Best Ice Skates Reviews 2023

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your child, you want to make sure you get a pair of ice skates that’s comfortable, durable, and matches the user’s needs and skill level. For a little help, check out some of the best ice skate brands and our featured skates from each.
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Age and Gender
Our Top Choice
American Athletic Tricot Lined Figure Skates
American Athletics’ tricot-lined skates are a perfect skate for beginners and intermediate skaters. A wipe-clean footbed and sharp blades enable these to offer performance.
A great look and style that is easy to take care of and affordable. True-to-size fit makes purchasing online a pretty safe bet. Padding in the right places for comfort.
These aren’t meant for professionals (but are great for recreational skaters at all levels).
Adult Women’s
Easy-care PVC
Tricot-lined, Full Quarter Padding
Hollow Ground Nickel-plated Steel
Best Value
Riedell 615 Soar Children’s Figure Skates
Riedell’s 615 Soar kid’s skates are a light-support youth skate that will work for kids who ice skate every now and then, or who are learning to skate for the first time.
Attractive, durable, and easy to care for. Cozy plush trim and man-made lining keep feet warm, comfortable, and supported.
May need to be sharpened before use.
Youth/Junior Boys’
Power Strap Closure, PVC Soles
Foam-backed Velvet Lining
Stainless Steel Spiral Blade
Jackson Ultima Mystique JS1592 Men’s Ice Skates
Jackson Ultima’s Mystique men’s ice skates offer a distinguished black leather upper that is lined with polyurethane for easy care.
Good for casual skaters as well as for those who ice skate often. Should last many years. True to size.
At the higher end of the price spectrum for recreational skates.
Adult Men’s
PU-coated Leather
Durable Synthetic Lining
All-purpose Chrome Blade
Lake Placid Alpine 800 Figure Skate
Classic design with some extra details for a more distinctive look, these women’s figure skates from Lake Placid stand out for their style as well as their function.
Synthetic fur lining with memory foam support for ultimate comfort. Reinforced ankle support with extended counters give this skate great stability.
May run a tad large – check size specifications when ordering.
Adult Women’s
Vinyl Outer Boot
Synthetic Fur Lining
Nickel-plated Carbon Steel Blade
Bauer Supreme S140 Men’s Ice Skate
These men’s ice skates from Bauer are perfect for recreational skaters as well as casual hockey players.
Anatomical heel and ankle fit offer good support. Affordably priced. Doesn’t require much break-in time.
May need to be sharpened before use. Many users need to order a size down or more.
Adult Men’s
Premium Nylon Quarter Package
Microfiber Liner, Comfort Foam
TUUK Super Stainless Runner

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What is the Best Ice Skates?

Your choice of ice skates will depend mostly on what you’ll be using them for, how serious a skater you are, and how frequently you’ll be using them. To help you sort through the options, we’ve reviewed the most prominent ice skate brands and picked out five of the very best, one from each brand.
Our Top Choice
American Athletic is a brand that specializes in producing skates for many different kinds of skaters. Their tricot-lined skates are a great-looking and great-performing option for those who don’t want to use rental skates when ice skating recreationally. If you plan to play ice hockey, you can check out American Athletic’s Women’s Soft Boot Hockey Skates.

American Athletic Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates – Easy Care Wipe-clean Boot

American Athletic makes recreational skates, figure skates, and hockey skates for kids and adults at all levels of expertise. For those just starting out or who skate casually, their tricot-lined figure skates could be an excellent choice.

The tricot-lined skates are available for men, women, and children. The design is simple, classic, and effective. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, they won’t slow you down on the ice. The hollow-ground nickel-plated steel blade comes sharp and should be ready for use from day one. All-in-all this is a great skate for anyone who plans to skate recreationally but doesn’t want to shell out cash on high-end or professional-level ice skates.

We’ve chosen to feature the women’s style, but the kid’s and men’s styles offer the same design and features. These features include:
  • PVC upper – durable and easy to clean
  • Comfortable full quarter padding
  • Padded split tongue
  • Multi-layer ankle support
These skates have the look and feel of professional skates at a fraction of the price. If you’re a serious skater, you might want to invest a bit more into high-quality skates - but if you just enjoy skating, it’s hard to go wrong with these.
Best Value
Riedell is a top name in the ice skating world, so we decided to feature one of their best soft boot skate choices for kids. These work great for beginners and recreational skaters. If you’re an adult admiring the style and performance of these youth skates, check out the Riedell 625 adult ice skates.

