Best Heated Bird Bath Reviews 2022

Are you a bird enthusiast and love taking care of your environment, including the birds within reach? We understand that choosing the right heated bird bath on the market isn’t easy. Therefore, we’ve researched some of the best heated bird bath brands on the market, highlighting five great products, to ensure your birds are properly taken care of.
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Our Top Choice
Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath
Songbird Essentials is a family-owned company focused on manufacturing products aimed at helping consumers to lure beautiful songbirds to their offices or homes.
Attractive and safe, as the heater is sealed and hidden. Portable, reasonably priced and durable. Sufficient water capacity.
Requires some assembly to function.
Deck/fence mount
Tall stand; wide and shallow bath
22 x 22 x 29 inches; 13.65 pounds
Natural wood/black
Best Value
Allied Precision Deck-Mounted Bird Bath
Allied Precision Industries was founded in 1941 to manufacture poultry products, and has grown over the years to include other animals, such as pets and birds.
Keeps water drinkable. Weather resistant and durable. Mounts to deck rails. Has a completely insulated heating element. Withstands regular use.
Has only a single outlet for discarding water.
Deck-mounted heated bird bath
Wide and shallow bath
2 x 20 x 20 inches; 5 pounds
Birds Choice Heated Bird Bath
Founded in 1993, Birds Choice is a manufacturer of high quality products, such as feeders and bird baths for wild birds and those kept as pets.
USA-made, easy to set up and clean. Has a collapsible stand. Controlled by a thermostat. Eco-green and backed by a warranty.
It’s not high enough for perching.
Deck/fence mount
Wide and shallow bath with stand
18.5 x 18.5 x 24 inches; 9 pounds
Green, black, or white
Recycled plastic
Erva Ground Heated Bird Bath
Founded in 1967, Erva Tool & Manufacturing Company designs premium metal lawn and garden products, such as bird feeders and baths.
Self-nesting and USA-made. Has a one-year warranty. BPA-free and conserves energy. Is reasonably priced.
It doesn’t have a pole mount.
Ground mount
Wide and shallow bowl
5.3 x 15.3 x 15.3”; 4.3 pounds
Farm Innovators ‘All Seasons 3-in-1’ Bird Bath
Farm Innovators manufactures high-quality wild bird products, such as bird baths and de-icers to attract birds all year round.
Compact in design and easy to install. Has a capacity of one quart. Easy to use, innovative and easy to clean. Usable all year round.
Many users wish the cord was longer.
Compact and shallow bowl
2.75 x 14 x 14 inches; 3.5 pounds
Terra cotta or green

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What is the Best Heated Bird Bath?

Choose a heated bird bath with the right water capacity for endless fights. Make sure its heating elements are insulated and protected from corrosion. Find out if one of our recommended heated bird baths is what you want.
Our Top Choice
The Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath is built with a 60-watt thermostat to keep the water at 32 degrees, preventing it from freezing. If you prefer a more cost-effective deck bird bath in a light wood tone, opt for the Songbird Essentials Cedar Heated Deck Bird Bath.

Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath with a Built-in Thermostat and a Heated Pan

Songbird Essentials manufactures unique products homeowners and business owners can use to attract various beautiful birds to their property. Whether you want to attract purple martins, cardinals, orioles, hummingbirds, bluebirds, goldfinches or any other bird of your choice, this company has you covered. The award-winning and patented products have been proven to successfully lure birds by birding enthusiasts.

The Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath is built with a 60-watt thermostat to control the temperature of the water it holds in winter. This ensures birds have some water to drink when everything else is freezing. Even when the temperature levels drop below -20 degrees F, birds around your home or office will still get some clean, clear and fresh water to drink.

The heating element is sealed, enclosed and insulated for safety. The post and frame are beautifully crafted from Western red cedar wood, which is rot-resistant and offers increased durability despite the prevailing weather conditions. The hollow post houses the electric cord for additional safety. The frame is made of double cedar with a diameter of 22 inches.

