Best Hot Glue Gun Reviews 2023

Hot glue guns are very handy to have at home. It’s an electric gun used to safely melt glue, which can then be used for gluing wood, plastic, metal, paper, artificial flowers, and so much more. There are many types of hot glue guns available on the market, each with different working power, working temperature, size, and weight. We’ve done extensive research and picked the five top brands for glue guns. Also highlighted is a product from each company to help get a good idea of what they offer. Each brand has a wide selection of glue guns, so if you want a feature that’s NOT included in our list of products, we’ve provided links to other items.
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Our Top Choice
Best Heavy Duty Glue Gun
Best is one of the finest manufacturers of home improvement tools and craft supplies.
It has a safety stand that lowers as soon as you put it down. It also gets hot fast and is quite easy to use.
The glue gun could leak occasionally and that could be messy.
High Temp with Sticks
20 Watts
Standard glue stick sizes
356 to 392℉
9 x 1 x 8 inches;0.5 lb.
Best Value
CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun
CCbetter designs quality home tools and supplies, ranging from printing pens to glue guns.
The device is super compact, and the nozzle fits well in small cracks. It has an on/off switch and an attached safety stand.
This glue gun uses a huge amount of glue very fast, so you may need to buy extra glue sticks.
High Temp with Sticks
20 Watts
0.27 - 0.29 inches (diameter)
356 to 392℉
11.4 x 8.4 x 1.9 inches, 1 lb.
BSTPOWER Adjustable Hot Glue Gun
BSTPOWER offers a full range of home and craft supplies at the most competitive prices.
The nozzle is quite small and allows precise action with a non-drip feature. It also heats up quickly, and the temperature can be easily adjusted.
The trigger propulsion hold can get stiff sometimes, especially after multiple uses.
High Temp with Sticks
100 Watts
. 0.43 – 0.46 inches
14.1 x 8.5 x 1.4 inches, 1.2lbs.
Adhesive Technologies Mini Glue Gun
Adhesive Technologies designs integrated hot glue and hot glue gun systems that are easy to use and deliver uniform, superior results.
The low temperature is suitable for delicate materials. It is much safer for kids than the high temperature guns, and it’s really affordable.
It doesn’t come with bonus glue sticks.
10 Watts
0.28 inches diameter
1.8 x 5 x 6.6 inches, 0.3 lbs.
Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun
When it comes to hot glue guns for industrial and home use, Surebonder leads the way.
This product is highly durable and easy to use. It has a power switch and does not drip glue.
Because it’s lightweight, it tips over easily.
20 Watts
5/16 inches; mini .27 inches
5 x 1.8 x 7 inches, 0.5 lbs.

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What is the Best Hot Glue Gun?

The working temperature needed to glue paper and lace differs from that needed for wood and metal. For that reason, it’s necessary to carefully select the hot glue gun that would best serve the intended purposes. Take a look at each of the products/brands reviewed below and see which offers the features that matter the most to you. Once you find the brand/product that has them, you’ve found the perfect hot glue gun!
Our Top Choice
Best’s Heavy Duty Glue Gun is a low temperature gun that has rapid heat technology. It is 100% safe, energy efficient, and can be used on homemade crafts. It also comes with 25 free glue sticks. Alternatively, you can get the 3 Pack - Best Hot Glue Gun if you want more than one glue gun with the same features and function from Best.

Best Heavy Duty, Energy Efficient Glue Gun with Rapid Heating Technology – Perfect for Fixing Household Items, Arts & Crafts & More - Comes with 25 Glue Sticks

Best is a brand that is committed to providing its customers with tools and supplies required to improve their homes. From scissors to hammers to glue guns, Best improves the quality of life of its customers by offering solutions that are both trustworthy and affordable. The Best Heavy Duty Glue Gun (selling for $29.99 - manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is a low temperature gun that can be used on wood, plastic, metal, and on other craft or household supplies. It has rapid heat technology, which quickly warms the glue gun and makes it ready for use in about 3 minutes. It also has an internal safety fuse that serves as an emergency shut off in case of overheating. The smart temperature control keeps the glue gun at a constant temperature. With a voltage of 100-240V, frequency of 50-60Hz, and a power rating of 20 watts, this device is designed to be energy efficient. Other features include:
  • Glue stick insertion and alignment port
  • Metal safety stand
  • Smart temperature controller
  • Power indicator
  • Textured grip surface
  • Glue trigger
  • Hot glue nozzle
Twenty-five glue gun sticks are included in every package.
Best Value
The CCbetter Hot Melt Glue Gun is a high temperature gun with a flexible trigger that produces strong adhesive, which can be used for sealing. It is easy to use and preheats in 3-5 minutes. The CCbetter Air Purifying Bag helps maintain a fresh, odor-free environment while working with the glue gun. It is filled with bamboo charcoal that ensures the air breathed in has no contaminants.

