Best Hoverboard Reviews 2020

Hoverboards can be single or double-wheeled, and some come with knee bars for added support and functionality. We have researched five of the best hoverboard brands on the market, showcasing a board from each, to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Top speed
Run time
Our Top Choice
Swagtron Self Balancing Scooter
Swagtron is a brand that believes every adventure begins with your feet. It manufactures some of the best electric scooters and hoverboards on the market, including the Swagtron Self Balancing Scooter.
Self-balancing and safe. Affordable. Non-slip footpads. Available in four colors. Lightweight and portable. Supports beginners and comes with two learning/operating modes.
Battery is not replaceable. Low speed. Not ideal for professional sports riders.
10 mph
400 watts
26 lbs
12 miles
240 lbs
Best Value
MegaWheels Self Balance Hoverboard
MegaWheels is a team of passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to revolutionizing the way personal transportation is done.
High intelligence chip. Long-lasting battery. Non-slip tires and pedals. Anti-impact case. Fire resistant.
Limited weight allowance of 265 pounds
7.5 mph
250 watts
26.4 lbs
7.5 miles
242.5 lbs
Segway NINEBOT MiniPro Scooter
Segway is the mastermind of self-balancing personal transporters, including the NINEBOT MiniPro, ushering in the beginning of a new age of rides free from the hoverboard technology.
High quality. Smooth rides. Comfortable, stable and functional. Lightweight, safe and compact design. Fast and supports Bluetooth technology. Durable, safe and secure. Innovative.
Very expensive.
10 mph
1200 watts
28 lbs
14 miles
220 lbs
TOMOLOO K1 X-Men Scooter
TOMOLOO was incorporated in 2013 and is one of the leading pioneers in the provision of self-balancing scooters.
Mobile app. Smart LED lights. Steady pedals. Waterproof cap. Stereo headlights. Anti-slip tires.
Doesn’t come with a carrying bag.
10 mph
300 watts
24.9 lbs
12 miles
264 lbs
Hoverheart 6.5-inch Electric Hoverboard
Hoverheart is an online platform that offers customers high-tech devices geared towards improved and fun-filled mobility.
Colorful. Reduced charging time. Has mudguards. High speed ability.
Not fire resistant
10 mph
500 watts
25 lbs
20 miles
220 lbs

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What is the Best Hoverboard?

Consider durable hoverboards made of the right materials and a large capacity to accommodate your weight. There are many other factors, such as run time and speed, that you might want to look at. The best hoverboards are powerful, sturdy, and safe. Find out if one of our recommended hoverboards is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Swagtron Self Balancing Scooter is designed for safety, performance and affordability, with its two modes of operation ensuring that both beginner and seasoned riders can use the board. Try the Swagtron Electric Self Balancing Scooter if you want a faster smart board that supports Bluetooth and apps (at a slightly higher price).

Swagtron Electric Self Balancing Scooter Board – Available in 4 Colors, Non-Slip Footpads, UL2271 Certified, Bright LED Headlights

Swagtron hoverboards are your gateway to awesomeness and fun times. For the company, your safety and user experience come first. The gear is more stable and smoothe to ensure you have a good time riding your self-balancing scooter board. The footpads are non-slip, ensuring your feet are secured in position whenever you’re on the go. Even if you are just learning to ride hoverboards, this self-balancing scooter board comes with a learning mode to ensure that you master the skills at a slower pace.

With the board’s 8 mph top speed, you can now cruise with swag. You get to cover up to 12 miles in a single charge at top speed. It is powered by a 250-watt motor for better control and stability as you ride your Swagtron self-balancing scooter. The gear has passed electrical safety tests and is UL2271 certified for safe use. Rubber bumpers, battery indicators and LED lights are also included, so you can make the most of your rides. The board is also based on a Safe Stop Technology to guide you to a rolling yet balanced stop whenever your battery suddenly runs out of power.

Here are the features of this board:
  • One-hour charge time
  • Weight limit range of 44 lbs (20kg) to 220 lbs (100kg)
  • Bright LED headlights for illumination
  • Comes with a learning mode for beginner riders
  • Aluminum wheels with rubber tires
  • Hard ABS outer casing to protect the board’s body
  • High-quality UL2271 certified Lithium battery
  • 100 to 240 power voltage and 23 lbs weight
  • AC charging adapter and user manual
  • Two rubber fender covers for protection
  • One-year limited warranty and SentryShieldTM Multilayer for protection of the battery
You have various color finishes to choose from: blue, pink, gold, and black.
Best Value
The MegaWheels 2272 Self Balance Hoverboard is a safe and secure device equipped with an intelligent chip that improves its speed and stability. Do you prefer transporting yourself electrically instead? Then the MegaWheels Electric Self Balancing Scooter is a great alternative.

