Best Horseback Riding Helmet Reviews 2022

The term “riding helmet” can mean a lot of things to different people, but in this case we are looking at helmets for riding horses, also called equestrian helmets. Whether you are taking a slow trot around a the track, jumping hurdles, pushing your horse to its max speed, or taking a leisurely ride through woods and trails, horseback riding is a fun activity that’s coupled with some serious risks. But, like with most shopping today, finding the right gear, especially a riding helmet, can be a tall order. Don’t fret though – we’ve put together reviews of five equestrian headgears from some of the best horseback riding helmet brands to help you with your search for a suitable choice.
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Our Top Choice
Tipperary 8500 Sportage Riding Helmet
Tipperary is renowned for its quality equestrian protective gear which is focused on rider of all levels of horse riding expertise.
Lightweight design helps you ride with ease and for a long time without getting tired. Design is stylish and attractive.
Sizing is slightly large and thus you need to confirm its head circumference before buying it.
Available in 7 sizes
High density ABS material
Available in 16 colors
Contoured back drop shell
Top and rear vents
Best Value
Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet
Troxel stands out as a leading manufacturer of ASTM / SEI certified horse riding helmets with over three million pieces in the equestrian market already.
Removable and washable headliner makes it easy to clean and maintain. Dial fit design caters for riders with small and extra size heads.
Tends to be bulky and thus may tire riders easily.
Available in 5 sizes
ABS material
Available in 10 colors
GPS II™ dial fit system
Mesh covered front/rear vents
Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet
Charles Owen takes pride in using state of the art technology to create high-end equestrian protective gear that appeals to professional horse riders and beginners as well.
Stylishly designed for an irresistibly trendy look. Available in 8 colors and 14 sizes. Uses a self-fitting mechanism.
Straps aren’t made of real leather and thus may fall apart much faster.
Available in 14 sizes
Fiber glass, nylon, suede
Available in 8 colors
GRpx fitting strap technology
Mesh covered front/rear vents
Ovation Schooler Helmet
Ovation is devoted to supporting horse riders of all ages with top-notch equestrian products that are durable and fairly priced.
Comes in an easy to fit design. Eliminates the discomfort of loose helmets. Extra strong adjustment teeth
Doesn’t come with a carrying bag.
Available in 4 sizes
Metallic material
Available in 8 colors
Easy-adjust dial
High flow vents
IRH Equi-Lite DFS Riding Helmet
IRH is associated with the International Riding Helmets, Inc. company and specializes in the manufacture of quality horse riding helmets.
Easy-fit mechanism accommodates heads of different shapes and sizes. Lightweight. Affordable, yet comes with decent features.
Dial-fit-system may lose its firm grip over time.
Available in 3 sizes
ABS material
Available in 7 colors
Easy-adjust dial
Front vents

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What is the Best Horseback Riding Helmet?

Armed with helpful tips on what to look for when selecting a horseback riding helmet, let’s delve into the features of our top picks in this review. Be sure to keep in mind how different features of the selected helmets fit your current needs. Then, it’s our hope you’ll have identified the riding helmet that suits you best.
Our Top Choice
The Tipperary 8500 Sportage Riding Helmet comes in an aggressive cutaway style with a carbon fiber print. It also has inner comfort foam that supports and protects the head. Need a helmet with a low profile design? Check out the Tipperary Sportage 8500 II Riding Helmet. It’s available in carbon grey color and three sizes.

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Riding Helmet - Available in 16 Colors and 7 Sizes

Tipperary brand is wholly owned by Phoenix Performance Products Inc. The company has been in operation for over 30 years and prides itself on its ability to support horse riding sports and riders alike to stardom. Besides riding helmets, the company also manufactures saddles, protective vests, stirrup leathers and safety glasses. Its products have won accolades from consumers around the world for their top-notch quality and reliability.

The Tipperary 8500 Sportage Riding Helmet is made from high-density ABS plastic with superior resistance to impact for unmatched protection. Its contoured drop back shell ensures better fitting and holds the helmet in place during riding. This helmet is also well ventilated with top and rear vents for a better cooling effect even in high temperatures.

Here are other features of this riding helmet:
  • Comes with a visor at the front for protecting your eyes against direct sun
  • Has a reflective strip on its rear for added safety
  • Comes with the ASTM Standard F1163-15 certification for guaranteed quality
  • Its chin straps are adjustable for a better fit on different users
  • It’s available in 16 Colors and 7 Sizes for a wide range of options to choose from
Best Value
The Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet is a tough multi-discipline schooling helmet with GPS II™ dial fit adjusting system suitable for changing hairstyles or growing children. Looking for a fancy and youthful equestrian helmet? Try out the Troxel Legacy Schooling Helmet. It features a slim profile and it’s available in nine colors and three sizes.

Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet for Horseback Riding – Available in 10 Colors and 5 Sizes

Troxel has been around for more than a century and has consequently a wealth of experience in designing equestrian helmets. The company uses the expertise of medical professionals to create riding helmets that aren’t only impact resistant but also safe to wear. Its main focus is on what equestrian athletes need in order to improve their performance. This drives the Troxel riding helmet designs.

The Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet is built with a striking sense of style that doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety. It comes with a GPS II™ dial fit system that ensures the helmet is firmly held in place for a confident and comfortable ride. This fitting mechanism is also very versatile, as it caters for growing kids, people with slightly large heads or for lady riders who may change their hairstyles. What’s more, it comes in ten shades and five sizes to ensure you’re spoilt for choice.

Moreover, the features below make this riding helmet a great pick:
  • Its ventilation system comes with mesh openings and is specially designed for maximum airflow
  • Features a FlexVisor™ design for a stylish and comfortable feel
  • Its headliner is removable and washable for better hygiene
  • The headliner also features Air-Channel™ technology for better ventilation
  • Has an adjustable chin strap with a slip-in fastener
  • It’s ASTM/SEI certified for guaranteed quality
The Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet comes in a low profile design applicable to various disciplines like Showjumping and endurance, and has a self-fitting mechanism thanks to its GRpx technology harness. Shopping for a scrape-resistant riding helmet? Then the Charles Owen GR8 Helmet might just be what you need. It has a water repellant surface too.

Charles Owen Ayr8 Helmet for Horseback Riding – Available in 14 Sizes and 8 Colors

The Charles Owen Company is based in the UK. Its riding helmets are handcrafted and undergo a series of tests including physical impact tests on a steel surface and subsequent computer analysis. These tests focus more on the best energy dissipating mechanisms that offer maximum protection to riders in the event of an accident. Besides riding helmets, the company also manufacturers polo helmets, helmet bags, collarbone & shoulder protectors, and helmet deodorizers.

The Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet is stylishly designed for a classy and trendy look that is irresistible to fashion conscious riders. This riding helmet is available in 14 sizes and eight colors. The black, brown and navy colored versions of the Ayr8 feature a centralized front and rear vent ventilation system while their sides are fitted with microfiber suede side panels. On the other hand, gold, silver, traditional black and hot pink variants of this helmet use a thermoregulation paint on their central panel to keep it cool. This gives the helmet a fancy look which is different from traditional helmets.

In addition, the features below attract consumers to this helmet:
  • Its chin harness comes with GRpx technology for a superb fit
  • Suitable for a wide range of riding activities such as showjumping, endurance, and hacking
  • Has a self-fitting mechanism that conforms the inner material to the shape of the wearer’s head for added comfort
  • Passed multiple safety standards such as PAS015:2011, BSEN1384 and SEI/ASTM F1163 for an assured quality
The Ovation Schooler Riding Helmet with a snug fit comes in a low-profile design featuring a rubberized finish for a smooth and attractive look. Its adjustment teeth are extra strong for added helmet lifespan. Interested in ladies’ equestrian helmets? Consider the Ovation Women's Protege Riding Helmet. It comes in a sleek and streamlined design.

Ovation Schooler Helmet for Horseback Riding – Available in 8 Colors and 4 Sizes

Ovation strives to maintain high quality standards in order to produce amazing products. Also, the company adopts a gender and age specific approach in its product design process in order to meet the clients’ expectations. This has made the brand grow in popularity and it’s no surprise it has a high number of return customers. Its products range from riding helmets to boots designed for girls, boys, women, and men, as well as horse products such as saddles and harnesses.

The Ovation Schooler Riding Helmet is fitted with an easy adjust dial for an excellent fit. Also, its adjustment teeth are extra strong to ensure the helmet serves you for a long time. This riding helmet has high flow, mesh covered vents that ensure adequate air flow for a satisfying cooling effect. Moreover, its inner liner is removable and washable, allowing you to keep your helmet clean at all times.

Here are other features that make this helmet a great pick:
  • Comes with an adjustable nylon chin strap with a YKK adjuster clip and buckle
  • Has a removable visor that allows you to ride without visual obstruction
  • Available in eight colors and four sizes
  • Its ASTM certified for quality
The IRH Equi-Lite DFS Riding Helmet is an affordable choice with decent features, including a dial-fit system for hassle-free custom fitting, three-point harness, and 9-port front ventilation. Shopping for a stylish, classy riding helmet? Consider the IRH Equi-Pro Helmet. It has a highly efficient ventilation system and a removable inner lining.

IRH Equi-Lite Helmet for Horseback Riding with Dial-Fit-System – Available in Colors 7 and Sizes 3

International Riding Helmets, Inc. was established in 1986 and thus the birth of the IRH brand. Since then, the company has perfected the art of equestrian helmet making and now produces riding headgear that’s used by professional riders. It strives to maintain high quality standards that ensure its helmets conform to acceptable safety regulation. This gives customers the assurance the riding hats will not only offer protection in case of accidents but also last a long time to give them value for money.

The IRH Equi-Lite DFS Riding Helmet comes in a light and fashionable design that’s attractive to look at. Its nine vent ports offer maximum ventilation to keep you cool throughout your riding session. If you have ponytail locks, you don’t have to worry. This riding helmet has enough room to accommodate your hair and hug your head for a firm and non-shifting grip. It also features an adjustable three-point chin harness for added safety. Moreover, this hat is SEI/ASTM certified for an assured quality. It comes with a fixed visor that protects your eyes from bright light and adds style to the helmet. It’s also available in seven color variations and three sizes to spoil you with choices to pick from.

How Do I Choose the Best Horseback Riding Helmet?

Ever wondered why horses were a preferred means of transport among kings and the rich of the ancient times? Horses are arguably the fastest domesticated animals in human history. They were also used in battle and some of the fiercest warriors of the time were great horse riders. They could shoot arrows with deadly accuracy while balancing on the back of a galloping horse. During peaceful times, these gifted riders engaged in equestrian racing competitions that helped them hone their skills.

Today, technology has taken over warfare and transportation with sophisticated inventions which the horse can’t match. However, horse riding still remains a pleasurable activity and a treasured skill around the world. People ride horses on ranches for fun or competitively in racing and polo games. Whether you’re trail or show racing, one thing you should always consider is your safety. This is where horseback riding helmets come in. Just as you strive to get a comfortable horse saddle, so should you pick a suitable riding hat. This is because, irrespective of your riding experience, accidents do happen and it’s sad to say that falls can be fatal or leave you with reduced capacity.

Equestrian helmets come in different types depending on the activity they’re used for. These include velveteen show helmets, skullcaps and modern lightweight designs. It’s also important to make sure your horse’s welfare is taken care of. You can do so by treating them to quality horse boots and horse wraps to protect them from hard landings that may strain their muscles.

Let’s now find out what you need to consider when shopping for a riding helmet.
The price of an equestrian helmet depends on its construction material, size and design features. For example, the cost of a small sized basic horseback riding helmet made of plastic is about $30. On the other hand, a stylish, large-sized equestrian helmet that’s made of thermoregulation materials and has leather straps can cost up to $400.

There are also cheap horseback riding helmets in the market but they are likely to be made of poor materials that fall apart within a short time. The good news is that we haven’t featured these in our review.
Just like any other safety gear, a riding helmet is meant to protect your head from impact damage during accidents. You’ll need to do your best and make sure you pick a quality riding hat as it may just be what saves your life.

Here are the important features to look for in a horseback riding helmet:
  • Size – Can you get it in the right size for your head?
  • Material – What is it made of?
  • Color – How many color variations is it available in?
  • Fit – What fit mechanism does it come with?
  • Ventilation – What’s the design of its ventilation system?
  • Certification – What safety standards e.g. ASTM, does it conform to?
With a keen focus on these features, you can be sure of finding a great helmet that works for you and is within your budget.
Construction and Design
Some of the common materials used for making horseback riding helmet shells include polystyrene, ABS plastic and carbon fiber and fiberglass. On the other hand, foam padding with nylon is used for the inner lining construction. Some brands make the inner lining removable while others keep it fixed. Helmets also feature a chin strap which can be made of leather or fabric such as nylon with plastic buckles.

In addition, it’s a common practice for manufacturers to incorporate easy-fit mechanisms in their riding helmet designs. Some such systems include easy-adjust dials and adjustment teeth. What’s important is to find out what mechanism your preferred hat uses for convenient adjustment to gain a firm and comfortable fit.

When it comes to ventilation designs, there are varied ways in which different brands do it. One of the popular ways is having mesh-covered front and rear vents that facilitate adequate air flow. It’s also common for some brands to use thermoregulation paint as a substitute for vents. Every design seeks to create a cooling effect without adding to bulkiness or amplifying wind drag.

When it comes to color choices, equestrian helmets come in varied shades. Some are shiny and glossy while others are dull with a smooth and rubbery finish. With current technology, you can have a custom painted helmet to suit your preferences.

Riding helmets also have visors which vary in design. These include flexible, removable and fixed visors. Each of the designs comes with different advantages which make them useful for varied uses. So, consider what activities you want to engage in and pick a riding hat that works for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you choose a helmet for horseback riding, it’s wise to consider how comfortable it is on you. For instance, a well-ventilated helmet with an easy-fit mechanism will fit you well while remaining cool in hot summer days. Moreover, a removable lining gives you an easy time when it comes to cleaning your helmet.

Also, don’t forget about your safety. Helmets that have ASTM / SEI certification give you the guarantee that they meet the minimum required safety standard so you can ride with confidence. Removable visors give you the opportunity to ride without visual obstruction while the visor plays a vital role in protecting you against bright light.

Get the Best Horseback Riding Helmet of 2022!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our review on the best horseback riding helmets. But, most importantly, you have come across one that fascinates you as well as meets your requirements. Owning it is simple – just follow the links provided here and you can complete your purchase. Also, the links will reveal other amazing products from these top brands.

Our Top Choice
Tipperary 8500 Sportage Riding Helmet
Best Value
Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet
Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet
Ovation Schooler Helmet
IRH Equi-Lite DFS Riding Helmet