CCbetter 20-Watt Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun - High Temperature Melting Glue Gun Kit with Flexible Trigger for DIY Small Craft Projects, Comes with 25pcs Glue Sticks

If you’re looking for a brand that manufactures and delivers superior products, then CCbetter should be at the very top of your list. It uses the latest technology available to consistently deliver quality products at a great price. The CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun (selling for $19.99 - manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is a 20-watt, high temperature glue gun with a working voltage of 100-230V, and a working temperature of 356 to 392℉. The nozzle diameter, measuring 0.070-0.078-inch, is small enough to fit into any crack. The glue gun is very easy to use, and it gets hot within 3-5 minutes of switching it on. The trigger is flexible, and the glue produced is very strong. Here are some other features of this gun:
  • Glue gun is made of plastic and aluminium
  • Cable length: 47 inch
  • Size: 5.1-inch by 4.3-inch by 1-inch
  • 25 bonus, transparent glue sticks
  • ON/OFF power switch
  • Glue stick holder port
  • LED power indicator
There is a 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on this product.
The BSTPOWER Adjustable Hot Glue Gun is a dual temperature gun that comes with 10 glue sticks. It has a thermal insulation that prolongs its lifespan, and a non-drip tip that prevents glue leakage. The BSTPOWER Glue Gun Hot Melt with Interchangeable Nozzles is a similar product that comes with 3 pieces: a 2.0mm nozzle tips measuring 40mm, 50mm, and 70mm for different projects.

BSTPOWER Professional Adjustable Temperature Full Size Glue Gun - Hot Melt Gun with Both High and Low Temp Settings, 10 Glue Sticks Included

BTSPOWER is best known as a trustworthy and dependable brand when it comes to craft products that truly satisfy crafters. It does so by making use of the latest technology to develop products that people can comfortably afford. The BSTPOWER Adjustable Hot Glue Gun (selling for $36.99 - manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is a dual temperature glue gun with an adjustable temperature knob ranging from 100°C-220°C. The ceramic PTC thermistor prevents overheating. It comes with an automatic thermostat that maintains the gun’s temperature and saves energy. The power cord is retrofit with thermal insulation to prolong its lifespan. This device warms up pretty quickly in about 3-5 minutes, and it has a working power and voltage of 100W and 110-240V, respectively. There is an indicator light on the gun to indicate when there’s power going to the system. The trigger propulsion hold controls the flow of glue, and the flexible and detachable safety stand keeps the gun upright at all times. It has a non-drip tip with a built-in, leak-proof valve that prevents melted glue from leaking out of the nozzle. Its exterior material is made of rubber and can be cleaned easily. Included in the package are 10 super adhesive glue sticks, measuring 10.64-inch and 11mm (yellow and white). This device has a lifetime warranty.
The Adhesive Technologies Mini Glue Gun is a low temperature hot glue gun with a 5-ft, 120V cord. It has a working power of 10W and is ideal for delicate materials that don’t require a lot of glue. If you want a dual temperature hot glue gun with 40W and a removable cord, check out the Adhesive Technologies Two-Temp Glue Gun. It is also affordable.

Adhesive Technologies Mini Hot Glue Gun – Choice of Low Temp in Blue, or High Temp in Pink

Adhesive Technologies is committed to making the hot glue craft process more enjoyable and affordable. That’s why they’ve combined their expertise in both chemical and mechanical engineering to deliver innovative gluing solutions for real world applications, especially for crafters. The Adhesive Technologies Mini Glue Gun (selling for $21.77 - manufacturer’s suggested retail price) has a working power of 10W and a working voltage of 120V. It’s a low temperature glue gun that is suitable for delicate materials such as foam, lace, and fabrics that don’t require a lot of glue. It has a 5-ft electrical cord, which gives you a lot of room to move the gun. The gun makes use of mini glue sticks measuring 0.28-in. Because of its small size and low temperature, this hot glue gun is suitable for kids that are into crafting, but it should be used with adult supervision. Adhesive Technologies has other hot glue guns that you might want to check out:
  • Adhesive Technologies 0280 Hybrid Multi Temp Cordless Gun with a wide, stable base that operates on 4 AA batteries
  • Adhesive Technologies Glue Gun, Full, Paisley. This is a high temperature ergonomic glue gun with a working power of 40W
  • Ad-Tech Mini Glue Pack-11 Pieces. A high temperature glue gun that comes with 10 glue sticks to get you started. This is great for all kinds of home, office and school projects including crafts, home decorations, and so much more
    The Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun is made for crafting work that requires precision. It is a dual temperature gun, and has a working power and voltage of 20W and 120V, respectively. For a high temperature hot glue gun, check out the Surebonder Mini High Temperature Glue Gun. It’s small and lightweight, and has an excellent price for its ability to repair different items.

