Best Hockey Skates Reviews 2022

Hockey is one of the team sports that anyone can play, regardless of age. You need a lot of specialized equipment to play hockey, and hockey skates are among the most important. There are many hockey skates available for different levels and sexes, and selecting the best hockey skates is no mean feat. That is why we have put together a review of five top brands, and a product from each, to help you get an idea of what they offer and make your selection process as easy as possible. We invite you to also check out other hockey skates by the brands we have selected, as they have more. As you'll see, we have decided to feature mostly ice hockey skates, although we did throw in a pair of roller hockey skates for good measure. Whether you play hockey on ice or not, you should be able to find your ideal skates from one of these awesome brands!
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Player Type
Mid Foot
Toe Box
Our Top Choice
Bauer X300R Hockey Skate
Bauer developed the first ever skate, strapping blade and boot. It is committed to developing hockey gear that embodies agility and speed.
It has good snug-fitting ankle support and a regular mid-foot and toe box fit. It is also great for an aggressive player.
The sizing seems to be one size down from regular shoe sizes.
Slightly shallow
Slightly narrow
Best Value
CCM Jetspeed 250 Hockey Skate
CCM is one of the world's largest hockey equipment manufacturers. It produces some of the best hockey skates available.
Theyre a great fit for new skaters because they provide a forgiving platform. They come with a heavy-duty upper package for comfort and durability.
With the quality of this product, it is not surprising that no problems have been reported as of yet.
Slightly shallow
Slightly narrow
Slightly wide
Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skate
Bauer designs and produces high-quality hockey apparel and equipment such as gloves, sticks and skates for goalies and other players.
These are among the few skates that offer both comfort and speed. They also have the latest heel and ankle support to help keep your feet safe.
So far, not one user has had something bad to say about this skate.
Slightly shallow
Slightly narrow
Tour Hockey Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Tour Hockey is an industry leader when it comes to hockey gear and accessories for professional and recreational hockey players.
The comfort makes them a great option for beginners, and the support helps protect against injury.
While they're a great choice for beginners, they're not quite right for professional players.
Slightly shallow
American Athletic Softboot Hockey Skate
American Athletic is well known for its unrivaled customer service. It supplies sports shops and ice rinks with top hockey skates.
They're great for beginners and recreational players. Aside from the warmth and support they offer, they are also fashionable.
They may be easy to lace, but it's a bit hard to get the laces tight enough.
Slightly narrow

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What is the Best Hockey Skates?

Our buying guide has attempted to provide you with the necessary information required before buying a hockey skate. You should now have enough information to recognize what features to look for. Join us now as we look more closely at the products and brands below.
Our Top Choice
The Bauer X300R Hockey Skate has an x-rib patterned quarter package that reduces overall weight, and a closed-cell-foam ankle padding for maximum comfort. Would you love to get a helmet with face mask and ear covers to go with these skates? Check out the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo.

Bauer Junior Vapor RH X300R Hockey Skates

Bauer is the brand that developed the first skate, strapping blade and boot for playing hockey. Since 1925, it has developed world-renowned hockey gear, including the SUPREME, VAPOR and NEXUS. Its “OWN THE MOMENT” experience brings you into contact with personal fit experts who help guide you through customizing your gear based on your level and style of play. You get to try out your customized hockey gear in the rink in the experience center before deciding on it. Bauer is committed to helping players make the best of their game.

The Bauer X300R Hockey Skate ($167.69 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) features perfect roller blades for outdoor hockey or casual skating. These skates have firm ankle support that is comfortable and fits well if you find the right size for you. These are hi-lo inline skates that have the rear rollers higher than the front rollers. They're just what an aggressive player needs. They feature a quarter package that has a tech nylon back with x-rib pattern that is thermoformed with abrasion guard. This x-rib pattern decreases the overall weight on the skates while simultaneously improving the heel and ankle lock, allowing tighter turns.

Also, the lining material is brushed nylon, which reduces sweat and keeps your leg locked in place without slipping. These skates have closed-cell-foam ankle padding, and an anatomical 1-piece left construction that provides comfort and protection. The ankle padding is a soft felt material. The footbeds have standard comfort. They also feature a slightly shallow instep, a slightly narrow heel, a regular mid-foot and a regular toe box.

There are other great hockey skates from Bauer, including:
  • Bauer Senior Vapor X400R Roller Hockey Skate: Features a microfiber lining material and Anaform ankle pads
  • Bauer Senior Vapor X200 Skate: Comes with a TPR outsole, TUUK Super Stainless Runner and LIGHTSPEED Pro Holder
  • Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate: Comes with a premium nylon quarter and a microfiber liner
Best Value
The CCM Jetspeed 250 Hockey Skate is designed for ultimate speed and to generate more efficiency and power with each stride. These skates are lined with heavy-duty microfiber for comfort and strength. For the same quality of hockey skates for senior players, check out the CCM Tacks 3052 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates. They provide extra support, great acceleration and performance.

