Best Ice Bucket For Champagne Reviews 2022

Thanks to the latest innovations, you can enjoy your wine or champagne chilled without worrying about your drinks getting warm before the party ends. Available in various brands, capacities, colors, materials and built with different features, choosing the best ice bucket can be difficult. We’ve researched five of the best ice bucket for champagne brands on the market, showcasing a bucket from each to help you find one that best meets your needs to chill drinks.
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Our Top Choice
Prodyne Big Oval Wine Party Ice Bucket
Prodyne was established in 1971 and it uses various high quality materials to manufacture innovative barware, kitchenware and serveware.
It’s break-resistant, shutter-proof, affordable and colorless. It keeps drinks chilled for hours and can be used outdoors or indoors. Made from stylish, transparent acrylic.
It needs a cloth to absorb the condensation leaking through the bottom.
Oval and clear design
9 x 11 x 15.5 inches; 2.5 pounds
6 wine bottles/12 beer bottles
Easy-to-carry handles
Best Value
Winco 8-Quart Ice Bucket for Champagne
Winco has been in the hospitality industry for the last two decades, manufacturing commercial kitchenware such as utensils.
It’s top quality, affordable, durable and lightweight. It’s ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, at home or in a bar. Too sturdy to knock over easily.
It’s deep, meaning the bottles are hardly seen and therefore can’t provide a great aesthetic effect.
Round and tall steel design
9 x 9 x 10 inches; 1.6 pounds
2 wine/champagne bottles
Stainless steel
Round knob-like handles
Co-Rect Premium Ice Bucket for Champagne
Co-Rect is a leading manufacturer of bar products and supplies such as liquor pourers, bottle openers and cocktail shakers, among others.
It’s reasonably priced, versatile and accommodates up to 4 wine bottles. It chills drinks rapidly and features a sleek and appealing modern look.
All that this ice bucket needs is the ice and champagne!
Oval, curved white design
10 x 10 x 13.9 inches; 2.2 pounds
4 wine/champagne bottles
Cut-out handles
Vacu Vin Active Ice Champagne Cooler
Founded in 1983, Vacu Vin is a popular family-owned global manufacturer and supplier of wine products and related accessories.
This champagne jacket is lightweight, affordable, chills in five minutes and is compact. It’s also reusable, attractive and fits any standard-size champagne bottle.
This cooler keeps drinks cool for about thirty minutes only.
Round black jacket
1 x 6 x 8 inches; 0.6 pound
1 wine/champagne bottle
Polyester foil & foam
Adjustable strings
True Arctic Ice Bucket for Champagne
True is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of beverage products and related accessories such as drinkware and kitchen accessories.
The ice bucket is easy to use, affordable, convenient and easy to carry. It’s attractive, fits one bottle and blends into any interior décor.
The ice bucket isn’t handy when there’s need to chill many champagne or wine bottles at the same time.
Round clear design
4 x 4 x 7 inches; 0.7 pound
1 wine/champagne bottle
Round knob-like handles

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What is the Best Ice Bucket For Champagne?

Choose an ice bucket with the right capacity to chill the right number of champagne bottles to serve your guests. The best ice buckets are versatile for use either at home or commercially and support portable use. Find out if one of our recommended ice buckets for champagne is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Prodyne Big Oval Wine Party Ice Bucket is designed to hold up to six champagne/wine bottles, or twelve bottles of beer, water or soft drinks. Do you prefer a smaller ice bucket for personal use at home? Opt for the Prodyne G-2-C Ice Bucket for Champagne, which can hold a couple wine bottles. It’s durable and also comes in black and red colors.

Prodyne Big Oval Wine Party Acrylic Ice Bucket for Champagne — Available in 2 Pack Options

Prodyne entered the market with an original Gourmet Cheese slicer. The company became popular for this slicer and decided to design more products that can be used in the kitchen. What’s more, the company still believes in its vision of designing, creating and manufacturing affordable, stylish and high quality consumer products.