MegaWheels TW01 Self Balance Hoverboard - Available in 4 Colors

For over 12 years, MegaWheels has striven to provide its expertise to the transportation world. The team at MegaWheels is made up of passionate young entrepreneurs whose mission is to provide adventurers with safe and innovative devices. Their products boast a solid construction and have received praise for their exceptional quality. At MegaWheels, having fun is their guiding mantra, which has been translated into their designs. With that in mind, consumers are always impressed by their products because they are guaranteed high-quality yet reasonably priced gadgets.

The MegaWheels TW01 Self Balance Hoverboard is an intelligent personal transporter that boasts top-notch technology. Its quadruple intelligence functions place it a league above the rest in terms of performance. The first high-intelligence function is its ability to adjust its speed depending on the amount of weight detected. At a speed higher than 12km/hr, the device is designed to automatically adjust its front pedal to prevent further acceleration. The other smart thing about this device is that it alerts you when the battery is running lower than 15% through a beeping sound.

Here’s more to this smart hoverboard:
  • Anti-tilt protection when riding at high speeds
  • Automatic switch to dormant mode when left idle
  • 6.5-inch natural rubber wheels with superior grip ability
  • Charging time of 3 to 4 hours
  • Maximum load of 110 kilograms
  • Has an endurance mileage of 10 to 15 kilometers
  • Its climbing gradient is 15 degrees
  • Powered by a 4000mAh lithium battery
  • Made of high-quality copper ring
This hoverboard is designed by Segway and Ninebot. It's a hands-free self-balancing smart scooter with a unique knee control bar to ensure you can interact with your environment as much as you like. Look at the Segway One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter if you want a board with similar performance, but with one wheel and at a lower price.

Segway Smart Self Balancing MiniPro Personal Transporter, Mobile App Control, Customizable LED Safety Lights, Anti-Theft Security Alarm

Segway ushered in a new age of hoverboards on the market. This board comes with stronger hardware, smarter software and safe features to ensure that, as you enjoy modernity at its best, your safety and security are taken care of. Whether you’re riding outdoors or indoors, this self-balancing scooter comes with precision sensors for auto-reaction to your movements; this ensures your rides are stable all the way to your destination. There’s no better way to ride in style than with the Segway MiniPRO self-balancing scooter.

You can connect your smartphone to the MiniPRO through Bluetooth technology for remote control. On the app’s dashboard, you can view the scooter’s current speed. Its dynamic balance function ensures that the MiniPRO is stable, and since it's lightweight and portable, you can bring it along on trips and use it on the go. Powered by a 1200-watt motor and 18650 lithium battery, this scooter delivers high performance of up to 10 mph top speed, covering 14 miles in an hour on a single charge.

Here are the features of the Segway hoverboard to consider:
  • 10 mph top speed for great performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity for remote control of the board
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • 10.5-inch pneumatic tires for indoor and outdoor use
  • Precision steering knee bar for easy and accurate maneuvering
  • Adjustable knee bar length to fit different riders with varying heights
  • 14-mile range at top speed
  • Customizable LED lights for visibility during the day and at night
  • App control and anti-theft security alarm
  • Comfortable ergonomic fit and transport-ready
  • Road adaptive engineering and magnesium alloy frame for durability
It comes in a stylish black and white design.
The TOMOLOO K1 X-Men Scooter boasts Bluetooth speakers and a mobile application that allows you to perform various functions such as controlling your lights while riding. Are you in need of some off-road adventure? Then we highly recommend the TOMOLOO Off-Road Self-Balancing Hoverboard that boasts great all-terrain features.

TOMOLOO K1 X-Men Self Balancing Electric Scooter – Available in 4 Colors

TOMOLOO is among the leading pioneers of self-balancing scooters. Its dedication to entrepreneurship through innovation has seen the brand rise to the top in terms of personal transportation. The company has earned a reputation of providing its customers a good price-to-performance ratio. Its designs are unique, while its quality is superior. The brand was incorporated in 2013 and has continued to pursue innovation. TOMOLOO has received authoritative certifications for its products, and this has endeared it to customers around the globe.

The TOMOLOO K1 X-Men Scooter is an innovative hoverboard that’s designed to give you a memorable riding experience. Its smart technology, which includes a mobile application, allows you to control your movement. With four beautiful LED lights, namely red, green, yellow and blue, you are in for a fun experience. Another amazing aspect of this scooter is its built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to music as you ride.

Here are more features of the X-Men Scooter Series:
  • Thickened rubber pedals that are anti-slip
  • Stereo headlights that are omnidirectional
  • Waterproof cap that’s sturdily built
  • Natural rubber tires with superior grip
  • Customizable hubs
  • Mobile app with speed limit display
  • Standby mode to save on battery
  • High-quality motor that’s fire resistant
  • Protection from overheating and overcharging
  • UL 2272 certified
Not digging this APP scooter? Not to worry, since this hoverboard comes in other cool designs.
The Hoverheart 6.5-inch Electric Hoverboard is a superior device with a fashionable design and an anti-fire coating for a safe ride. Do you love to listen to music as you ride? Then we would like to recommend the Hoverheart Self Balancing Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard – you will love it!