CCM YTH Jetspeed 250 Hockey Skate – Available In Six Sizes

CCM is known for providing hockey players with some of the best hockey equipment available. Through hard work and dedication, it has solidified its position as one of the largest hockey gear and accessories manufacturers. CCM is also known for building high-quality products for top athletes.

The CCM Jetspeed Hockey Skate ($69.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a high-definition contoured boot shape, which makes the skates fit properly by wrapping around every inch of your foot. It has a synthetic outer shell that is embossed and is capable of providing a forgiving platform on ice for new and non-professional skaters. The microfiber liner in the upper package gives the skates comfort and durability. In addition to the liner, felt tongues also offer lightweight comfort on ice. Low-profile injected outsoles sit underneath the boots and maximize energy transfer between them. These skates have durable stainless steel runners for long-term performance.

CCM has other hockey skates you may want to check out, such as:
  • CCM Jetspeed 270R Senior Inline Hockey Skates, 11.0 D: Lghtweight and durable hockey skates for senior hockey players
  • CCM 42K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates, 6.0 D: Safe for beginner hockey players because of increased support for the feet. The tricot liner also makes them more comfortable and durable
  • SR CCM TACKS 2092: With durable outer shell and a brushed microfiber liner. It is a great choice for recreational players because of the performance and comfort
The Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skate is built for quickness and mobility. These skates have hydrophobic microfiber lining and Anaform foam ankle padding for comfort and safety. For traditional player-type skates, check out the Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate. These skates come with a premium nylon quarter and a microfiber liner.

Bauer Vapor X500 SR Hockey Skate – Available In 23 Sizes & 2 Styles

When it comes to the best hockey lifestyle, training and team apparel, Bauer definitely tops the list. With several product lines and custom gear available, it has become one of the most dependable skate brands and is trusted by athletes globally.

The Bauer Vapor X500 Skate ($199.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) allows you to skate with more agility and speed. These skates give you a standard fit in the toe box and a closer V-fit in the ankle and heel. This ensures that players can accelerate faster in them than in conventional skates. Here are more amazing features of these hockey skates:
  • Quarter Package made of tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern
  • Hydrophobic microfiber liner for extra support
  • Anaform foam ankle pads for ankle support
  • Anatomical, 2-piece 40 oz. felt with metatarsal padding
  • Foot bed made from molded comfort EVA
  • Patented integrated anatomical heel/ankle support for extra heel and ankle support
  • Clear injected TPU outsole for increased stability
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge Blade Holder which lets you change a dull blade during the game
  • TUUK Super Stainless Steel runner for durability
Bauer offers 90 days warranty from the consumer date of purchase.
The Tour Hockey Senior Ice Hockey Skates are a great choice for beginner and intermediate players. They have reinforced ankle stabilizers for unmatched support and a comfort brushed tricot liner. For junior hockey skates with force speed formula control wheels, check out the Tour Hockey Junior Inline Hockey Skates. They also provide firm ankle support.

Tour Hockey FB-225 Senior Ice Hockey Skates – Available In 9 Sizes

Tour Hockey manufactures some of the best hockey gear and accessories. From junior players and senior players to professional and beginner players, Tour Hockey provides innovative products that make playing hockey safe and fun.

The Tour Hockey Senior Ice Hockey Skates ($69.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) are great for beginner and intermediary players because of the level of comfort they offer. They feature ankle stabilizers that are reinforced to protect the ankles from injury. The tricot lining and EVA deluxe foam padding also provide extra comfort. The blades are made of steel carbon, and their hardened edges allow them to glide easily on ice.

Tour Hockey has other hockey skates available, such as:
  • Tour Hockey BoneLite 500 Inline Hockey Skates: Feature the Labeda Hum'er Eviction Frame and offers lateral support and comfortable fit. They have a Tuff-skin exterior and composite ankle reinforcement
  • Tour Hockey Adult FB-LG72 Inline Goalie Skates: The latest Predator 9 skates, with dry wick quilted lining for comfort and foam ankle padding for ankle support
  • Tour Hockey Thor ZX-9 Inline Hockey Skates: Ultra-light synthetic leather Pro Level boots with maximum support and comfort. They feature the LABEDA Hum'er Pro Frame Swiss elite bearings and Dynasty pro wheels
Tour Hockey hockey skates have a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.
The American Athletic Softboot Hockey Skate has cushy foam padding with fiber lining. These skates have ankle support and a speed lacing system with Velcro strap. For fashionable hockey skates for juniors, try the American Athletic Shoe Junior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates. They also have ankle support and a speed lacing system with strap.

American Athletic Shoe Women's Soft Boot Hockey Skates

For almost six decades, American Athletic has been designing and providing ice rinks and sports homes with hockey skates that are fashionable and functional. With its unrivaled customer service support, high quality and reliable products, American Athletic is fast becoming the go-to brand for excellence.

The American Athletic American Softboot Skate ($115.04 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a fashionable hockey skate that provides both warmth and comfort. These skates have cushy foam padding with fiber lining for extra comfort. They also have a speed lacing system with Velcro strap, and multi-layer ankle support. The hollow ground figure blade is nickel-plated, and the runner blade is made of steel; this improves the gliding and ensures the blades are long-lasting.

American Athletic has other hockey skates, such as:
  • American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates: With carbon steel runners and multi-layered boot construction for ankle padding and support. These skates provide warmth and comfort and also have Velcro straps and lace loops for quick lacing
  • American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey Skates: A great choice for beginners and can be used indoor and outdoor. They're also moisture-resistant and have ankle support

How Do I Choose the Best Hockey Skates?

Are you looking for a sport that allows you to have immense fun while improving your communication and teamwork skills, and also expanding your social circle? Hockey is what you are looking for. Hockey is one of the many team sports that almost anyone can play. But as with other team sports such as basketball and baseball, it requires a lot of specialized equipment such as pads, a helmet, jersey, pants and skates. All the equipment listed is important and has its own function, but most important item is the hockey skates. There are different types of hockey, and ice hockey and street hockey require different skates.

When selecting a pair of hockey skates, it is necessary to consider the fit. If you buy skates that do not fit, it could adversely affect your performance and also increase the chances of getting an injury. You should also consider the quality and size. As a rule of thumb for quality and selection of size, it is advisable to select a pair of skates that is smaller than street shoe size. Note that different hockey brands offer different qualities, sizes and fit.

It is necessary to understand the features of hockey skates and their functions before you head out to buy a pair. The best hockey skate has the ability to help the player play the game exceedingly well while avoiding injury. Since a pair of hockey skates can easily cut through your budget, let's highlight some of the details you need to pay close attention to, so that you can come out ahead with respect to value and comfort.
Beginner skates will not cost the same as hockey skates for a professional player. Skates for professional players will have higher-end features, and that will invariably make them more expensive. The same thing goes for size. A senior hockey skate will definitely cost more than a junior hockey skate of the same brand. A good hockey skate with the right fit and solid protection will cost between $60 and $200. During this research, we came across some cheap hockey skates, but we chose not to include them in our review. A cheap hockey skate won’t serve you well and is a sheer waste of money.
Before buying hockey skates, it is important to note that depending on the level and age of the player, the features differ. Be clear in your mind who exactly you are buying for before you end up with skates that will adversely affect performance or cause an injury. Here are the important features to look for when choosing a pair of hockey skates:
  • Boot fit
  • Inner liner
  • Fitting adjustments
  • Blade
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ankle support
  • Blade holder
Construction and Design
Hockey is a game of speed with fast starts, fast braking and multi-directional changes. It is necessary to get a hockey skate that fits properly. Skates that are too tight can cause pain and cramps for the wearer, while skates that are too large will be difficult to control and also result in foot blisters. This blistering is caused by excessive friction. Different manufacturers have different sizing specifications. Usually, hockey skates should be 1 to 1 ½ sizes smaller when compared to street shoe size. When it comes to kids, a parent should buy no more than ½ sizes larger than the child's size. This is because children usually outgrow their skates before wearing them out, regardless of the quality of the skates.

Almost all pairs of hockey skates come with liners. The liner can be described as the part of a hockey skate that determines not only the comfort, but the precision and the quality of your skating. Some are made of leather, while others are made of foam. It may also be removable, integrated or thermoformable, depending on the manufacturer. Its main aim is to support the foot and limit any foot shift, both longitudinal and lateral. Hockey skates with liners are generally more comfortable than those without.

The blade of a hockey skate is usually made of stainless steel, and this prevents it from rusting, making it durable. The blade holder is the connection between the blade and the boot. For beginner and junior players, it is better if the blade and holder is a single unit. On more professional skates, it can function alone as a separate unit. Being separate means that it can be changed during a game or replaced when damaged.
Performance and Ease of Use
For all levels of players, ankle support is a necessity because it helps protect the ankles from potential injury. Apart from ankle support, the stiffness also increases performance because it leads to more control. Larger players should go for stiffer skates, as should serious amateurs and professionals.

In order to keep the skates in prime condition, it is advisable to remove the insoles, especially after intense workouts. Drying them out ensures they remain dry and odor-free. You can also use air freshener sneaker balls for the same purpose. Traditional shoe products can be used to enhance the appearance of the skate if the outer portion is made of leather. It is also important to remove the liners of those that are removable, and dry them properly.

Get the Best Hockey Skates of 2022!

Now that you have read our review, you should know how to buy the right hockey skates for you. You can now go and enjoy that game of hockey.

Our Top Choice
Bauer X300R Hockey Skate
Best Value
CCM Jetspeed 250 Hockey Skate
Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skate
Tour Hockey Senior Ice Hockey Skates
American Athletic Softboot Hockey Skate