Best Impact Driver Reviews 2022

A few years back, many people didn't see the need for an impact driver, but their unmatched driving power and torque have made them popular. So, which one do you buy? We’ve done our research, and here are five top impact driver brands, with one model showcased from each. Read through and feel free to go with something else from these top brands if you aren’t satisfied with our featured products.
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Max Torque
Our Top Choice
Dewalt Max XR Impact Driver and Drill Combo
DeWalt is the leading brand in making hand and power tools for use in construction, woodworking, and the manufacturing industries. The 20 Volts Brushless Drill comes in a compact design.
Compact design. Powerful and long lasting battery. Ideal for tough jobs. A pistol grip style. LED lights to illuminate dark areas. Fits well in tight areas.
Despite being sturdy, some users feel the plastic covers are too many.
Cordless Driver/Drill Combo Kit
6 x 15 x 9”; 8.9 lbs.
Driver: 2800 RPM; Drill: 1750
3200 Inch-Pounds
20V Lithium ion Battery (2)
Best Value
Black & Decker Max Impact Driver
Black + Decker is a brand that DIY enthusiasts and homeowners have come to love for their power tools. The 20V Impact Driver is loved for being compact and lightweight.
Lightweight and easy to use. Ergonomic handle. Improved maneuverability, thanks to the compact design. Impressive performance.
Sold with only one battery. No LED light.
Cordless Impact Driver
7.9 x 3 x 9”;3.5 lbs.
3000 RPM
1375 Inch-Pounds
20V Max Battery (1)
Bosch 12 V Cordless Combo Kit
Bosch Group’s Power Tool Division leads in making corded and cordless power tools and measuring tools. The 12V 2-Tool Combo Kit delivers drilling and driving convenience.
A powerful combination of drill driver and impact driver. Cordless convenience. 30 minutes charging time. Lightweight and compact design. LED lights.
Not the best in very busy constructions.
Cordless Driver/Drill Combo
9.75 x 12.75 x 4.25”; 6.5 lbs.
1,300 RPM
Driver:1265 In-Lbs; Drill: 1265
12V Lithium-Ion Battery (2)
Mr. Orange Impact Driver Hand Tool
Mr. Orange believes that there is no such thing as a big job with the right power tool. The 20V 2-Tool Combo Kit comes in improved craftsmanship and is powerfully compact.
Strong performance. LED lights. Has a non-slip handle. Compact design. Insulated surface. Enhanced durability. Quicker charging time.
The battery isn’t included when buying.
Cordless Impact Driver
10.8 x 10.8 x 4.3”; 6 lbs.
3200 RPM
1132 Inch-Pounds
20V Lithium Ion Battery (1)
Makita 18V Cordless Impact Driver
For a century now, Makita has been making a wide range of professional and handyman power tools. The18V Cordless Impact Driver Kit is ideal for many driving and fastening jobs.
Very powerful. LED illumination. Lightweight. It has a system to mitigate chances of getting an overload or getting overheated. Variable speed.
It is sold with only one battery.
Cordless Impact Driver
16.6 x 5.2 x 12.4; 9.2 lbs.
2,300 RPM
1,420 Inch-Pounds
18V LXT Lithium-Ion Battery (1)

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What is the Best Impact Driver?

Did our guide give you some pointers as to the right driver? We hope it did. Now move over to the reviews and pick out the one that works best for you.
Our Top Choice
DaWalt’s 20V Compact Drill has a brushless motor, delivering more than 1.5x the run-time a brushed motor would deliver. And if you’re looking for a more powerful impact driver, check out the DeWalt 20V Impact Driver, with 3-speed settings, brushless motor and XR Li-Ion batteries, which provides 33% more power.

