Best Indoor Herb Garden Reviews 2023

If you’re an avid cook, or an avid gardener, you already know that the best kept secret of creating flavorful meals lies in having fresh ingredients. That salad is delicious not necessarily because you used the right amounts of ingredients, but because the ingredients are fresh from the garden. To enjoy fresh herbs all year round, you can have your own indoor herb garden right in your kitchen or corridor and grow just what you love. Don't buy any more expensive store-bought dried herbs; just get yourself one of the best indoor herb garden kit brand, and you will love it. This review features five great products by some of the best indoor herb garden brands in the industry, so you can be sure that quality is guaranteed.
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Good For
Grow Light
Our Top Choice
Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Planter
Mr. Stacky strives to make gardening exciting with its fashionable planters for indoor use. Its main objective is to empower people with means of food production for a better life.
It is available in different colors, making it an ideal gift. It’s also made of polypropylene that makes it safe for you to grow herbs.
This planter isn’t secure enough because it doesn’t have a bar that holds the tiers together. But when placed in an ideal location, it will work well.
Strawberries, succulents, herbs
20 plants
No grow light
8” x 12” x 12”/3 pounds
Best Value
Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden
Click and Grow is an innovative producer of smart gardening products. Its gardening products have a technological feature that makes gardening fun and easy.
It features smart soil capabilities, saving you water and electricity. It has built-in sensors that help plants grow without having you apply a lot of effort.
The lights for this garden aren't adjustable, meaning that you can’t grow long herbs. However, the brand offers models with adjustable lights.
Basil, chili pepper, thyme
9 plants
6W LED lights
11.8” x 4.7” x 11.1”/1.6 pounds
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra
Miracle-Gro is associated with high performance and quality in its gardening equipment. Its reputation is built on customer trust and its high-quality product delivery.
This garden has an LCD display that tells you when to add water or nutrients. The unit is also large enough to grow up to seven plants at once.
This indoor garden might be a bit expensive if you are on a tight budget, but Miracle-Gro offers other gardening products at a lower price.
Thai basil, thyme, mint, parsley
7 plants
30W LED lights
34” x 14.75” x 19.25”/12.9 pounds
Planter Pro’s Cedar Wood Planter Box
Over the years, Planter Pro’s has become an authority in the gardening industry. Its attention to detail has earned it a good reputation among other giants in the industry.
This garden has a beautiful natural design that blends easily with your indoor decor. It comes as a full kit, ready with seeds, compressed nutrient-rich soil and storage bag.
The drip tray is a bit wide, making it hard to place it on the windowsill. It’s decently made though.
Basil, thyme, chives, oregano
3 plants
No grow lights
Cedar wood
17.75” x 6.75” x 3.5”/6.55 pounds
Cole & Mason Indoor Herb Garden Planter
Cole & Mason is known for excellent household products that have served many generations. It continues to deliver market-driven technologies that make life easier.
This garden keeps herbs fresh for a long time, making it a convenient tool for your kitchen. It also has a self-watering feature that makes it reliable for growing herbs indoors.
The Indoor Herb Garden does not provide enough space for growing larger plants, but the brand offers larger options.
Basil, thyme, chives, oregano
5 plants
No grow lights
5.3” x 4.9” x 5.2”/11.2 pounds

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What is the Best Indoor Herb Garden?

Do you live in a big city or a place that experiences cold more than six months a year? Do you love to make dishes with fresh herbs? If yes, this review is for you. Fresh herbs truly add flavor to any meal, but to grow them in your home, you need to have the right tools. As you have seen in our guide, when it comes to an indoor herb garden, you need to consider factors such as style (simple standard box gardens, or high-tech ones with lighting), the number of herbs you can grow, material and finish, and size. Once you have these factors in mind, you can narrow down your choices and pick one of the options we have reviewed below.
Our Top Choice
The 5 Tier Planter has an innovative design, allowing it to save water when you're growing your herbs. If the 5 Tier Planter is too large for your herb growing needs, get the Mr. Stacky Self Watering 3 Tier Stackable Garden and save some money today!

Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Strawberry, Herb, Flower, and Vegetable Planter - Vertical Garden Indoor / Outdoor – Available in 3 Colors

Mr. Stacky aims to make gardening exciting with its indoor gardening planters. The company has been in the business of making fashionable gardening products for a while and goes beyond making profit, with a mission of creating a better life experience.

The Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Planter is ideal for growing strawberries, flowers, herbs and succulents in places that have limited gardening spaces. It comes with water reservoirs for each layer, thus eliminating the problem of over-watering the plants. This indoor herb garden retails at $59.99, and it will be a convenient companion for growing your plants just the way you like them.

Let’s take a look at some features that make the Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Planter one of our top picks:
  • Quality planter that makes indoor gardening much easier
  • Flow-through design that is efficient for saving water and space, and facilitates healthy growth of your plants
  • Made of polypropylene that does not cause harm to food plants, with water as the only requirement for healthy plant growth
  • Ideal for growing strawberries, herbs and flowers, among other plants
  • Equipped with five planters that also come with a bottom saucer for drainage
There are different color variations of the Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Planter, including stone, hunter green and spring green.
Best Value
The Smart Herb Garden comes with grow lights for faster photosynthesis and built-in sensors for natural plant growth. Not interested in the grow lights? Want a smaller and more affordable indoor garden? We recommend that you check out the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Basil Refill Cartridge.

Click and Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden with 3 Basil Cartridges & White Lid

Click and Grow is a solutions-oriented brand that is set on establishing a culture of plant growers all over the world. Its products have a personal touch from a founder who is enthusiastic about self-improvement and food production.

The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is a product that makes gardening a total breeze. With this indoor herb garden, you can forget about the days when you had to deal with the unpredictability of indoor gardening. All that is required of you is to fill up the water tank with the plant capsules inserted, and plug it in to watch your plant grow. Its built-in technology regulates oxygen and water intake, making your plants grow faster. This indoor garden is currently retailing at about $55.95 and is a great companion for most gardening enthusiasts.

Let’s check out some of the features of the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden:
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty in case of any defects
  • Smart technology with built-in sensors that give the plant sufficient water and nutrients with zero effort from you
  • Can be reused many times on different kinds of herbs and plants
  • It comes with the option of choosing between different refills with additional information about the plant from the smartphone app
  • The smart technology works to monitor the life cycle of the plant for over a year, giving you peace of mind while your plant grows
  • Comes equipped with an efficient LED grow light that allows your plant to grow naturally
The AeroGarden Ultra comes with a 30-watt LED light system that is designed to allow your herbs to grow faster. Want a model with a different design that can accommodate only three plants? Check out the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden. It might be just what you are looking for!

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Miracle-Gro has the number-one indoor gardening system in the world. Its gardening products feature grow lights that have an automatic full spectrum for efficient indoor gardening.
The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra is a soil-free indoor garden with the capacity to grow plants up to five times faster. It offers many advantages in comparison to regular soil gardening, with a control panel that is easy to work with. It also comes with an LCD display that adds to its functionality, enabling quick prompts and guides on how to take care of your plants. With its energy-efficient performance, this indoor garden is surely worth its set retail price of $279.95.

Let’s check out some of the features that make this indoor garden a must-have for gardening enthusiasts:
  • Comes in a package with seed kits that fit a full season for growth for convenience
  • Its no-soil feature enables up to seven plants to grow at the same time, giving it more reliability
  • Large capacity that sufficiently holds the plants that grow in it
  • Automatically tailors the LED lights to match natural sunlight, with the red, white and blue spectrums alternating according to the plants' need
  • Easy set-up that requires minimal input to start growing your plants
  • Interactive control with a provided LCD screen that helps you take care of your plants
  • Full-spectrum, 30-watt LED light that enables natural plant growth for high performance
The Cedar Wood Planter Box is a complete mini garden with enough space to grow basil, thyme, chives, oregano or parsley. Do you love the cedar wood finish, but would prefer a garden with partitions to grow different herbs? We bet you will love the Herb Garden Planter by Planter Pro's.

Planter Pro’s Complete Indoor Mini Herb Garden Kit - Basil, Chives, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley & Cilantro

Planter Pro’s is part of a company that has been growing palm trees for about 20 years. Its operations involve a careful process of seed handling and monitoring that ensures the customer gets quality output.

The Planter Pro’s Cedar Wood Planter Box is packaged for people that love gardening. It comes with six seed types, a cedar water-resistant drip tray, and a seed bag for storage, among other utilities. This planter is handmade with premium cedar wood from the USA. The package also features a lightweight soil that promotes robust plant growth, all at a retail price of just $59.95.

Here are more reasons the Planter Pro’s Cedar Wood Planter Box is such a wonderful indoor garden:
  • Guarantees full satisfaction for those that love to cook fresh herbs
  • Comes with fast shipping for convenience
  • Thick red cedar build offers durable quality that blends naturally with both outdoor and indoor environments
  • Comes with a quality kit with premium handmade designs that is durable and beautiful
  • You get heirloom herb seeds that offer a variety of non-GMO alternatives to grow your crops
  • Comes with lightweight wonder soil that helps to germinate your plants faster
The Planter Pro’s Cedar Wood Planter Box is available in two different colors: coastal turquoise and wicker brown.
The Indoor Herb Garden is self-watering, making it a great option for those always on the go. Want a larger option that’s also self-watering? Check out the Cole & Mason Self-Watering Herb Keeper Triple, and you might just love it.

Cole & Mason Self-Watering Indoor Herb Garden Planter – Available in 2 Styles

Cole & Mason has been developing and designing kitchenware for over six decades. Its shared passion for great cooking is what makes it a go-to brand for solutions that make your cooking incredible. Since its launch in 1919, it has continued to expand its efforts towards manufacturing a variety of kitchenware that makes cooking fun.

The Cole & Mason Indoor Herb Garden Planter is a simple but functional indoor herb garden that comes with a self-watering herb keeper. It’s made to keep herbs looking and tasting fresher for long periods. The unique thing about it is that it uses 40% less water than other gardens, so you don’t have to worry about its water consumption. To operate it, all you need to do is insert the hydro felt pad before placing the potted herb into the container.

There are several features that make this indoor herb garden both affordable and convenient. Let’s check them out:
  • Self-watering capacity that saves water
  • Has one-year warranty and includes a hydro pad that waters the plant
  • Has a round and quality build that is capable of sustaining one pot for convenience
  • Includes four pads that can last up to three months each, keeping the plant hydrated for a long time
  • Its pads are easy to clean and rinse, making it easy to maintain
  • Comes with a steel cover container for reducing evaporation
The Cole & Mason Indoor Herb Garden Planter comes in two different styles: a potted style and a fresh style.

How Do I Choose the Best Indoor Herb Garden?

“Hello! We are coming over for dinner tonight!” We’ve all had that call when we least expect it. Well, each one of us has that one friend we can never seem to say no to. And when she lands in your house, you know you got to whip up some real nice meal for them. Not actually out of obligation, but because you know her company is worth all the effort. Of course, she will bring along her kids, husband and anyone else around her if possible, so you are the dinner host!

So, once you put that phone down, the first thing to hit your mind will probably be brainstorming on which sumptuous meal to prepare for them. This will take you several minutes, because you have to check your pantry and confirm you have what’s necessary for a good family meal. After reaching a decision, you get down to preparations. Out goes your office wear, in comes your comfortable and stylish cooking apron. You start wandering up and down, putting together all the needed ingredients. Then something hits you! Your favorite spices are missing - and there is no way to get them on time.

So how exactly can you avoid such scenarios in the future? The answer to this is growing your own herbs, which you can pick at the time of need without breaking sweat over long distances. You don't have to worry about space consumption, as modern indoor herb gardens incorporate stylistic designs while occupying as minimum space as possible. Furthermore, with these, a consistent supply of fresh herbs and spices is guaranteed throughout the year. A meal made with fresh herbs and spices, accompanied with wine preserved in that favorite aging barrel you got from your dad, and served in exquisite champagne glasses, will ensure your guests have indelible memories of the treatment you afford them all the time.

The market currently provides gardeners with a variety of choices ranging from affordable simple designs to high-end, sophisticated models which integrate additional features such as lighting. Regardless of your choice, investing in an indoor garden has multiple proven benefits - it is definitely worth taking a punt on.
Typically, prospective buyers of indoor gardens often contemplate on the pricing before acquiring their desired product. Usually, they experience a dilemma of choosing between quality and affordability. Nevertheless, this mind-boggling situation should not be a distraction, as the niche is equipped with an array of suitable options.

After scouring through the market, we discovered that there are indoor herb gardens that cater for every budget. From about $20, you and your family can enjoy fresh herbs grown and carefully tended by none other than you. However, at this measly price, only the basic necessities are inbuilt. The market has other cheap indoor herb gardens to offer, but we do not recommend them as they may not be worth even the little money spent on them. If you fancy additional features such as LED lighting and such, the high-end brands got you covered. However, this doesn’t come cheap and you will definitely have to dig deeper into your pockets. With a budget of $280, you will get some of the luxurious brands that add the ‘wow factor’ in your house.
All those ads you see when searching for an indoor herb garden may mislead a gardener in the buying process. For this reason, it is imperative to be thoroughly conversant with the various features included in different indoor garden models.

Consequently, aspiring indoor gardeners should look out for the following features before forking out their money on these products.
  • Plant Suitability - Which herbs are meant to be grown in the planter? Are they the same with those which the buyer intends to grow?
  • Capacity - How many standalone plants can the garden accommodate? Is it large enough?
  • Material - The planters in the contemporary market are made of polypropylene, plastic and in some cases, wood.
  • Size and Weight - Before acquiring an indoor garden, its articulation in the home should be considered. Buying a large item for limited spaces can cause inconvenience, while heavy planters are cumbersome and hardly portable.
Once the features are checked up and found to be appropriate, the subsequent action involves assessing the performance of the indoor garden.
Construction and Design
Since it is meant to carry plants, it is paramount that the garden kit be strong and robust to withstand the weight of the herbs and the supporting soil. A substantial number of indoor gardens are constructed using plastic. Generally, manufacturers are inclined towards plastic due to its affordability as well as availability. Plastic items are also easy to carry around, as they are usually less dense compared to other materials. Some gardens, albeit in rare occurrences, are made of wood and polypropylene. While wood appeals to the organic farming enthusiasts, it is often cumbersome due to its heavy weight.

Additionally, indoor gardens may either be suspended or rest on the ground. Variants that can be suspended are ideal for limited spaces. Moreover, some models are tiered, adopting the concept used in high-rise buildings, where the space is optimally utilized to maximize output. The weight of indoor gardens also varies greatly, so you should consider it, particularly if you plan on moving it regularly.
Performance and Ease of Use
Regarding performance, indoor gardens come in handy in several situations, especially if you are an ardent spice user. Large indoor herb gardens accommodate several plants simultaneously, but they are equally a burden, particularly when moving them.

Some brands incorporate advanced technology features, such as LED lights and LCD screens. Other brands come with the seeds you will need for your initial round of spices. With these, farmers can keep track of the requirements of the herbs. Also, as a measure to increase usability, some models have smart sensors that enable the gardener to grow their plants under minimum supervision. Others are just to be placed next to the sunniest spot in your house and they will blossom on their own.

Get the Best Indoor Herb Garden of 2023!

Fresh herbs are healthy, taste great, and can be grown on your kitchen countertop or windowsill. They are glorious additions to every meal. Take a good indoor herb garden home today, and your taste buds - and family - will thank you!

Our Top Choice
Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Planter
Best Value
Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra
Planter Pro’s Cedar Wood Planter Box
Cole & Mason Indoor Herb Garden Planter