Best Hot Air Brush Reviews 2023

If you’re still using curling irons, hairdryers, and straighteners for super smoothing and volume—you need to stop asap! Because there’s a more efficient way of getting it done—with a hot air brush! This rather new range of hot air stylers is designed to provide you with voluminous curls or silky-straight hair without the fuss, and works magically on both thick and thin hair and for a variety of hair types. Buying the perfect hot air brush, however, may pose a tough choice owing to the myriad of options available. But we’ve checked out several products, and present you with the five of the best hot air brush brands available, showcasing a product from each.
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Barrel Size
Our Top Choice
Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush
Conair, part of the Conair Corporation, is an all-American company and a highly reputed name in the personal care, health, beauty, and small appliance market.
Fitted with 2 brush attachments of tourmaline ceramic. Rotating barrels for shine and style. Onsite 2 heat and cool settings for versatility.
It may not run as smoothly as possible.
110 volts
Tourmaline ceramic
1.5 inches, 2 inches
1.9 pounds
2 heat and 1 cool
Best Value
Helen Of Troy Tangle Free Hot Air Brush
Helen of Troy Limited is a premier player in several different segments including housewares, home products and heath and beauty.
Fitted with a rotating ¾” vented barrel for voluminous curls. Soft grip handle for a comfortable and secure feel. Locking barrel switch to secure in position when curling.
The air emitted from this hot and nice, but brush may not turn on until it’s cooled down.
250 watts
Not specified
¾ inch
Approximately 1 pound
High and low
Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Hot Brush
Calista Tools is an esteemed manufacturer of a wide range of beauty products and accessories such as dry styling, wet styling, hot rollers, and style dryers.
Dual ceramic and ionic technology. Can be ordered in 2 different barrel sizes and 4 colors. 1-hour shutoff. LCD screen for adjustability.
The coolest temperature may be hot for some users.
110 volts
Ceramic and ionic
1.5 inches
Approximately 1.6 pounds
325-395℉ temperature range
John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush
Alan Howard Frieda (aka John Frieda) is a renowned British hairstylist, and founder of one of the most prestigious hair care product companies in the world.
Advanced ionic technology. Titanium Ceramic coated barrel in either 1 or 1.5 inches. 2 heat and 1 cool setting. Swivel cord and effective air control.
The switch to adjust between low and high temperatures may be tricky to use.
500 watts
Ceramic; titanium-coated
1.5 inches
Approximately 1.08 pounds
2 heat and 1 cool
Vidal Sassoon Tangle Free Hot Air Styler
A British and American hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon is the owner of several hair care salons and leading range of top-notch hair treatment products and accessories.
1-inch barrel with specially-designed bristles. Barrel switch lock. High and low heat settings. 2 different colors available. Stay-cool tip.
Dedicated air intake area must be cleaned out periodically to avoid overheating.
200 watts
Not specified
1 inch
Approximately 0.85lbs
2 heat

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What is the Best Hot Air Brush?

A hot air brush, just like the name reveals, is a brush with an integrated blow dryer that basically allows you to dry and style your hair at the same time, and with one hand! And now that you’ve read our hot air brush buying guide, you should have great insight into what to look for in the best hot air brush styling tool. So, without further ado—let’s get right to our five best options.
Our Top Choice
The Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler comes with two air brush sizes, each offering a different styling effect—from curls to volume. However, if you’d just like a triple-action system that’ll give you healthy and beautiful hair, the Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet \/ Dry Hot Air Styler is worth exploring.

Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler – Spinning Hot Air Brush Available in 3 Colors & 3 Size Combos

Conair, a division of the massive Conair Corporation, is an all-American company, and a market-leader when it comes to health, beauty, and personal care products. Founded in 1959, the company today includes 10 different product divisions including the Cuisinart and Waring divisions. In terms of beauty and hair care products, Conair ranks as one of the largest suppliers of styling irons, hair dryers, and innovative hair curlers.

The Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler is appointed with not one, but two tourmaline ceramic spin brush attachments to efficiently and safely dry your hair while allowing you to curl your hair however you like. Further, the 1.5-inch spinning barrel is an ideal choice if you’re in the mood for tiny curls, while the 2-inch barrel is good for rich curls and the ultimate in volume. Each brush is appointed with tangle-resistant anti-static bristles, and spin for smooth results. Available in a choice of three colors, the two onsite heat and cool settings make it a perfect fit for any hair type, and its 3-year warranty allows you to enjoy silky, full-bodied curls for many years to come.
Best Value
The Helen Of Troy 3/4" Hot Air Brush provides you with small curls and waves owing to its 3/4" barrel. But if you desire medium curls, the Helen of Troy 1" Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush might serve as a better option. Powered by a robust 250w motor, this hot hair brush features high and low heat settings, making it a great choice for all hair types.

