Best Inflatable Pool Reviews 2022

Inflatable pools are a great way to keep you and your children entertained during hot summer days. With multiple styles and shapes to pick from, as well as innovative designs, you and your junior will surely spend countless hours in it. Here you have our 5 choices from some of the best inflatable pool brands out there. By the way, we have another review entirely dedicated to the best kid's pools, with more great options if that's what you are looking for.

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Good for
Our Top Choice
Bestway H2OGO! Inflatable Pool
Bestway creates fun experiences for its customers through the products and services it provides. It sells multiple products which are interactive and affordable.
Suitable for two adults and one child, this swimming pool folds compactly for traveling. It inflates with a high-volume hand or foot pump and has a decent depth.
Some customers didn’t like the white bottom as it looks dirty sometimes.
Families 3 – 4 persons
120" x 72" x 18"
224 gallons
13.3 pounds
Best Value
BOS Sunset Glow Inflatable Pool
BOS is a popular distributor of multiple products such as inflatable pools, pool covers, pool safety products, watches, bags, and various toys and games.
Suitable for babies, this inflatable pool from BOS can also be used as a ball pit for your baby’s enjoyment. It can be inflated with a pump.
It doesn’t have a built-in drain plug.
Children – 1-3 years
34” x 10”
22 gallons
1.3 pounds
Summer Waves Family Inflatable Pool
Summer Waves is an appreciated distributor which sells inflatable pools and hot tubs, pool filter cartridges, replacement parts for pools, and swimming rings and floats.
The pool is suitable for up to 5 people and has 3 air chambers. It’s made of sturdy PVC and is easy to inflate and deflate; you can inflate it easily with a high-volume pump.
Only one color option.
Families 4 – 5 persons
120" x 72" x 22” 
272 gallons
14.2 pounds
Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool
Intex manufactures affordable products which are built to last, including airbeds, inflatable pools, boats, spas, toys, and furniture which are made of high-quality materials.
Easy to inflate and to set up, this inflatable pool can work as a ball pit also. It features various holes to blow into for each ring; you can inflate it by mouth.
The bottom is not filled with air.
Children 3+ years
45” x 10”
76 gallons
1.7 pounds
Banzai Enchanted Castle Inflatable Pool
Banzai is a popular supplier that sells seasonal outdoor products such as water blasters, pools, and flat water slides.
The inflatable pool from Banzai is easy to set up and store and comes with a repair patch. It is suitable for up to 4 children who are sure to have a good time.
Only available in pink color. No boys’ version.
Children 3+ years
65” x 55” x 40”
30 gallons
3.5 pounds

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What is the Best Inflatable Pool?

When it comes to choosing the perfect inflatable pool, it can often get a little difficult due to the large amount of products available on the market today. If you’re looking for an inflatable pool for your child, you should get one of the small versions we have reviewed for you, but there are also family inflatable pools in our review so you can cool down during hot days with your family members.
Our Top Choice
The Bestway H2OGO Family Pool is blue and white, and is suitable for families. It’s durable, made of I-beam material, and has wide side-walls. This model also comes with a drain valve. If you want a pool which is specially designed for kids, you should check out the Bestway 3D Inflatable Pool which has cartoon characters printed on the inside that create a 3D effect!

Bestway Rectangular Family Pool – Easy-to-Use Drain Valve, 224 Gallons Capacity, Sturdy Consruction

Bestway is a popular brand for its range of inflatable pools, airbeds, boats, and other interesting products. The team from Bestway is experienced and professional, and creates innovative products which give their customers fun and memorable experiences. Bestway manufactures all kinds of interesting inflatable products such as hot tubs, floating islands, air chairs and couches, island tubes, and more. You might want to check out its inflatable air couches as they are innovative, durable, and fun.

If you want to have fun with your children during hot summer days, you should take into consideration the Bestway H2OGO Family Pool which will allow you to spend summer days relaxing in and around the water. It has a capacity of 224 gallons and a drain valve which will be useful when you want to change the water. If you want to take it with you during holiday vacations, you can fold it compactly and put it in the back of your car.
Best Value
The BOS Intex Sunset Baby Pool has a soft inflatable floor and is easy to inflate and deflate for storing. It’s made of multicolored plastic and has a round shape. Additionally, this model is available in 3 buying options. If you already have an inflatable swimming pool, check out the BOS Inflatable Tube Float which is great for swimming pools or lakes during hot summer days!

BOS Sunset Glow Inflatable, Colorful Baby Swimming Pool – 22 Gallons Capacity, 3 Buying Options Available

BOS is all about one thing – giving its customers great products at affordable prices. It has a large range of products and is especially known for its pool safety covers which come at reasonable prices and are built to last. Apart from inflatable pools and pool covers, BOS also sells watches on Amazon. Its watches have pleasant designs, are sturdy, and come in different shapes and sizes. BOS also has sets of matching watches for him and her.

This BOS Intex Sunset Baby Poll will certainly catch the attention of your little ones. It can be set up quickly and easily by anyone. It’s formed of three colored rings (green, yellow, pink) and has a blue inflatable bottom with a soft texture for comfort. Although it doesn’t have a drain plug, you can easily throw the water out by picking it up and flipping it over. After summer is over, you can deflate it easily and store it for next summer’s fun. The manufacturer of this pool gives you the opportunity to buy it in a pack of 1, 2, or even 3, depending on your needs and preferences.
The Summer Waves Family Pool has a 3-tier construction and is available in blue and white. It has a double intake and a free-flow exhaust valve. Are you looking for an inflatable pool for your children? Check out the Summer Waves Ocean Theme Pool, which is round and has an ocean theme pattern. It has 3 air chambers and a repair patch if needed!

Summer Waves 3-Ring Swim Through Lounge Pool – 3 Air Chambers, 272 Gallons Capacity

No pool? No problem! Summer Waves offers a great selection of inflatable pools and other products. Its inflatable pools get you prepared for hot summer days when nothing cools you or your kids down. Its pools are easy to set up and to store. Apart from these, Summer Waves also sells multiple swimming sets for children which contain swimming rings, inflatable balls, surfers, and armbands which are perfect for pool fun.

The inflated tubes of the Summer Waves Family Pool make pleasant head rests for adults. With this pool, you can spend time with your children in the water and have fun all day long. It’s extra-long and comes equipped with efficient valves that will make it easier for you to deflate or inflate it. It’s also made of good quality material, which makes it last for summers to come. This inflatable pool will keep you and your children entertained all summer long.
The Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool is made of 3 inflated rings and is great for young children. It is built to last, sturdy, and includes a repair patch. This pool is also available in multiple buying options. On the other hand, if you need a smaller inflatable pool for kids between 1 and 3 years, then go for the Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool. This model is safe, eye-catching, and provides tons of fun for your little one.

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool – 4 Sizes Available, Made in Germany, Age Grade 3+

Intex has more than 40 years’ experience on the market and sells innovative products which are designed with comfort, fun, and safety in mind. It tests its finished products to make sure they meet its customers’ standard for quality, value, and safety. Since 2007, Intex has worked with its suppliers to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and it tries to be an efficient and sustainable company. The first inflatable product Intex created was an inflatable pool, and in 1997 it made its first above-ground swimming pool.

The Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool is suitable for your children to have fun outdoors if you fill it with water, or to have fun indoors if you fill it with colorful balls. It’s up to you! The bottom is made of a soft and flexible plastic, so you should place it on the ground for comfort. It folds compactly so when you’re done with it you can store it in your garage or take it with you while traveling. If you have a small yard and you’re looking for an inflatable pool for your children, this one has a good size and is simple to set up. This model is also available in 4 different buying options. For example, you can buy the pool as a single item or as a pack of 2, 3, or even 4 pools at once.
The Banzai Enchanted Castle Splash Pool has a built-in water-sprinkling seahorse and inflatable castle arches. It also has a durable PVC structure. Another option for your juniors would be the Banzai Kiddie Pool Sports Arena which has a volleyball net and 3 playgrounds for your kids’ favorite sports!

Banzai Spring & Summer Toys Splash Pool – Durable PVC Construction, Repair Patch Included

Banzai has extensive experience on the market and its products are made of high-quality materials and come at reasonable prices. Apart from innovative inflatable pools, this brand also sells splash mats, water slides, body bumpers, dive rings, water-soaking beach balls, and more. If you’re thinking of getting your child an inflatable pool, you should check out the inflatable swim vests from Banzai which are colorful and easy to use, and will protect your child in the water.

We’ve chosen to review the Banzai Enchanted Castle Splash Pool because we believe your little princesses deserve an ideal aquatic environment for playing. They’ll have the time of their life playing in this pink pool with a water-sprinkling seahorse attached. You can easily attach it to any garden hose and it will splash water around your children. It also has castle arches which you can inflate to create an enchanted castle for your little girls to play in.

How Do I Choose the Best Inflatable Pool?

If you don’t have your own pool (and don't have the budget or space to get one), but you like spending your free time in the water, especially during the summer season, an inflatable pool is a great option - especially if you have children! These can be used temporarily and will also help you save space when you’re done with them.

They are also great to bring out if there is an unusually hot day in early spring or late fall, because you can simply fill it up with water, enjoy and then put it away until you need it again. Or here's another idea - if you have the space in a basement (or other room) -- and can protect the floor underneath -- why not use it to throw a beach themed party in the middle of winter for your kids? They will love you for it!

Nowadays, there are a multitude of options when it comes to inflatable pools and relaxation in the water. There are also inflatable hot tubs which you can fill with heated water for relaxation, kid’s pools that are bright and colorful and come with multiple toys attached, and even pool toys that’ll make your pool experience even greater and which will certainly increase the family fun!

If you’re convinced that a temporary, inflatable pool will provide you with a great deal of entertainment this summer or you just want to give all your family members a relaxing home experience, then all you have to do is decide which one best suits your needs. Let's take a look at some things to consider when making your purchase.
Inflatable pools are fairly inexpensive. They can range from $10 to $500 for the ones that have a larger capacity. Of course, the price is also impacted by the material they’re made of and all the other additional features they have. The inflatable pool’s design might also affect the price, but you don’t have to worry about that as we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your budget.

There are also some cheap inflatable pools on the market, but if you want to have a nice time every time you go in it, we advise you not to take them in consideration. Usually, cheap inflatable pools are made of poor quality materials that’ll tear apart after a couple of uses.
The acquisition cost is directly proportionate to the features the pool has. An inexpensive and good inflatable pool isn’t always hard to find, but the most sophisticated models will demand a larger investment. Also, the bigger the size and the capacity of such a product, the higher the cost will be. However, if you have a large family, it doesn’t hurt to focus on the bigger models. Check out a short list of the most important features you may want to consider when buying an inflatable pool:
  • Design — Is one of the most important features to be considered. The main aspects that define this chapter are shape and size
  • Dimensions — The size usually reflects the typology of an inflatable pool. The images of the chosen item can be often misleading, so you need to know the size and capacity of the pool. Most manufacturers present these coordinates in the product description.
  • Shape — Is a secondary aspect, but you have to think in advance about the place you want to put the inflatable pool in
  • Accessories — Each product has different useful accessories it comes with so you should also check what else comes in the package
Now that you know what features you should consider, let’s move forward and see what you should know about the construction and design of an inflatable pool!
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of an inflatable pool, resistance is the most important aspect. If you make a big investment, it’s obvious that you want to take advantage of it for as long as possible. Since all inflatable objects are at risk of getting punctured, the same indications apply to swimming pools. To ensure high resistance, consider the material from which the product is made and whether it has a durable design.

Most models incorporate multiple chambers and compartments for air, so a single crack won’t compromise the structural integrity of the entire object. If you opt for such a pool, the installation time will be a little more extended. On the other hand, in the case of inflatable pools with a single air compartment, one puncture is enough to deflate them.

Most inflatable pools are made of PVC, a thermoplastic material obtained through polymerization. The thickness of the walls may vary from one model to another, but generally the material is resistant enough, especially for the latest generation products. You may want to go for a pool with thick walls to ensure stability.
Performance and Ease of Use
Maintenance is a notable aspect, because as long as you properly care for the inflatable pool, the easier you’ll benefit from the advantages it offers. If the pool is permanently filled with water, it can be populated by algae or bacteria, which can become dangerous in time. So, it’s important that the water is always clean and safe for all users. Some inflatable pools also come with pumps that offer constant water movement, minimizing the development of microorganisms.

Get the Best Inflatable Pool of 2022!

During hot days, nothing is more enjoyable and refreshing than a quick dip in the pool. The inflatable pools we have reviewed for you are affordable and accessible for families with limited space in the backyard. They are a good idea when it comes to spending time outdoors with your children. Pick your favorite, get it from Amazon, and enjoy!

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Our Top Choice
Bestway H2OGO! Inflatable Pool
Best Value
BOS Sunset Glow Inflatable Pool
Summer Waves Family Inflatable Pool
Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool
Banzai Enchanted Castle Inflatable Pool