Best Horseshoe Set Reviews 2023

Family, friends, laughter, happy memories; those are the things that really matter at the end of the day. It pays to spend time with those whom you can’t be without. Games are an exciting means to unwind, bond, and even build psychomotor skills with your kids, and a horseshoe set is a brilliant idea for someone looking just how to do that. We’ve saved you the time of research and put together a list of top five makers of some of the best horse shoe sets you’d ever find. If any of these products fail to catch your fancy, you can always check out other sets from your brand of choice as they have other options.
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Set Size
Our Top Choice
St. Pierre Professional Horseshoes set
St. Pierre is one of the largest leading manufacturers of some of the best horseshoes sets in the whole world. All its products are durable, and of official standards.
Bulked up toe calks for balance and control. Tapered leading edge so horseshoes slide onto stakes easily. Plastic tote for storage. Rule book with standard NHPA rules of play.
Plastic tote not durable.
Weighted tips
27 x 8 x 3 inches; 17.4 pounds
Best Value
Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoe Set
Crown Sporting Goods takes the crown in the manufacturing and distribution of diverse, high quality sports products to the enjoyment of pro and amateur players alike.
Plastic is durable and safe for kids. Brightly colored to attract children. Rule book to govern games and train amateurs. Easy to set-up.
Temporary offensive out-of-the-box plastic smell.
Tapered leading edge
7.5 x 1.8 x 12 inches; 3.6 pounds
Sturdy plastic
Viva Sol Premium Horseshoe Set
Combining craftsmanship and gamesmanship, Viva Sol solely exists to help you create happy memories with loved ones by taking hand-toss games to a whole new level of performance.
Wooden case comes with heavy duty ropes for that won’t snap anytime soon. Horseshoes are made of sturdy and resistant forged steel. Comes in attractive colors.
A little too pricey for some customers.
Weighted tips
26 x 10 x 4 inches; 21 pounds
Forged steel/stainless steel
Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set
By fostering experiences that aid its customers in reaching desired fitness goals, Champion Sports has amassed for itself numerous loyal and satisfied customers.
Lightweight for a better toss. Soft and safe for kids and adults alike. Suitable for the outdoors as well as the indoors. Easy setup. Bright-colored stakes for improved visibility.
Lingering offensive rubber smell.
14.5 x 12 x 1.9 inches; 3.8 pounds
K-Roo Multicolored Horseshoe Set
K-Roo is a great brand that’s definitely worth all the rave going on about it, as it has committed seriously to customer service and consistent improvement on its deliverables.
Made of safe and durable plastic. Ring toss rings add variety. Snappy to set-up and take down. Brightly and variedly colored for aesthetics and visibility.
Plastic horseshoes might be too light for a good toss.
Ring toss included
6.5 x 2 x 19 inches; 0.6 pounds

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What is the Best Horseshoe Set?

You’re probably itching to just go and get your horseshoe set already, and we feel great that we have been able to contribute to a seamless and less confusing purchase. Go on over to our reviews where the best horseshoe sets are lined up to meet with you and hopefully one will follow you home.
Our Top Choice
Did you throw out your last horseshoes set too early because it got rusty? Then get the St. Pierre American Horseshoes set. It’s made of forged steel, and is therefore resistant to weather changes and consequently, rust. Would you like a more affordable set that’s equally sturdy and meets the Horseshoes Pitching standard specs? Then check out the St. Pierre Royal Classic Horseshoe Set.

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes Set With Solid Steel Stakes, Official Rulebook, and Black Plastic Tote

St. Pierre began in 1920 as a tire chain corporation as a result of the difficulty that Henry St. Pierre faced in getting his father’s vehicle across the road in the mud. Starting then, with a resolve to seeing problems through the lens of offering solutions, Henry grew his company from the scratch, providing excellent solutions to chain-related issues. As time passed, St. Pierre saw another need and solved it: the need for the horseshoes set. Coming in with its determined and daring attitude, this brand again took up the challenge and has, as a result, become the largest producer of horseshoes sets in the world. All products offered by this brand are of top quality and have relatively affordable prices.

Do you want to enjoy a great game of horseshoes? Then do so with the St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes! It was custom-made for your fun and enjoyment. And how do we know that?