Helen Of Troy Hot Air Brush with Rotating Vented Barrels for Tangle Free Curls

Listed on the NASDAQ, Helen of Troy Limited is one of the biggest global suppliers of a diverse range of creative solutions via a portfolio of widely trusted brands including OXO, Braun, Honeywell, Vicks and Stinger. It has achieved top rank through superior product quality, product innovation and competitive pricing, all across its four business segments namely health and home, house wares, beauty and nutritional supplements.

The Helen Of Troy hot air brush is equipped with a 3/4", rotating brush head that provides you will ravishing, voluminous curls. Its tangle-free design dries and styles your hair with no hiccups, and its textured, soft enhances comfort and provides a secure grip. There’s even an onsite locking button to switch locks into position for curling and unlocks when it’s time to unwind.
The Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Ionic Round Hot Brush & Bag is designed to style your hair in a variety of ways, from keeping it smooth to adding lush curls. But if you’d like a combo device, one that can curl, straighten, and dry your hair, the Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Styler is an option worth checking out.

Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Ionic Round Hot Brush with Bag - Available in 4 Colors and 2 Sizes

Calista Tools has garnered a stellar reputation ever since its inception a few years ago. The company is known to produce some of the most innovative and superior-quality products in this market, including dry styling, wet styling, tools, and accessories for your hair.

The Perfecter Pro-Grip Ionic Round Hot Brush can be purchased in two different size brushes—1-inch and 1.5-inch—and in a choice of four different colors which are navy, grey, pink, and purple. It’s appointed with a soft-touch grip, and designed to smoothen, curl, and give your hair a lush volume, and is for all types of hair. Furthermore, the temperature of the Perfecter Pro-Grip hot air brush is adjustable between 325 and 395℉ using 10-degree increments, all controlled via an onboard digital display.

One of the other noteworthy features of this hot air styling tool is its auto-shutoff feature, which as the name would suggest, shuts down the tool automatically after an hour when not in use.
The John Frieda Hot Air Brush with Titanium Ceramic Coated Barrel sets the gold standard when it comes to voluminous curls, with several advanced features. If you’d like to maintain your curls for a longer time, especially when you’re on-the-go, the John Frieda Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Gel is highly recommended.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush with Titanium Ceramic Coated Barrel – Available in 2 Sizes

John Frieda truly needs no introduction, but in brief is a celebrated British hairstylist who also owns a well-respected hair salon and hair salon business. Born in London to a salon and property owner, John moved to the United States for roughly 12 years, and during that time collaborated with Gail Federici to create a wide range of hair products and accessories. Acquired by the Kao Group in 1992, John Frieda still boasts a large product range that includes dryers, flat irons, and brushes.

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush can be ordered in a choice of 1 and 1.5 inches and is made of titanium, with a ceramic-coated barrel that’s appointed with soft bristles. It offers 2 heat settings and 1 cool setting, and showcases top-notch ionic technology that offers an industry-leading 50 percent more ions. If you’re looking to add a shiny flair to your usual ‘do, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is not to be overlooked.
The Vidal Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer comes with a 1-inch barrel and offers 200 watts of power. However, if you’d like more power under the hood, the red Vidal Sassoon Hot Air Styler may serve as a better option.

Vidal Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer – Available in 2 Colors

Vidal Sassoon—the British and American hairstylist who took the hair industry by storm and paved the way for several decades to come—is today one of the most respected names with literally anything that’s got to do with hair. From shampoos and conditioners to hair care accessories, the company’s products are hailed as being the best in this market, and are sold in virtually every corner of the globe. Vidal Sassoon has also been a great contributor to several philanthropic causes such as supporting relief efforts for hurricane Katrina and supporting the Boys Clubs of America, and has even funded educational pursuits in several parts of the world.

The Vidal Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush rings in with a 1-inch barrel, which is complete with specially-designed bristles meant to keep your hair smooth. The barrel can be locked and unlocked on the fly when you need to add volume to your hair, and is appointed with a dedicated button to switch between the two heat and speed settings. Measuring 3 x 6 x 15 inches and weighing in at under half a pound, this brush is available in two colors: black and teal. Further, it offers 200 watts of sheer power and is even backed by an impressive 2-year warranty, so you can trust that you’ll have the hair you always dreamed of without the expensive trips to the salon for many years to come.

How Do I Choose the Best Hot Air Brush?