Riedell 615 Soar Figure Skates for Children – Foam Quarter-padding and Foam Cushioning for Comfort

Riedell is a well-known ice skate manufacturer, supplying skaters from beginner to professional levels. We’ve chosen to feature the youth 615 Soft Series, available in for boys and girls. Choose from stylish black and green or pretty pink and white.

These are good-looking skates with a design that makes them a good choice for beginning and intermediate ice skaters. The mesh nylon boot, with PVC performance sole, is durable and low-maintenance.

Features of the 615 Soft Series skate include:
  • Speed lacing hooks and power-strap velcro closure
  • Plush trim and foam-backed velvet linings for warmth and comfort
  • Chrome-plated blade
  • Support level 20 - light
If you have a kid that is just learning to skate or skates recreationally - but doesn’t like wearing rentals - these could be a solid option.
Jackson makes mid- to high-end ice skates to cater to the needs of different skaters. Our featured choice is a classically designed recreational figure skate for men. If you’re in the market for women’s skates, you can check out the Ultima Glacier ladies’ ice skates with a warm and comfy Nylex lining.

Jackson Ultima Mystique JS1592 Men’s Ice Skates – Light Support Beginner Skate with All-purpose Chrome Blade

Jackson Ultima has been around since figure skating champion Don Jackson developed the original Jackson figure skate in 1962. Today, Jackson Ultima’s state-of-the-art factory in Ontario turns out skates that combine classic design with innovative features for serious skaters as well as beginners.

We’re featuring the men’s Ultima Mystique recreational figure skates because of their styling and luxurious leather boot, as well as their ease of use and care. Whether it’s your first time out on the ice or you get out and skate for fun every weekend, these are a no-fail pick, and you can expect them to last for years.

Here are a few of the Ultima Mystique’s features:
  • PU-coated leather upper with PVC outsole
  • Full quarter padding and additional ankle padding
  • Screw-attached all-purpose chrome blade
  • Flex-notch for flexibility
  • Vinyl and mesh comfort tongue backed with foam
We recommend these ice skates for those willing to spend a bit more for a high-quality and long-lasting skate.
Lake Placid ice skates offer an excellent combination of value and quality, and our featured skates are no exception. The Alpine 800 women’s skates are great for just about any recreational skater. If you’re outfitting a little girl with a comfy pair of beginner skates, check out the adjustable Girls Nitro 8.8 figure skates.

Lake Placid Alpine 800 Women’s Traditional Figure Skate – Memory Foam Liner and Reinforced Ankle Support

For men, women, and children, Lake Placid offers nice skates at reasonable prices. Make sure you pay attention to the sizing, since many users find the best comfort and performance when sizing down by a full size. We think the Alpine 800 Women’s Traditional skates are a great buy because they have a pretty design and offer thoughtfully designed comfort, stability, and overall performance.

For comfort, the memory foam liner conforms to the foot, while the synthetic fur lining keeps you nice and warm. For support, the ankle area is reinforced and the extended counters add to heel stability.

Other features of the Alpine 800 skates include:
  • Vinyl outer boot – low-maintenance, durable, easy to clean
  • Waterproof sole
  • Carbon steel blade is heat-treated, edge-hardened, and nickel-plated
These are a more-than-decent mid-range skate for beginners and intermediate skaters. If you like the design and plan to use them for a bit, this pair could be a good choice for you.
Bauer specializes in hockey gear for all kinds of players. If you want a decent hockey skate but don’t have a ton of money to spend, the Bauer Senior Supreme 140 is a good bet. For a kid’s hockey skate that is inexpensive and will serve the needs of beginning ice skaters, check out Bauer’s LIL Angel Champ ice skates.

Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Men’s Ice Skate – TUUK LIGHTSPEED Pro Holder and TUUK Super Stainless Runner

Bauer makes all kinds of hockey gear – from helmets to bags, skates, and more. They also offer a range of options to suit everyone from beginners to serious players and some of their hockey skates will work for recreational skating as well. The Supreme S140 men’s skate might be a suitable match if you’re just starting out in hockey, if you play casually, or if you just want a supportive and reasonably priced recreational skate.

These skates offer good comfort out of the box, which is nice if you’re not a serious skater or hockey player. However, you will likely need to get these sharpened before use. That shouldn’t be a problem though – just head to a local skate shop to get your blades sharpened (usually for a small fee). These skates have a shaped EVA footbed and anatomical felt tongue for comfort and a good fit.

Other features include:
  • TPR outsole
  • TUUK Lightspeed Pro Skate Blade Holder
  • TUUK stainless steel runner
Bauer Supreme S140 skates are a great value overall – whether you want to get into the action with your kids on the rink, play hockey for fun or in a recreational league.

