Best Inflatable SUP Reviews 2023

Having a good inflatable SUP (short for Stand-Up Paddleboard) is not solely about having fun on the water or about a passion, but also about being safe. If you enjoy water sports, an inflatable SUP offers almost all the features of a rigid board, plus a bonus -- it's ultra-portable so you can take it anywhere and use it whenever you desire. Check out our top 5 choices from some of the best inflatable SUP brands.
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Max Weight
Our Top Choice
BIC Sport Air Touring Inflatable SUP
Bic Sports was founded in 1979 by the Bich family following their Bic Pen fame. This branch grew up from the family’s passion for the sea and watersports.
Suitable for long distance trips and recreational racing. Features nose and tail handles and lightweight construction for easy transportation.
Doesn’t come with a paddle.
15 psi maximum
240 pounds
4 colors available
Multiple sizes available
Best Value
iRocker Wide Inflatable SUP Package
iRocker manufactures stable top quality boards made of durable materials, which can be easily transported and deposited.
Built to last and withstand impacts. Made of a sturdy drop stitch material. Ultra-portable. Can be used by both beginners and intermediates.
Some customers consider it a bit stiff to be rolled up properly.
15 psi maximum
385 pounds
Military grade PVC
4 colors available
11 feet
XTERRA Boards Inflatable SUP Package
XTERRA boards is a company built on the love of water and swimming. It started to manufacture SUPs to satisfy the general need for convenience.
Stable like a hard board and sturdy enough in order to hold up to 3 persons. Easy to transport and store. Has a GoPro mount.
Doesn’t come with the D-Rings necessary to attack a kayak seat.
16 psi maximum
225 pounds
Military grade drop stitch
10 feet
Supflex FLEXRACE Inflatable SUP Package
Supflex was created in 2011 and it’s committed to introducing fun physical activities into the lives of its customers through its products.
Fast and agile. Composite drop stitch core inside makes it durable and resistant. When deflated, it is compact and ultra-portable.
Only one color option available - but there are other models.
15 psi maximum
300 pounds
Military grade PVC
12 feet 6 inches
ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable SUP Kit
ISLE Surf and SUP believes surfing and padding are a great form of recreation. It was founded in 2004 in a storage unit and now sells its products worldwide.
Includes a carry backpack, coil leash, pump and paddle. Features a 6 point mounted system and a diamond traction pad for improved comfort and stability.
Only on size available
15 psi
300 pounds
Military grade PVC
2 colors available
10 feet 6 inches

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What is the Best Inflatable SUP?

When it comes to inflatable SUPs, there are a lot of models on the market, in different shapes, colors and sizes. When you choose the best one for your needs you have to decide upon your favorite color, the size of the board and how much weight it can hold, especially if you want to paddle with your dog or partner. Now you’ve taken a look at our guide you should be ready to dive into our top five picks!
Our Top Choice
The BIC Sport Touring Inflatable SUP is available in multiple sizes and 4 colors. It features a diamond grip EVA pad and dyneema stringers to improve comfort. If you’re looking for a non-inflatable SUP, check out the BIC Sport Performer SUP which is available in 5 colors and 3 sizes and delivers durability and performance on water.

BIC Sport Air Inflatable Lightweight and Durable Stand Up Paddleboard – Available in Multiple Sizes and 4 Colors

Bic Sports is a market leader in windsurfing for over 30 years. It all started with the manufacturing of kayaks, surf boards, sailing dinghies and continues with developing stand up paddle boards that come in multiple colors and sizes. Its SUPs are based on the principles of simplicity and durability. Bic creates effective and affordable products made of quality materials in order to satisfy the needs of its customers. It tries to constantly develop innovative products that are able to help everyone get on the water and have a healthy and active lifestyle.

The BIC Sport Touring Inflatable SUP is available in blue, red, white and blue and touring red colors. It’s portable and lightweight and comes together with a dual action pump that can inflate the board within 5 minutes.

Check out its main features:
  • Deck bungee cord
  • Universal center fin box
  • Double layer rails
  • 6” thick drop-stitch structure
  • Heavy duty valve
Best Value
The iRocker Inflatable SUP Package is available in 2 colors and includes a backpack, a hand pump and an adjustable paddle. If you prefer a wider board, check out the iRocker Inflatable All-around SUP which is 32” wide and supports weights up to 350 pounds!

iRocker Inflatable Sport Stand Up Paddle Board with Adjustable Aluminum Paddle - Available in 4 Colors

The founders of iRocker have always been passionate about water sports, which is why they discovered the utility of paddle boards a long time ago. Because they wanted to bring their boards with them wherever they go, but couldn’t do it as they occupied a lot of space, they decided to design their own boards. When they created inflatable SUPs they realized that now they can travel by any means, wherever they desire and still have their Sups with them.

The iRocker Inflatable SUP Package, currently available in 4 colors such as blue, white and more, has a sleek design and carves nicely through the water. The Diamond Eva pad keeps you in position as it doesn’t slip and it can be transported easily in the backpack it comes with.