First of all, it is bulked at the toe calks (that’s what the tips are called) for improved balance and control. This way, when you throw, the horseshoes don’t just fly off flimsily in the breeze, making scoring frustrating and pointless (we all know how boring a game can quickly get when that happens). Instead, with bulked tips, your horseshoes head straight for the stakes, and your motivation levels straight for the sky. Well, depending on your hand-eye coordination, that is.

Also, the leading edge is tapered and streamlined to enable it to slide more easily onto the stakes. So when you throw, you throw like a pro. To further boost your confidence during play, the horseshoes come with finger positioners to enable you hold it like a pro, even if you’re not. And that’s not all; it also comes with an official rulebook! Ta-dah! Even if this is your first try at horseshoes pitching, you can hardly get the game wrong. The rulebook contains rules for the game as approved by the National Horseshoes Pitchers Association. And the instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Even your kids will not find using this book difficult at all.

As for durability, you’re covered. This heavy duty horseshoes set (horseshoes and stakes) is made of high grade, forged steel. As you probably already know, steel is impervious to the elements and by default rust resistant. When your stakes are planted into the ground, you can sleep easy at night. Even in the midst of the storm, your stakes remain durable. You won’t be thinking of replacing this amazing set anytime soon.

Be careful with your little kids though; they should not throw these things without adult supervision. They are quite the heavy duty horseshoes and we wouldn’t want them breaking something or someone now, would we?

Finally, this set also comes with a black, plastic tote to both store and carry your set to grandma’s for a fun family afternoon game.
Best Value
Render the playground safe for your little ones with the fantastic Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoes Set. It comes in vividly colored, top quality plastic material, tested and proven to be durable and safe. Would you prefer a steel horseshoes set that’s durable, and comes with a plastic carrying case? Then the Crown Sporting Goods Professional Steel Horseshoes Set might be it.

Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoe Set– Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use, Comes With Rule Book

Crown Sporting Goods indeed takes the crown when it comes to manufacturing and distributing diverse high quality sports products such as horseshoes sets. It has consistently done justice to the world of sports by thinking, innovating, and engaging the best artisans to bring about products that don’t just serve their purpose but also bring in that touch of style and finesse that this brand is known for. Set apart by its competitive prices, it has become the center of adoration of many horseshoes pitchers around the globe who have come to rely on the brand for quality horseshoes when an exciting and competitive game is an absolute must.

The Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoes Set is a high quality set that’s made entirely of plastic. Worry not, friend; it is not a potential disaster. As confirmed by happy users, the plastic is top grade and high quality. So, it is really durable, and will withstand the test of time.

The only issue, if ever there was any with this set, is that the initial out-of-the-box smell is horrible! Classic plastic! But if you leave it out in the air for a while, the smell reduces considerably till it feels like it was never there in the beginning. So, you see, it’s actually not really that much of a deal.

Another advantage to this set being entirely plastic is that the field of play is rendered child-friendly immediately. Plastic will not hit anything or anyone to damage point. Plus, plastic comes in many attractive colors that children will absolutely be interested in immediately.

So, if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to engage the kids while you attend to other unrelated issues, engage them with this. Remember, when you’re asked: you’re not trying to get a break from them, you are helping them develop their hand-eye coordination skill. Because it’s actually true. Experts say that games like these help children build some psychomotor skills.

Although plastic, this set comes in the standard weight and size, not too lightweight or too heavy either. This ultimately means that they sail just fine outdoors and even on the windy sea shore at the beach. The air does not at all interfere with the cast of the horseshoes as they sail straight for the stakes. This is another way this set boosts your confidence level so you can play royally!

Setting up this set is quite easy and straightforward; this way you spend less time setting up and more time playing and bonding with your crew. And do you know that this will not destroy your perfectly manicured lawn? When you eventually throw and miss (that always happens now), your lawn will remain unscathed, to the envy of your neighbors.

The set also comes with a rule book containing all the rules of the game. So, even if your team is entirely made up of amateurs, y’all can easily learn the rules together (they are pretty easy) and still have the time of your lives!
Although the Viva Sol Premium Horseshoe Set is durable, its components are still further protected from damage as its wooden case is padded on the inside. This way your set stays safe even from hard and forceful impacts. Thinking of adding a different game to your cart? How about a durable, portable, colorful, all-weather bean bag toss game? Check out the Viva Sol Bean Bag Toss Game.

