Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews 2022

“A watched pot never boils” — The time it takes to boil water for your daily tea or soup could be time well-spent elsewhere. After all, time is money! There’s a wide range of hot water dispensers out there, and some do double-duty by providing both hot and cold water. Others also serve as coffee makers. We’ve done the research on the best hot water dispenser brands and have found our favorite highly-rated, reputable brands, highlighting five useful models with different features to choose from.
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Our Top Choice
Waste King Open Vent Gooseneck Faucet and Hot Water Tank Combo
This product is produced by the Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC), a division of Moen Inc., with 50+ years experience in designing garbage disposals and hot water dispensers.
Produces up to 100 cups of hot water per hour at temperatures ranging from 140-190 degrees. Highly energy efficient. 1300-watt hot water tank. Curved Coronado faucet.
Need to have some DIY skills to install. Only dispenses hot water.
Hot Water Faucet + Tank
5/8 Gallon - 100 Cups/hour
Satin Nickel
6.8 x 8.1 x 11.2 Inches, 12.3 Lbs
1-year Replacement Warranty
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser
Hamilton Beach is a subsidiary of NACCO Industries, and specializes in making kitchen appliances. Their brands are so popular they sell over 35 million products a year.
2 hour auto-shutoff. Dual water reservoirs with 24-hour programming. One-handed hot water dispenser.
You’ll need to run the unit several times with water to flush out residue from manufacturing before use, but after that, it will serve you well.
Countertop Coffee/Hot Water
32 Ounces Water/12 Cups Coffee
Black and Stainless Steel
8.5 x 10 x 14.1 Inches, 7 Pounds
Makes Coffee & Tea all at Once
InSinkErator Involve HC Wave Hot/Cool - Chrome Faucet and Tank
InSinkErator has been in business for over 75 years, serving private homes and professional businesses with hot water dispensers and garbage disposals for every occasion.
Instant hot water faucet fits standard 1.5-inch hole. Tool-free installation of tank under the sink. Includes F-1000S filtration system.
Requires a grounded electrical outlet under the sink.
Hot Water Faucet + Tank
2/3 Gallon - 60 Cups/hour
Chrome or Stain Nickel
8.5 x 9.9 x 14.7 Inches, 8.4 Lbs
3-year In-home Limited Warranty
iBottleless iMini Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Made by iBottleless tankless water cooler providers, who offer filtered water dispensing solutions for homes and businesses without the hassle of replacing plastic water jugs.
No more water bottles! Save the environment by filtering your water into reusable containers with this countertop hot & cold dispenser that comes with a micro-filtration system. Easy-to-replace filter.
Need a little extra room on your countertop.
Countertop Hot & Cold Dispenser
2 Liters Hot, 1 Gallon Cold
Black and white
10.7 x 16.8 x 17.2 Inches, 40 Lbs
Only Change Filter 1-2x/year
Sunbeam® Hot Shot® Hot Water Dispenser, Black
Sunbeam produces various lines of products and solutions for everyday living to help make life more convenient without having to spend a lot of money.
Totally different than our other choices, the Hot Shot has a small footprint, and custom makes hot chocolate, tea, or soup right into your mug or bowl. Great for dorms.
Not for large volume offices/households, but great if you’re single or recently married.
Single serve hot water dispenser
16 ounces
Black or white
5.8 x 7.8 x 9.8 Inches, 1.5 Lbs
Auto shut-off

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What is the Best Hot Water Dispenser?

There really is a wide range to choose from when it comes to hot water dispensers. It all depends on your needs and how handy you are. A countertop hot water dispenser can be easier to install, and some models come with coffee makers and provide hot/cold water options. If you have some DIY skills, you may want a dispenser with a water tank that can be stowed away under the counter, with an easily accessible faucet at the countertop. Let’s take a look at some great options with a variety of price ranges and features to choose from.
Our Top Choice
Choose this convenient Waste King Hot Water Tank with a Gooseneck Satin Nickel faucet to dispense hot water at countertop level. If you don’t like the general design for the dispenser’s head, another great option is the twist handle faucet, available in antique copper, chrome, brass, satin nickel, biscuit, white or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

Waste King H711-U-SN Quick & Hot Water Dispenser Faucet & Tank - Satin Nickel

Waste King is one of the brand labels used by the Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC), a division of Moen Incorporated. With over 50 years worth of experience in the field, AMC really knows how to develop a great product. AMC also produces the Whirlaway garbage disposal and The Quick & Hot instant hot water tank.

This Waste King Open Vent Gooseneck Faucet and Hot Water Tank Combo comes with a faucet that has an elegant curved design. The tank holds 5/8 gallon of water and is designed to be mounted under the sink. The hot water is close to boiling at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If that’s too hot for you, no worries – the temperature is adjustable, and can be reduced to a milder 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quick and easy access to hot water is great for making instant soup, a cup of tea, or hot chocolate. This model produces up to 100 cups of hot water each hour, and is designed with a re-setting fuse to prevent dry starts.