With the heated, heavy-duty bath pan that’s 14 inches in diameter and 1 3/8 inches deep, the water is bound to be kept clear and fresh. Built with two anchors to hold the heated bird bath down, the bath can be installed on a fence or deck using the adjustable triangular mount, if need be. The thermostat keeps the water at 32 degrees, at which point it switches off, and turns on when the temperature drops, to ensure it retains the same initial temperature.
Best Value
The Allied Precision Industries Deck-Mounted Heated Bird Bath has a built-in thermostat beneath to keep water from freezing in winter. Do you want a similar bird bath of the same diameter, but with a stand? Opt for the Allied Precision Industries 20-Inch Heated Bird Bath, with a built-in thermostat and metal stand for attracting birds all year round.

Allied Precision Industries Deck-Mounted Heated Bird Bath with 150-Watt Heater – Available in 2 Styles

Allied Precision Industries manufactures and distributes high-quality ranch, farm and pet supplies and accessories. With subsidiaries such as Hot-Shot and Pet Lodge, the company is committed to designing and manufacturing its products in America. Established decades ago, Allied Precision Industries is a subsidiary of Frandsen Corporation. The company has at least one thousand products in its portfolio and a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Allied Precision Industries Deck-Mounted Heated Bird Bath measures 12 inches in diameter to keep local birds around your home happy. Enclosed and insulated for safety, the heating element keeps water in the bath unfrozen for drinking. It can attract birds all year round, creating magnificent scenery within your backyard for bird watching.

Constructed with a handy EZ-Tilt Deck Mount, this heated bird bath can be mounted to a deck rail with dimensions of 2 x 6 or 2 x 4 inches. This mount type makes the bird bath easy to empty, clean, and even store, because tilting and lifting it for maintenance is a breeze. Built to attract all kinds of birds, the bath is sloped gradually to promote bathing.

What’s more, birds can easily land on this bath, as its rim is contoured and the surface textured for better grip. The bird bath is backed by a warranty of one year, and is durable, weather-resistant and compatible with LOCKNDRY. It’s also rated 150W, 120V and 60Hz. Made of plastic, the bath has a thermostat located beneath it for use in winter when temperatures drop.
The Birds Choice Heated Bird Bath is made of 50 percent ABS plastic for increased durability and visibility. Opt for the Birds Choice Olive Green Pedestal Heated Bird Bath if you’re looking for a more cost-effective and stylish bird bath with a simple and robust stand.

Birds Choice Ivy Pedestal Heated Bird Bath – Available in 3 Colors

Birds Choice employs excellent workmanship, premium materials and innovative designs to come up with highly functional products. The company also offers exceptional customer service to accompany every product purchase. As an environment-friendly company, Birds Choice uses recycled materials to manufacture bird feeders, baths, foods and houses, among other products.

The Birds Choice Heated Bird Bath features a perfectly molded green bowl to ensure birds in your locality have water to drink throughout the year. 50 percent of the material used to make the attractive bath is recycled ABS plastic for weather-resistant and durable use. With this bird bath, your backyard is bound to come alive with the sounds of singing birds all year round.

Shipped with a collapsible black stand, this heated bird bath can be set up easily, because no tools are required for installation. Backed by four years’ warranty on workmanship and material, the bath is controlled by a thermostat that keeps the temperature at a drinkable level in winter. Measuring 18.5 x 18.5 x 24 inches, the bowl has enough capacity to hold water for many birds to drink and bathe.

The ivy leaf pedestal, aside from looking stunning in your yard, supports the bowl for stability when birds land on it. Choose from white, black or green finish on your heated bird bath.
The Erva Ground Heated Bird Bath is insulated and made of a flame-retardant material to prevent heat loss in winter. Prefer a clamp mount heated bird bath? Opt for the Erva Clamp Mount Heated Bird Bath, with a diameter of 14 inches and available in a lovely grey and black design.

Erva Heated Ground Bird Bath with a 60W Thermostat and a Flame-Retardant Black Dish

Erva has over five decades worth of experience in the industry. It manufactures products such as bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths, aimed at bringing the essence of nature to homes. The company uses high-quality materials and innovative designs to manufacture functional and aesthetically pleasing products aimed at attracting various birds to your yard.