Dewalt 20V Max Compact Drill and Impact Combo – Available with Either Brushless or Brush Motor, Optional Bit Kits

DeWalt believes that every handyman and anybody working in the construction and manufacturing industries desires to work better and faster, and this is by having the best power tools. They know that some of these jobs are tough, requiring optimized and professional workhorse solutions like impact drivers, as this what will give the workers in these specific industries confidence, in even in the toughest conditions. The brand, which started in 1924, manufactures power tools, anchors, accessories, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.

From DeWalt's combo kits collection, we picked the 20 Volts Impact Driver particularly for its improved run time over a brushed impact driver. With this drill and combo kit, you get more than 50% more run time, meaning more productivity and convenience. Apart from that, it is lightweight compared to other models, so, you won't get tired easily, which also adds to your performance. While the retail price suggested by DeWalt at the time of this research was $232, you could still own it from Amazon on less than $200.

Here are the highlights of more features of this unit:
  • A lightweight and compact design, ideal for use even in tight areas
  • 3-mode LED to illuminate confined and dark areas
  • XR Li-Ion batteries with 33% more power capacity
  • A fuel gauge attached to the battery for low battery alerts
  • A combination of two tools: impact driver and drill
  • 5.4 inches impact driver and 7.52 drill/driver
  • Sold with 2 rechargeable batteries for added convenience
  • A 3-year limited warranty
Here we’ve featured the brushless version; if you would prefer the brushed engine one, it is still available.
Best Value
Get high power performance transmission using the Black + Decker 20V Impact Driver, which delivers up to 1,375 lb. torque power, enough for most home impact driver applications and professional use. If you're looking for more than just an impact driver, check out their MAX 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Combo Kit, instead!

Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium Impact Driver

We tend to think that the Black + Decker brand knows something about power tools after being on the market for over a century now. It's not just for power tools, but also in home cleaning products, lawn and garden products, small appliances and battery accessories. This is because most of their products in almost all these product lines have earned positive ratings and reviews across the web. The brand's contribution on the market is evident with the many patents the brand holds; for example, a patent for a drill with a trigger switch and pistol grip. Today, the brand is known as Stanley Black & Decker after merging with the famous Stanley Works.

The reason we picked the 20V Impact Driver is particularly for its affordability, which, when compared with its performance, is a great win for all impact driver users. So, if you have a limited budget and you need an impact driver that can match the performance of other competitive rivals and highly priced brands, this is one of the units you should consider. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the user gets a comfortable driving experience, translating to reduced body stress.

It's not just about the design and power; here is a list of other features you’ll get in this unit:
  • A handy, quick-release ¼ inch hex chunk, making it easy for bit changes
  • Weighs 3.6 lbs. making it good for complex overhead works, without easily getting fatigued
  • The unit has a 20-volt battery, which you can interchange with other Black + Decker tools with the same battery rating
  • A long lasting battery, meaning more time working and few hours on the socket
  • Impressive and variable speeds, which run from 0 rpm to 3,000 rpm using a switch trigger
  • A 2-year limited warranty, provided you use it in a home environment
Looking for a versatile combo kit for home improvement and DIY projects? We have a recommendation for you. With Bosch 12V Impact Driver and Drill/Driver Kit, you'll get enough power and convenience to have jobs done easily and faster. If you fancy just an impact driver, check out Bosch’s Brushless Impact Driver Kit, which comes with 2 batteries.

Bosch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit (Drill/Driver and Impact Driver) with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

Bosch power tools are engineered for excellent performance, meeting unmatched standards in precision, speed and robustness in any job requiring a power tool. So, whichever DIY project you intend to undertake, small or big, we are sure that Bosch has a tool for you. Bosch brand, which was launched in 1886, knows that a lot is expected from professional power tool users: endurance, competence, reliability, speed. The same expectations are placed on power tools in return. And this is what they strive to deliver!

From Bosch’s impact driver collection, we picked the 12V Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver for its compact design, making it best for use even in tight, overhead operations. This saves you time trying to dismantle or making way to gain access in these areas. With this tool, you meet all your home repairs and framing jobs expectations in no time.