Here is a highlight of the features:
  • 1300-watt hot water tank
  • Includes satin finish Coronado faucet
  • Non-pressurized insulated stainless steel tank
  • The self-contained expansion chamber limits dripping
  • Easy to install Quick-connect fittings
  • Power cord attached to dispenser
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
This hot water tank is AB1953 compliant, and replaces the H710-U-SN unit.
Best Value
The 2-in-1 Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser by Hamilton Beach can accomplish multiple tasks and accommodate several requests at once, but if you prefer a slenderer model or just want Hot Water, you can buy the 42000 model.

Hamilton Beach 49982 Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser, Black & Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach is a subsidiary of NACCO Industries, and specializes in producing a variety of kitchen appliances. If you are looking for a coffee maker and hot water dispenser in one appliance, Hamilton Beach is an excellent choice. The dual water reservoirs allow you to make coffee and dispense hot water all at once, and the hot water dispenser can be operated with one hand for convenience.

Make several portions of hot cereal or a full carafe of tea to accommodate multiple guests at once with the large 32-ounce reservoir. The 24-hour programmable feature for both coffee and hot water ensures your beverages are ready when you are. The 12-cup coffee maker comes with a cone filter for maximum extraction of the coffee grinds to enhance taste and aroma.

Here are some additional features of this 2-in-1 coffee maker with hot water dispenser:
  • Pack of #4 cone filters for coffee included
  • This system includes automatic shutoff and automatic pause and serve, which makes it idea for the home or the office.
  • With its interactive Blue LED Display and ready light, you can either enjoy a soothing hot beverage in the middle of the night or use that coffee to help you power through.
Make everyone happy with this all-in-one coffee maker and hot water dispenser by Hamilton Beach.
Let InSinkErator enhance your lifestyle and make life easier with their 2-in-1 Hot Water Tank and Faucet with Water Filtration. If you don’t need the faucet, and just want the tank and filtration system, you can order the InSinkErator HWT-F1000S.

InSinkErator H-Wave C-SS Involve Series Wave Hot Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel Tank

InSinkErator is a prominent brand in this industry with 75+ years experience. They have designed The Involve Wave (H-WAVE-SS) Instant Hot Water Dispenser to produce up to 60 cups of hot water each hour, at a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The easy-to-install faucet fits a standard 1.5-inch hole, and comes in chrome or Satin Nickel finishes to compliment your decor.

The durable stainless steel tank houses 2/3 gallons of water and automatically replenishes as it is being used. Stash the stainless steel water tank underneath your sink with easy installation instructions. An excellent energy and time saver, this product ranks high in customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in greater detail:
  • Fast recovery system as water is being used
  • Includes dry start protection
  • Includes a variety of washers, nuts, and screws for installation
  • This hot water faucet provides Low energy consumption with an AC power source at 120 volts.
  • Tool-free installation
  • 3 year in-home limited warranty including free house calls
Prep baby bottles; make hot oatmeal; blanche fresh vegetables; prepare soup, coffee, or tea; and clean utensils with this ultra-convenient hot water dispenser by InSinkErator.
You can get a terrific compact hot & cold water dispenser for your countertop with the iBottleless Mini that filters your water for a clean fresh taste; or if you prefer a stand-alone dispenser for familiarity’s sake, you can buy the tall, free-standing iStandard model available in black or white.

Bottleless Counter-top Water Cooler in Stainless Steel. Filter and Install Kit Included. Dispenses Both Hot & Cold Water.

iBottleless makes a variety of water dispensers for personal or professional use. Just attach the water line and the built-in filtration system dispenses clean filtered hot or cold water.

The iMini is a great water dispenser if you don’t want to deal with tricky installation or frequent maintenance for your machine. Purely a water dispenser, you can get filtered hot or cold water right on your countertop, and only need to change the filter once every 6-12 months. The hot water reservoir holds 2 liters of water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cold reservoir chills 1 gallon of water.

The iBottleless iMini comes with these features:
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • Measures 10.7 inches wide, 17.2 inches high, and 16.8 inches deep
  • The smooth UV-Resistant surface is a breeze to clean
  • Comes with a removable drip-tray that is dishwasher safe
  • All components are lead-free
  • Energy Star Certified
The tank’s micro filtration system has an easy screw-on cap and gives the water a clean, fresh taste while filtering out lead or chlorine particles. You can expect to use 1,200 gallons of water before changing the filter, making the unit practically maintenance-free.
The perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t like to cook or has limited space, this Sunbeam® Hot Shot® Hot Water Dispenser is terrific for single adults, college students, or those who frequently make tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal and soup. If black isn’t really your color, try the Sunbeam 6170 Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser, White.

Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 6131

Sunbeam makes lots of products that make your busy life more convenient, like this Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser that helps you make your favorite beverages and meals in just a few short minutes.

Offered at a terrific price, you can easily make room for this narrow little hot water dispenser right on your countertop. It provides delicious cups of tea, hot chocolate, soup, or oatmeal throughout the day at the touch of a button. No need to keep boiling water every time you need it. An excellent gift for tea lovers, college students, or bachelors.