Viva Sol Premium Horseshoe Set – Made of Professional Grade Forged Steel, Comes with Wooden Case

Viva Sol is one brand that has every single aspect of business clear-cut, down to the most basic and seemingly insignificant things. From the vision to the kinds of materials used in product manufacture, you can’t help but notice its knack for precision and focus. Since its inception, this brand’s sole purpose has been to keep families together for longer, helping them make memories and enjoy all the fun under sun. It has aided the fulfillment of this purpose through the vehicle of its durable, top-notch products that bring satisfaction to customers and keep satisfying them long after purchase.

What’s more important than enjoying your horseshoes pitching game is knowing that you’ll always be able to play it and get your money’s worth of the product long after you’ve bought it. In other words, your set has to be durable, and many factors contribute to this.

First and foremost, the material of the horseshoes and stakes are of the utmost importance. These ones are made of forged steel, and of course you know that with steel you are assured of rust resistance and durability. So even if you decide to make your stakes a permanent feature of your yard, come rain or shine, your stakes will retain their luster.

Two: the amazing wooden case. Why do we say it’s amazing? It’s because, first off, it comes in wood with a beautiful walnut finish (it’s so beautiful you’ll consider including it as part of your décor). As if that’s not safe enough, the case is padded on the inside to ward off any potential damage that may arise from impact. In a hurry, or just a mere accidental clumsiness, your horseshoes, stakes and wooden case stay safe and protected in their house. This saves you the heartbreak of getting yourself a new set, and the bucks too.

Who says that steel must be dull and boring? Not Viva Sol. Its horseshoes come in a brilliant blue/green color to make play more appealing to the eyes, and to add that needed pop. Your yard will be popping as you are tossing!
The Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoes set, made entirely of rubber, gives you the choice to play indoors in inclement weather conditions, without risking damage to walls or floors when the inevitable target miss happens. Would you still prefer a horseshoe set that’s durable, sturdy, made of steel and relatively affordable? Then you might want to look at the Champion Sports Steel Horseshoe Set.

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set – Comes With Rubber Stake Mats, Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Since 1961, when it was founded by Bernard and Dolores Meller, Champion Sports has been manufacturing and distributing top-notch sports and fitness equipment. Scores of teams, individual athletes, fitness enthusiasts and physical educators have benefitted from its line of over 2000 products. By fostering an experience that aids its customers in reaching their desired goals, this brand has amassed for itself customers too numerous to be counted. Of course, this is also not totally unrelated to the fact that its products are competitively priced and customer service is five stars!

So you don’t want to go outside because it’s raining or it’s too hot or it’s too windy or you’re just lazy? No problem. Play inside with the Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoes Set. This horseshoe set is like your all-purpose set that works superbly under any conditions.

The horseshoes and stakes are brightly colored, which means that regardless of where you are and the amount of light getting to you, you can be sure that your aim will be much improved as the target is more visible. If you choose to stay inside, you’re still good. This horseshoe set is entirely made of rubber, so whether it’s a hit or miss or a hit-and-miss, your walls and floors will remain unperturbed. No point buying an affordable set that lands you the expenses of repairing stuff. This set spares you all that and instead increases your options in regards to how you spend family time.

Children are naturally curious and adventurous, and that’s another reason the Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoes Set is a champ. It comes in a soft design that’s absolutely safe, even if your toddler decides to do a routine quality control check you-know-where. That’s not to say that they should be left unsupervised, though. It is also safe for adults as it will not cause any harm should it hit anyone mistakenly or not.

The parts of this set are so easy to assemble. Rubber mats stick to the stakes at once and even your kids can set it up without a manual. It’s that sweet and easy! In the end, you’ll have an overall wonderful tossing experience with this set as it is made of lightweight rubber that tosses easily and without hassle.
The unique K-Roo Horseshoe Set offers you two games for the price of one. Coming with 4 ring toss rings, you do not need to take down or set up a new playing area to introduce a variety as the toss rings work similarly. You can also get a colorful and affordable plastic family disc golf course that can take up to four teams in one single game! Check out the K-Roo Little Flyers Family Disc Golf.

K-Roo Multicolored 2-in-1 Horseshoe Set with Ring Toss Game Set

When K-Roo began, it had an optimistic outlook on the lifestyle of Americans, believing that, even in this fast-paced world where everyone always seems to be going everywhere in haste, people can still make out time for those that they love if they have the means. So K-Roo set to work and has not let up ever since. Creating affordable products that do not just satisfy customers but equally satisfy standards in the world of sports and games, K-Roo keeps on soaring ever closer to the top of the ladder in its industry. In lieu of all these, we can confidently say that K-Roo is one brand to watch out for in the sporting space.

Even the most interesting games can get boring after a while. And we all know that once interest is lost and fatigue sets in, playtime is finito. But what if that never had to happen? Well, it doesn’t. At least not with the K-Roo Horseshoe set.

This horseshoe set also features ring toss rings, offering you two games for the price of one. Every second in a game is precious and if left unguarded even briefly, interest can plummet like a hot air balloon in a head-on collision with the beak of a wood pecker. This game combo saves you that time and lends you the genius of introducing variety without killing the high.

All pieces are made of high grade plastic. This automatically means that your game set stays around for a long time, weather and adverse conditions regardless. Components also come in bright colors for improved aesthetics (imagine catching them on camera) and increased visibility. This way you can see clearly, aim better, and score. And you know scoring once or twice is integral to keeping motivation and interest in the game.

Although there were a few isolated reports of the horseshoes being a little wayward in a throw, there was more of a consensus on the “tossability” of the horseshoes. Most found the lightweight shoes perfect for their throws. If you’re just in this for fun and family, then the lightweight construction should not present a hassle. You know how pros can be a bit picky.

Finally, this horseshoe set is extremely easy to set up. It’s so easy that your kids can do it alone without supervision. It also will not scratch the fences or damage the lawn in the yard as it is made of plastic. What a relief, huh?

How Do I Choose the Best Horseshoe Set?

Do you ever look at a horseshoe and think: “Wow! I can play with this!” Someone way back when did, and whoever that was, was both a genius and perhaps a bit weird. Anyway, do you know the history of the game of horseshoes pitching? Well, we are here to teach it to you the TopProducts way. So, sit back and relax.

To begin, did you know that horseshoe pitching started in Greece? Yes, we are also rolling our eyes. We are equally tired of Greece taking the glory for everything. How can they possibly be the originators of everything? How? Anyways, moving on. The game of horseshoes was invented by peasants who wanted to keep busy, so they decided that bending horseshoes and throwing them to find out who threw it the farthest was an excellent way. Apparently, while we stand here and judge them with our modern technology, the game migrated to the UK and became as popular as trivia games. So much so that the royalty then had to ban horseshoes so that their archery game could gain more attention!

The horseshoes you’re thinking of probably look a little different than back when they were taboo. For example, ancient horseshoes were not open and they weren’t thrown onto stakes; they just sorta threw away it like they were chucking trash out and then checked how far it went. This was the way of the world until some years later, actually many years later, when spikes were introduced and horseshoes were opened.

It gets pretty boring from there, and you know the gist of modern-day horseshoes so we won’t bother too much explaining them. But, there are a few things you might never have known and you might perhaps find interesting about horseshoes, such as the fact that people in earlier times believed that the horseshoes carried some kind of power or good luck. They would put one under their pillows for good fortune in the New Year or put it in their bedrooms to avoid nightmares. Some also believed that if you dream of a horseshoe, good luck will come to you!

Chess, Scrabble, and Monopoly might build cognitive ability tremendously, no doubt, but you can’t develop psychomotor skills such as hand-eye coordination by sitting in front of a board all the time. So, get your kids out for some fresh air—you might not be able to play with them in their sand tables, but you can surely enjoy a wonderful game of horseshoes pitching together, and without any of the grit!
You shouldn’t be looking for a cheap horseshoe set just because it’s a game to be toyed with. You’ll be surprised at the level of damage and havoc a poorly made horseshoe set can wreak. Jarred edges, low quality materials—the possibilities are endless, and each one is scarier than the last. So, get a good one; it’ll usually cost you something between $10 and $100+. Wide range, yeah? That’s great, because it reflects a terrific range of desirable options!
Now that you’re in the market for a durable and safe horseshoe set, there are a few things you should keep in mind to look out for so you can get the bang for your buck:
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Extras
Let’s get into the details now!
Construction and Design
Longevity is an absolute must when talking about a horseshoe set. We aren’t in this world to come and buy horseshoe sets. So, you need to know what goes down “behind the scenes” on your potential set. These are a few common materials and construction techniques used in making a horseshoe set.

Drop Forge: In this technique, you basically pulverize the heck outta metal to force it into a horseshoe shape. Dramatic, right? Well, relax. Your horseshoe set will most likely not be made of this because setup (manufacturing) is too expensive and you can’t even let your creative juices go haywire on this one. So, most times it’s a hard pass for manufacturers. A horseshoe set made this way would be a rare find indeed.

