Best Hockey Bag Reviews 2023

Whether you’re a hockey player, coach, or referee, you have a lot of equipment to carry along for your games. A hockey bag is what you need to keep all your gear in one place, transport it easily, and avoid the risk of damaging or losing it. Choosing the best hockey bag for your particular needs requires that you pay attention to certain details. We’ve considered these details in our research, and have come up with 5 top hockey bags from top brands for this review. We want you to know that these brands have more hockey bags in stock than the ones we have displayed here, in case you want something different.
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Our Top Choice
Bauer Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag
Bauer ensures that sportsmen enjoy their game with its improved gear. Its hockey bags are of high quality, and there’s one to fit every player’s choice and style of play.
Firm webbing straps. Soft reinforced grab handles for easy lifting. Telescoping arm for snowy terrain.
Doesn’t make enough provision for hockey sticks.
36 x 18 x 16 inches
Durable 500D polyester
Locking telescopic handle
Best Value
Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Bag
Jetstream is a designer of exclusive products that leave customers deeply satisfied. Its hockey bags stand out amongst luggage and can hold everything for an ice skating trip.
Large opening at the top for convenience.
It’s big and weighty, and may be difficult to handle by small-sized users.
36 x 15 x 16 inches
600D Polyester
2-inch polypropylene web handles
Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Equipment Bag
Grit is a well-known company, constant in the design of topnotch sports gear and bags. Grit hockey bags are sturdy and functional, and possess a lot of great features.
Bladeport on either side for blade and top straps. Helmet shelf with space for skates.
Really big and could prove heavy for users with small frames.
36 x 20 x 18 inches; 19.8 pounds
Fiber-polymer struts
Removable stick strap handles
North Star Bags Sports Hockey Bag
North Star Bags is focused on producing reliable sporting gear sold at reasonable prices. The company utilizes modern technology to create tough, well-designed hockey bags.
Well-zipped and box-stitched.
Lacks compartments and pockets.
7 x 4 x 15 inches; 1.4 pounds
1050 HD Tuff
HD webbing reinforced handles
K-Cliffs Sport Gear Rooftop Hockey Bag
K-Cliffs is a manufacturer of strong, high-quality sports equipment. It produces hockey bags that are roomy and can hold up under harsh conditions and prolonged use.
Shoulder strap and non-slip pad. Extra-thick and padded handles.
Doesn’t have wheels.
24 inches
High-density water resistant
Super thick, wide handles

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What is the Best Hockey Bag?

There’s a vast array of available hockey bags, therefore making a choice might be overwhelming. In this buying guide, we’ve given you the necessary information to narrow down your options and make a good choice. We also believe you now have a good understanding of what the best hockey bag should be. Let’s now study the features and prices of the hockey bags we have selected for you.
Our Top Choice
The Bauer Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag is big with slots for a helmet and skates. It has a large opening for easy reach of contents and the handles can be held or slung over the shoulders. If you want a smaller bag, without wheels, check out Bauer’s S14 Core Carry Bag. It’s a heavy-duty bag that’s available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.

Bauer S14 Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag Medium Black

Bauer is the world’s most respected manufacturer, designer, and marketer of hockey equipment. It has for more than 80 years provided unique equipment and sports gear, ranging from gloves, sticks, and skates to helmets, base layers, and hockey bags. The company was founded in Ontario in 1927 and developed the first ever skate strapping blade boot, an invention which forever changed the game of hockey. The company has continued to make enormous progress, developing the most desired products and expanding to include other product lines. Bauer prides itself on ensuring that every player ‘owns the game’, by making it possible for them to customize their gear to suit their taste and style.

The Bauer Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag is a 5-pound, all-terrain wheeled hockey bag with internally fashioned and locking telescopic handles. These handles can be expanded or retracted to desired height, and the wheels can be used to navigate different surfaces around an ice rink. It also features strong plastic rails that ensure stability and raise the bag off the ground.

It’s created from durable 500-denier polyester fabric and has an internal single pocket to hold accessories, and an external skate pocket providing balance and added comfort. This bag has a U-shaped opening at the top, fitted with strong zippers and the Bauer logo pulls. The Bauer Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag has a reinforced stitching grab handle and durable webbing straps which help in lifting and carrying the bag. Better yet, the bag is covered with plastic piping for time in the high-friction zones.

All the plastic components are cold resistance-tested to prevent cracking or splits, and on both sides of the bag, there are ventilation linings to allow for air circulation. This bag has an external name or player number window and comes in two sizes: medium (the one we’re featuring) - 36 x 18 x 16 inches and large - 40 x 18 x 16 inches. It’s backed by a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase, so you can rest assured that this bag is high-quality.