The Prodyne Big Oval Wine Party Ice Bucket for Champagne has a capacity of six wine or champagne bottles. It’s also ideal for chilling up to twelve cans of water, soft drinks or even beer. The bucket is perfect for entertaining guests or a party either indoors or outdoors. It’s made of thick acrylic to withstand breakage and support long-term use.

The bucket is easy to use as you simply add ice cubes then insert your bottles and add more ice to chill your drinks for hours. With the two sturdy handles, you can easily carry the bucket, moving it from the house to the party venue. The bucket has dimensions of 9 x 11 x 15.5 and weighs 2.5 pounds, meaning that it’s quite portable. This ice bucket for champagne comes in a clear acrylic material to display its content for aesthetic appeal and to ensure you can easily find a wine bottle you need to serve.

Here are a few other Prodyne ice buckets for champagne you might like:
  • Prodyne Thick Acrylic Wine Ice Bucket for Champagne
  • Prodyne VIno Duo Wine Ice Bucket for Champagne
  • Prodyne Tall Acrylic Wine Ice Bucket for Champagne
Best Value
The Winco Ice Bucket for Champagne is designed to hold two wine or champagne bottles. It can be used professionally in restaurants, bars or at home. If you want a more cost-effective ice bucket that’s half the capacity of our featured product, opt for the Winco 4-Quart Ice Bucket for Champagne. It’s durable and comes in three pack options.

Winco 8-Quart Ice Bucket for Champagne — Available in 2 Pack Options

Winco is a reliable and trusted brand that’s been serving the foodservice and hospitality industry for years. It’s a global brand that manufactures food preparation supplies, kitchen utensils and tabletop products, among other kitchen items. The company mainly uses stainless steel to manufacture its products, ensuring long-term use.

The Winco Ice Bucket for Champagne is made from stainless steel and has a capacity of eight quarts or two wine bottles. You can use it in a bar or at home to chill wine or champagne. The bucket is of top quality and is break-resistant to last the user a long time. With dimensions of 9 x 9 x 10 inches and a weight of 1.6 pounds, this ice bucket is lightweight and portable.

You can carry it around the house or bar, or bring it outdoors to use on your patio as you relax with friends over weekends. The stainless steel blends into any interior space with a modern touch. This ice bucket is made of stainless steel for use year after year, and you can even expect to pass it down your generations.
The Co-Rect Premium Ice Bucket for Champagne has a capacity of four bottles and can be used in both commercial and home bars. Looking for a stainless steel ice bucket with a capacity of two bottles? Opt for the versatile Co-Rect Steel Ice Bucket for Champagne with ring handles for easy transportation.

Co-Rect Premium ice Bucket for Champagne — Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Colors

Co-Rect has the largest inventory of bar supplies across the U.S. The company focuses on manufacturing customized bar supplies for use in marketing promotions. Micro-brewers, liquor companies, advertising agencies and wine specialty stores make up the large base of customers that buy from Co-Rect. The products are designed for functionality and affordability.

The Co-Rect Premium Ice Bucket for Champagne has a capacity of eight liters, or four champagne/wine bottles. It’s also ideal for chilling beverages and beer. The ice bucket is made of hardy acrylic and has a curved top for an attractive appearance. The cut-out handles allow for easy transporting of the bucket from one place to another.

Whether you run a bar business or enjoy wine from the comfort of your home bar, you’ll never go wrong with this stylish ice bucket. With dimensions of 10 x 10 x 13.9 inches and a weight of 2.2 pounds, this ice bucket is portable to bring along on your picnics. This ice bucket is available in clear, black and white colors to choose from; whichever color you pick is bound to accentuate your existing bar or home look.

Here are a few Co-Rect ice buckets to consider:
  • Co-Rect Silver Touch Ice Bucket for Champagne
  • Co-Rect Round Top No Handle Ice Bucket for Champagne
  • Co-Rect Clear Acrylic Ice Bucket for Champagne
The Vacu Vin Active Ice Champagne Cooler chills wine or champagne in just five minutes! It’s also compact and lies flat in the freezer to occupy less space. If you want a similar jacket cooler in a different color finish, opt for the Vacu Vin Active Bottle Design Ice Champagne Cooler in black and gold. It’s available in packs of one or two to choose from.