    Surebonder 20 Watt Mini Detailed Glue Gun – Works with High or Dual Temperature Glue Sticks, Can Bundle with Bag of 100 Sticks

    When it comes to quality, heavy-duty craft tools at the right price, Surebonder is unrivalled. With so many great products available, Surebonder has continued to lead the way when it comes to craft tools and supplies that provide solutions to “binding” problems at home and at work. The Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun (selling for $11.99 - manufacturer’s suggested retail price) has a working temperature of 380°F, and a working power of 20W. This mini glue gun’s low temperature is perfect for floral projects, light crafts, and other do-it-yourself projects while the high temperature gun can be used for paper, woods, metals, and ceramics. The extended, fine-tip nozzle is insulated and designed specifically for projects that require precision. It has a power indicator that lights up when the gun is turned on, and a power on/off button that allows you to control the power flow to the gun. There is a safety fuse that protects the gun from overheating. It uses glue sticks measuring 0.27-in. Surebonder has other amazing hot glue guns that you might want to check out:
    • Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black. It has an ergonomic design, trigger propulsion hold, a working power of 100W, and it’s equipped with an insulated, heat resistant nozzle.
    • Surebonder PRO8000A Glue Gun, 180W that uses the standard 1/2", 7/16", .43" & .45" diameter and 4", 10" & 15" length glue stick. It has a heat-resistant nozzle cover, extended metal stand, and a stroke adjustment screw.
    • Surebonder CL-800F 60-Watt Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun for the most porous and non-porous surfaces. It is simple to use and has an on/off switch.

      How Do I Choose the Best Hot Glue Gun?

      Whether a home improvement enthusiast, or you just prefer DIY to hiring professionals, a household repair tool box is incomplete without a hot glue gun. A hot glue is far more adhesive than its cold counterparts, for which you can use a regular glue gun. With a hot glue gun, you can control dispersal to ensure that work is neat and safe. You'll need to stock up on some hot glue sticks too, if you plan on using your glue gun frequently. Using a hot glue gun drastically lowers the odds of accidentally applying the hot glue to skin. The best hot glue guns can be used for a wide array of tasks, from simple ones like making decorative knick knacks, repairing broken ornaments, and more challenging activities like assembling model trains or buildings. Basically, a hot glue gun is the way to go. You might want to check out liquid glue guns too to see if that's best for you. The aim of this guide is to help you choose the hot glue gun best suited to your individual crafting requirements. We’ll show you what to look out for in selecting a hot glue gun and feature some products that might be just what you need.

      High or Low Temp Glue Guns? (40w vs. 60w) - Melting Points, Wattage & Uses

      Should you buy a high temp, low temp or dual temp glue gun? | Courtesy of MakerHigh

      A hot glue gun simply heats up and dispenses melted glue, and you’d be hard pressed to find a hot glue gun that doesn’t perform these basic functions. However, there are features that will impact the price of any hot glue gun, including safety features, how quickly the glue is heated and how long the heat is retained. Note that the more features in a hot glue gun, the higher the price will be. A good hot glue gun costs between $10 and $40. Within this range, you can be sure of getting something that will serve you well. The higher end of the range will be for a hot glue gun with lots of features, whilst the lower end will be your basic gun, good for a few uses. We don't recommend going for a cheap hot glue gun less than $10 because it'll likely be manufactured poorly, which is a health and safety risk and not worth saving a few bucks.
      When selecting a hot glue gun, there are several factors to consider, including:
      • Temperature Range and Controller
      • Glue Heating Speed
      • Corded/Cordless Design
      • Power On/Off Switch
      • Emergency Shut Off (in case of overheating)
      • Nozzle Diameter
      Now let’s examine some of these features and how they affect your use of the hot glue gun.
      Construction and Design
      First, consider the temperature range. Softer, more delicate materials like fabrics are better suited to low heat glue guns, while tougher materials like wood and leather will get better results with higher temperature glue. Ideally, you want the widest temperature variance on a hot glue gun as well as a controller to set it to the appropriate temperatures. For convenience’s sake, you might want a model with a power on/off switch, which saves the trouble of having to use the wall switch every time the device needs powering down. Also important is the length of the power cord. A long cord allows for a certain level of flexibility, but can also be an inconvenience compared to shorter cords. Cordless is another way to go for maximum flexibility. If you choose to go cordless, you’ll have to rely on batteries.
      Performance and Ease of Use
      The heating speed of your hot glue gun is a vital feature to take into consideration. How long does it take to heat up your glue to the required temperature? The best hot glue guns will often need about 3 – 5 minutes. The delicacy of your tasks is just as important to consider in choosing a hot glue gun. Are you going to require a diminutive nozzle for dispensing small bits of glue or a larger one for liberal application and speed? We also need to take safety into account. A device that heats up and dispenses glue should have safeguards in place to prevent overheating. Overheating would reduce the device’s lifespan and pose a safety risk to the user. Consider all these and you will find it easier to pick out a hot glue gun that is just right for you.

      Get the Best Hot Glue Gun of 2023!

      Now that you’ve gone through our review, hopefully you’ve found a brand/product that meets your criteria.

      Our Top Choice
      Best Heavy Duty Glue Gun
      Best Value
      CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun
      BSTPOWER Adjustable Hot Glue Gun
      Adhesive Technologies Mini Glue Gun
      Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun