Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2023

An accurate and reliable heart rate monitor helps you stay healthy while getting the most out of your workout. It lets you know when you're working hard enough to see results as well as when you're working too hard. Accuracy is the most important feature, but high-end models are often more comfortable, and may sync with other devices for improved functionality. We examined some of the best heart rate monitor brands to bring you a shortlist of 5 of the most reliable products around today.
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Our Top Choice
Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker
Fitbit combines sleek style with high-end features in simple devices like the Charge HR, with real-time workout stats and caller ID.
Smartphone compatible. Caller ID. Workout stats including calories, steps, distance and more. Convenient wristband. Long battery life.
More expensive than low-end models, but well worth the price for its many useful features.
Wrist Monitor
Digital Watch & Caller ID
Wireless with Smartphone
Available in Many Colors
Calorie, Distance, Step Counter
Best Value
Beets BLU Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap
Beets BLU specializes in simple, accurate fitness tech. The BLU HR Monitor is perfect for people who don’t need all the extras and want an affordable way to monitor heart rate.
Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones. Soft chest strap. Highly accurate. Highly rated by users.
By design, doesn't have advanced features you'd find on more expensive models.
Chest Monitor
Fitness Apps Compatible
Garmin Forerunner® 235 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Garmin is a technology innovator, creating advanced products like the Forerunner HR & Fitness Watch Monitor.
Wrist-style design. Large screen. Phone sync. Smart alerts for incoming emails, texts, calls and calendar events.
Expensive compared to lower-end monitors, but makes up for it in convenience and accuracy.
Wrist Monitor
Large Watch-Style Display
Smartphone Compatible
Available in 3 Color Combos
Email, Text & Call Alerts
Scosche Rhythm+ HR Armband Heart Rate Monitor
Scosche specializes in connecting smart technology, as it does with the Rhythm+ HR Bluetooth Armband.
No chest strap required. Compatible with apps like Digifit, Run Keeper, Strava & more. Bluetooth.
No real-time heart rate feedback.
Bluetooth & ANT+
Available in 6 Colors
Fitness Apps Compatible
AccuMed CMS-50DL Finger Heart Rate Monitor and Oximeter
AccuMed makes it easy to monitor long-term health with reliable products like this finger heart rate monitor.
LED display. Low power consumption for long battery life. Fast monitoring. Includes battery, lanyard, cover, carrying case.
Monitoring isn't as fast as more expensive models.
Finger Monitor
Available in 4 colors
Batteries, Lanyard, Cover, Case

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What is the Best Heart Rate Monitor?

We care about your health and have invested time and effort to research the best heart monitors and offer you a good buying guide to help you in your purchase process. In case none of these are precisely what you want, these brands have other heart monitors that will definitely meet your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Fitbit Charge HR Wrist Monitor is more than just an accurate heart rate monitor. It features advanced workout tracking, call notifications and silent alarm technology. Another best seller from Fitbit is the Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, which acts as a stylish watch and advanced fitness tracker.

Fitbit Charge HR Monitor – Wristband, Fitness Stats Tracker, Smartphone Compatible, Several Color and Size Options

Fitbit is an industry leader in compact fitness technology. It specializes in products that maximize results, simplicity and fun. The Fitbit Charge HR is incredibly simple, stylish and accurate.

Let's see what this industry-leading HR monitor has to offer:
  • PurePulse technology is the basis of this heart rate monitor, offering continuous heart rate so you can easily stay within your ideal heart rate zone.
  • Automatically tracks all-day activity, including steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate. On top of these more common features, the Fitbit also tracks active and stationary minutes and floors climbed.
  • The Charge HR doubles as a watch and a quick display caller ID, so you can keep working out without skipping a beat.
  • Exercise mode lets you record workouts for instant stats and workout reports to track your progress.
  • You don't have to worry about fiddling with buttons – SmartTrack technology recognizes when you're working out and automatically records stats on the Fitbit app.
  • This HR monitor easily syncs with smartphones and computers, so you can start recording right away.
  • Automatically monitor your sleep and set silent vibrating alarms, so you can regulate your sleep without disturbing others.
  • Along with all the connectivity, this wristband heart monitor has a high battery life of up to 5 days, so you can go on a run or hit the gym without worrying.
The Fitbit Wireless HR Wristband comes in black, blue, pink, plum and tangerine for slightly different prices. It also comes in small, large and extra large.
Best Value
The Beets BLU Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is simple, fast and accurate – helping you burn fat and increase stamina the healthy way. It connects to compatible smartphones so you can monitor and track your progress. Beets BLU also offers the advanced Smart Scale, which connects to your phone through Bluetooth to display ongoing changes in your weight, body fat percentage, body water and muscle mass.

