Best Horse Sheet Reviews 2023

Horses are masters at regulating their body temperatures, but don’t be surprised to see concerned owners getting in the way and covering their equines with a 1200D sheet. Yes, most of the time horses will do fine without being covered, but when winter kicks in, they will surely benefit from a good sheet. Sheets are not as heavy as stable or turnout blankets and come in many types to suit different purposes. We know how confusing it can be to find the right one, which is why we have spent hours doing the research on your behalf, crafting a list of the best horse sheet brands to ease your shopping. Read on and discover some great models by big names in the industry, which feature a host of options for a perfect fit. Give your horse the love it deserves!
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Our Top Choice
Intrepid International Turn Out Rain Sheet
Intrepid International is one of the most successful family-owned businesses in the horse products industry. The Turn Out Rain Sheets are waterproof – perfect for use outdoors.
Waterproof and breathable. Poly fill for extra comfort. Removable leg straps.
A bit pricey because of the features.
Best Value
Tough-1 600D Ripstop sheet
Tough-1 has been in business for long enough to understand what horse owners want. The 600D Ripstop comes in fun prints and is made to be waterproof.
Wide range of fun prints. Good selection of sizes. Waterproof and breathable.
Water might drip through stitches in heavy rain.
Weatherbeeta Dura-Mesh Sheet
Weatherbeeta is a favorite brand among many horse owners. The Dura-Mesh Sheet is made with a super-strong textylene mesh for durability.
Provides up to 70% UV protection. Removable belly pad for a good fit. Comes with a detachable neck.
A bit pricey because of the high end feature.
TuffRider Plaid Sheet
TuffRider has listened and answered the call of horse owners for an affordable and versatile sheet. The Plaid Stable Day Sheet is lightweight, perfect for all-year-round.
Affordable. Durable construction. Classic style. Great under-layer for winter.
Not waterproof.
Derby Originals Sheet
When it comes to quality horse products, only a few brands can compete with Derby Originals. The Horse Sheet in Hunter Beige works well when used indoors and outdoors.
Can be used in stable or outdoors. Durable material. Keeps horses clean.
Can be used outdoors but not waterproof.

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What is the Best Horse Sheet?

Basically, there are turnout sheets that are made to be worn when the weather gets cooler, fly sheets designed to keep bugs, flies and UV rays away, stable sheets for use in the barn, and fleece coolers for sweaty horses or to be used as liners. As you start your shopping, it’s imperative you first know what you want from your sheet before you start clicking. Luckily, we have gathered the most popular types out there and considered factors such as materials, sizes, weight and budget to ensure you have all the information you need to make this important purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Turn Out Rain Sheet is made to keep your horse warm and dry, even in rain, with quality nylon to make it breathable and waterproof. Do you want a different make that’s not necessarily waterproof? We recommend that you grab the Horse Day Sheet. Your horse will love it!

Intrepid International Free Runner Turnout Rain Sheet – Available in 5 Sizes, 3 Colors

The brand started as Tough Stuff in 1996, later becoming Intrepid International after winning the hearts of horse owners. Intrepid International manufactures just about everything for riders and horses, from saddles to riding apparel to horse blankets and sheets.

Just as the name suggest, the Turn Out Rain Sheet is made for horses that spend most of their time in the fields, where they are vulnerable to the elements. The sheet is waterproof and made with an impressive 600 Denier rip-stop nylon on the outer shell, complete with satin nylon lining to make it not only warm but also durable. It also comes with a tail guard and shoulder gussets for extra protection. When winter knocks, this sheet will be useful when used with a medium-weight blanket.

The Turn Out Rain Sheet goes for around $66.62 on Amazon and comes in five different sizes and three colors. You can get it from 68 inches to 86 inches and between green, hunter green and royal blue colors. If you would prefer something else, we have more options from Intrepid International to ensure you don’t leave empty handed. Here are some other great sheets that we found:
  • Intrepid International Horse Day Sheet
  • Intrepid International Nylon Sheet with Shoulder Gusset
  • Intrepid International Dress Sheet with Traditional Stripes
Best Value
The 600D Ripstop sheet is designed to provide warmth and protection during rainy days thanks to its 600D nylon outer shell. If you are looking for a sheet that doesn’t have prints but features just as good quality for fairly the same price, we suggest that you get the 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet.

Tough-1 600D Ripstop Waterproof Horse Sheet in Prints – Available in 8 colors/finishes, 6 Sizes

Tough-1 is a global brand specializing in quality horse products. Its organizational structures are specifically designed to match customer’s expectations and exceed them in every way. When it comes to horse sheets, there’s no doubt the brand had done really well to anticipate customer needs.