Bauer has a variety of other hockey bags in stock:
  • Bauer Official’s Bag: Durable and strong hockey bag, with U-shaped zipper, PVC piping, and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Bauer Premium Hockey Wheel Backpack: Heavy-duty double zipped bag with waterproof bottom and grommets for ventilation
  • Bauer Goalie Premium Carry Bag: Made from strong polyester and tear-resistant fabric, and has heavy-duty double zips with Bauer logo pulls
  • Bauer Premium Duffle Bag: Mini hockey bag design carryon bag, with adjustable shoulder straps suitable for air travel
  • Bauer Individual Stick Bag: Adjustable-length bag with heavy-duty zippers and padded pockets to protect blades. It can carry up to three hockey sticks
  • Bauer Individual Garment Bag: Strong carry bag that can fit up to three jerseys
  • Bauer Puck Bag: One size bag which can carry 50-75 pucks
  • Bauer Skate Bag: For easy protective movement of skates
  • Bauer Pro 10 Backpack: This is a backpack with fitted shoulder straps and webbed polyester handle. It has ten external pouch pockets for easy storage of gear and accessories
  • Team Core Hockey Carry Bag: Strong and durable with plastic friction reinforced zones
Best Value
The Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Bag is a 600-denier polyester water-resistant bag. It has two webbed handles and two-way long-lasting nylon zippers. If you need a gym bag instead, check out The Jetstream 20 Inch Foldable Travel Luggage Gym Bag.

Jetstream Heavy Duty 3-Pocket Hockey Bag – Available in 5 Colors

Jetstream is a designer of strong and exclusive hockey bags that leave customers totally satisfied. The company is interested in making sure that its clients enjoy their outdoor activities and business travels by the kind of versatile bags they create. Jetstream’s hockey bags are attractive and its luggage sets the user apart from the crowd. It makes available pieces that can hold all that’s needed for a trip.

The Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Bag is a 35-inch hockey bag with dimensions 36 x 16 x 15 inches, and is fabricated from 600-denier polyester. This bag’s handles are made from two-inch propylene webbing and long-lasting two-way nylon zippers.

The Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Bag has some other features:
  • It has a large main opening which makes it easy to reach the contents
  • There are two end pockets, big enough to fit accessories and skates
  • The zippers are sturdy, having enough leverage to close the bag without tears or snapping off
  • It fits all hockey equipment including helmets, elbow pads, shinguards, spare pucks, hockey pants, and tapes
  • The exterior is thick and canvas-like, and doesn’t tear easily. It’s also water-resistant which ensures that the contents are well-protected
  • This bag has heavy-duty straps with double stitching, so there are no worries about tearing
This bag is available in five colors - black, grey, pink, red, and blue.
The Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Equipment Bag is made of strong steel and plastic. The bag is foldable, with an ambidextrous design strap and bladeport that secures the hockey stick. If you’re looking for a more affordable bag with different features, look up Grit’s Hockey Tower Garment Bag One Size Assorted Colors HTGB.

Grit HTSE Hockey Tower 36 Inch Equipment Bag

Grit was founded in 2000 by Greg Collins, a sports enthusiast after having worked extensively in the sporting goods and design consulting industries. The company was an avenue to explore his ideas, and build and develop a strong brand presence. Grit has over the years expanded to include other sports besides ice hockey. It has become one of the most sought-after brands, manufacturing the first hockey prototype and other functional hockey bags.

The Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Equipment Bag weighs 19.8 pounds and is constructed of steel and plastic. It features a collapsible component that makes it possible to fold the bag for storage, and comes with an attached garment bag. This is an affordable, proven, and solid bag with a bladeport on either side to hold the blade and top straps in place.

This bag features a detachable stick strap to accommodate left and right-handed players, along with a helmet shelf, which has a compartment for skates. With dimensions of 36 x 20 x 18 inches, it has enough space for everything: elbow pads, pants, sandals, shoulder pads, and gloves. It also has a front flap with a zipper, air ventilation grommets, detachable dry/wet bag, and a foot carpet.

