Best Horse Boot Reviews 2023

Picture this: you’re out with your horse to explore your favorite horse trail, but you forgot to put on his protective boots. Maybe you’ve gotten away with it for some days – or weeks – but this time your luck runs out. As you turn through a tricky corner, one of his hooves crashes into his front leg. The horse limps back to his barn with a painful, bloody gash on his cannon bone. The painful reality hits you: your horse won’t have a good night’s sleep that day, and you won’t be riding anytime soon. To avoid these kinds of mishaps, you need to get the best horse boots on the market, but don’t think finding one is a walk in the park. There are numerous types and sizes to choose from, and a single mistake may do your horse more harm than good. With that said, you can relax because we’re here to help. Read on and discover some of the best brands out there, as well as great choices from each one of them to protect your horse.
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Our Top Choice
EasyCare Inc. Horse Easyboot Rx
EasyCare Inc. is all about quality horse boots. The Easyboot Rx is a therapy boot ideal for those horses with chronic lameness and hoof/lower limb ailments.
Lightweight. Great support and stability. Ideal for horses with hoof problems.
A bit pricey for a single boot.
Best Value
Davis Barrier Black Horse Boot
Davis stands tall in the crowded horse products space, beating most competitors. The Davis barrier boot is made to withstand even the harshest terrains.
Tough and sturdy. Superior traction. Adjustable straps for a good fit. Good value for money.
Not ideal for horse with hoof problems.
Cavallo Sole Horse Hoof Boot
Integrity and protection are what drive Cavallo’s products. The Simple Sole Hoof Boot protects the barefoot horse in all terrains while maintaining comfort and rehabilitating.
Quality leather exterior. Comfortable padding on the inside. Easy to put on. Ideal for horses with hoof problems.
A bit floppy.
Professional’s Choice Ballistic Overeach Boots
Craftsmanship is the foundation that has contributed to the success of Professional’s Choice. Their Ballistic Overreach Boots are made with UltraShock technology to absorb energy.
Durable ballistic nylon. UltraShock lining to absorb energy. Affordable.
Does not cover the entire hoof.
Tough-1 Horse Hoof Saver Boot
Tough-1 is the global innovator in the world of hoof care solutions, enhancing the horse/human relationship. The Hoof Saver Boot has three layers of polyvinyl for durability.
Therapeutic to promote healing. Triple-layered for ultimate protection. Affordable.
Not hard enough for all terrain.

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What is the Best Horse Boot?

From barrier boots and sole boots to hoof boots and guard boots, there’s no doubt the choices out there are enough to give you sleepless nights. Each horse boot is made for specific purposes, and come with different materials. Some are easy to clean and maintain, while others require you to put in a lot of work. At Top5 Reviews, we’ve done thorough research to come up with awesome picks that ensure you find a product from a trusted brand. Of course, we have considered the comfort, size, material, type, and budget to make sure that no one is left out.
Our Top Choice
If your horse suffers from hoof/lower limb problems, the Easyboot Rx is an excellent product to bring it a quick recovery. However, if you are looking for a different design with a healthier price tag, we think you’ll love the EasyCare Inc. Easysoaker.

EasyCare Inc. Easyboot Hoof Boot RX – Available in 9 Sizes

From back country boots to mini boots to the flip flop boots, EasyCare Inc. is well known for providing the best horse boots in the market. Perhaps their unmatched quality is driven by the philosophy that customers are the lifeblood of their organization. There’s no reason you shouldn’t trust the brand to be your horse’s protective companion.

If you love riding or going to competitions, you’ll want a lightweight boot that offers both support and stability. We can assure you that the Easyboot Rx offers nothing less of that. In fact, it is made to suit horses that suffer from hoof/lower limp problems, chronic lameness and laminitis. With every boot purchased, you will get an impressive 6mm of comfort pad to offer immediate relief, as well as additional support for the sole.

If you are a conscientious horse owner, $73 is all that you will need to keep your horse’s hoofs safe and free from injury. But if you don’t like this model, or if you have a flexible budget, we suggest that you check out other great options that the brand offers on Amazon. These include:
  • EasyCare EasyBoot Back Country Boot
  • EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot
  • EasyCare EasyBoot Back Country Boot
  • EasyCare OM-1 Old Mac S Horse Boot G2 Pair
Depending on the size of your horse, you can get this boot in 8 different sizes, from size 0 all the way to size 7.
Best Value
The Davis barrier boot is made for tough terrain. The PVC material allows your horse to traverse rocky areas without the worry of hoof damage. Want a model with a therapeutic pad to relieve hoof pressure? Check out the Davis Horse Boot. It might just be what your horse wants!

Davis Barrier Horse Boot Black – Available in 8 Sizes

Davis believes in quality products. Everything it produces is designed and made in the USA, as most of its products are targeted to the American market. To solidify its trust with customers, the brand goes an extra mile to offer one of the best guarantees in the industry. You don’t have to fill out any warranty papers or watch how-to videos to fix any products. Just make a call, and your product will be replaced hassle-free!

