Best Hose Timer to Help Water Your Garden or Run Sprinklers

Everyone loves to have a beautiful, lush green lawn around their home. But we all know achieving such beauty takes a lot of work, which includes mowing, aerating and watering. A well-watered lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that make it healthy and evergreen. We have searched the heights and depths of the irrigation industry for some of the best hose timer brands and have identified 5 great options. Each brand in our review has a featured product, although there are many other hose timers offered by them.
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Run Time
Our Top Choice
Orbit Digital Dial Hose Watering Timer
Orbit is a world leader in the production and supply of household solution products. It is an ardent stickler for quality, innovation and excellent customer support.
Single dial for complete control. Digital. Easy to use. Manual and automatic watering. Rain delay prevents overwatering. Durable. Weather-resistant.
Not suitable for temperatures above 120°F.
Battery operated, digital
10.2 x 6.7 x 3.1 inches; 0.9 pounds
Available in 1, 2 or 3
1 dial; 3 push buttons
1 to 240 minutes
Best Value
Raindrip Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer
Raindrip researches its customers’ irrigation problems and solves them. With 35 years of experience in irrigation, it still produces high-quality products for its customers.
Easy to program. Dials for duration, frequency and manual run time. Low battery indicator. Failsafe feature. Retains program. Suitable for all faucets.
May fade with prolonged exposure to the sun.
Battery operated, analog
10.7 x 6 x 3 inches; 0.9 pounds
3 dials
1 – 120 minutes
Gilmour Dual Outlet Electronic Water Timer
With 6 decades of proffering solutions to watering and cleaning problems, Gilmour continues to ensure that its customers get the best products.
Dual outlets for multiple watering systems. Easy metal swivel coupling. Rain delay feature breaks watering. Easy installation. 2-year warranty. Flow stops with low battery.
Costs more than other hose timers.
Battery operated, digital
3.6 pounds
1 dial; 5 push buttons
1 to 360 minutes
Instapark Single Station Water Hose Timer
For close to 2 decades, Instapark has served the North American market with the best laser and irrigation products. Its products come in garbs of quality and durability.
Weatherproof. Moisture and dust resistant. Rain delay conserves water. 1-year manufacturer warranty. Large easy-to-read LCD screen. Self-explanatory buttons.
May reduce coverage areas of hoses and sprinklers.
Battery operated, digital
6 x 4.2 x 2.6 inches; 0.8 pounds
1 dial; 4 push buttons
1 to 72 hours
Nelson Sprinkler Automatic Water Shut Off Timer
Nelson has more than a 100 years’ experience in providing irrigation solutions. It offers a wide range of tools that help its customers distribute and conserve water effectively.
Automatic shut off saves time and conserves energy. Brass coupling provides easy connection. Has a run time of 1-120 minutes. Leak-proof. Accurate shut off prevents overwatering.
Doesn’t have rain delay feature.
Manual knob with no readout
3.6 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches; 0.5 pounds
1 dial
1 to 120 minutes

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What are the Best Hose Timers for Watering Your Garden and Yard?

With this much information from our buying guide, we can rest assured you are now fully in the know of what to look out for before selecting the right hose timer. For that right choice, you can go ahead to our review section where we have quality hose timers for your best fit.
Our Top Choice
With the Orbit Single Dial Faucet Timer you can say goodbye to parched or sodden lawns. Its rain delay feature helps to conserve water and prevent overwatering after a downpour. It is also waterproof and durable. If you prefer dual control on your hose timer, then check the Orbit 2-Dial Hose Faucet Timer. One of its dials controls watering interval while the other controls watering duration.