Grit has other hockey bags in its collection:
  • Grit Tower Large Hockey Wheel Bag: This bag comes in two colors - black and multicolored
  • Grit HP01 Hockey POD Equipment Bag: It’s a hockey bag with removable front pocket and interior mesh pockets
  • Grit Hockey Duffle Bag: It’s an all-purpose travel or gym bag
  • Grit Hockey Gear Box Hockey Duffle Bag: This hockey bag possesses a ventilated dry-air panel and easy-clip adjustable sling
  • Grit Figure Skate Tower Equipment Bag: This hockey bag has wheels and extensible pull handle
  • Grit Tower Youth Large Hockey Wheel Bag: A multicolored one-size hockey bag
  • Grit Flex Hockey Tower Equipment Bag: A hockey bag featuring ventilated shelves, detachable mesh bag, and padded shoulder strap for carrying
The North Star Bags Sports Hockey Bag is large, made from polyester diamond ripstop fabric. It has a Dura-coated exterior, webbing-padded upper handles, and a removable body strap. If you want a more affordable and smaller-sized hockey bag, check out North Star Bags’ 30" Gear Duffel Bag.

North Star Bags Duffle Sports Hockey Bag - Available in 3 Colors

North Star Bags is a company dedicated to the provision of dependable and affordable bags and kits, and does so using heavy-duty and strong materials. The company thinks of all possibilities and covers every loophole; from the Tuff cloth fabrics to the high-grade zippers, North Star Bags has got its clients covered. It produces hockey bags with simple designs, which are effective and incredibly efficient. The bags have all the stress points either box-stitched or double-layered adding to their durability.

The North Star Bags Sports Hockey Bag is massive and built to hold everything the user needs for a trip in one place. The bag is designed to look good in any place - whether on the bed of a truck or front seat of a car! This hockey bag is 1.5 pounds in weight and its dimensions are 16 x 40 x 16 inches. It’s made of 1050 HD Tuff cloth - a polyester diamond ripstop material with large construction grade-10 zippers. This fabric is soft and long-lasting, doubly reinforced and box-stitched at all stress points. The zipper is two-way full length and provides quick, total access to the bag’s interior.

The exterior of this hockey bag is Dura-coated for extra protection of its contents. It has one main compartment, large and accessible through an external zip. Besides being a large-sized equipment bag, The North Star Bags Sports Hockey Bag can also serve as a sports duffel, travel bag, ball bag, and bug-out bag. On the body of the bag is a removable cross body strap and webbing-padded upper handles. A shipping strap is included with this bag, which makes for better storage until the next use. Finally, this hockey bag comes in three colors - midnight black, slate grey, and pacific blue.

North Star Bags makes available a number of hockey bags including:
  • North Star Bags Tactical Load Gear Duffle Bag: A 1050 HD Tuff cloth and water-resistant material hockey bag
  • North Star Bags Sports Flight Carry-On Luggage Bag: A lightweight and durable hockey bag with 4-side carry handles and padded shoulder straps
  • Portal Wheeled Duffle Split Design Roller Bag: This is a 34-inch large capacity bag for all gear. It has dual end pockets for shoes and split-end design that keeps gear in place
  • North Star Bags Sports Side Load Gear Bag: A durable, quick-drying 1050 HD bag with large-sized zipper suitable for outdoor activities
The K-Cliffs Sport Gear Rooftop Rack Hockey Bag is a lightweight, extra-large hockey bag, made with high-density water-resistant material. If you want a hockey bag with different features, look up K-Cliffs’s Jumbo Gear Sport Equipment Oversized Rack Hockey Bag.

K-Cliffs Rooftop Rack Sport Gear Hockey Bag - Available in 4 Sizes & 3 Colors

K-Cliffs is a manufacturer of sturdy, high-grade sports equipment. The company is involved in the provision of flexible bags that can stow gear comfortably on an airplane or vehicle. Its hockey bags are of high quality and can withstand prolonged use. Its bags are usually roomy, having enough space to take all that the user may need for a skating adventure.

The K-Cliffs Sport Gear Rooftop Rack Hockey Bag is strong, lightweight, and well-crafted to suit its purpose. It’s made from high-density water-repellant material that curbs wear and tear when handling. This bag is really large and can easily take hockey sticks and golf clubs. It’s also wide enough to take bigger items like folding chairs.

Other features of The K-Cliffs Sport Gear Rooftop Rack Hockey Bag include:
  • Sports a self-fabric handle positioned at both ends, to aid team or group lifting of the bag
  • Medium-sized pocket on one side for accessories and small gear
  • It comprises extra-thick and wide handles with padded material wrap
  • It can take items of up to 50 pounds in weight
  • This bag comes with a shoulder strap finished with an anti-slip shoulder pad that makes hoisting easy
This hockey bag is available in two color variants - black and camo.

How Do I Choose the Best Hockey Bag?