The Barrier Boot is tough and durable. It’s made with PVC, allowing your horse to walk or run unshod. You will never have to worry about chips and cracks on its hooves. Better yet, the boot features tire-like treads that guarantee superior traction every time your horse walks on snow, rocks or pavement. For around $29.95, your horse could use this boot when you are out for trail riding, mountain climbing or parades.

We love this model simply because it is extremely tough and durable, yet it doesn’t cost much. However, it’s not the only boot offered by Davis. We’ve come across quite a number of other great models that we think could also come in handy if you want to protect your horse. These include:
  • Davis Horse Boot
  • Davis Pro-Fit Bell Boot - Draft 2 Pair in Black
  • Davis Regular Bell Boots
  • Davis No-Turn Bell Boots
Just like most horse boots, Davis barrier boots come in a range of sizes to fit different horses. While we deiced to feature it in size 2, you could also get it from size 0 to size 4.
If your horse suffers from hoof sensitivity or chronic pain, the Cavallo Simple Sole Hoof Boot is definitely what you need. However, if your horse is healthy, and you want a model with built-in drainage that absorbs concussions and shock, then you should try the Horse & Rider Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boots.

Cavallo Simple Horse Hoof Boot Black – Available in 7 Sizes

Since the intervention of horse metal shoes about 1,000 years ago, technology has really changed. Cavallo has not been left behind in this evolution. They manufacture state-of-the-art horse boots with shock-absorbing material to provide comfort, safety and much-needed stability to your horse.

The Sole Hoof Boot is a multipurpose boot designed for protecting horse’s hooves on hard and rough terrain. It has one unique feature that lacks in many other models out there: while the outside is made of sturdy, genuine leather to traverse hard grounds, the inside is made with soft material for comfort. This means that even horses that suffer from hoof sensitivity or chronic pain can use the boot and walk or run like they normally would.

To get this Cavallo boot in size 2, you must be ready to part with around $125. But if you are on a tight budget, or simply want a different kind of horse boot, we’ve researched more options for you, so that you can give your horse the right boot that it deserves at a price you can afford. Check out these models, and you will not leave empty-handed:
  • Cavallo Pastern Wrap for Horse Hoof Boot, Large
  • Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot
  • Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot for Horses, Black
  • Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot
  • Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot
The Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot is available in 7 different sizes, from size 0 to size 6. Depending on the size of your horse, get the right fit to avoid unnecessary pressure on its hooves.
The Ballistic Overreach Boots are tough and made to take on any abuse in any discipline. They feature a technology that helps them absorb all energy, putting less pressure on the hooves. Want a standing leg boot instead? The Equine Smbii Leg Boot is a great choice.

Professional’s Choice Ballistic Horse Hoof Boot Pair – Available in 15 Colors & 7 Colors

Professional’s Choice started in a rather interesting way. In 1976, the founder – Dal Scott – broke his leg when out for riding, and decided to develop an orthopedic product. Because of his unbridled love for horses, he decided to apply the skills and start a company in the equine industry. 40 years down the line, Professional’s Choice has managed to stay on top when it comes to horse products, and particularly horse boots.

Made from durable ballistic nylon, the Ballistic Overreach Boots are tough enough to handle any terrain. They are equipped with UltraShock lining on the inside that helps to absorb energy exerted when the horse is moving, therefore protecting the hooves from pressure.

If, for any reason, you don’t love this horse boot, don’t choose another brand just yet. We came across a number of other great options that we think could come in handy to protect your horse. Check out the following models, and you might find what you’re looking for:
  • Professionals Choice Equine Ventech Splint Boot
  • Professionals Choice Equine Sports Medicine Ventech Elite Leg Boot Value Pack
  • Professionals Choice Secure-Fit Boots
  • Professionals Choice Ice Boot
  • Professionals Choice Equine Smbii Leg Boot
For around $31.95, you can choose this product in different colors, from black to royal blue to pink and anything in between.
Horses that suffer from hoof problems will benefit from the Hoof Saver Boot. This model is made by one of the biggest brands in the industry, and designed to relieve extra pressure exerted on the hooves. Want boots that are made with molded poly rubber and an extra cushion sole for a lower price? In that case, we think you’ll love the Tough-1 Hoof Guard Boot.

Tough-1 Hoof Saver Horse Boot – Available in 5 Sizes and 2 Colors

Tough-1 effects fundamental change in the world of natural hoof care with quality hoof boots that are made to help equines live healthier lives. The reason why the brand has made waves in the horse products industry is because it never ceases to improve the overall quality of everything it makes to increase functionality and reliability.

If you ride on your horse more often, chances are that, once in a while, they’ll sustain injuries on their hooves. This can aggravate foot conditions, sometimes leading to abscess. Don’t let this be the reason to keep your horse in the barn all day. The Hoof Saver Boot is made to prevent such occurrences, relieving pressure every time there are signs of corns and bruises. It has a soft, pliable upper that closes tightly and opens wide as the need arises.

