Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews 2023

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and a cool, refreshing cup of iced tea can be perfect for any time of the year. With more research and evidence proving the health benefits of tea, iced tea makers are becoming a popular way to make tea in bulk to drink throughout the week. There are a wide variety of tea makers, so we’ve chosen five reputable brands that each make a line of products to help you brew your tea.
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Our Top Choice
Takeya Flash Chill® Iced Tea Maker
Takeya is known for their emphasis on healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices, and the Flash Chill® Iced Tea Maker is perfect for avid tea drinkers!
Designed for hot and cold. Shake-proof lid for rapid cooling.
Smaller capacity may not be appropriate for large families.
1 Quart
Iced Tea
BPA Free Plastic
Black. Green. Raspberry. Blue.
Airtight locking lid
Best Value
Primula The Big One Iced Tea Brewer
Primula is famous for their teas and tea accessories, and The Big One Iced Tea Brewer is great for large families or regular tea drinkers!
For hot or cold beverages. Dishwasher safe.
Large size may take up extra refrigerator space.
1 Gallon
Tea. Infused Water. Cocktails.
BPA Free Plastic
Green. Red
Odor, taste, and stain resistant.
Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee/Tea Maker
Hamilton Beach is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and their Iced Coffee and Tea Maker is functional and convenient!
Automated. Dishwasher safe pitcher. Large base to prevent tipping.
Coffeemaker may leave a lingering scent or taste in tea.
2 Quarts
Tea. Coffee. Infused Water.
Clear. Black.
Adjustable strength basket.
West Bend Green Iced Tea Maker
West Bend has over a century of kitchen appliance innovation, and their Iced Tea Maker is a great choice for making the perfect tea every time!
Sweetener chamber sweetens tea while brewing. Precisions adjustment for strength.
Not designed for brewing iced coffee.
2.75 Quarts
Green. White.
Automatically brews
Mr. Coffee 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker
Mr. Coffee is internationally recognized as a leader in beverage making, and the 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker shows their dedication to serving tea makers around the world.
Automated. Dishwasher safe.
No control over water temperature at brewing time.
2 Quarts
Blue. White.
Automatic brewer

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What is the Best Iced Tea Maker?

Now that we’ve covered some of the unique features and convenient details, let’s take a closer look at the top five brands we’ve found for iced tea makers and accessories!
Our Top Choice
The Takeya Flash Chill® Iced Tea Maker is a super chic iced tea maker with a very practical design. If you like the look of this, but want a little extra, check out the Takeya Iced Tea Maker Set. It comes with a large serving jug too, in the same bright color.

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker – Available in 4 Colors & 2 Sizes

Perhaps best known for their environmentally friendly water bottles, Takeya has expanded over their 55-year history to create food containers, drinkware, and beverage makers. Their mission is to inspire healthy, sustainable choices at home and on the go, and they have a wide variety of tea and beverage makers to help you along the way! The Takeya Flash Chill® Iced Tea Maker is specially designed to brew tea and cool it within seconds - so you can have tea ready anytime!

The Flash Chill® is named for its thoughtful design. An airtight, leak-proof lid allows you to pour ice into your freshly brewed tea and then shake the container safely to cool it in seconds. The large infuser is made with a fine mesh to prevent your loose tea leaves from escaping into your beverage, while allowing tea leaves to unfurl and brew evenly. It even comes with a holder for the infuser to prevent leaking or dripping! The container is BPA free — a concern for any container receiving hot water — and is dishwasher safe. It’s available in 1-quart and 2-quart sizes, and four chic pastel colors for your home or apartment!
Best Value
The Big One Iced Tea Brewer by Primula is a beautiful and functional addition for any tea lover! However, if you want it all, you can have it with the Primula Flavor-It Beverage System. It includes a fruit infuser core, tea infuser core and chill core for all kinds of chilled beverages.

Primula The Big One 1-Gallon Iced Tea & Cold Coffee Brewer – Available in 2 Colors

Primula is known for creating artisan-crafted flowering teas, coffeeware, and tea sets. Their teas and drinkware show an exquisite attention to fine detail and design. They have a wide variety of tea makers and infusers, and The Big One Iced Tea Brewer is a great tea maker for regular tea drinkers or whole families!

The Big One Iced Tea Brewer was designed by Primula for hot and cold tea making and beverage brewing. From tea to fruit infusion, the Big One is equally suited for tea, flavored water, cold coffee, or even cocktails. It’s designed for everyday use, with a stainless steel Brew Core and BPA-free plastic. It’s entirely dishwasher safe, and brews one gallon of tea or your favorite beverage. It’s available in a vivid red or soothing green color!
The Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee/Tea Maker is versatile and easy to use. If you’re not really into your coffee, and want a dedicated iced tea maker, try the 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker in White which has a specially designed jug that fits right in your refrigerator door.

Hamilton Beach 2 Quart Iced Coffee/Tea Maker

Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. sells over 30 million appliances each year, all over the world. Known especially for small kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach has a huge variety of tea makers and accessories. The Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee/Tea Maker is an amazing value that combines technology with quality tea and coffee making.