Now that we’ve told you it is great, here’s a list of features to back up our claim:
  • Light weight at only 1.5 pounds
  • Measures 5.8 inches wide, so it’s a real space-saver
  • Heats up to 16 ounces at a time
  • Comes with a cord that’s easy to store when not in use
  • Faster than a microwave
  • Great time saver for busy people
  • Perfect for those who don’t like to cook
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
Terrific for dorm rooms or tiny kitchens, the Hot Shot has all the convenience of a high-end hot water dispenser at a fraction of the cost.

How Do I Choose the Best Hot Water Dispenser?

When you’re cold and shivering it can feel like a lifetime until the water in the pan finally starts to create little bubbles rising to the top…and from then it still takes another 5 minutes to get it boiling hot and steaming! You may as well go and get your heated blanket whilst you wait. All of that just for a coffee!

Well, a hot water dispenser can change all that by providing hot water at a flick of a switch. Your life will become instantly more efficient and easier, even down to the little things like steaming your veg for dinner. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it! The whole family will feel the benefits from it, when it’s one of those cold nights where you just can’t manage to get warm enough to fall asleep, you’ll now be able to fill up their hot water bottles within a few minutes and get everyone off to deep, cozy sleep.
The price for a hot water dispenser varies a lot, from as little as $20 all the way up to about $500. This really just comes down to the size and the functions that come with each water dispenser. If you’re looking for a small worktop dispenser that will provide you with the water you need for a couple of coffees while you work, than the lower-priced options will be more adequate and will work well for your needs. At the upper end of the spectrum are boiler dispensers that really need to be installed properly, as the boiler should be hidden away in a cupboard with the permanent tap on the worktop ready to be filled with up to 2-3 gallons of hot water. More expensive options can also come with features such as cold water as well, so everything is all in one place and keeps your kitchen neat and tidy.
If you’re not sure which hot water dispenser would be best for you then take a look at the breakdown of the different options and how they work.

Some important things to think about are:
  • Capacity - From 8 cups to 100 cups.
  • Water Input - Hand-filled or automatically topped up by a boiler.
  • Dispense Mechanism - A permanent, sleek looking tap, or convenient nozzle with no pipes.
  • Installation - Expert installation, tool-free installation, or just plug in and it’s ready to go.
  • Extras - Dual cold tap, auto shut-off to save money, tea and coffer maker, water filter, etc.
Let’s take a look at each feature in more detail.
Construction and Design
Checking out the hot water dispenser’s capacity, installation and dispense mechanism are all important before making a purchase and here’s why.


The smallest capacity is around 8 cups of hot water at once, which is plenty if you’re just using it for hot drinks around the house even with a few guests around. From our featured products the capacity, goes up to 100 cups per hour; this size is ideal for big offices or situations where you need a constant supply of hot water. There are many options in between these two extremes, so don’t worry if neither suits you!


For the larger dispensers with steel boilers, installation is a vital part of making sure you get what you need for your purchase. Some come with the option of getting an expert to install it. However this isn’t the biggest DIY job, so if you are pretty savvy around the house then you may be okay getting it done yourself. If you go for a smaller dispenser, many of them just plug into the power outlet. You fill it up with water manually, so there’s no plumbing or installation before you can use it…simple!

Dispense Mechanism

The more permanent fixture designs usually come with a tap to fix to your worktop for easy access to flowing hot water whenever you need it. It makes getting hot water just as easy as getting cold. The smaller ones are more like a coffee machine; you can just press a button and a little nozzle will do the job just fine.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a hot water dispenser depends on its water input as well as any extras it might come with. You’ll also want to find out how easy it is to clean and set-up too! Let’s look at these factors in some more detail.

Water Input

If you buy a dispenser that comes with its own boiler, then once it’s set up you won’t have to do anything to make it work. It will pump water into its boiler to heat it up and then release it out through the tap whenever you want it. The smaller models usually have a lid on a separate holder where you pour in cold tap water and it will heat it up. This stops any wasted water or energy as you only need to put in what you need when you need it.


This comes down to what you are planning to use your hot water dispenser for on the whole. If you want it for hot drinks, then getting one that has a tea and coffee maker built in means you can get instant refreshment whenever you need it. Others have a dual cold tap design so you have whatever temperature water you need in the same place. Or if you are worried about the quality of the water that will be used, you can get a dispenser that will filter the water before you use it. Keep your eyes peeled for any other extras or details that might be the make or break factor for you!

Hot water dispensers will come with instructions on how to clean them. Usually it just involves flushing out the system with cleaning solution. Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that your hot water dispenser is able to give you good, clean water every time. Also, make sure to check for a warranty before purchasing.

Get the Best Hot Water Dispenser of 2022!

Having hot water ready whenever you want it is a real luxury, and can make you feel like you’re at a five-star hotel. Give yourself the royal treatment every day with one of these hot water dispensers. They save time and are convenient and easy to use—no pots or pans necessary! We hope you found one of these brands to be a great fit for you.

Our Top Choice
Waste King Open Vent Gooseneck Faucet and Hot Water Tank Combo
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser
InSinkErator Involve HC Wave Hot/Cool - Chrome Faucet and Tank
iBottleless iMini Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Sunbeam® Hot Shot® Hot Water Dispenser, Black