For around $25.12, you can get the Hoof Saver Boot and let your horse get the protection it needs. If you have a few more dollars to spare on a higher-end model, or are just looking for something different with your current budget, you can check out other models by the brand on Amazon. Here are a few we found that we think you might like:
  • Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set
  • Tough-1 Extreme Fun Prints Front Vented Sport Boots
  • Tough 1 Performers 1St Choice "No Turn" Bell Boots
  • Tough 1 Ice Boot
  • Tough-1 Black Economy Rear Leg Vented Sport Boots
We featured the small size, since it’s what most horses use, but if you need a different size – perhaps the X-small, large or X-large, you can get it on Amazon. You also have the freedom to choose between royal blue and blue black, although only the large size is available for the blue black option.

How Do I Choose the Best Horse Boot?

Did you know that if your horse constantly beats up the inside of his fetlock, he needs to wear boots? Horse boots protect your horse's leg and hoof from impact. They're made of high-quality materials and have features like shock-absorbing foams or perforated neoprene.

They're also great for therapy and can relieve chronic lameness, founder, navicular, and numerous other hoof or lower limb problems. If your horse is recovering from injuries or surgeries, horse boots are a great idea since they're simple to apply and remove and they'll comfortably protect your horse's legs.

If your horse was injured, went through surgery, or just needs leg protection, you should consider getting horse wraps, which are great for protection. Similarly, when temperatures hit record highs, make them happy with the protection of a horse blanket or horse sheet.
Horse boots are not that expensive if you want your buddy to feel comfortable and protected. For example, you can find quality horse boots for as low as $25 each. These kinds of boots feature ultra shock lining that absorbs energy from overreaching. You can find them in every color imaginable.

On the other hand, if your budget is larger, you could go for high end horse boots that cost around $140 each, offering all terrain hoof protection. They're made of genuine leather and are very comfortable and flexible.

We advise you to stay away from cheap horse boots, as they're made from poor quality materials that won't offer your lovely horse the support and comfort it needs.
Horse boots are mandatory if your horse needs to have its lower leg or hoof protected from impact. However, there are some things to consider before purchasing the right boots for your horse. Nowadays, horse boots are not like they used to be. They have multiple beneficial features that need to be considered.

Here they are:
  • Type - There are multiple types of horse boots on the market like: open front boots that offer front leg protection, splint boots that offer cannon bone and fetlock protection, all-purpose boots that offer general protection, hind-leg boots that protect the cannon bone, and bell boots that encircle the hoofs and protect the heels.
  • Size - Sizes are usually estimated based on a horse's weight, height, and circumference of its limbs. Always make sure you get the right size if you want your horse to wear them and feel comfortable.
  • Fit - Horse boots should fit snug enough and distribute pressure evenly. Make sure you get the right ones.
  • Material - You can find horse boots in a plethora of materials such as leather, high-tech synthetics, neoprene, and more. Choose the one that’s good for your horse's condition.
Construction and Design
Open front boots are usually made of leather and other breathable materials that keep tendons cool. They absorb 95% of the shock and allow a lot of airflow around the lower leg.

Splint boots are great for protecting your horse's leg when it's performing fast work. They're usually worn on the front legs and prevent the horse from hitting itself. They're usually made of leather or synthetic materials.

All-purpose boots are usually made of neoprene or breathable and lightweight materials. They're an alternative to polo wraps and can be used on the front legs or on all four legs. They offer great impact protection.

Hind-leg boots cover the fetlock zone and are usually combined with open-front boots for increased protection. You'll see them on schooling dressage horses or on eventers.

Bell boots are usually made o rubber or leather lined with fleece. They encircle the entire hoof and the pastern. They're great at preventing the horse from hitting itself when the terrain is rough or muddy.
Performance and Ease of Use
Horse boots are easy to use and to maintain. When they get dirty you can simply wash them by hand or in the washing machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You should always get the right size for your horse for it to wear them comfortably and feel great. Horse boots are necessary for hoof health, but for them to be effective, you should maintain them properly. They shouldn't gather dirt and should be washed after each training.

In the end, our advice is to always apply them properly according to their manufacturer, otherwise they can restrict the leg air circulation and lead to inflammation.

Get the Best Horse Boot of 2023!

If you enjoy riding a horse, then you need to take care of it. As mentioned, their legs (both front and back) are at the mercy of potential blows, and one blow could be powerful enough to cause serious injuries. We know how painful this can be to both your horse and yourself, and that’s why we’ve invested enough time to research these great horse boots. They’ll ensure your equine is protected always. No need to thank us – we’re happy to have offered a helping hand.

Our Top Choice
EasyCare Inc. Horse Easyboot Rx
Best Value
Davis Barrier Black Horse Boot
Cavallo Sole Horse Hoof Boot
Professional’s Choice Ballistic Overeach Boots
Tough-1 Horse Hoof Saver Boot