has been manufacturing quality and practical solutions through its numerous products that span 12 industries.
This earmuff is made with ABS plastic which makes it lightweight and durable; its low profile design doesn’t interfere with the use of protective hats.
One isolated complaint is that it isn’t ideal for shooting.
8 x 4 x 8” / 0.71 pounds
Soft, foam-filled cushions
Active noise reduction
Allows for easy use with hard hat
Mack’s Ear Care Soft Foam Earplugs
Since 1962, Mack’s Ear Care has been producing comfortable and practical earplugs that have been effectively protecting the ears.
These Mack’s earplugs are really easy to use and are comfortable; they do a great job blocking out noise as they fit into the ear canal.
It doesn’t select sounds; it just blocks everything.
4.2 x 2.5 x 2.5” / 0.2 pounds
Super low-pressure foam
Great for loud concerts, sleep
Unmatched user comfort & hygiene

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What is the Best Hearing Protection?

You should now have a better understanding of hearing protection and hopefully you’ve decided on the features critical to your needs. Let them guide you as you read through our review of individual brands/products. It’s our hope that you’ll find the best hearing protection for you at a favorable price.
Our Top Choice
The Howard Leight Electric Earmuff has foam cups that totally cover the ears, a telescopic height-adjustable headband, and its audio jack connects to any audio source. If you’d prefer a behind the neck design, you can go for the Howard Leight Leightning L1N Nckband Earmuff.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electric Earmuff – Available in 6 colors & 4 Quantity Options

Howard Leight has been around for more than 30 years. It manufactures high quality in-ear hearing protection. It’s constantly designing new technologies and materials to improve the comfort and protection its products offer. It has created many solutions, including the Max Single-Use Ear Plug. It also developed a patented technology for earmuff attenuation: AirFlow Control. The QuietDose in-ear dosimetry and the VeriPRO ear plugs are also made by this brand.

The Howard Leight Electric Earmuff (Suggested Retail Price: $42.30) is an electronic shooting sport hearing protection that limits surrounding noise to 82 decibels. The ear cups completely cover your ears, limiting the amount of noise that passes through and is soft, providing long-lasting comfort. The following are some other features of this electric earmuff:
  • Automatic shut-off to increase battery life
  • Folding design for easy storage
  • Single power and volume knob
  • Adjustable leatherette headband
  • Water resistant
  • AUX jack to connect MP3 and scanners
  • Bundled with 2 AAA batteries
If you’re loving the look of all these features and want to get your ears cozy and warm as soon as possible, then go ahead and choose from six varied colors; black, green, teal, camo, purple and pink! There’s bound to be a color to suit your style. And, not only that, but if you like these earmuffs so much you want your friends or family to enjoy them too, then you can also buy them in a 2, 3 or 4 pack. What’s not to love?
Best Value
The SureFire Sonic Defender Earplugs has a low-profile design that accommodates a helmet and even supplemental hearing muffs. Its soft memory-foam plugs can fit most people. If you’d like a full block of your ear that will provide closure from inside the ear, try out the SureFire Sonic Defenders Max Full-Block Earplugs.

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defender Ultra Filter Earplugs – Available in 3 Colors & 3 Sizes

The SureFire brand was founded with the purpose of finding ways to harness the power of laser and how it can be used for industrial applications. Later it started making laser sight for weapons for local law enforcement. Further down the line, it started manufacturing weapon-mounted lights and other illumination products.

The SureFire Sonic Defender Earplugs (Suggested Retail Price: $19.95) uses the proprietary Comply Canal Tips with soft memory-foam to block out noises that are potentially harmful. It allows in lower sounds and regular conversations. These ear plugs have filter caps which you can insert for additional protection against lower-level noises. The following are other features of these earplugs:
  • Reduces noise above 85dB
  • Made with hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer
  • Doubles as earpiece for compatible radio communication systems
  • Patented EarLock retention rings
  • 28dB noise reduction level
  • 26-inch polymer lanyard included
These awesome ear buds are available in clear, black or orange so you can pick your favorite color and you can also get these in small, medium or large so you can make sure they fit perfectly.
The Walker's Razor Electronic Earmuff is engineered to deliver superior hearing protection with its sound activated hearing compression circuit and is highly comfortable. If you’d like hearing protection for your kid too, try out the Walker’s Children's Passive Ear Muff.