Beets BLU Wrist HR Monitor with Chest Strap -- Bluetooth, Wireless, iPhone and Android Smartphone Compatible

Beets BLU focuses on smart athletic tech without the bells and whistles. Their products offer important, accurate information to make it easy to achieve results and stay healthy in the long run. The Beets BLU Chest Monitor uses advanced technology and comfortable materials to provide the smoothest experience.

While there are indeed many more advanced fitness trackers out there, sometimes it’s way more than you need. We selected the Beets BLU because with a price of under $40, it offers tremendous value for people who just want the basics.

Let's see what simple features set this inexpensive heart rate monitor apart:
  • Easily connect with iOS smartphones and selected Android devices to use this HR monitor along with compatible apps like Runkeeper, Mapmyrun, Endomondo and more.
  • Beets BLU specialized technology makes this HR monitor one of the most accurate monitors on the market, making it especially ideal for serious and elderly fitness enthusiasts.
  • The soft, comfortable strap works like a belt to easily strap in for accurate heart rate measurements.
  • Low power consumption means you won't have to change the battery for a year or more.
The Garmin Forerunner HR Monitor & Fitness Tracker features a specialized wrist heart rate sensor and displays a range of crucial fitness data like distance, heart rate, calories burned and more. If you're not looking for such a high-end model, Garmin also offers the powerful and reliable Garmin HRM-Tri heart rate monitor at less than half the price!

Garmin Forerunner® 235 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate - Larger Watch-Style Screen, Smart Alerts, Fitness Tracker

Garmin specializes in innovative sensor technology, creating advanced sensors for GPS, boating and other sporting devices. The Forerunner series of athletic monitors is a step above most fitness trackers due to its innovative technology.

Let's see what sets the Forerunner apart.
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring using a specialized wrist sensor for fast, accurate measurements.
  • Forerunner has answered users' requests for a larger display area – the new screen is 44% larger than previous models' screens, for easy reading even while you're working out.
  • Change between alternating screens displaying critical workout information like heart rate, calories, distance and more.
  • Receive alerts for incoming emails, texts and calls right on your wrist monitor from your compatible smart phone.
The Garmin Forerunner comes in black/gray, frost blue and Marsala red.
The Scosche Rhythm+ does away with bulky chest-strap monitoring in the form of a lightweight armband that connects easily with popular fitness apps like Digifit, Run Keeper, Mapmyfitness and more. If you prefer a chest strap model with more advanced features, check out the Scosche Rhythm+ Straps model.

Scosche Rhythm+ HR Monitor – Armband, Lightweight, Bluetooth, App Compatible, Six Color Choices

Scosche has created a wide range of syncing technology products to improve user experience. It offers smartphone accessories and adaptors for charging and using in your car. Scosche's expertise in adaptability and syncing is obvious when it comes to this armband heart rate monitor.

Let's see what this syncing device has in store:
  • Connects easily to popular fitness apps so you can track your progress any way you want. Apps include Run keeper, Mapmyfitness, Strava, Digifit and more.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth and ANT+ devices, including smart watches, phones, tablets and fitness devices.
  • There's no bulky chest strap required to track your fitness with this convenient armband – most users find it lightweight and breathable.
  • Through various apps, you can measure and manage heart rate, calories, distance, speed and much more.
The Scosche Rhythm HR Monitor comes in black, blue, green, orange, pink and red.
The AccuMed Finger Pulse Oximeter HR Monitor accurately measures heart rate and blood oxygen circulation for fitness enthusiasts looking to get a handle on their workout intensity and health. AccuMed also sells the higher-end Pulse D1 Monitor with a sleek design.

AccuMed Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen SpO2 Sports and Aviation Monitor – LED, Low Power Consumption

AccuMed creates products that allow everyday people to accurately monitor vital bodily functions without breaking the bank. The AccuMed Finger Pulse Oximeter line features simple monitoring that anyone can understand. The model we chose is praised by users for excellent value and reliability.

