Best Home Gym Reviews 2017

We understand the need to have an efficient home fitness regime. For this reason, we have put together the top five equipment that will offer you just that. Working out from home is steadily growing in popularity. However, older home fitness equipment were cumbersome and too complicated. We therefore hope to give you the front seat in choosing the perfect home gym for you. These will no doubt give you a smooth workout and offer you the results you so much desire.
Our Top Choice
Body Solid Home Gym
Body Solid are on a mission to live by their name; making you body solid. To do this, they have devised Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S to offer you all you ever needed in your home fitness regime.
Genius design Lifetime warranty. No chipping and peeling. Prevents back strain. Versatile.
Isolated complaints of complicated assembly.
Best Value
BodyCraft Home Gym
We all desire to join a gym for exercise and live healthy. It is for this reason that BodyCraft prides in BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym that provides utmost gym experience at the comfort of your home.
Complete body workout. Compact machine. Lifetime warranty. Easier home assemblage.
Difficult to assemble. Bulky. Pricy
Gold's Gym XR 55 System
Gold’s have lived up to their expectations with the revolutionary XRS 55 Gym. This is is one of the most effective gym quality workouts that you can get for your home.
Sturdy frame. Adjustable seat. Consistent foam padding. Upto 6 workout stations. Little maintenance
Weight stack not upgradable
Marcy Combo Smith Machine
Marcy has been known to produce high quality gym equipment. When it comes to their home gym, it's Smith-style press bar that has adjustable safety stops is definitely something worth talking about.
Efficient pull up bar. Has multi-position back pad. Four convenient storage posts. Versatile cable crossover
A little pricy
Weider Home Gym System
We understand you need to have an effective home gym. To help you with this venture, you can rely on Weider® 2980 X Weight System.
214lb. weight stack. High and low pulley. Ankle strap with handle. Attractive look.
Not a very long warranty.

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What is the Best Home Gym?

Lets face it, we all have different body shapes and sizes. The type of home gym you will go for will depend on the final result you would love to see in your body. These home fitness equipment come in a variety of sizes and functionalities to offer you the best experience based on your fitness targets.
Our Top Choice
This home fitness training tool ensures that you have different grip training bench presses by use of the chest press station. This equipment has been loved by fitness enthusiasts due to its ability to do calves, thighs and quads on the same machine. However, if you would love a different style, we found out that the Body Solid G3S Selectorized Home Gym can also do just fine if you love the feeling of being in tune with your body while training.
Body-Solid StrengthTech Home Exercise Equipment - 210lbs Cast Iron Resistance

Body-Solid Home Gym EXM2500S

Body solid is a reputable fitness company that clearly understands the importance of working out at home. They are credited with creating revolutionary home fitness equipments. In this case, BODY-SOLID G3S SELECTORIZED HOME GYM is no exception. This home fitness equipment has been built to guarantee power and stamina. Body Solid have been around for some time now and boast of vast experience in the field. Its simple but effective design has seen it gain lots of admiration among fitness lovers. Do you love a versatile and heavy duty home gym? Well this is your chance to enjoy one.

Some notable features about this model include the following:
  • A 210 pound weight stack that can easily be adjusted in 10 pound increments
  • Comes with full workout poster for easier management
  • Has a heavy duty gauge steel framework
  • A 2,200 pounds rated high tension strength cable making them last longer
  • Has a Paintwork with powder coat finish to protect against chipping an peeling
  • SmoothGlide Bearing system on the leg developer stations
  • High density, Top grade DuraFirm Pads with lumber support that help provide ultimate support and preventing back strain
  • 11 Gauge Mainframe construction to assure maximum durability, strength and fuction
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Best Value
The XPress Pro Strength Training System has lived to the tenets of BodyCraft tradition of delivering exceptional quality. The XPress Pro Strength Training System occupies least space since it has optional leg station and adjustable arm cables. It is a machine that is easy to use and does not occupy large space. The machine has an instructional DVD that helps with instructions while using it.
Body Craft Xpress Pro Exercise Equipment - 200lbs Weight Stack

BodyCraft Home Gym Xpress Pro

BodyCraft is renowned for quality gym machines. Over the years they have endeavored to provide you with exceptional gym equipment. It is a tradition perfectly realized in the BodyCraft XPress Pro Strength Training System for exceptional home training experience. You are offered a lasting home gym experience since the machine is built to last a lifetime. With it various adjustable features, you can design and tailor it to your gym needs. It occupies least space making it the ideal gym machine for home use.
  • The double-up feature for maximum resistance
  • Adjustable arms cables. This allows you countless station adjustment for different mode of exercises
  • Ab station that allows you maximum abdominal training
  • Low and high pulley section. This allows triceps pushups, and arm curls exercises
  • Leg adjustable section. It allows both seated and standing leg and curl exercises
  • Adjustable seat. This can accommodate any user. You can adjust the seat while sitting. By simply squeezing the button placed beneath the seat, you can adjust it to your desirable position
  • Conveniently designed seat back. The seat has double-layered Back Pad for maximum lumbar protection and support
  • Suitable for small spaces. Its space saving design allows you the ability to prop it against the wall
  • Optional leg section. This is ideal for leg exercises
The GOLD’S GYM® XRS 55 SYSTEM8 has effectively met eh expectations of its users over time. This can be attributed to its possibility to perform more than 36 exercises. It takes care of the most important group muscles and features 6 main workout stations. However, if you are on a tight budget and are looking for an affordable option, then the Gold's Gym XRS 55 System8 will come in handy.
Gold's Gym XR 55 Home Exercise Equipment - Weight Stack, Padded Seat, Preacher Pad & Chart

Gold's Gym Home Gym GGSY29013- XR 55

Gold’s have made a mark in the industry by coming up with futuristic home gym equipment over the years. The GOLD’S GYM® XRS 55 SYSTEM8 is clear evidence that they are committed to offer the best in the fitness industry. Despite the fact that it has a total weight of 12lbsit can still achieve the maximum weight resistance with its 330lbs. this is a perfect home gym for beginners and intermediate users. Retailing at $399.00, it is the perfect training equipment for those looking to avoid extra expenses on commercial gyms.

We also found the following additional features for this product
  • 6 workout stations, including: chest press, pec fly, low pulley, high pulley, leg attachment and curl pad
  • Weight stack and pulleys for resistance system
  • Warranty of 90 days for parts and labor
  • Square steel tubing frame to offer sturdy construction
  • It has a footprint of 77″L x 43″W (196 x 109 cm), and height of it’s 6’11” (211 cm)
  • Has steel shells, nylon pulleys and industrial grade ball bearings to offer many years of use
  • Steel ropes for cables that can withstand a higher tension
  • The back rest and the seat is made of vinyl material in gold and black colors
  • The curl pads have 3 adjustments positions to increase efficiency when working out
The Marcy Smith Machine SM-4008 has taken versatility when it comes to fitness training to a whole new level. Its oversized 14 gauge square steel tubing provides it with the durability it deserves. However, we realized that this home gym doe not provide a convenient base bar for the taller user. In such a case, you might need to opt for Marcy Smith Cage System MD-9010G which has an elevated base frame to help increase you stability.
Marcy Combo Smith Machine All-in-one Gym - 400lbs Weight Capacity

Marcy Home Gym SM-4008 - Black

Do you sometimes feel like the whole world has been placed over your head? Come on, this is not unique to you. Modern lifestyles have seen us strain so much in our bid to make ends meet. In the process, we end up compromising our fitness.
Worry no more since we found the perfect home fitness kit that will help you feel relieved. Marcy is a renowned home fitness company that has gained so many acceptances in the recent past. They have designed the Marcy Smith Machine SM-4008 that promises to take your home workouts to a whole new level. This equipment features two Olympic weight plate storage posts on each side of the frame. The two year warranty also ensure that you enjoy your workouts with less worry on maintenance.
We also found the following features worth noting:
  • A shipping weight of 280 pounds
  • An independent upper pulley cable crossover design to make it much easier to use
  • A detachable bench to offer flexibility
  • Independent motion vertically butterfly to help improve versatility in your workouts
  • Powder coated finish ensures it remains durable
  • Nylon pulleys with a reinforcement of sealed bearings to make it sturdy
  • Steel aircraft cables with a rating of 2,000lb tensile strength
Weider has several home gym machines and the Weider® 2980 X Weight System happens to be one of the most effective. With the possibility to offer more than 36 exercises for the chest, arms, leg and abdominal muscles, it is has revolutionized home fitness. If you want to compliment this home gym with a workout bench to target your upper body, check out the Weider Ultimate Body Works bench.
Weider 2980 X All-in-one Home Gym System - 214lbs Weight Stack

Weider Home Gym System #WESY1938

Weider is synonymous with weight training and home gym products. With 50 years’ experience, you can bet your last dollar they will provide some quality products. After all, no-one stays in business that long with shoddy products, right? They manufacture home gyms, chest-fly stations, weight benches and so much more.

Their 2980 Home Gym System is a fantastic gym for beginners or the fitness enthusiast. With an 80lbs weight stack, you’re sure to bulk up and get that dream bod in no time (responsibly, of course) and all from the comfort of your home!

Here’s some features to expect in this gym:
  • 4-Roll leg developer
  • Chest fly
  • High pulley with lat bar
  • Low pulley
  • Ankle strap with a handle (handy, eh?)
  • 214lbs resistence
  • Preacher pad
  • Exercise chart

Get the Best Home Gym of 2017!

Having gone through these reviews, we believe that you have made your mind on what to go for in order to complete you home fitness efficiently. Get a home gym that fully corresponds with your body structure to avoid strains and unnecessary injuries. This will no doubt save you a lot on expenses that you would have otherwise spent in conventional commercial gyms.

Our Top Choice
Body Solid Home Gym
Best Value
BodyCraft Home Gym
Gold's Gym XR 55 System
Marcy Combo Smith Machine
Weider Home Gym System