Want to know more? Here are other features you can expect to find in this combo kit:
  • Apart from the drill/driver and impact driver, you also get 2 batteries, a charger and a bag
  • The 2-amps, 2 batteries add convenience, as you can charge one while using the other
  • Has LED lights to provide light in dimly lit areas, adding to work precision and safety
  • The drill/driver works well on almost all the commonly used materials in constructions areas
  • Lightweight; 5.86 lbs.
  • UL-listed and CSA-certified
  • The drill driver provides up to 1,300 rpm, while the driver delivers up to 2,600 rpm
  • 30-minute charging time
  • A limited 1-year warranty
Mr. Orange Impact Driver Hand Tool is equally great for DIY enthusiasts and contractors, ready for all tasks requiring an impact driver from building a deck to removing an over-torqued nut. If you need more, check out the Mr. Orange 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit with a drill, driver and impact driver included.

Mr. Orange Impact Driver Hand Tool (20-Volt) - Lithium Ion Batteries with Quick Charger

Mr. Orange’s belief is that some of the most important products in any home, including your home, aren't found in the kitchen, bathroom or even in the bedroom. They’re found in a toolbox. This brings out the value of an impact driver to a contractor, DIY enthusiast or a homeowner. Mr. Orange makes impact drivers that meet the needs of these users, by being powerful, travel-friendly, compact and ultimately affordable.

From Mr. Orange’s impact driver collection, we picked the 20V Impact Driver Hand Tool for its user-friendly design. Apart from being lightweight and compact, this impact driver has an insulated body surface, making it a great tool for use in both tight and isolated areas, as well as during overhead operations.

Want to know more? Below are other features that make it a great deal:
  • Impressive construction for withstanding tough jobs
  • Lightweight, giving the user better control and enhancing ease of use
  • Integrated LED to illuminate dimly lit areas
  • Provides a premium torque of up to 3,200 rpm
  • A quick release ¼ hex
  • Powerful 20-volt lithium batteries
  • A non-slip, ergonomic handle
  • 2-year factory warranty, and comes with a free soft tool bag and gloves
  • Reasonable weight of 6 lbs.
The Makita Cordless Impact Driver comes in a compact size and delivers unmatched speed and power, to enable you to hack any project you may be having at home or in construction efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking for something that packs a little less punch, check out the Makita 12V Max CXT Cordless Impact Driver.

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver (3.0Ah) – Optional Bit Kit Available

Since 1915, Makita has been working to help constructors, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts finish any task and achieve professional-level results, by utilizing the speed, convenience and reliability of their high performing power tools. Apart from power tools, Makita also makes LXT, power garden, and MT series product lines.

Currently, Makita is the leader in the cordless, 18-volt Lithium-Ion line, which is the largest cordless tool line globally from a singular brand. It is from this power tools line that we picked the 18V Cordless Impact Driver, particularly for its power and for its 3.3 lbs. weight, which means a lot to the users.

Other features you can expect from this cordless impact driver include:
  • The 18-volt battery charges very fast, so you can spend more time working and less time charging
  • Cordless tool convenience for improved maneuverability
  • Star Protection technology allowing the toll to interchange data in real time, which allows for close monitoring of the tool during work, protecting the tool from overheating, overloading and over-discharging
  • Can be powered by both Compact Lithium-Ion and Makita 18V LXT batteries, adding to its versatility
  • Has a Makita-made 4-pole motor which delivers enough power to handle industrial fastening jobs
  • The speed is variable from 0 to 2,300 rpm and 0 to 3,200 ipm, which delivers up to 1,420 lbs. of torque
  • Even with the battery it is lightweight, for reduced user fatigue
  • The driver’s handle is rubberized which adds to the comfort when using the job
  • Has a built-in LED light, to illuminate dark working places
  • For maximized driving and fastening power, the tool has a patented hammer mechanism
What we’ve featured here is the impact driver alone, but if you are in need of bits, you can purchase it with a 70 piece bit kit.