Orbit Programmable Dial Hose Faucet Timer – Digital Readout, Available in 3 Port Options

If you ever walked past a lush, green garden or lawn and you went green with envy wishing it was yours, then there’s a fair chance Orbit had a hand in it. Orbit is all about quality, innovation and great customer support. Since its inception, Orbit has grown to become a household name in over 40 countries all over the world. It is little wonder it is a world leader in the supply and production of misting, irrigation and household solution products. Today, Orbit still maintains its commitment to manufacturing and supplying unique, innovative and high-quality products to its customers. It also promises them great satisfaction and confidence in the durability, functionality, and simplicity of its products.

Keeping a healthy and well-watered lawn isn’t as simple as ABC. But it can be made easy with the Orbit Single Dial Faucet Timer. This hose timer is constructed with heavy-duty plastic that makes it waterproof and less prone to damage, with the capacity to serve you for a long time. Its large and easy-to-read LCD screen makes it easy to use and program. It has a single dial function that allows you to control all your watering routines whenever you like. In essence, you can control clock cycles, watering time and duration, as well as the watering frequency so that you can hold the reins of your garden’s health in one hand and do your other business with the other hand.

Available in 4 styles, this timer also has a rain delay feature that is built into the program function. The rain delay feature fosters water conservation and prevents overwatering of the lawn, especially after a heavy downpour. You will have no worries when the run program function is on. With the manual override button on this timer, you can interrupt the program for a more flexible manual watering. More so, you can water your lawn or garden from every 6th hour of your watering day and up to once every week. So you can go ahead and set your watering routine while taking advantage of its ability to run from 1 to 240 minutes at a time.

Other quality faucets and hose timers from Orbit include the following for your consideration:
  • Orbit 3-Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer: It has a large LCD that displays bright and vivid text for easy reading
  • Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Timer – Available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20-piece Packs: It doesn’t require batteries
  • Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer – Comes with 1 or 2 valves: Weatherproof and comes with a 6-year warranty
  • Orbit 62041 High Flow Metal Mechanical Watering Timer: High-flow design increases water flow by 20%
Best Value
The Raindrip Set n’ Flow Battery-operated Timer comes with a free universal fitting that makes it suitable for all types of faucets. It is also easy to program and attach to any standard dripping system. Want to automate the watering of your hanging plants and containers? Raindrip has you covered with their Automatic Watering Kit for Container and Hanging Baskets.

Raindrip Set n' Flow Battery Operated Programmable Hose Timer with 3 Dials

Raindrip has a 35-year experience in all things irrigation. To date, it remains a renowned leader in efficient and high-quality irrigation solutions. It has a large customer base in the residential market where it provides its customers with easy-to-use and functional products. Raindrip’s product line has grown to be the widest line of micro-irrigation and drip products in the industry. It continues to uphold the ideals of durability, quality, and functionality while providing excellent customer support for its customers. Raindrip researches the prevailing irrigation problems of its customers and finds a solution to these problems.

The Raindrip Set n’ Flow Water Timer is a battery-operated, 3-dial timer that can be attached to any outdoor faucet, garden hose, or standard tubing. One of the dials gives you control on how long you want your watering session to last, while another dial helps you control how many times your set watering sessions should occur. The third dial gives you access to the rain delay feature that helps to conserve water and prevent overwatering when you have just had a downpour. This dial also helps you control the water flow manually.

The manual nature of this timer makes it easy for you to program and control it without hassle. Although not included, 2 AA alkaline batteries are needed to run this timer. You can rely on the failsafe feature of the timer when your batteries go low. This feature retains your program for 15 seconds so that you can change your batteries quickly and still have your previous program up and running as soon as they are replaced.

When you purchase this timer, you also enjoy the benefits of a free universal fitting and a 1-year warranty. Raindrip promises to replace your Raindrip Set n’ Flow Water timer for free if it breaks within one year of its purchase.
The Gilmour Dual Outlet Electronic Timer has an easy-swivel coupling that connects fluidly with hoses and watering tools. It also has a safeguard feature that automatically shuts the valve when the timer’s battery is low. For a low tech and affordable automatic watering solution, the Gilmour Mechanical Timer with Single Outlet is also available. If this catches your fancy, you can check it out. It has a metal coupling that allows durable, easy connection.