Ductile (Cast) Iron: If it was possible to go dig through the trash and bring up your shortest lived horseshoe, you might find out that it was actually made of cast iron. We are almost certain of that because not only is it the most common material used, it is also the weakest. Many manufacturers use it because it is cheap and easy to cast, but friend, those things can really be light and flimsy. So to beef up their weight, or the lack of it thereof, manufacturers have to pad the shoe, making it quite bulky, else tosses will be wayward. The bottom line here: it’s not the number one material you’d want your horseshoe set to be made of. ‘nuff said.

Alloy Cast Steel: Here comes the big boss! This one is really strong, way stronger than cast iron. It’s literally the strongest material you can find in the horseshoe market today. Manufacturers go absolutely crazy for it because it also affords a wide variety of options when it comes to designing. But as you might have guessed, nothing good comes easy or free. This material is also the most of expensive of all horseshoe materials. If you’re not playing for the Olympics, just rain-check this one and try something else. Probably:

Rubber/Plastic: These ones are godsends in that they are affordable, attractive, and safe for kids. If you’re looking for a horseshoe set for a casual game with friends and fam, then this might just be your best bet. Most brands that carry horseshoe sets in rubber or plastic make them with high grade materials, so you’re almost always assured of durability. Another good thing about these kinds of horseshoes is that they don’t have sharp, pointy edges, so they won’t hurt anyone, scratch any walls or floors, or desecrate your sacred lawn.

The weight of a horseshoe set is important. If you don’t want to throw up your hands in frustration and break your set in anger, then pay attention to its weight. It should be not too heavy, and not too light. By this we mean that you probably aren’t training for the next Olympics discus throw, so it shouldn’t be discus-heavy, but neither should it be feather-light. Discus heavy will make you fatigued quickly, give a slower toss, and won’t travel very far, while feather-light will just flutter in the breeze and probably perch sweetly on the ground, far from the stakes. You don’t want either of these things happening when you throw, so be sure to watch the weight, especially with the plastic and rubber ones.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to maintenance, steel is still the best and the easiest to take care of since it’s resistant to rust already. Rubber and plastic are also quite easy to maintain to some extent. Be careful though, especially with plastic, since it’s the most brittle of horseshoe materials.

Here are a few tips to further help you stretch your metal horseshoes a mile:

It’s a better idea to anchor your stakes in wood than to anchor it in plastic. That’s because wood is better shock absorber than plastic. If your stakes are pegged in wood, then they won’t be scratched, or slowly develop jarred edges due to constant impact.

It is really important that your shoes and stakes do not develop sharp edges, for many reasons. You wouldn’t want them to become messengers of hurt and all things relatable. If you’re not careful, these things can cut you and transmit some terrible, horrible disease they picked up off the ground that you wouldn’t want anything to do with.

Although most horseshoes come already painted for durability’s sake, you might want to paint yours if they don’t. Aside from giving it a weather-resistant finish, paint also confers a kind of shock absorbing feature to your shoes. That way, when you throw the horseshoe and it crash lands or even circles the target, your shoe won’t be worse for wear. This will make it longer.

As for rubber and plastic, these horseshoes are quite commonsensical to maintain. Keep them safe from the hands of adventurous kids.

Some makers of horseshoe sets add an official rule book, to make life easier for you. So, even if you have the misfortune of playing with someone who feels he knows it all, the rulebook will give him several seats and he can sit on all of them at once.

Also, amateurs are just that: amateurs, not idiots. There’s no reason they should be excluded from a game too, so the rulebook again comes in handy. Plus, who knows? You might want to go for the NHPA championships (not everyone can be a QB!). And if you decide to go that far with horseshoes pitching, then you need to know the rules like the back of your hand. For people like that, a horseshoe set with an official rulebook would be god-sent.

Then for those who are crazy about recreation, some brands will offer you additional features like ring toss rings to add some variety to the field of play. Worry not, the extra does not cost any extra.

Get the Best Horseshoe Set of 2023!

It was fun putting this review together for you, and hopefully it was every bit as insightful as we hoped it would be for you. Go ahead and shop like the savvy shopper that you are!

Our Top Choice
St. Pierre Professional Horseshoes set
Best Value
Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoe Set
Viva Sol Premium Horseshoe Set
Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set
K-Roo Multicolored Horseshoe Set