Let's see what value you get with the Finger Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor:
  • The simple LED display is easy to read, even when you're outside in the sun. Ambient light cover makes it easy to see the display at any time of day.
  • The LED display is built for low consumption so that the battery lasts longer, making it especially compatible with an active lifestyle.
  • The finger clip easily fits adults and children, for versatile use you can count on.
  • You can get started right away with the included AAA batteries, lanyard, silicon cover and carrying case.
The AccuMed Finger Pulse Oximeter comes in blue, pink, white and yellow.

How Do I Choose the Best Heart Rate Monitor?

You’ve already heard it over a million times how important exercise is to your heart. But did you know that too much of it can easily give you a cardiac arrest? Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be, considering that several active athletes have died of cardiac arrest in the last few years. You’re probably feeling scared right now, but the good news is, you shouldn’t be! That’s because we now have heart rate monitors, simple gadgets aimed at tracking your heart rate while training, and alert you when you go overboard.

Just like fitness trackers, these devices come in multiple shapes, designs among other features. However, the best part about these devices is that they’re smartphone compatible. You got that right! It’s possible to exercise, check your heart rate, and answer that email that your boss sent you earlier in the day. Even better, these devices can be worn on the wrist, which means that they don’t in any way interfere with your intensive exercise routine, especially if you’re into running or hitting top speeds on your exercise bike.

With a good heart rate monitor, you literally have no excuse for not breaking a sweat in the gym, the outdoors, or wherever you exercise. And don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you; exercise and dehydration don’t go so well together. Have fun!
Your heart’s health is literally a matter of life and death, there’s no question about that. That’s why price should be at the lowest point of your checklist when seeking to buy a heart rate monitor. However, even from a price perspective, these are relatively inexpensive gadgets, ranging between $15 and $350.

You’re probably wondering why there’s such a significant difference in the price of gadgets that supposedly serve the same purpose. Well, the difference is in the convenience that any which gadget has to offer. For instance, cheap heart rate monitors don’t offer the convenience of smartphone compatibility that you get with the more expensive ones. Similarly, cheaper ones require a chest strap, which can be inconvenient during intensive exercise routines.
Heart rate monitors help you keep abreast with your heart’s activities during exercise. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the most important features to look out for when buying one.

Some of these are as follows:
  • Type – Some heart rate monitors come with chest straps, while others are designed to be strapped on the wrist, or your finger
  • Display – Heart monitors come with either large watch digital display or just a simple digital screen
  • Connections – Heart monitors are designed to either be connected to a smartphone via the internet or through Bluetooth. There are also those that don’t have any form of connectivity
  • Color – They come in different colors ranging from dark ones to lighter, livelier ones
  • Battery life – They come with varying battery lives depending on intensity of use
Construction and Design
Heart rate monitors allow you to view your heart rate through a simple digital screen or through a large digital watch display. The choice of which one to go for depends largely on your budget as well as the passion you have for staying connected to a communication device. If you just want a device that gives you the heart rate readings, then one with a simple digital screen will do. However, if you want extra services such as the ability to read app messages, then consider one with a large digital watch display that can also be connected to a smartphone.

You also may want to go for a heart rate monitor that matches you color tastes and preferences. They come in a wide variety of colors, so all you have to do is make a choice as to what suites your tastes and preferences. It’s time to get your exercise routine going without the risk of dying from a cardiac arrest.
Performance and Ease of Use
When looking to buy a heart rate monitor, consider how much you need to stay connected with the world while you exercise. If you’re the type of person that can’t stay away from WhatsApp and other social applications, its best to go for one that has the ability to send emails as well as receive text messages among other communication applications.

You can also consider the fact that heart rate monitors can either be strapped on your arm, wrist or finger. Those that can be strapped on the arm or wrist allow you to engage in intensive exercises without the risk of the device falling off and interrupting your exercise. If your exercise routine is rather simple, on the other hand, and not so physically engaging, then you may choose to go for a chest-strapped or a finger monitor.

Get the Best Heart Rate Monitor of 2023!

Whether you're a casual or a more serious exerciser, you'll likely see the benefits of an accurate monitor in keeping track of your long-term health. Consider how frequently you work out – more frequent exercisers tend to appreciate the added comfort and features of higher-end heart rate monitors. Whatever your exercise habits are, these top heart rate monitor brands have something for your lifestyle.

Our Top Choice
Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker
Best Value
Beets BLU Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap
Garmin Forerunner® 235 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Scosche Rhythm+ HR Armband Heart Rate Monitor
AccuMed CMS-50DL Finger Heart Rate Monitor and Oximeter