Best Heated Toilet Seat Reviews 2023

Heated toilet seats offer many advantages over conventional seats. They offer comfort during chilly days, add to the ambience of your bathroom and are durable, considering the features they come with. So, if you are tired of sitting on cold marble or plastic, you can get one of these seats. Since there are different types, it may be a challenge to identify the right one for your toilet. We’ve simplified this process for you by identifying five wonderful products from some of the best heated toilet seats brands and reviewing a product from each. We hope you find what you’re looking for.
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Our Top Choice
Toto Washlet® C100 - Elongated
TOTO strives to bring comfort into every home. It's been reinventing bathroom accessories since 1917.
With an elegant shape, an air dryer and an automatic deodorizer, this is a one-of-a-kind toilet seat.
Some users would like it in different color options.
Elongated or round
Adjustable water temperature
23.5 x 20.5 x 9 inches
Cotton white or sadona beige
Best Value
SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets
SmartBidet combines technology and style with great results. Its products offer a variety of features to increase your daily comfort.
This seat is meant for elongated toilets. It's easy to install and also offers an energy saving mode.
Some users need professional help with installing the toilet seat.
Elongated or round
Multi-wash, water pressure levels
Remote control possible
23 x 20 x 10 inches
Lotus Round Smart Toilet Seat Bidet
Lotus specializes in heated toilet seats. It takes them to a whole new level by incorporating a range of innovative and useful features into their design.
With a massage feature, a rear wash and a warm seat, this toilet seat is a specially designed product.
The shape doesn't suit all toilet seats.
Elongated or round
PureStream, self cleansing
22.7 x 19.7 x 10 inches
Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat
Brondell offers versatile, durable and practical products. It focuses on creating ideal water filtration systems and toilet seats.
This toilet seat is comfortable and easy to install. It also has a blue illumination system and an adjustable seat temperature.
Some customers don't like the elongated form.
LED light, temperature levels
20 x 14 x 3 inches
White or biscuit
UltraTouch Heated Round Toilet Seat
UltraTouch makes heated toilet seats and comforters at affordable prices. Its products feature a simplistic, yet elegant design.
This practical, convenient and economical product will ensure the comfort of your family. The heated toilet seat has a nice shape and a built-in antimicrobial agent.
Some users prefer a different shape.
Adjustable seat temperature
Not specified

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What is the Best Heated Toilet Seat?

Heated toilet seats are much more comfortable than chilly toilet seats, especially in the morning and during the cold season. You can also get other perks, like a remote-controlled toilet seat, as well as a self-cleaning mechanism. Ideally, the best heated toilet seat is one that is easy to heat, conserves energy and is easy to clean. With the info you’ve just gathered from this guide, you can now easily identify the seat you need from the five top products we’ve reviewed.
Our Top Choice
The TOTO Elongated Heated Toilet Seat comes with a side arm control panel for easy use and a deodorizer. It is available in two shapes and two colors. This item is currently an Amazon Best Seller! If you would prefer a round shape, take a look at the TOTO SW553#12 Washlet S300 Round Front Toilet Seat.

Toto Heated Toilet Seat with Adjustable Water Temperature - Available in Either Round or Elongated, Choice of 2 Colors

The Japanese manufacturer Kazuchika Okura started designing unique products for everyday uses in 1917. By combining looks with practicality and beautiful shapes, TOTO strives to bring comfort to every home. This brand reinvents bathroom accessories with a touch of style while still being eco-friendly.

The Toto Elongated Heated Toilet Seat offers a variety of settings while boasting a classic and elegant design. Here are its highlights:
  • Available in two colors and two shapes
  • Offers different temperature settings
  • Incorporates a deodorizer
  • Has a self-cleaning wand
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • Five water pressure settings
If you plan to renovate your bathroom anytime soon, we advise you to also take a look at the elegant and eye-catching faucets made by TOTO. You have plenty of options to choose from, and all of them have positive reviews on Amazon!
Best Value
The SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets comes with an air dryer and adjustable water pressure. It is also available in two shapes. If you're looking for a different design, try the SmartBidet SB-2000 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets.