How Do I Choose the Best Ice Skates?

Before you head out shopping for the best ice skates or any type of skates, be it pro-grade hockey skates or rollerblades to explore city trails, it’s important to determine your body type and skill level to get the right pair. Next, you should ensure that you’re ready to head off to the rink with the essential gear such as a helmet and a hockey bag to haul your skates around.

Further, consider how often you’re going to skate, because splurging on ice skates when you’re only going to be using them a couple times a year isn’t the most practical investment. Also take note that there are two main types of skates in the skating world: figure skates and ice hockey skates. Each has its own set of obvious differences both in terms of design and material.
The price of ice skates varies and depends on several factors, most notably their craftsmanship and performance features. You will find more affordable options going for around $60 and premium options going for around $150. If you want quality, we advise you to go for leather boots since these are generally the universal standard. You want to avoid buying cheap ice skates made from low-grade material as they might not offer you the desired results.

In most cases, metal eyelets on the laces are a sure sign of low-quality leather or synthetic materials. Adding to this, the blades of certain lower price point ice skates are generally riveted to the boots in an effort to drive costs down. However, the downside to this cost-efficient approach is that these blades aren’t easy to change or adjust according to your needs.

The comfort features of ice skates may also spike up the price, and include lightweight blades, moisture-wicking linings, and easy-to-clean material such as easy-care PVC.
Ice skates have come a long way since their inception, where they were first fitted with animal bones and leather, and used to glide across frozen lakes, rivers, and ponds. But even with the latest technological advancements and class-leading designs, ice skates are similar in construction; but the magic lies under the hood, and dictates the performance you can expect.

That said, here are a few aspects to consider when on the shopping trail for the best ice skates:
  • Size – After you determine your foot size, be sure to match it with the respective manufacturer’s sizing chart.
  • Boot Material – Commonly used in their construction are leather and synthetic materials.
  • Blades – They can be crafted from several different materials such as all-purpose chrome, nickel-plated steel, and stainless steel.
  • Lining Material – This helps keep your feet warm.
  • Padding – This is for greater comfort when skating.
  • Heel Counters – This provides improved support, which is especially important for advanced users.
  • Brand – Buying from a reputed brand may cost a bit more upfront, but ensures that the ice skates don’t disappoint you in the rink.
Construction and Design
Figure skates consist of three main components: the boot, laces, and blade. Though this design may seem similar, there are significant differences in metallurgy, engineering, and design of the different models.

The size of adult-sized ice skates is generally between 7 inches – 8 inches in height, and can be made from synthetic materials such as PVC or leather. Adding to this, the soles of some high-quality ice skates are reinforced with extra material for more support. With regards to material, thick leather boots aren’t always the greatest, because they’re a little bit heavier than synthetic materials, and in most cases require a break-in period of roughly 2 to 3 weeks.

Moving to the blades, they are generally made from robust material such as stainless steel or chrome, where the former is often lighter. If you’re a seasoned ice skater, you may want to consider investing in skates that have blades mounted with the help of screws rather than rivets, so that you can adjust them as the need arises. Although your choice of blades truly boils down to your skating ambitions, most high-quality ice skates are fitted with blades that distribute weight evenly across the foot and aid with balance.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ice skating boots should offer a snug fit, with little or no movement at all in the heel. That said, some parents buy a much bigger size of skating boot in the hopes of their child growing into it at some point. But this ill-fitting boot may prove detrimental to one’s skating experience in that they may have to re-tighten the laces often or be susceptible to pain stemming from the loose fit.

Ice skates can be had across three different skill levels: recreational, beginner, and advanced. The first is a good choice for casual skaters or those just getting their feet wet in the sport, while the second should be good for basic moves and skating. Pro-grade ice skates are of course more expensive, but allow you to perform to the most demanding levels.

Once you’ve narrowed in on the best ice skates, it’s a good idea to give some thought to the clothing you’ll be wearing, because ice skating can be a chilly yet exhilarating experience.

Get the Best Ice Skates of 2023!

If you’re itching to get out on the ice, you should be a little closer to picking out just the right ice skates. If our featured skates didn’t meet your needs, you should still explore these brands’ other offerings to find the ice skates that meet your specific needs. Happy skating!

Our Top Choice
American Athletic Tricot Lined Figure Skates
Best Value
Riedell 615 Soar Children’s Figure Skates
Jackson Ultima Mystique JS1592 Men’s Ice Skates
Lake Placid Alpine 800 Figure Skate
Bauer Supreme S140 Men’s Ice Skate