Gilmour Electronic Water Timer with Dual Outlet – Digital Readout, Available in 2, 5, 10 and 30 Item Packages

Robert Gilmour Started the Gilmour Company in 1949 with the introduction of industry firsts like the original clamp-style hose repair, Pattern Master ® sprinklers, Select-A-Spray nozzles and rotor sprinklers. In the 6 decades that followed its inception, it has made groundbreaking innovations and enhancements that help people solve frustrating garden and yard problems with a dollop of enjoyment on every step of their way to gardening success. Gilmour invests in research and testing to ensure that its customers have access to only quality and durable products. You can trust Gilmour to deliver smart solutions for all your watering needs.

The Gilmour Electronic Dual Timer is an easy-to-use device that helps you design a watering routine that will suit your schedule perfectly. Its LCD screen is large and easy to read so that you don’t have to squint or stress your eyes to parse the readings and settings on its display. More so, you don’t have to have had a course on programming to operate this timer. Programming it is a piece of cake, with extra topping.

It also has a metal easy-swivel fitting that allows for quick and easy connection to your spigot or water hose. Because this timer is all about providing you with adequate and effective watering that helps you save a few bucks, it comes with a rain delay feature which pauses watering routines so that you don’t have sorry cases of flooding and water wasting.

What if your batteries run out while you are away? Gilmour thinks you shouldn’t worry about scary water bills at the end of the month or a sodden lawn. Its timer has a safeguard feature that automatically shuts off water flow as soon as the battery becomes low.

Finally, this product is covered by a 2-year warranty. This means you can have it replaced within 2 years of your purchase in case it gets damaged. We see your confidence tripling already. So go for it!

Here are a few more lawn maintenance products from Gilmour:
  • Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer: It features programmable frequency, duration and start time for watering
  • Gilmour Electronic Water Timer in Teal/Black Color: You can set the repeat interval on this one
  • Gilmour Pattern Master Oscillating Sprinkler with Built-In Timer: Features water coverage of up to 3,500 square feet
  • Gilmour 9 Preset Selection Electronic Water Timer: It features a reliable diaphragm design for long-lasting battery life
With this garden accessory, all you have to do is set the start time, how long and how frequent you want to run your water schedule, and the Instapark Single Station Water Timer will do the rest. Its manual control feature gives you control over your watering sessions. Would you prefer a hose timer that requires no batteries? Then check out the Instapark Automatic Shut off Mechanical Water Timer. It is suitable for a pressure range of 15 to 120 PSI.

Instapark Automatic Programmable Water Single Outlet Hose Timer with Rain Delay and Protective Cover - Digital Readout

Instapark is a company that was founded in the early 90s and today has a proven track record of maintaining the ideals of customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality. For close to 2 decades, it has served the North American market with the best laser modules, voltage converters, and laser pointers. Of course, its product line also includes watering and irrigation products that make gardening and grooming easy and less time-consuming. It has multiple warehouses which encourage easy and fast delivery to its customers. Instapark continues to develop new strategies on how to best deliver its products and services to its customers all over the world.

The Instapark Single Station Water Faucet Timer is a programmable digital water timer with an impulse solenoid-type valve that attaches effortlessly to standard hose faucets. It is constructed with a premium quality thermoplastic polymer that makes it suited to withstand the harshest of weather and impacts. This feature means it is tough enough for irrigation purposes in greenhouses, yards, gardens, lawns, and flower beds.

With this timer, you can select your preferred rain delay duration from 24 to 72 hours and also manually select your water schedule. The rain delay feature gives you full control over the water flowing into your greenery, prevents flooding and helps you conserve water without changing the program of the timer. You can set how long the water runs, from 5 seconds to every 6th hour, and also set its frequency within a range of every 10 seconds to once every week.