SmartBidet Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control, Warm Air Dryer & Temperature Controlled Wash Functions

SmartBidet addresses people's needs and designs toilet seats that will enhance your comfort. With its vast experience in creating toilet bowls, this brand combines technology and style with great results. Although SmartBidet sells just a few products on Amazon, its heated toilet seats are hugely popular and have amassed a lot of positive reviews already!

SmartBidet's Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets has an incorporated electric system that will make it easier for you to use the toilet seat. This model can be installed quickly. We liked the simplicity that comes with this toilet seat, as well as its features.

Let's find out its strong points:
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Available in two shapes
  • Water pressure can be adjusted
  • Soft close lid
  • Comes with a skin sensor
  • Energy saving mode that can save you hundreds of dollars over the year
  • Thanks to its built-in warm air dryer, you don’t need toilet paper anymore
The Lotus Round Smart Toilet Seat Bidet has a rear wash and lady wash function. It also comes with a purestream function, and it is available in two shapes. If your budget is smaller, go with the Lotus ATS-500 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat Bidet.

Lotus Advanced Smart Toilet Seat Bidet, Purestream Function (Constipation Relief) Heated Seat and Temperature Controlled Wash

Lotus specializes in heated toilet seats and strives to make some of the most comfortable, practical and modern ones out there. This brand sells several toilet seats on Amazon, and they come with long warranty periods of two or even five years, so your investment is backed up. If you really want to transform your toilet and make it as advanced and comfortable as possible, get a heated toilet seat from Lotus and you can say: "mission accomplished!"

Let's take a look at the main features of the Lotus Round Smart Toilet Seat Bidet:
  • Massage feature
  • Seat temperature is adjustable
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • It can relieve constipation
  • Comfortable and easy to install
  • Available in two different shapes
  • Rear wash and lady wash functions
The Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat has an LED nightlight to improve your comfort. It can fit most standard toilet fixtures, and it is available in two color options. If you would like a different shape, try the Brondell S1000-RW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Round Toilet Seat.

Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat, Available in 2 Colors

Brondell manufactures quality products that are practical and necessary in every home. Its heated toilet seats are designed with many features to boost your comfort, while its water filtration systems will cleanse away impurities from the pipes. Brondell currently has almost 200 products available for sale on Amazon, and some of them are Best Sellers. Along with heated toilet seats, this brand also sells high-quality water saving devices and water filters.

Here's why we like the Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat:
  • Adjustable seat temperature
  • The LED illumination is great for nighttime use
  • Fits most standard toilets
  • Comfortable and easy to install
  • Gentle closing lid
  • Available in two colors

If you travel a lot, you might be interested in the GoSpa Travel Bidet from Brondell. It's currently an Amazon Best Seller and a real life saver when you need it the most!
The UltraTouch Heated Round Toilet Seat only uses 12 watts of electricity for its thermal circuit. It has a classic elongated shape that fits well in most bathrooms. If you're looking for a different design, check out the UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat - Biscuit - Round Bowl

UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat with Elongated Bowl and Antimicrobial Agent, Durable Construction

UltraTouch makes many products that are well received by the general Amazon public, such as heated toilet seats, comforters and more. It offers excellent quality at low prices, so you get the best bang for your buck. The heated toilet seats made by UltraTouch have classic designs, and they can be installed in minutes.

Here's why we like the UltraTouch Heated Round Toilet Seat:
  • Easy to install
  • Has a UL listed transformer, so it is safe to use
  • Only uses 12 watts of power
  • Contains an antimicrobial agent
  • Comfortable seat that's easy to clean
  • Can take up to 200 pounds of weight

How Do I Choose the Best Heated Toilet Seat?

Our homes should be comfortable, from the living room and bedroom to the restroom. In fact, it is important that the bathroom be the most comfortable, to provide you with relaxation as you clean and relieve yourself after a hard day’s work. No one wants to come home to a dirty and dull bathroom. That is why it is important to spice it up with items like an LED showerhead, a clean and attractive bidet toilet seat, a convenient trash can, and a nice mirror. A restroom with an attractive ambience helps us release tension and also relieves us from mental and body fatigue.

It is an added advantage if we can have the toilet seat heated, especially during chilly mornings and the cold seasons. This adds to the comfort of the bathroom, in addition to showering with warm water in a colorful environment. In addition to heating themselves, the toilet seats also enable you to maintain hygiene. Besides their ability to self-clean, the seats can also help clean your tushies with warm water, helping to reduce the use of paper in your bathroom. This is kind on your wallet, as well as your bum!
Everyone wants a comfortable experience when carrying out our business in the washroom. None of us like sitting on hard, cold marble especially on chilly days. Investing in a good-quality heated toilet seat will go a long way in changing your experience in the bathroom.

Considering that this is a product that you only want to buy once in five to ten years, you have to get it right. If you want a basic seat that only heats up when you are using it, you can get a nice one with as little as $100. Such seats are functional but lack the extra features that add to the overall look of your washroom. Those that cost more have extra features, such as ergonomic design, attractive colors, digital display system, adjustable settings and sterilizers, among other features. Apart from warming up your toilet, they also self-clean and add to the ambience of your bathroom. Such seats retail from around $500 to slightly above $700. You’ll also find a few cheap heated toilet seats, but you’d be better off not buying those, due to their inferior quality and ability to crack quickly.
A good toilet seat should be easy to clean and heat while conserving energy. This encourages you to visit your toilet as often as possible, keeping you in good health. There are also a few other features that you may need to consider before buying one of these seats.

Here is what you should check:
  • Size- Consider the size and shape of your toilet bowl. Most are either round or oblong.
  • Controls- Check the control panel and whether it is capacitive. Also, check if your seat comes with a remote control.
  • Convenience- You may want to look for features such as adjustable water temperature and pressure. Choose one with an adjustable cleaning nozzle, as well as an automatic slow-closing lid.
  • Extras- Check for features such as touch screen controls, energy-saving modes, deodorizers and LED illuminating lights.
  • Materials- These seats are either made of plastic or wood. Wooden seats look more elegant and welcoming. They are also sturdier and thicker.
  • Warranty- Most companies give warranties for their products, albeit for varying time periods.
Construction and Design
Bidet heated toilet seats come mainly in two shapes. These shapes are oblong and round. You can choose your desired shape based on the shape of your toilet bowl. The seats can either be plastic or wood. Go for the one you desire based on your needs. Check the seat’s controls, which are in most cases attached on the side. These controls have capacitive buttons strategically placed on the control panel. The seat is attached to the toilet bowl with either plastic or metal springs. Check the cleaning nozzles attached inside the toilet seat.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a heated toilet seat is more comfortable and fun, compared to the traditional plain seat. Apart from saving you from the cold ceramic or plastic seats in the morning and during the cold season, the seats also come with extra features that transform your bathroom experience into an exciting activity.

The heated plastic or wooden seats are more comfortable, thanks to their ergonomic design and their warming capabilities. You can adjust the temperature to your desired warmth via your seat’s temperature settings. They help warm and soothe your skin as you go about your business. They also have cleaning nozzles that not only help you clean yourself with warm water, but also sterilize your toilet bowl automatically, keeping it clean and smelling fresh. For more efficient cleaning, go for the flexible or adjustable cleaning nozzles. Some have deodorizers that ensure your toilet is always free from unwanted odor.

Consider the automatic mechanisms that help maintain your seat, making it last longer. You’ll no longer have to worry about your kids banging the toilet seat, as you can get one with automatic slow-closing technology. In addition to this feature, there is the capacitive control panel attached to the side, which ensures you have a very easy time using the toilet. The position of the panel and the sensitivity of the touch screen controls make it easy to control the desired functions while sitting comfortably on the seat. Most also come with a remote control if you don’t want to keep turning to the control panel.

Heated toilet seats come with nice and attractive designs that enhance the ambience of your bathroom. Some have LED lights that glow in different colors, making your restroom look beautiful. Lastly, the seats should be easy to install, such that you don’t have to buy any specialized tools or hire any professional, to minimize cost as much as possible. Now that you know what these seats can do for your vanity space and your experience in it, go ahead and choose one that will meet your needs.

Get the Best Heated Toilet Seat of 2023!

You’re now in a good position to get the best heated toilet seat, having gone through this review. Keep in mind that these are not the only products from these brands, so if you are still not decided, you can still have a peek at other nice seats the companies have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Toto Washlet® C100 - Elongated
Best Value
SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets
Lotus Round Smart Toilet Seat Bidet
Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat
UltraTouch Heated Round Toilet Seat