Walker's Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff – Available in 5 Colors

Walker’s has been in existence for over 25 years. It has consistently been manufacturing hearing protection devices with high quality materials and technology that consistently delivers. It also makes hearing enhancement devices for people with partial deafness. It has started inculcating advanced circuitry and water repellence into its latest and more advanced products.

The Walker's Razor Electronic Earmuff (Suggested Retail Price: $79.99) is a low profile earmuff that delivers excellent noise reduction to protect your hearing without interfering with the regular sounds you need to hear such as calls, commands, conversations, etc. The following are other features of this awesome protection earmuff:
  • It has 2 Omni-directional microphones
  • Low frequency for natural sound clarity
  • 0.02-second reaction time for its sound activated compression
  • It has an audio input jack
  • Metal wire-frame headband built for comfort
  • Composite housing for sound dampening
  • Easily accessible volume control knobs
  • External battery door
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Dynamic range HD speakers for balanced sounds
These Razor earmuffs come in 5 different colors; black, flat dark earth (a bronze type color), kryptek camo, pink and teal, so have a browse and see which ones tickle your fancy!
The 3M Peltor Optime Earmuffs sports a double-shell technology that provides excellent hearing protection against noise up to 105dB at a noise reduction rate of 29dB. If you’d like to listen to something entertaining while your hearing is being protected, try out the 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector which has an AM/FM tuner.

3M Peltor Optime Behind-the-Head Earmuffs – Available in 5 Styles

3M is a global company with expertise in twelve different industries. It’s a brand that never stops learning and innovating. Its team of scientists and researchers are committed to improving everyday lives through its inventions and creative solutions that directly solve pressing problems. With over 110 years of experience and thousands of patents, 3M has played its part in evolving the human life for the better.

The 3M Peltor Optime Earmuffs (Suggested Retail Price: $21.41) is designed in a behind-the-head style which allows the user to wear protective caps. The earmuff is made of ABS plastic and the foam-filled ear cushion provides a comfortable noise protection. The following are some other features of these protective earmuffs:
  • The design allows it to be used with protective caps
  • Has a noise reduction rating of 29
  • It uses the Twin Cup design for making its ear cushion
  • Low profile design that allows you to use other protective gear
  • It uses double-shell technology for unparalleled hearing protection
If this has got your ears pricked up, then you’ll be please to know that these ear muffs are available in five different styles. Choose from behind the head, cap mount, cap mount dielectric, over the head or over the head high visibility.
The Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs give you a unique combination of comfort and excellent hearing protection with a noise reduction rate of 32dB. If you’d like ear protection when you go swimming, check out the Mack's Ear Seals Plugs. They also have removable cords.

Mack’s Ear Care 50 Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Raymond Benner purchased a company in 1962, and since then sought a way of creating the ideal earplugs that combine comfort and functionality. He also wanted them to be able to seal out water so that swimmers can use it too. After he succeeded, he continued to grow Mack’s Ear Care. Now the company has a wide range of pre-molded and moldable silicone and foam earplugs that are used for a variety of purposes.

The Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs (Suggested Retail Price: $8.54) are a high performance hearing protection made from malleable silicone that’s great for use when working with a power tool, at shooting range or any other situation you want to significantly reduce the noise level you experience. The following are features of these ultra-soft earplugs:
  • It uses soft comfortable foam
  • Fully tapered and skinned
  • Quickly blocks out loud unwanted noises
  • Easily worn and removed
  • Portable design
  • Ideal for study and sleep to block out all distracting noises
This is a pack of 50 earplugs but if that’s not enough, you can also purchase a 2 pack for a total of 100 earplugs! That should last a while!

How Do I Choose the Best Hearing Protection?

The world has become a noisy place. There are few places you can go today and get some quiet. It's either the loud music or screaming kids in your home, the power tool at work, or the passing train, but something is always interfering with our peace of mind. Since we can't eliminate noise altogether, we should at least protect ourselves from it. Wearing hearing protection is one way to do that.

The best kinds of hearing protection are comfortable and reduce loud noise while allowing you to hear regular ambient sounds. They come in different types and are made with different materials. Some hearing protection are more suitable for certain situations than others, so you should know what you need the hearing protection for in order to know which is best to buy.
Materials used and the type of technology applied are the main determinants of hearing protection pricing. A high-end earmuff will cost a little over $80. While a less expensive one, that’s also of high quality and offers great protection, will cost around $25. Kindly note that some earplugs will cost less than what we’ve stated here.

There are also the cheap hearing protection we came across. All we can say about them is that they’re not going to be great, and that you’ll be taking serious risks buying them. They're poorly made and won't offer much protection, leaving your ears exposed to whatever attacks them.
Loss of hearing is mainly caused by extended exposure to loud noise. Therefore you may want to have hearing protection for your safety, whether at work or at play. The following are features of hearing protection gear to look out for:
  • Types
  • Material
  • Uses
  • Design
Let this list help you identify the features you consider most important. As you read on, you'll get a better idea of how they can affect your choice.
Construction and Design
Hearing protection is broadly classified into two main categories: earplugs and earmuffs. Earplugs look more like the regular in-ear earphones. Out of these, there are disposable earplugs which are made of silicone or soft foam; and there are others that are made of higher quality materials, and are therefore reusable.

Earmuffs, on the other hand, look just like the regular over-the-ear headphones. They come in two variants: passive and electronic. Passive earmuffs provide protection using the foam and cushioning inside the ear cups to block out noise. Electronic earmuffs protect hearing by electronically reproducing sound. It amplifies low sounds which the microphone detects and transfers it to the loudspeakers in the ear cups. When there is loud noise, the mic doesn’t transfer the sound and the foam covering the user's ear keeps out the noise. Most hearing protection won’t totally block out noise, as that will isolate the wearer, posing a greater danger. You’ll still be able to hear conversations, alarms, calls, etc., which all have low decibels.

Most hearing protections are made from a combination of materials. Earplugs are usually made with memory foam, silicone, or PVC. Earmuffs are mostly made with a combination of ABS plastic and foam. Some brands use memory foam for the ear cup to provide extra comfort and an adequate fit so the user can get maximum protection. There are earmuffs that have a combination of metal wires and leatherette-covered foam as headbands to make them more comfortable and adjustable.
Performance and Ease of Use
Whether you’re using hearing protection for work or play, comfort is important. It’s crucial that the hearing protection is comfortable over long periods. The foam cushion of the ear cup is what provides comfort and protection. So you look out for earmuffs that are soft and well cushioned. If you prefer to use earplugs, you might not want to use the disposable ones more than once to avoid irritation.

It’s important to know what you need hearing protection for before making a purchase. Different kinds of hearing protection are designed for different purposes. Some are good for outdoors but won't provide sufficient protection at indoor ranges. Ear protection that’s designed for factories and the assembly line might not serve you well at concerts. There are hearing protections that claim to offer protection for multiple situations, but be sure to check them over to be certain.

Many earmuffs are designed as low-profiled so you can conveniently wear a hard hat along with it. This is especially useful for workers in the construction and mining industries. For added protection, you can wear disposable earplugs before putting on the earmuffs in cases where it’s overly loud. Most electronic earmuffs have audio jacks that let you listen to mp3 music or radio stations while you work, all the while giving you protection. Some others have built-in communication systems that allow one user to speak and listen to another user wearing the same type of headset or someone who’s on the same frequency.

It’s important to make sure your hearing protection fits properly so you can get adequate protection from it. Always check for the noise reduction rating of the hearing protection, as it indicates how much protection you're getting. Be sure to check for certifications and how well these hearing protection adhere to regulations.

Get the Best Hearing Protection of 2022!

Well done, you’ve come to the end of our review. We hope you got all the information you need to confidently decide on a product. Now go ahead and make that purchase. If you haven’t yet arrived at a final decision, you can always peruse all the other hearing protection that these brands have to offer!

Our Top Choice
Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff
Best Value
SureFire Sonic Defender Earplugs
Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff
3M Peltor Earmuffs
Mack’s Ear Care Soft Foam Earplugs