From preparation to pouring in less than ten minutes, Hamilton Beach focused on ease of use and versatility when they designed their Iced Coffee/Tea Maker. The two adjustable baskets are designed for coffee, loose leaf tea, or even tea bags! The 2-quart, decorative pitcher is tip resistant, dishwasher safe, and has a lid to prevent spills and store freshness.
West Bend’s Green Iced Tea Maker features impressive tea brewing innovations. Alternatively, if green doesn’t really match your kitchen décor, check out the slightly older version: West Bend 2-3\/4-Quart Iced-Tea Maker.

West Bend 750 Watts Electric Iced Tea Maker with 2.75 Quart Plastic Pitcher, Auto Shut-Off & 11 Cup Capacity in Green

Very few companies can claim over 100 years of manufacturing electric kitchen appliances, but West Bend has a multi-generational legacy for innovation and quality that still lives on today. With a kitchen appliance for nearly every need, West Bend has a variety of tea makers for the tea enthusiast. The West Bend Green Iced Tea Maker is an innovative tea maker packed with features for hot or iced tea.

The tea maker features a brew strength selector that allows you to adjust the strength of your tea with pinpoint precision, every time. The revolutionary and completely removable sweetener chamber allows sweetener to be dissolved into the tea during the brewing process, and the stainless steel mesh filter can be used for bagged or loose leaf tea. The plastic 2.75-quart pitcher comes with a lid for spill resistance and fresh storage, and comes in multiple colors or quantity sizes.
The Mr. Coffee 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker is affordable and high quality. If you want an iced tea maker in a similar style to coffee makers, try the Mr. Coffee 2-in-1 Iced Tea Brewing System with Glass Pitcher. It can make up to 2.5 quarts of iced tea in minutes!

Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker for Loose or Bagged Tea in Blue

Nearly everyone has used a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker at some point in their life, but did you know that Mr. Coffee also sells a large selection of tea makers and accessories? As a brand, Mr. Coffee is world-renowned for beverage making, and their 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker delivers on quality features and price.

The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is designed to automatically brew bagged or loose leaf tea. The removable brew basket and pitcher are dishwasher safe, and the fast brewing system means tea is finished within minutes. The tea maker shuts off automatically after brewing is finished, meaning you can sit and forget your tea making! Mr. Coffee even includes a booklet of recipes, making this iced tea maker a great buy at a great price.

How Do I Choose the Best Iced Tea Maker?

Besides water, tea is the world’s most popular beverage. Finding the best tea maker usually involves a comparison of features, quality, and size. Once you’ve boiled the water in your electric or whistling kettle, the quality materials, such as BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic can improve the taste and health benefits of your tea. Some tea makers have advanced configuration adjustments or useful features that make them outstanding for brewing and storage.

To be a great host, make sure that the tea maker you buy can serve the amount of tea that you need for yourself and your family. For large parties and events, you will also want to make sure you have enough teacups for serving. No matter the occasion, each of these brands has a wide selection of iced tea makers and accessories for everyone.
A variety of factors affect price, and choosing an iced tea maker usually boils down to function, form, and the quality of materials. A lesser or cheap product will often have plastics that deteriorate over time with exposure to boiling water, and may become irreversibly stained with use. A harder material such as glass or BPA-free plastic will keep your tea fresh with each batch. Capacity, ease-of-use, and extra features all contribute to the broad range of prices, but most iced tea makers will be within the $15 to $60 range.
The simplest iced tea makers are designed like pitchers, but feature heat-resistant plastic and a diffuser for tea, fresh fruit, or even coffee. Some of the more advanced iced tea makers heat up the water, steep to an adjustable strength automatically, and store it in a convenient, beautiful pitcher for later use.
Construction and Design
Designer details are everything when it comes to simple technology. You’ll notice that some of the tea makers we’ve reviewed seal airtight for freshness. Traditionally, tea is brewed with the leaves immersed, which allows the thermodynamics of the boiling water to move through the leaves. Iced tea makers with diffusers use this traditional setup, while some of the faster or more automated machines rely on a brewing chamber, much like a coffee maker.
Performance and Ease of Use
All of the pitchers we’ve included are dishwasher-safe, made from clear, heat-resistant plastic, and perfect for individuals and groups. But there are a few differences you’ll find between them. The automated machines can heat the water for a set-and-forget brewing process that is perfect for a busy life.

And remember how we talked about the airtight seal? The Takeya Flash has a unique method for cooling tea — you can simply brew the hot tea and shake the sealed container with the ice inside to stop brewing within seconds. This prevents tea from “over-steeping” and becoming too bitter.

Get the Best Iced Tea Maker of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found a tea maker for your home, apartment, or office. We’ve reviewed industry-leading brands and showcased tea-making innovations for convenience, quality, and taste. If you didn’t find the perfect tea maker for you, each of these companies produces other tea makers that may be the right fit! Either way, you can feel confident that you understand the options for tea makers and can make an informed decision!

Our Top Choice
Takeya Flash Chill® Iced Tea Maker
Best Value
Primula The Big One Iced Tea Brewer
Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee/Tea Maker
West Bend Green Iced Tea Maker
Mr. Coffee 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker