Best Horse Wrap Reviews 2022

Whether you use your horse for trail riding, cattle work, parading or just dressage, we are certain your horse works so hard and so do his legs. Most horses (if not all) take on lots of stress when on the go, bearing a lot of weight altogether. If their legs have a tendency to swell, maybe due to poor footing or constant injuries, they will need a horse wrap to protect them whenever they are on the go. But which are the best wraps for your horse? Do you just browse through models and click one that attracts your eyes? Certainly not! A wrong purchase may end up exerting even more pressure on your horse’s legs, leading to more serious issues. But don’t worry if you are in the market for a horse wrap; sit back, relax and learn about some of the top brands in the market and awesome models from each one.
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Our Top Choice
Tough-1 Standing Wraps
Tough-1 is a global brand, shipping to all fifty states in the US as well as overseas. The Standing Wraps come in different colors and two sizes to fit most horses.
Four colors to choose from. Fine gauge knitting. 4 standing wraps for all legs.
A bit thin.
Best Value
Intrepid International Wraps
Intrepid International constantly searches for new ideas in order to develop new solutions for horse owners. The Polo Wraps measure 5 inches wide and come with a touch tape closure.
Machine washable. Available in many colors. A set for all the legs.
Only one size available.
Back on Track Therapeutic No Bow Wrap
Back on Track is all about muscle and joint protection. The Therapeutic No Bow Wrap features ceramic and cotton materials to heal injured joints while providing ultimate comfort.
State-of-the-art fabric. Great for injured horses. Creates a soothing effect.
A bit pricey because of the high-end features.
Centaur Standing Wrap
Centaur creates its products for the comfort of the horse and his caregiver. The Standing Wrap Bandages measures 9 feet in length and available in 6 colors.
Affordable. Wide range of colors to choose from. Durable material.
Not very elastic.
Derby Originals Polo Wraps
Derby Originals has been providing horse equipment for decades, maximizing riding experience. The Polo Wraps come in a set of 6 and offer good amount of support and protection.
Great support. Affordable. Ideal for shipping and during workouts. Suitable for full size horses.
A bit thinner than other models.

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What is the Best Horse Wrap?

There are many types of horse wraps out there, with some made specifically for ailing horses. There are therapeutic wraps that help horses with leg problems, standing/stable wraps that help prevent stocking up, and support wraps that are used when your horse is doing performance activities such as barrel racing and jumping. There are also wraps that are just made to make horses look coordinated when being paraded, and there are others that have holiday themes as well. Make sure you know what your needs and wants are before you purchase. Luckily, we did thorough research and considered factors such as the number of bandages you are getting, what they are made of, the actual dimensions, and the color so that you can compare the picks and choose one that your heart desires.
Our Top Choice
If you want to keep your horse secure and clean, the Standing Wraps will be perfect for your equine. Available in a number of colors and two sizes, there’s no doubt you will get a good fit. Thinking about getting wraps in a holiday theme instead? Check out the Set of 4 Holiday Leg Wraps. We know you will love them!

Tough-1 Standing Leg Wraps 5.5 x 12ft Set of 4 – Available in 4 Colors

Tough-1 entered the equine products market in 1973. It is located in Indianapolis, IN, from where it ships its products globally through JT International Dist., Inc. Using the knowledge it has gained for over 35 years, the company offers one of the largest collections of equestrian gifts as well as horse equipments.

The Tough-1 Standing Wraps feature beautiful, fine gauge knitting to allow for longer wear. They come in a set of four as well as a myriad of colors to choose from. These wraps are not necessarily therapeutic, but they are great if you want to provide your horse with support the next time you go out riding. Retailing at around $34.91, every wrap in the set measures 108”L x 5.5” W, so it’s long and wide enough to work even for the big horses.

Tough-1 offers a number of wraps to suit different users, so you don’t have to settle for this model if you don’t like it. We thought to do more research and provide more options for horse owners to choose from. Here’s what we came across on Amazon:
  • Tough 1 Polo Wraps
  • Tough 1 Flex 12 Pack Vet Bandage Assorted
  • Tough-1 Miniature Horse Polo Wraps
  • Tough 1 Quilted Leg Wraps
While we featured this model in size 1 and royal blue, you could also get it in 5.5” x 9”, as well as in black, purple or pink colors.
Best Value
If you are looking for good bandages to cover a wide part of your horse’s legs, then the Polo Wraps would be a great option to go for. Measuring 5 inches wide, these wraps come with 1 1//2-inch touch tape closure for a perfect fit. Want a different set that’s more affordable and comes with 10 1/2-inch touch tape closure? Grab the Full Pony Polo Wrap Set today and keep your horse protected!

Intrepid International Polo Horse Leg Wraps – Available in 10 Colors

In order to meet the needs of the ever-growing market in the equestrian industry, Intrepid International works tirelessly to provide its customers with latest products at the most affordable prices possible. The Polo Wraps are a clear indication that the brand has done so well.

The Polo Wraps are soft and stretchy fleece bandages designed with precision to cover a good section of your horse’s legs in order to protect him while lunging or riding. The wraps are 5 inches wide, meaning that they would work well with a standard size horse as well as the pony size. Retailing at around $22.95, you will get a set of 4 wraps and touch tape strips.

We loved these wraps because they are strong, wide enough to cover a wide area, and come in many colors. However, if you are flexible you can check out more options by Intrepid International that we came across, and you might get another model that strikes your attention. These include:
  • Intrepid International Polo Wraps (Full Set)
  • Intrepid International Full Pony Polo Wrap Set
  • Intrepid International Reflective Leg Wraps
  • Intrepid International Quilted Leg Wraps
  • Intrepid International Polo Wraps Full Set
  • Intrepid International Neoprene Ankle Wrap
Just as mentioned above, the featured horse wraps come in a range of colors, from white to teal to hunter green to navy. Just select the one that you fancy and get your horse a good product that will last.
The Therapeutic No Bow Wrap is made with unique ceramic fabric to create gentle warmth in an aim to help relieve and heal problems with joints and muscles. Want to get a cheaper and smaller therapeutic polo wrap? Save a few bucks and get the Back on Track Therapeutic Polo Wraps. Same great make and same effect!

Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Leg Wraps 2-Piece – Available in 3 Sizes

Back on Track specializes in products geared towards muscle and joint protection. The brand uses ceramic textiles which are made up of a combination of polypropylene, polyester and ceramic powder to give the end material a unique property.

The Therapeutic Polo Wraps are made with an additional material – cotton – infused with polyester and ceramic powder to provide therapeutic effect to your horse, while keeping the legs comfortable. The ceramic works by reflecting the natural body temperature of your horse, and goes ahead to create a soothing effect. This makes these wraps great for healing and relieving injured ligaments, tendons and joints. You can now clearly see why we loved these wraps and why you will have to invest about $75 to get them.

Maybe your budget is low, or you just want a different fit for your hose, but you cannot trade Back on Track for another brand. Well, don’t worry because we spent a few extra hours researching other great wraps by the brand so that you can have a good range of choices. Here are some that we think could be helpful to you. Note: every pick you go for is therapeutic.
  • Back on Track Therapeutic Polo Wraps
  • Back on Track 17-Inch Top 14-Inch Bottom Therapeutic Horse Hock Brace with Hole
  • Back on Track Therapeutic Quick Leg Wraps
  • Back on Track 2-Piece 17.7 by 15.7-Inch Therapeutic Horse Royal Quick Wrap
Back on Track understands that people have different sizes of horses, and that’s why it has included 3 different sizes on Amazon to suit different shoppers. While we featured this model in 16” x 29”, you can also get it in 12” x 29” and 14” x 29”.
The Standing Wrap Bandages are perfect for those people who want affordable wraps for all the four legs of their horse. These bandages are 9 feet in length and machine washable. Want a bandage with more size options to choose from? We bet you will love the Centaur Colorful Polo Bandages.

Centaur Standing Horse Leg Wrap Bandage 9 FT – Available in 6 Colors

Centaur prides itself in the rich reputation it has earned for its dependable services. To date, it has been a favorite brand among many horse owners, especially when it comes to horse boots, saddle pads and horse clothing, among many other products.

The Centaur Colorful Polo Bandages measure 9 feet in length, meaning that they are long enough to provide a fit coverage on the horse’s legs. Unlike some wraps out there that are difficult to clean, these models are made to be machine washable so you can clean them every time you get back from riding.

We loved these wraps simply because they offer a good range of colors to choose from and are long enough to cover a good part of your horse’s legs for just $22.10. If for any reason you prefer something else, we are glad to show you other great options by Centaur that we came across during our research. These include:
  • Centaur Polo Bandages – Pony
  • Basic Standing Wraps 4-Pack
  • Centaur Polo Bandages
Just to remind you, this model is available on Amazon in 6 different colors, from blue (featured model) to purple to red.
The Polo Wraps by Derby Originals are great options for those on a budget, but want good bandages that offer support and protection. These bandages come in a wide range of colors to suit different buyers. Want a set of 4 with animal prints instead? Check out the Super Soft Animal Print Polo Wraps and they might just be what you have been looking for!

Derby Originals Super Soft Horse Leg Polo Wraps with Velcro

Offering dozens of horse products, Derby Originals has continuously enjoyed a top spot when it comes to the best equestrian brands. From quality horse blankets and horse sheets, to horse wraps and boots, there’s no reason not to trust the manufacturer.

The Derby Originals Polo Wraps are made to offer good support and protection around horse’s legs. Measuring about 4 1/2 inches, these wraps are ideal for people who love to take regular rides. The unique thing about this purchase is that you get a total of 6 wraps for every set, meaning that you can spare two for a rainy day.

Derby Originals is a renowned name in the horse products industry, so you’d be right to assume that it makes a number of wraps and bandages for horses. Although we featured this model, we came across two more awesome options that we think you should check out as well. These include:
  • Derby Originals Set of 4 Super Soft Animal Print Polo Wraps for Horses with Velcro
  • Derby Originals American Flag Fleece Polo Wraps Set of 4 Bandages
These horse wraps come in a set of four, but you have the freedom to choose between various colors, ranging from navy to purple.

How Do I Choose the Best Horse Wrap?

One of the most important parts in keeping your horse healthy is to always make sure it is happy. If your horse is not happy, it will suffer both emotionally and physically. Apart from always making sure its nostrils and jaw are relaxed and that it's eating properly, you also need to check its legs.

If it has an injured leg or you want to protect it, you need to use horse wraps and wrap them around your horse's legs. In this way, you'll protect the lower legs from bumps, and you'll also provide support to the fetlocks and ligaments.

The legs of a horse are quite amazing as they take on stress, bear a lot of weight, and can move quickly. This is why it's imperative to take care of and protect your horse's legs. Using horse wraps is a good idea for any horse, especially for the ones that are young and still growing.

If you want your horse to be healthy and happy, you need to take good care of it. Your horse should have its own blanket that can protect it during cold months, horse boots that can properly protect its hoofs, and, of course, a horse shampoo that will keep it clean and beautiful.
Even though horse wraps are necessary accessories to keep your horse safe and healthy, they’re quite inexpensive. You’ll be able to purchase a set with between $15 and $40. For $15, you can get fleece horse wraps that come in a set of four and offer great support and protection for your horse’s legs. If you want to spend a bit more, for $40 you can get fine gauge knitting horse wraps that are ideal to keep your horse secure and clean.

If you’re thinking of going for cheap horse wraps, we advise you against it. They are generally made of low-quality materials and won’t offer your horse’s legs the protection and stability it needs.
Buying horse wraps might seem quite simple at the beginning. However, there are some important features to consider if you want them to fit it and its legs, tendons, and ligaments to be protected.
Here is what you should know before deciding on a specific model:
  • Type - You can choose between standing wraps, medicinal wraps, and polo wraps. Each of them has its own purposes and we will see them in the construction and design section.
  • Size - Sizes vary slightly when it comes to horse wraps. For example, size S is suitable for a horse that is between 500 and 800 pounds, while an XL horse wrap is suitable for a horse that weighs between 1600 and 2000 pounds. There are also universal sizes on the market, but it's good to go for the ones that are suitable for your horse.
  • Material - Horse wraps are made of a variety of materials and combination of fabrics. Depending on the model they use, they can be made of fleece, neoprene, cotton, vinyl, and more.
  • Color - Maybe your horse doesn't have a favorite color, but you should know that horse wraps are available in multiple colors such as: pink, blue, green, black, white, purple, yellow, and more.
Construction and Design
As we said, there are three main types of horse wraps. Each of them is used for a different purpose.

Standing Wraps: These are great to prevent stocking up (when your horse stands on a hard surface, and the fluids settle in its legs). They also help in keeping your horse's legs clean and are great at protecting existing injuries. They're made of hard materials on the outside and soft materials on the inside.

Medicinal Wraps: They keep your horse's legs warm and are ideal for injury recovery and prevention. They allow the application of heat, medicines, and ice. They're usually made of materials, such as cotton and other sterile fabrics, that allow the horse to absorb the medicine.

Polo Wraps: These are usually used while riding a horse, in order to prevent it from scraping itself on certain obstacles. They are suitable when the horse does high-performance activities and for decoration. They come in a variety of colors and are made of soft fleece with Velcro.
Performance and Ease of Use
In order to have the intended effect, you need to apply the wraps correctly on your horse's legs. When doing so, your horse needs to stand still, and you just have to start wrapping it under its knee. After that, place the edge of the wrap on the inside of your horse's leg. Always wrap in a clockwise direction on the right leg and in a counterclockwise direction on the left leg. The wrap needs to overlap itself evenly down the leg.

You'll also need to regularly care for and clean your horse's wraps as they can pick up burrs and mud. You can use a brush to remove dust and mud, and, depending on the care instructions, you can wash them directly by hand or in the washing machine.

Get the Best Horse Wrap of 2022!

We know that not everyone has a large horse; some have medium-sized equines and others have ponies. Considering this, we included wraps made in different sizes, from small to medium to long to extra long so that no one is left behind. As you can also see, we have flexible budgets to allow every shopper to get a wrap that’s pocket-friendly to them. It’s our hope that your horse will live happier and healthier from today onwards with a new horse wrap.

Our Top Choice
Tough-1 Standing Wraps
Best Value
Intrepid International Wraps
Back on Track Therapeutic No Bow Wrap
Centaur Standing Wrap
Derby Originals Polo Wraps