Hoverheart Flashing Light Self-Balancing Scooter – Available in 3 Colors

Hoverheart is an online platform that’s dedicated to providing customers with high-tech devices at reasonable prices. Their customer service is exemplary and the brand is always looking for ways to ensure that their customers shop conveniently. The brand has a remarkable following due to their emphasis on a hassle-free and simple shopping experience.

The Hoverheart 6.5-inch Electric Hoverboard has a 500 watt motor that allows you to ride at high speeds without toppling over. The printed coating adds to the appeal of this scooter – you can choose from pink, turquoise, and violet – while the flashy LED lights will definitely have people looking your way. This personal transporter can cruise at speeds from 6 to 10 miles per hour.

Here’s more about this hoverboard:
  • Has 6.5-inch wheels made of rubber.
  • UL Certified for safety
  • Powered by a 4.0 Ah lithium battery
  • Has an anti-fire plastic cover.
  • Has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

How Do I Choose the Best Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are designed for recreational or professional sporting activities. They also support movement from one place to another, such as strolling through the neighborhood or commuting to work. Now of course, you could use a classic adult scooter, skateboard or bike for this, but that’s just not as fun as this new, exciting invention!

Hoverboards come in various sizes, types, and brands, bundled with various features to make your rides smooth and fun. Self-balancing scooters can be electric, motorized, or battery powered. Whereas some come with two wheels, there are some designed with just one wheel.

Hoverboards also come with knee bars for added functionality. When looking for a hoverboard, you need to consider its top speed, motor power (wattage), weight of the gear for portability, run time to know how long you can cruise on a single charge, and the maximum rider weight the hoverboard can accommodate.

The best hoverboards are made of a strong frame material (light but sturdy), and feature brakes. They also come with the right type of wheels, battery, and appropriate sizes, and other features such as speed and remote control, anti-theft alarms and customizable lights. You must first decide whether you want an entry-level, kid-friendly, or high-end hoverboard.

It’s also worth noting that brands such as VEEKO and Razor have top-of-the-line hoverboards that are designed to take your personal transportation to another level.
The quality of a hoverboard, the materials used to make it, and the features it comes with determine its pricing. Whereas popular brands that are known to make good hoverboards charge a high price, there are also lower-end products with low prices. Whether there are promotions or discounts on offer can also determine the price you’ll pay for a hoverboard.

In terms of price, the budget-friendly hoverboards cost about $200 or less, while the moderately priced ones cost between $200 and $400. You may also find high-end hoverboards that cost over $400, depending on features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers.

While you may need to consider a less expensive product that you can afford, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your hoverboard’s quality. Sometimes cheap can end up being costly when the product doesn’t last; conversely, an expensive hoverboard doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of good quality. This is the reason you need to consider other factors to pick a good self-balancing scooter. You’ll find a good board in the price range of $100 to $1500 to meet your sporting needs.
It takes more than just price to find the best hoverboard. You need to look at many factors before picking the right scooter. With many products in the market, consider the most important features you want in your hoverboard to meet your unique needs.

Here are the important features to consider when shopping for a hoverboard:
  • Motor
  • Run Time
  • Top Speed
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Weight
With the right hoverboard, you’ll not just pay a price you can afford, but also enjoy great speed and ease-of-use.
Construction and Design
Hoverboards are powered by electric motors or rechargeable batteries for high speed and performance. Opt for one with a capacity that can accommodate your weight without reducing its intended speed. The materials used to make the frame, casing, and other internal components should be of top quality for a strong build; this ensures durability and consistent performance. A small or reasonable weight renders your scooter portable.
Performance and Ease of Use
Good hoverboards are hazard-free and certified for safety to ensure you use your board without any worry of your safety being compromised. The charge and run times of a hoverboard are also important; they should take a short time to charge, but run for longer periods. This ensures you can use your hoverboard for prolonged durations before the next charge. This is most important when you engage in professional sports.

For high performance, go for motor-powered hoverboards with prolonged run times. The importance of speed and range for a hoverboard goes without saying. Go for one with a high speed and large range for high performance. Ensure it comes with a bag for ease of portability or transportation and storage. Manuals come in handy when you need to learn more about your hoverboard and how to care for it.

Get the Best Hoverboard of 2020!

Whether you are a professional when it comes to riding self-balancing scooters, a beginner, a sports fanatic, or just a casual user, there is a hoverboard out there to suit your style, taste, and working budget. With our review of five of the top hoverboards, we hope you will pick the right self-balancing scooter for your needs. If you need something different, check out our other hoverboard reviews.

Our Top Choice
Swagtron Self Balancing Scooter
Best Value
MegaWheels Self Balance Hoverboard
Segway NINEBOT MiniPro Scooter
TOMOLOO K1 X-Men Scooter
Hoverheart 6.5-inch Electric Hoverboard