The Erva Ground Heated Bird Bath features a 60 watt thermostat to control the temperature of the water in winter. Measuring 14 inches in diameter and one inch deep, the bowl can accommodate enough water for various birds to drink and bathe. Featuring a gray, granite ring and a black heated insert, the bird bath self-nests to minimize heat loss.

The bowl is made of a flame-retardant, BPA-free material and insulated to minimize further heat loss. The thermostat is also insulated to direct heat upwards. As a result, you’ll be able to save on energy consumption. With the insulation, no condensation can occur within the bath. Therefore, the electrical parts are protected from rust or corrosion, rendering the bath highly functional in winter.
The Farm Innovators ‘All Seasons 3-in-1’ Heated Bird Bath comes with three mounting options: clamp, deck and ground placement. Looking for a heated bird bath in a different design? Opt for the Farm Innovators All Seasons Decorative Heated Bird Bath, in a compression-molded and scalloped design.

Farm Innovators ‘All Seasons 3-in-1’ Heated Bird Bath with 3 Mounting Options – Available in 2 Colors

Farm Innovators is a company operated by bird and nature enthusiasts. It manufactures products aimed at easing life for birds all year round. The company designs innovative products to ensure that farms have birds coming to bathe and drink from the water baths, even in winter. Farm Innovators uses premium materials to make high-quality products that can withstand regular use, year in, year out.

The Farm Innovators ‘All Seasons 3-in-1’ Heated Bird Bath has been proven to function even at -10 degrees F. It’s built with a thermostat that only turns on when temperatures drop below a predetermined level, to prevent the water it holds from freezing. This ensures all birds still have water to bathe and drink in winter when all liquids freeze.

In summer and spring, tuck away the short cord, as you won’t need it. Built in an innovative design, this heated bird bath has three options for installation. Clamp the bath bowl on a surface, mount it on a deck or place it on the ground to attract birds to your home. The shallow design offers birds a safe platform for bathing and the one-quart water capacity allows for sufficient water.

Constructed from aluminum, the bath can last many years. With the terra cotta and black finish, you can also accentuate your outdoors with a cozy look – the bath also comes in green if that fits your outdoor décor better. When birds perch on this bowl to bathe, you can expect a beautiful sight and a touch of wild nature in your backyard. It’s also backed by a warranty of one year to protect you from manufacturing faults.

How Do I Choose the Best Heated Bird Bath?

Bird baths, just like bird feeders, have been in existence since time immemorial. The original variations were puddles on the ground. Over time, people have become more engaged in protecting wildlife and the environment, and this has led to improvements of bird baths. This has seen the development of heated bird baths, which you can plug into power supplies to maintain water at the required temperatures during the cold season, when water freezes.

Birds can eat snow when it’s really cold, from their feeders, but this is not favorable for their survival. In order to melt a cup of snow, for instance, you would need way more snow than a full cup. In the same way, a bird would have to eat a lot of snow in order to get enough water for survival. One reason birds need heated bird baths is because, during the cold season, they need more energy to melt the snow in their bodies.

More energy means the birds would need more bird food, which might also not be available during winter. Having a heated bird bath also adds more life to your backyard during winter. This is because birds will come to enjoy water at the bath. With the best heated bird bath, you also get to view birds during winter, a refreshing and entertaining sight for the entire family.

A heated bath also helps birds to bathe and groom their feathers, an activity that’s important to get rid of dirt and parasites. It also helps the birds to insulate better because, as they prune their feathers, they spread oil across the remaining feathers, hence insulating their bodies well.

On the other hand, if you would like to enjoy the sight of birds indoors, consider buying a sturdy bird cage.

This is a review of various types of heated bird baths based on their mounting technique. We hope that this buying guide can help you make an informed buying decision.
Heated bird baths range in price depending on the material, size and features they come with. For instance, some heated bird baths come with thermostats to help save energy and foster regulated use of power. Avoid cheap heated bird baths, because they might be lacking in one way or another. As an example, they could be hard to maintain or clean; birds using poor-quality baths also risk getting harmed.