A hot air brush is basically three separate hair styling tools in one—a straightening brush, hair dryer, and curling iron. Late for work, yet want to achieve silky, shiny hair and look chic? Then up your game with a hot air brush! This range of rounded brushes is the closest way to get a salon-style look without the staggering salon costs, and right in the comfort of your home.

One of the noteworthy traits of these hair care devices is that they let their envious results stay for up to 2 or 3 days as long as you stay away from humid temperatures. Most high-end models are even appointed with adjustable temperature settings—some even through a digital interface—allowing you to set your desired temperature on the fly.

Before you head out shopping for the best hair brush, first consider the type of hair you will be using it on, the right wattage for your styling needs, and the look you’d like to achieve. This will help you buy the right styling tool, and one that makes your hair shine in glory each time you use it!
Not all hot air brushes are built alike, hence prices will vary greatly across models. Cheap hot air brushes are available, but didn’t you say you wanted to achieve a ravishing look? In terms of numbers, prices for hot air brushes depend, for the most part, on the quality of construction, type of bristles, and size of barrel, etc.

Further, the technology behind the respective hot air brush may spike up the price, such as whether it’s an ionic brush, ceramic brush, or chrome brush, where the latter is typically the cheapest option. To give you ballpark prices, expect to pay anywhere between $30 to upwards of $100 for a high-quality hot air brush that will give you professional results each time.
Hot air brushes differ in capabilities and the features they come with. For example, some are powered by electricity and others by battery (the more practical choice if you’re going to be travelling).

That said, here are some important factors to consider when shopping for a hot air brush.
  • Barrel Size – small-sized barrels will provide you with small curls, while medium will offer medium curls, and voluminous curls can be had with anything above that size.
  • Barrel Material common types of barrel material include chrome, ceramic, and tourmaline.
  • Bristle Material – most bristles are made from nylon, as it grips hair well and has great ability to retain heat.
  • Adjustable Temperature – considering that different types of hair require different heat settings, it’s nice to buy a hot air brush with adjustable temperature controls or a couple of heat and cool settings.
  • Comfortable Grip – you don’t want your hair styling tool to feel like a mallet, so look for hot air brushes that are appointed with a textured, comfortable grip.
  • Size – most hot air brushes are lightweight, but look for compact models if you’re going to be taking it on-the-go.
  • Power – measured in watts, the higher the number, the more powerful the hot air brush will be—resulting in faster drying times and long-lasting results.
  • Warranty – most hot air brush manufacturers offer some level of guarantee, which allows you to buy with confidence.
Construction and Design
Hot air brushes consist of a handle topped with a barrel, which can be made from four common materials. Hot air styling tools made of chrome generally offer a rough surface, resulting in tangling, and hence are the least expensive of the four types. In addition, chrome barrels take longer to heat up, so if you need to look pretty in a short period of time, they won’t be a good choice.

Ceramic barrel designs are a few notches above chrome counterparts, and heat up more quickly and distribute it evenly; they also glide through hair easily to prevent any friction. And because they emit negative ions, you won’t have to worry about static electricity, and can rather be excited for it to repair and seal your damaged hair cuticles.

Tourmaline hot air brushes are the most expensive of the pack because they heat up quickly, and emit many more negative ions. And finally, ionic hot air brushes greatly reduce surface tension, leaving your locks frizz-free and shiny.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you’d like to experiment with different heat settings to produce a wide range of different curls, buy a hot air brush that offers adjustable heat control. Higher temperatures are great for thick and coarse hair, while lower temperatures are perfectly suited for thin hair.

Further, you need to focus on the comfort aspect. Most, if not all, hot air brushes are fitted with a comfort grip that makes them a joy to use even across longer periods. More importantly, bristles are the stop between the heat transferred from the barrel and your hair follicles, so make sure they are gentle and preferably anti-static.

The level of curling you can achieve will greatly depend on the size of the barrel you choose. Barrel sizes generally vary between ¾ inches to 2 inches, where the former will provide you with bouncier, tighter curls and the latter with relaxed, looser waves similar to a beach babe look.

Some hot air brushes even come with an auto-shutoff feature that shuts the device down automatically after a period of inactivity. Just like your other hair styling tools, it’s important that you clean your hot air brush regularly for superior longevity. This can be done by first turning it off, and then gently removing the strands from the bristles.

Get the Best Hot Air Brush of 2023!

We’ve provided five of the best hot air brush models available, making it easier to get salon-worthy looks right in the comfort of your home. But just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for, these brands have much more to offer you—why not take a look?

Our Top Choice
Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush
Best Value
Helen Of Troy Tangle Free Hot Air Brush
Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Hot Brush
John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush
Vidal Sassoon Tangle Free Hot Air Styler