You can see your set programs on its large, easy-to-read and user-friendly LCD screen. This screen has a 24-hour display that provides easy access to information. Additionally, programming it is pretty easy and intuitive with its large dial and 4 self-explanatory buttons.

It functions with two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries which are not included in the package but have to be purchased separately. Its low power consumption assures you that you don’t need to change your batteries often because it can run up to 4000 on and off cycles without stress. Inserting or replacing your batteries is made easy because it has a drawer-type battery slot that opens and closes effortlessly.

There’s more where this came from:
  • Instapark Digital Programmable Faucet Water Timer with Manual Control and Single Outlet: It consumes low power on 1.9V batteries
  • Instapark Digital Programmable Water Faucet Hose Timer with Rain Delay, Manual Control, and Dual Outlet: It is weather and impact-resistant and comes with 2 batteries
  • Instapark Automatic Shut-off Mechanical Water Timer – Available in 1. 2, and 6-piece Packs: It is compatible with any ¾ thread garden hose and requires no batteries
Nelson’s Mechanical Timer makes watering your lawns and gardens simple and efficient. Its automatic shut-off feature helps you save time and conserve water. You can fix your faucet easily into its ergonomic coupling. If you would like something else from Nelson, then check the Nelson Hose Timer with LCD Screen. It has the capacity to run up to 360 minutes for your desired watering cycle.

Nelson Mechanical Shut-Off Timer with Single Outlet – Manual Hose Timer, No Batteries Required, Available in Bulk Buying Options

With more than a century’s experience in the irrigation industry, Nelson remains a world leader in providing innovative garden solutions to its customers all over the world. In its service delivery to its customers, Nelson ensures it delivers products that help its customers save the environment and save money on water bills. It constantly updates its research on its customers’ needs and provides the right products to meet those needs.

The Nelson Mechanical Timer features a timed and manual watering mechanism that requires no batteries at all, so you don’t have to worry about batteries dying and interrupting your water routine. Setting a watering routine on this timer is easy; you only need to manually set your preferred time between 1 to 120 minutes. Once you are done turning it on and setting the session, this timer will do the rest of the job.

Connecting this timer is easy. Its brass ergonomic swivel coupling will fit the male part of your standard faucet securely in place and prevent leakages so that you can maximize water conservation.

You also don’t need to return to the timer until you need to set up another watering session. The automatic feature is designed to turn off the timer once a session has ended. Talk about making watering your garden as simple as ABC! This auto shut-off feature helps you save time so you can do something else on your to-do list and have a productive and effectively-spent day.

Following are other hose timers from Nelson:
  • Nelson Hose Timer with Double Outlet and LCD Screen: Helps to prevent overwatering
  • Nelson 2-in-1 Pre-Set Water Timer: It features a reliable diaphragm design that preserves battery life
  • Nelson 2-Outlet Programmable Water Timer: Its two outlets work independently of each other
  • Nelson Electronic Water Timer with 2 Outlets and Eight Programmable Watering Cycles: Its screen programming is easy to navigate

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Hose Timer For Your Irrigation Needs

A beautiful, well-watered lawn is everyone’s delight. It is even more fulfilling when you have your name tag on one such beauty. It will definitely catch the attention of your friends, visiting colleagues and passersby. If you own one already, you must have discovered that a lot of work goes into getting a lawn to become the envy of many. You need to use good fertilizer and ensure that it’s well watered among many other things.

Plants require as much love and care as humans do. This is why, to ensure that they stay healthy, one has to be diligent in the motions of proper gardening. This includes employing the use of lawn mowers to prune overgrown plants and aerating the soil with aerators so that air, water, and the necessary nutrients can seep deep into the roots for a robust growth. As with mowing and aerating, watering is of utmost importance to your plants’ health.

Watering, as it used to be, involved attaching a hose to your outdoor faucet and manually directing it to cover areas where your plants are. You may have even had to stay in a particular spot to ensure that your green friends got enough water to sustain them till your next watering session. Depending on the expanse of your lawn, watering sessions of this sort may run into hours and take a large chunk of your day. So by the time you are done grooming, your tired self goes through the day’s to-do list and discovers you were only able to cross out 2 of 12 things on your list. “Phew! Can we just build a major road on this lawn already?” says your I-can’t-take-it-anymore self.

But thanks to brands that have taken advantage of technology to make life easier for every gardener or lawn owner, we now have hose timers! The message hose timers have for you is as simple as this: Connect me to your faucet and hose, and tell me what you want me to do by turning my dial or punching my self-explanatory buttons—I’ll do the rest. Woo-hoo! This means you can get some other activity like your laundry, homework or cooking done without the guilt pangs of an overwatered or parched lawn!

So you see, apart from the fact that hose timers save you time, they also make watering super easy. They additionally help you conserve water so that the next time you get your water bill, you can send an IOU to these wonderful products of technology.

How to Water New Grass Seed

Learn How Long, How Often, How Much and Best Times to Water New Grass | Gilmour Garden & Watering
The more features a hose timer has, the pricier it becomes. Moreover, timers that come with multiples in a pack cost more than single-piece packs because, well, the more, the costlier. These are just two of the reasons why the price of hose timers varies.

Hose timers may cost as low as $10 or as high as $1,800 depending on its features, among them being the type, run time, water pressure and, of course, the number of outlets. We found some cheap hose timers during the course of our research, but we left them out because they have a high chance of breaking before you even get a chance to say ‘Yikes!’
We know you are super excited about starting or maintaining your own lawn by purchasing the right timer, but there are some factors you must consider before you make that purchase. Here are a few:
  • Type – manual, electric; analog, digital
  • Outlets – number of outlets
  • Run Time – in seconds, minutes, hours or weeks
  • Water Pressure – measured in PSI
  • Extras – weatherproofing, programmable

How To Program an Orbit 2 Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

How to program an Orbit 1 Manual/1Programmed - 2 Outlet Hose Faucet Timer | Orbit Lawn Garden Life
Construction and Design
An electric timer will be your best bet if you are rarely at home. Once you set the frequency and duration of the watering session you want, the timer doesn’t need your presence to water your greenery. But, if you are a homebody, then you can opt for manual timers which require your physical command in-between watering sessions. As a homebody, if you want to save more time, you can opt for manual timers that have automatic ‘off’ functions. Once you set the duration you want, you can go back to any other activity you have planned and the timer will automatically shut itself as soon as the session has ended.

Some timers have single outlets while some have dual outlets. If you have a small lawn then, by all means, go for a single valve timer. The maximum number of outlets timers have ever have is 3. Outlets allow you to control your water flow to areas you hope to cover. So if you own a large piece of lawn, you should consider buying a timer with 3 valves/outlets. Because 3 is the maximum number of valves you can possibly have on a timer, if you wish to cover more area than 3 outlets can serve you, you may need to buy multiple hose timers. This way, no part of your lawn has to suffer in dry silence or wait for the other parts being watered. Although multiple valves provide you the added advantage of control, you must also be prepared to spare a few more bucks to have them.

A peeling or cracking timer is always an eye sore. This is why it is important to note the conditions under which a timer can operate without showing signs of decay. Because they are used for watering, a number of watering timers are designed to be water and weatherproof, meaning they won’t depreciate under harsh weather conditions whether there is rain, hail or shine. Some come with protective covers for added protection for their dials, buttons and LCD screens. Nonetheless, you must look out for conditions such as temperatures. Some timers peel, crack or get damaged at high temperatures. If a timer you’d love to have has this disclaimer, you should consider providing shade for it so that it doesn’t get damaged.

In addition, timers have water pressure limitations. If your water pressure is below a timer’s pressure range, you may discover that your watering occurs in drips and trickles or it may not even flow properly. On the other hand, if it is higher than the pressure range, the flow pressure may damage the timer.

If a timer is said to be weatherproof, then look out for its rating. Weatherproof ratings are expressed as IPX (or sometimes IPXY), where X and Y represent any number between 1 and 9. These IP waterproof rating numbers tell you the degree of moisture and dust protection that the timer has (or any waterproof or water resistant item for that matter). For instance, a timer with a weatherproof rating of IP66 is protected against dust and heavy jets of water.
Performance and Ease of Use
As a rule of thumb, early morning watering is better than watering at any other time of the day. This is because plants absorb moisture more in the morning. But when they are watered at any other time, they may lose the moisture to evaporation.

Programmable timers have LCD screens that provide intuitive interaction between you and your timer. They allow you to schedule watering cycles and sessions for every area of your garden or lawn. New lawns with seedlings require more water than mature grasses, which you can take care of when you set the right program for that purpose. Some of these timers also allow you set the intensity from 1 to 10 gallons per minute and, by simple algebra, the volume of water that flows into your garden or lawns. You may find programming a bit of a chore, but as soon as you get your hands on them, the rest is history.

A timer with the Rain Delay function is bliss. Wondering why? This feature pauses your watering schedule right after there has been a downpour to avoid overwatering and also to conserve water. The end result of a pleasant function like this is that it saves you some bucks on your water bill.

Battery-operated timers often require 2 AA-sized alkaline batteries. This type of timer usually lasts for about 4 to 6 months after which a replacement is required. Some of these timers retain your program when for a certain period till you replace the batteries, which means you don’t lose your program and have to start all over again. In any case, if the battery indicator flashes a warning sign, you should replace the batteries immediately to avoid killing your lawn.

The coupling of a timer makes connecting it to your hose and outdoor faucet easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. However, you must ensure they have an ergonomic design for your comfort when you are connecting. Most couplings are of metal or brass material and pose no difficulty provided they are attached to standard faucets like faucets of ¾ thread value.

Get the Best Hose Timer of 2022!

Thank you for going through our rich and informative buying guide and reviews. We trust that you can make an informed choice of the hose timer that will suit your needs perfectly. We have also provided you with navigation links for more offers from these brands. Go on and place that order today.

Our Top Choice
Orbit Digital Dial Hose Watering Timer
Best Value
Raindrip Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer
Gilmour Dual Outlet Electronic Water Timer
Instapark Single Station Water Hose Timer
Nelson Sprinkler Automatic Water Shut Off Timer

Hose Timer FAQs

How does a hose timer work?
Hose timers are essential equipment that can help automate how water is supplied to your watering hoses. They are either mechanical or digital. With mechanical timers, you have to turn on and dial the length of time you want the water to run in a hose. When you walk away, you can leave the water running until the time has elapsed. With a digital timer, you have many options. You can program it to turn the water on at a specific time. They are more versatile when it comes to meeting your garden watering needs. You can even set the timer to go into a rain delay, which means no sprinkling.
How do you set up Orbit hose timer?
You do not need tools to set up a hose timer. Connect to a faucet and hose, turn on the start time and watering duration, and let it work. You can program a sprinkler to intervals of between 6 hours and 7 days. Orbit house timers may have one, two, or three outlets. You will need to consult the manual that comes with the model you have purchased. We also have a video in our buying guide that covers the basics.
How do you connect a hose timer to an anti-siphon valve?
A hose timer is like any other plumbing appliance. As such, one end of an anti-siphon valve will connect almost seamlessly to the hose timer. You may need to use a wrench to tighten the nut and hold the two appliances securely in place. The good thing is that it all happens in a simple, easy way.
How do you set different times for any digital hose faucet timer?
A hose timer has functions that allow you to set the time in terms of the hours and minutes. It works the same way as a digital clock. After setting the duration to would like your sprinkler to work, you can go ahead to set the internal in terms of hours or days. The settings even allow you to pick a specific day and time when you would like the sprinkler to turn on. Once you and through, you should enable the settings using the on/off button.