Vacu Vin Active Ice Champagne Jacket Cooler, Classic

Vacu Vin manufactures innovative and practical wine-related products and accessories for professional or home use. The company’s known for its unique and distinguishable products and highly reasonable prices. With a base in the Netherlands, high quality materials are used to make the products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Vacu Vin Active Champagne Cooler features six pockets filled with non-toxic gel. When kept in a freezer for at least six hours, the gel expands and freezes. It’s then inserted onto a champagne bottle to chill it in about five minutes. The foam poaches and layers of polyester foils within the jacket offer insulation to ensure that the bottle stays chilled until the drink is served.

Constructed from strong artificial materials, the sleeve jacket is versatile for use at barbecues, picnics, holidays, parties, etc. The jacket is strong and flexible yet unbreakable for long-term regular use. It’s also reusable, meaning you can keep it in your freezer when it’s not in use for future application. It comes in a classic vintage design to elevate the appearance of your home or business bar. The cooler has dimensions of 1 x 6 x 8 inches and weighs 0.6 pounds, making it lightweight and portable.

This active champagne cooler is available in black, black and gold, and platinum finishes to choose from. It’s also available in the form of elegant stainless steel champagne or wine coolers built with a bucket-like rigid shell that houses rapid ice.

Here are other Vacu Vin champagne coolers you might like:
  • Vacu Vin Active Elegant Champagne Cooler
  • Vacu Vin Active Can Champagne Cooler
  • Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler
Designed to chill one wine bottle at a time, the True Arctic Ice Bucket for Champagne is ideal for small parties, barbecues and private dinners. Are you looking for an oval-shaped ice bucket with a curved top and a bigger capacity? Opt for the True Swiss Modern Ice Bucket for Champagne with cut-out handles and a four-bottle capacity.

True Arctic One-Bottle Acrylic Ice Bucket for Champagne with Round Handles

True designs innovative, trendy and future-driven products based on cutting-edge technology for the best prices and functionality. The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to all customers, and develops long-term relationships with existing customers and other stakeholders. Fine materials are used to deliver products with exceptional quality and design.

The True Arctic Ice Bucket for Champagne is made of clear acrylic to match various décor arrangements. With a capacity of just one champagne bottle, the ice bucket is ideal for professional and casual events where there’s just a few people present. This also means it can easily be used indoors or outdoors and the round handles support easy carriage. Designed for easy use, all you have to do is fill the bucket with ice and insert your champagne bottle for chilling.

Acrylic has a simple, modern and crisp look that’s perfect for any interior space. With dimensions of 4 x 4 x 7 inches and weighing 0.7 pounds, you can easily carry this bucket outdoors, around the house or bring it on your picnics. What’s more, it’s compact in design and takes up less space during storage or when in use. This ice bucker for champagne is available in a clear acrylic to accentuate any interior space with a stylish modern touch.

Here are other True champagne ice buckets and coolers you might like:
  • True Cocoon Double Walled Wine Cooler
  • True Palisade Stainless Steel Ice Bucket for Champagne
  • True Inflatable Cooler with Handles

How Do I Choose the Best Ice Bucket For Champagne?

Buying an ice bucket for champagne isn’t as easy as it might seem. Vintage ice buckets come in quirky retro models for the buyer who’s into rustic finishes. They’re also available in modern designs for all interior design décor. Ice buckets have become an important part of serving cold drinks, meaning they regularly find use.

Although they’re generally designed to chill champagne, you can use your ice bucket to chill soft drinks, wine or even beer. The buckets are also perfect for transporting ice cubes, especially the models that come with lids to minimize melting. Ice buckets are also used as receptacles for laying crabs, oysters, shellfish, etc.