The Tough-1 600D Ripstop sheet is unique in more than one way. Firstly, it comes in a wide range of fun prints to make it attractive and appealing. Secondly, the sheet is waterproof, offering protection even when the horse is out in the fields. The 600 denier poly outer shell is breathable, while both of the shoulder gussets are made to allow more freedom of movement. With just $57.40, you will get the sheet, surcingle belly, double buckle front, and adjustable leg straps to provide a perfect fit.

Maybe you don’t love the fun prints, or just want another type of horse sheet. Well, do not disqualify the brand just yet. Tough-1 offers more sheets to suit different horse owners and their equines. Here are some of the great options we saw during our research that you can try out. Who knows, maybe what you have envisioned all along is right here!
  • Tough-1 600D Ripstop Poly Waterproof Camo Horse Sheet
  • Tough 1 1200 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet
  • Tough 1 Tough-1 420D Waterproof Miniature Sheet
  • Tough-1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet
  • Tough-1 420D Waterproof Sheet
Yes, we decided to feature this sheet in 78” and purple zebra because this is what receives some of the best reviews on Amazon. But if you prefer a different print – maybe neon green zebra, peace signs, pink zebra or turquoise zebra, you can get your perfect fit. Depending on the size of your horse, you could get this sheet in a number of sizes, ranging from 69 inches to 72 inches.
The Dura-Mesh Sheet features a very strong textylene mesh that holds on perfectly to the horse. It provides up to 70% protection from UV rays and keeps flies away. Want a different sheet made of cotton and nylon? Why not try out the Weatherbeeta Cotton Show Sheet? Great features for an affordable price!

Weatherbeeta Dura Mesh Fly Sheet with Detachable Neck – Available in2 Sizes, 3 Colors

Any horse owner who has used Weatherbeeta products before will attest to the unmatched quality of the brand’s products, from horse blankets to horse sheets to horse boots. Weatherbeeta has been around for a long time but has yet to disappoint when it comes to quality.

The Dura-Mesh Sheet is not a waterproof or turnout sheet, but a fly model, made to protect your horse from the harmful rays of the sun and stubborn flies. It is made with super-strong polyester that’s PVC coated and a detach-a-neck for customization and versatility. For around $192.73, you also get a tail wrap, as well as a shoulder gusset to give your equine freedom of movement. Other features you will enjoy include removable web leg traps and twin front straps.

Yes, the Dura-Mesh Sheet is quite expensive, but we can assure you that it’s worth every penny! But if the price is above what you can afford, don’t worry. We found more sheets that offer good quality, yet don’t cost a fortune. Here are some that we think could come in handy:
  • Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet - Size: Full Color: Navy/Grey/White
  • Weatherbeeta Genero 1200D Standard Neck Lite
  • Weatherbeeta AirFlow Fly Sheet
  • Weatherbeeta Supa-Fly Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet
The Dura-Mesh Sheet is available in 3 colors and two sizes to suit different buyers. While we featured it in navy plaid and 66 inches, you could also get it in 84 inches with violet/stone plaid and navy colors. It depends on what you fancy!
The Plaid Stable Day Sheet combines affordability and versatility with classic style, offering the perfect stable sheet for horses. It can be used during the hot and cold months, including spring. Are you looking for a horse fleece sheet with a printed dress design? Check out the Argyle Fleece Printed Dress Sheet. Great price and two sizes to choose from!

TuffRider Plaid Stable Horse Sheet – Available in 2 Colors/Finishes, 9 Sizes

Just as the name suggests, TuffRider makes only tough products for horse riding enthusiasts. Not only does it make horse boots for all terrains, it also specializes in quality horse blankets and sheets to ensure horses stay as happy as their owners.

It’s not an easy thing to find a plaid stable horse sheet for less than $50, but TuffRider made it happen! Answering the call of horse owners to have a quality sheet for less, the brand went ahead and released the Plaid Stable Day Sheet, which retails for around $44.95. This sheet boasts a fashionable design and a solid construction, meaning heads will be turning to admire your horse; while the horse itself enjoys warmth during the cold months and a cool sensation during summer. It features adjustable leg straps, criss-cross belly surcingles, two buckle front security, and a durable polyester construction.

Don’t like this model? Don’t worry, because we did more in-depth research to find other great sheets by TuffRider to ensure you have a wide range of options. These are:
  • TuffRider Fleece Color Block Pony Dress Sheet
  • TuffRider Irish Knit Anti Sweat Sheet
  • TuffRider Quilted Scrim Sheet
  • TuffRider 1680D Plaid Turnout Sheet
Just because we featured this model in black/gray and 60 inches doesn’t mean that these are the only versions available on Amazon. You can also get it in navy/burgundy and in 9 sizes, ranging from 60 inches all the way to 84 inches.

How Do I Choose the Best Horse Sheet?

Just as a horse blanket helps Seabiscuit brave the chilly winters, and horse boots and horse wraps protect his or her sensitive parts, a horse sheet keeps your horse warm in the winter and protects against ultraviolet rays in the summer. Buying the best horse blanket requires careful consideration, because you not only want one that fits well, but also one that offers long service life.

The first and most important thing to do before you head out shopping for an equine sheet is to take accurate measurements. This is best done with a flexible tape measure, and from the center of the chest to the rump. Next, you should also take into account the weather conditions your horse will be experiencing, in order to determine the type of material that suits well. Furthermore, horse sheets can be had in an assortment of appealing colors and designs, and because choosing one is a matter of personal preference, you could always ask Secretariat to select one from the expansive Amazon horse sheet catalog.
The best horse sheet is not the most expensive one on the shelf, but rather one that fits and feels right on your horse. However, by no means are we implying that you should settle for cheap horse sheets, which may boast a nice exterior, but will disappoint in terms of performance and durability, owing mostly to the use of poor-quality materials.

The features of a respective horse sheet could also drive up the price, such as waterproofness and level of fill. Further, a large equine sheet is going to cost a few $$$ more than one that’s meant to fit ponies, just as one with a removable neck for added protection will cost more than one that is chest size only. To give you a rough idea of the prices you can expect to see on the shopping trail, horse blankets can cost anywhere from $40 for one that offers a good fit and comfort to $75+ for one that can be used indoors and outdoors.
Even the most basic horse sheets shield your horse’s coat from mud, grass, manure stains and more. This proves important in several instances, especially at the time of grooming and before any competition or show.

That said, here are a few more factors to consider when shopping for the best horse sheet:
  • Size –This is the measure of the horse sheet from the chest to the rump.
  • Material –Horse sheets can be made of several different materials, most notably ripstop nylon.
  • Waterproofness –Some horse sheets are waterproof, and are an ideal choice for wet weather conditions.
  • Closures –Equine sheets generally close at the front with straps.
  • Neck Covers –These provide extra protection right up to the neck and can either come with the horse sheet or bought separately.
  • Tail Flaps and Gussets –These offer extra protection and allow freedom of movement.
  • Leg Straps –Leg straps are mostly adjustable and prevent the sheet from shifting or blowing up in the wind.
Construction and Design
There are a few things to keep in mind when measuring your horse for a perfect fit. You should take measurements from the chest to the edge of the tail, and ensure that the opening at the hind of the sheet is wide enough for the tail to raise and pass manure. So, the sheet should rest well at the edge of the tail, and offer optimum coverage.

Equine sheets can be made of several different materials, such as nylon, acrylic, wool or fleece, and most are coated to repel water. Just like humans, horses do sweat, so look for a horse sheet that’s breathable, and allows air and moisture to escape. The weight of a horse sheet depends on the amount of fill, so choose one that’s appropriate for the weather conditions and your horse, of course. Some horse sheets feature polyester fill (measured in grams) and weigh between 180 grams and 200 grams.
Performance and Ease of Use
With regards to fit, sheets that are too big are more likely to rub than ones that are too small. To put it into perspective, a sheet is considered too big when it extends beyond the tail, but is small if it doesn’t reach that point. In terms of leg and chest straps, the former should be adjusted appropriately, so that you can only fit a hand’s width between each strap and each thigh.

Horse sheets are bound to get dirty, but the good news is that most can be cleaned easily by simply placing them in the washing machine or gently hosing and scrubbing them with a brush. Regardless of the technique you use, avoid using harsh detergents and extremely hot water, as they can deteriorate its waterproofing capabilities and even affect its service life.

Get the Best Horse Sheet of 2023!

Whether you are looking for a sheet to keep your horse cool or warm, or just protect it from dust and flies, we have an option to suit your needs. As you can see, we have researched great models from top brands and gone the extra mile to provide additional options from each - so that you can find exactly what you want. As always, we are happy to have offered a helping hand. Keep your horse healthy all-year round!

Our Top Choice
Intrepid International Turn Out Rain Sheet
Best Value
Tough-1 600D Ripstop sheet
Weatherbeeta Dura-Mesh Sheet
TuffRider Plaid Sheet
Derby Originals Sheet