How Do I Choose the Best Impact Driver?

So what in the world is an impact driver? And why should I pick it over a regular drill?

Well, impact drivers are really quite similar to drills and if not properly understood, most might not see the point getting one, especially if they already have a drill. Nonetheless, there are differences and here are some of them:

First off, impact drivers usually produce torque far greater than a standard drill. This ultimately means you won’t need to apply so much force to drive a screw through the material in question.

In addition to their higher torque, they can also imitate a hammer action, sensing when higher force is needed and applying it accordingly. And rather than apply this force or hammering action around the shaft, the hammering action is directed along it, which is another plus for impact drivers.

With these two advantages, the impact driver already one-ups or “two-ups’ the drill when it comes to driving in screws. In fact, most experts are of the opinion that drills are best for drilling holes while impact drivers are more for driving in fasteners.

No matter how tough or dense the material you’re working with is – be it metal, wood, or plastic – impact drivers are a sure bet to get your screws driven in. While your regular screwdrivers should work for less demanding situations, if you’re a handy man that works with a wide variety of different materials, you’ll often require something with greater torque and the impact driver is just the thing.

But admitting that you need an impact driver is not enough. There are features that make certain impact drivers stand out from the rest. Stay with us while we walk you through these features.
Impact drivers don’t exactly come cheap – think of something between $90 and $200 plus. Of course, the cordless ones are more expensive and even among the cordless ones, battery power and presence of LED lights should give you an idea of how much or little you’ll be paying for your device. Of course, with higher battery power and LED lights, naturally comes an increase in price.

If you go for a cheap impact driver, then you’ll probably waste your money because it most likely won’t be any different from a poorly made drill. Apart from a cheap feel, the device won’t be durable, and will most likely not produce the greater force of torque that made you want an impact driver in the first place.
There are a few features you need to check out when picking out an impact driver:
  • Size
  • Cord or cordless
  • Hex driver chucks
  • Handle
  • The build
  • Built-in light
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
First off, we look at the hex drive chucks. The way impact drivers are made, they require hex shaft bits to work. And they will only work with these bits and nothing else. Although this is a small limitation, it is handled with the hex shaft bits’ kit which makes it easy to swap between both.

Next, let’s take a look at the body.

Because of the torque and high velocity impact drivers require to work, the build of an impact driver is an important feature to watch out for. The internal components must be placed firmly within the body and the body must be tough and sturdy.

And then, we take a look at the handle…

The handle of the impact driver you choose should be comfortable and should remain so over time. While it should be rugged enough to be durable, you wouldn’t want a rough handle as this could cause blisters on your palms if used for a prolonged time. You could take advantage of some impact drivers that come with rubber handles for increased comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
When compared to traditional drills, impact drivers are a lot more lightweight, which gives them a wider range of use. When going for an impact driver, ensure it’s portable and lightweight. This will make using the device a lot more convenient.

On cords…

There are both wired and cordless impact drivers. But you most likely will want to go for a cordless one and all your reasons apply and are quite valid. At the end of the day though, it really depends on how you’ll be using your device, so pick wisely. Just for the records, the wired ones run on electricity while the cordless ones run on batteries.

Finally, on built-in lights…

You can never go wrong with LED lights on your device. It especially comes in handy when natural light isn’t quite bright enough, as it allows you to still be able to see your surface easily.

Get the Best Impact Driver of 2022!

We’re sure you’ve found the right device for you, so why not go ahead and order? If you didn’t see the impact driver for you in our reviews, check out what else is available from these trustworthy brands – you’ll be dominating that DIY in no time!

Our Top Choice
Dewalt Max XR Impact Driver and Drill Combo
Best Value
Black & Decker Max Impact Driver
Bosch 12 V Cordless Combo Kit
Mr. Orange Impact Driver Hand Tool
Makita 18V Cordless Impact Driver