Apart from the obvious comfort they provide, hockey bags can help your hockey equipment last longer, ultimately saving you a lot of cash. Before getting a hockey bag, you need to put some factors into consideration. Factors such as what you want to use the bag for, the number of accessories and gears you’ll be taking with you, and if you’ll be traveling long distances with the bag. These factors will help you decide the type of hockey bag you should go for. There are two basic types of hockey bags.
  • Hockey Equipment Bag: This type comes in a variety of sizes and styles. It’s designed to contain all your hockey equipment, so it’s bigger than the stick bag in size. It comes in duffel or backpack styles. The backpack style has two shoulder straps, and the duffel style has two top straps and sometimes a shoulder strap. Due to their size, most hockey equipment bags come with wheels to ease transportation.
  • Hockey Stick Bag: This bag is designed to carry hockey stick(s). It’s narrow and smaller than the equipment bag, and also comes in different sizes and styles. Some are designed to carry more than one stick at a time and can also carry some accessories like your hockey skates, while others can only hold one stick. They’re available in duffel style and backpack style. The duffel style however, is more popular than the backpack style.
Before choosing, size is quite an important factor to consider. Determine the amount of gear you’re carrying and choose a bag that can comfortably accommodate it. Also keep in mind that some bags are more suitable than others for long-distance travel while others are suitable for walking or road trips. You need to consider these carefully before choosing a bag.
There’s no denying the fact that the price of a product is a major factor one needs to consider before making a purchase, but what’s more important is that you get the hockey bag that will meet your storage and transportation needs.

Hockey bag prices range from $25 to $350; there is a reasonable explanation for this wide range. For example, wheeled hockey bags are more expensive than non-wheeled hockey bags due to their ease of transportation. Brand, quality, and size also affect the price of hockey bags. There are cheap hockey bags in the market, but we didn’t consider them in this review because it’s important to us that you purchase a hockey bag that’ll give you value for your money.
There’s a variety of hockey bags available in the market, and your choice should center on what you need it for. Once you’ve narrowed your thoughts down to the type of hockey bag you want, there are certain features you need to consider. We’ve listed some of the basic features to look for in any good hockey bag:
  • Interior gear straps
  • Exterior compression straps
  • Padded straps
  • Pockets
  • Wheels
  • Material
  • Zippers
Construction and Design
The material of the hockey bag is what determines its lifespan and durability. Materials of high quality ensure that your bag holds up under use for a reasonable amount of time. Hockey bags made with polyester are the most superior and durable, as they’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and are water-resistant, to protect against water or moisture damage. Polyester also has air vents that facilitate ventilation which prevents mold from growing inside the bag.

Hockey bags with strong webbing, usually two inches thick, resist wear and tear, while leather materials are the surest way of preventing cuts. Leather materials aren’t waterproof, however, and are highly susceptible to mold. Vinyl on the other hand, is waterproof and doesn’t scratch.

The zipper is another feature that can determine how long you’ll be using your hockey bag. A strongly attached zipper won’t tear off easily under pressure, and a quality zipper allows for easy access to the bag. A good hockey bag should have a lining attached to the zipper to protect it and ensure longevity.

The interior gear strap is designed to hold the equipment steady inside the bag, while the exterior gear strap is designed to run ‘round the entire bag, holding its contents still. These features make it convenient for you to freely move the bag without courting the risk of damaging its content. They’re most needed for air travel and road trips.
Performance and Ease of Use
Padded straps are necessary, because the hockey bag requires lifting - even wheeled bags will need to be lifted at some point. Padded straps make it comfortable to lift the bag and ensure that the handle doesn’t cut into your palms or shoulders in the process.

A hockey bag with pockets is ideal when traveling with smaller items that you might need. Storing items in these pockets will help you avoid extra luggage, which can make your journey quite tedious. The more pockets, the more convenient the bag will be.

Wheels, on the other hand, aid mobility. If your hockey bag is packed heavily, the wheels are the easiest way to move your bag. Large wheels are good for crossing snow areas, and most wheeled hockey bags come with plastic protection for the wheels. This plastic protection ensures that dirt and debris don’t clog the wheels and protects the wheels from damage. The only disadvantage is that wheels make hockey bags heavier than those without wheels.

Get the Best Hockey Bag of 2023!

When you know what you’re looking for, finding it becomes easy. If you follow the recommendations we’ve provided you with in this review, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase. Peradventure you don’t see the hockey bag of your choice, please check out the other hockey bags from these brands.

Our Top Choice
Bauer Premium Wheeled Hockey Bag
Best Value
Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Bag
Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Equipment Bag
North Star Bags Sports Hockey Bag
K-Cliffs Sport Gear Rooftop Hockey Bag