Consider buying ice buckets for champagne that match your wine savers, wine glasses, openers, decanters and other wine accessories. This review focuses on basic ice buckets for champagne that you can use to chill your drinks before and while they’re served at home, at a bar, or in a restaurant.
Ice buckets come with various price tags depending on brand, size, capacity, quality, and the features or accessories they come with. Whether you need a one-bottle ice bucket or one that can hold six bottles or more, you may want to invest in one of top quality. Cheap ice buckets don’t last long and would be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

It’d be wise to buy an ice bottle that fits within your budget, matches your décor and is worth each penny you spend on it for prolonged use. Basic ice buckets with no lids cost anything between $5 and $60 while those with lids, temperature controllers and other accessories cost more. Vintage or retro ice buckets can cost thousands of dollars, or even more!
Ice buckets are both functional and attractive. They’re also built with various features to support whatever they’re purposed for. Whereas vintage ice buckets are more decorative, modern buckets are functional, or both functional and attractive. You need the right features in your ice buckets to meet your champagne chilling needs.

Here are some features you need to look out for in an ice bucket:
  • Materials such as stainless steel, acrylic, etc.
  • A preferred design in terms of shape and color
  • Capacity to hold your preferred number of champagne bottles
  • Insulation to prevent condensation & keep drinks cooler for longer
  • Lightweight and small size for portability
  • Handles for easy carriage
  • Accessories such as stands, scoops, tongs, etc.
A well-insulated ice bucket is bound to keep your champagne bottles cooler for longer; opt for a bucket with the right capacity to meet your need to chill your drinks.
Construction and Design
Consider the following factors when shopping for an ice bucket:

Materials — ice buckets for champagne are made from different materials. Stainless steel buckets are shiny and bright, mirroring colors in the surrounding environs. They’re resistant to tarnishing and rusting, and last longer.

Whereas some wooden ice buckets have a lining on the interior, others come with plastic inserts to hold ice. Available in vintage, modern or retro styles, wooden ice buckets often feature metal handles or embellishments for a more appealing look.

Acrylic is lightweight, clear and strong. Although it’s mostly used to make skylights, shower doors and windows, they’re used to manufacture ice buckets due to their flexibility. Some resemble crystals for an attractive look.

Silver ice buckets are either made of pure silver or plated with the metal. Since ice buckets made of silver are costly, they’re mostly antiques. Note that silver is also used to refer to the color of certain metals such as stainless steel. Read product descriptions carefully to ensure you’re buying the right product.

Design — choose a bucket that matches your event theme or interior décor in terms of shape and color.

Capacity — buy an ice bucket with the right capacity to hold your desired number of champagne bottles.

Insulation — insulated ice buckets prevent ‘sweating’ or condensation that can lead to corrosion or rusting, and keeps your champagne cooler for longer.

Size — opt for an ice bucket that’s lightweight and has a reasonable size so that you can use it on the go.

Accessories — some ice buckets come with certain accessories such as stands, cotton napkins for better cooling efficacy, lids, scoops and/or tongs. Pick a bucket with an accessory you need. Lidded buckets keep ice in its solid form for longer.
Performance and Ease of Use
Choose an ice bucket that’s easy to use and attractive to complement your interior décor. Look for sturdy handles that can support the weight of your bucket without coming off. Pick a durable material for use year after year. If you want a more attractive than functional ice bucket, consider a vintage or retro ice bucket. However, these might be costly.

For prolonged cooling of your champagne bottles, consider ice buckets with lids. Well-insulated ice buckets prevent condensation and corrosion, and keep ice cubes solid for longer, meaning your drinks also stay cool for longer. If you want an ice bucket for champagne to give out as a gift, you may consider buying one that can be engraved with desired messages or names.

Get the Best Ice Bucket For Champagne of 2022!

Whether you need an ice bucket for your home bar, restaurant, bar business or want to give it out as a gift, there’s one out there for you. We hope that with our review of five of the top ice buckets, you’ll be in a position to pick the right ice bucket or cooler to meet your chilling needs. In case you need something different, check our other wine accessory reviews.

Our Top Choice
Prodyne Big Oval Wine Party Ice Bucket
Best Value
Winco 8-Quart Ice Bucket for Champagne
Co-Rect Premium Ice Bucket for Champagne
Vacu Vin Active Ice Champagne Cooler
True Arctic Ice Bucket for Champagne