It’s important to consider the quality of the bath first to ensure the birds attracted to bathe are safe. Buy a heated bird bath designed for use all year round, keeping your home a lively and ideal place for bird watching. You’ll find a good heated bird bath in the price range of around $40 to $200.
When considering a heated bird bath, the material used in the construction is really important because they’re outdoor items. It’s crucial to choose a material built to resist harsh weather elements, scratches from birds’ talons, or falls. An all-season heated bird bath should come with a place for tucking away the cord when not in use.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a heated bird bath:
  • Material used to make the bath, such as aluminum, ABS plastic, etc.
  • A mounting bracket, such as deck, post or a stand
  • A pedestal for support
  • Energy efficiency and ease of cleaning
  • Safety of the birds and a good grip
  • Size and capacity of the bowl
  • Ease of attaching to the pedestal and lifting off
  • Weather-resistant for use in all seasons
With a good heated bird bath in your backyard, you’ll have birds of all walks of life bathing in the bowl throughout the year, keeping your home lively.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of a bird bath, you should consider the type, design, size, color and material before making a decision. Let’s take a look at these in some more detail.


There are various types of heated bird baths, including pedestal, ground, hanging, fountain and solar. Pedestal heated bird baths feature a bowl fixed on a pedestal, usually one meter above the ground. They’re ideal for attracting small birds that can easily be attacked by cats and other predators if the bath was on the ground.

Ground bird baths are simply a heated basin you place on the ground, anywhere in your garden or backyard. Hanging baths are usually hung anywhere in the garden or backyard. Care should be taken to ensure they can’t cause harm by falling or knocking people’s heads as they walk by. The fountain bird bath is one that incorporates moving water and a basin holding the water at the bottom.

A fountain is known to attract birds more than other types. It’s also a good outdoor décor piece. Solar heated bird baths, unlike electric heated baths connected to a power source, use solar energy to prevent the water they hold from freezing.


Heated bird baths come in different designs. For instance, some designs allow birds to perch on the sides of the bath. This is a good design because you get a chance to view the birds and they also get to interact more with other birds or get back into the water if they want to. The designs of the baths also determine how much water the bath can hold.

Some are built in shallow designs, while others are deep to allow big birds to join in. The choice here really depends on the birds you hope to attract.


The size of a heated bird bath is important. This is because it determines the number of birds your bath can hold at a go, and also the capacity of water it can take. What’s more, you need a bath that complements the size of the garden you have. If you have a big garden or yard, you have space for a big bath. On the other hand, a big bird bath might be too heavy to carry and clean.


The color of a bird bath is also important because it’s a part of your outdoor décor. A color that matches any other décor you have or matches your house would be a good choice. Choose a color you like, so you’re also more inclined to keep the bird bath clean and well maintained.


The most common materials used include concrete, ceramic, copper, wood, plastic, marble, glass, stone and brass. The material used should be weather resistant, because the bird bath will be placed outside, where it’ll be exposed to harsh winter weather. The choice of material is just a matter of preference, as most of these materials can last long.
Performance and Ease of Use
A heated bird bath only needs to be plugged into a power supply as required to keep the water it holds from freezing at low temperatures. It should be easy to clean to prevent algae from growing on it and affecting the health of the birds. Also ensure the bath is placed where birds will be safe from predators such as cats. Maintain a clear area where the bath is placed so there are no bushes for the predators to hide.

Whichever heated bird bath you opt for, make sure it’s easy to install, use, clean and maintain. Also, look out for a warranty for protection from manufacturing faults. Proper insulation and layering of the bowl should also help minimize heat loss and corrosion of the heating elements during winter. Above all, ensure your preferred heated bird bath is functional and decorative.

Get the Best Heated Bird Bath of 2022!

Whether you’re buying a heated bird bath for use outside your office window or at home, or simply want to give it to a friend or family member as a present, there’s one out there for you. We hope you found this review resourceful and chose a desired heated bird bath. If you need something different, check out our bird feeder reviews.

Our Top Choice
Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath
Best Value
Allied Precision Deck-Mounted Bird Bath
Birds Choice Heated Bird Bath
Erva Ground Heated Bird Bath
Farm Innovators ‘All Seasons 3-in-1’ Bird Bath