Find out more about it:
  • Integrated side fins
  • Works with more than a single rider
  • Aluminum adjustable paddle
  • Dual Action hand pump
  • Rear D-ring to slip leashes
The XTERRA Boards Inflatable SUP Package is available in a beautiful red color and includes a pump, adjustable paddle, back pack and other necessary accessories. Looking for a good SUP for beginners? Check out the Xterra Boards Inflatable Paddle Board that comes with multiple accessories and supports up to 250 pounds!

XTERRA Boards Inflatable Paddle Board Made from Military-Grade Drop Stitch Materials

XTERRA Boards manufactures quality inflatable stand up paddleboards for every age and skill level. Its SUPs can be deflated and rolled up in order to fit into a dedicated backpack. Its boards are designed by an experienced team that tests them on rivers, lakes and oceans in order to meet or exceed its own expectations. Apart from inflatable SUPs, this brand also sells wetsuits, waterproof backpacks, leashes and other must have accessories for watersport enthusiasts.

The XTERRA Boards Inflatable SUP Package is stable and easy to stand on. It features a double-sided reinforcement which makes it durable and an integrated pressure gauge which allows you to inflate it and deflate it rapidly.

See more about it:
  • 3 piece Travel paddle
  • Twin outer fins
  • Front and rear D-rings
  • Eva foam deck pad
  • Coiled leash
The Supflex Inflatable SUP Package is designed with maneuverability and good glide in mind and includes a back pack, hand pump, paddle, leash and removable fin. If you have a smaller budget and wouldn’t mind a smaller board as well, check out the Supflex 10’ Inflatable SUP that’s stable and can hold up to 310 pounds. It comes together with backpack, paddle, pump and a free leash!

Supflex FLEXRACE 12’ 6” Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Designed by Carlos Burle, 2 Years Warranty

Supflex is a brand that pays close attention to details and creates its products with quality and efficiency in mind. When the founders of Supflex realized that rigid boards are quite difficult to transport because of their size, they wanted to create a good inflatable SUP that can be sturdy and portable. What makes this brand stand out from all the others is its wide line of aesthetically pleasing inflatable Sups, which have attractive designs and come at convenient prices.

The Supflex Inflatable SUP Package contains anything a beginner or intermediate watersport lover might need when getting an inflatable stand up paddle board. It’s easy to store and transport so you can take it with you and have fun with it whenever you’re going to the seaside.

Check out some more details about it:
  • Increased glide and speed
  • Neoprene carry handle
  • Removable center fin
  • 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • Race style design
The ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable Sup Kit is available in 4 colors and has a rigid and stable structure that’s suitable for all skill levels. Are you searching for a longer board? Check out the Isle Surf and SUP 12 feet Touring Inflatable SUP which supports up to 275 pounds and is made with military grade PVC!

ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Adjustable Paddle and Travel Backpack - Available in 2 Colors

ISLE Surf and SUP defines itself as a company through three words: surf, paddle and explore. The company is focused on creating innovative surfboards, paddle boards and different accessories for water enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. It believes that without its customers it wouldn’t be in business, which is why it always puts them and their feedback first. Its mission is to spread the love of surfing and paddling around the world.

The ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable SUP Kit is available in red, white, blue and aqua and is suitable for all water conditions. Beginners and experienced water enthusiasts can use it without any problems.

Here are the features that one gets with an ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable Sup Kit:
  • 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • Coiled ankle leash
  • Nose mounted carry handle
  • High pressure pump
  • Compatible with kayak seats

How Do I Choose the Best Inflatable SUP?

Do you want to have some serious fun out on the water? An inflatable SUP can give you that and much more. You can use it for a relaxing paddle in the ocean, do SUP yoga or get your heart pumping by doing a fast-paced paddle.

Stand up paddle boarding is a combination between kayaking and surfing, and basically, you just have to stand on it and use an SUP paddle in order to propel yourself. However, an inflatable SUP is not suitable for fishing, as you don't have a lot of stability standing on your feet. If you're a fishing enthusiast you should choose a kayak that allows you to sit down, fish all day long and maybe finally reel in the big one!

If you are looking to have loads of fun on the water, an inflatable SUP can offer it to you. Choosing the right SUP can make all the difference in how much enjoyment you will have with your product. Likewise, if you have the right paddle for your paddling style, you won't want to get off the SUP all day long. Don't forget to get a life vest if you don't know how to swim, so you'll be able to enjoy all the fun without the worry!
Inflatable SUPs range in price depending on the materials they are made from. High-end inflatable SUPs retail for around $1000. If you don't want to spend that much on such a product, you can go for a good quality inflatable SUP that has multiple features and accessories for between $400 and $800. In this price range, you can find an SUP that’s good enough for a beginner or intermediate rider and you can enjoy all the fun without breaking the bank. However, we advise you to avoid cheap inflatable SUPs as they are not made of quality materials and won’t offer you the stability you need when you are on the paddleboard.
Before purchasing the right inflatable SUP for you, keep in mind how often you intend to use it. If you use it several times a week, check that the fins can be easily taken on and off. Similarly, you also have to check the cargo system of the inflatable SUP in order to be sure it can support your weight and the stuff you bring with you when you paddle.

There are multiple things you should consider before buying an inflatable SUP, so we've made a short list of them to have you covered:
  • Size - Smaller people use smaller boards and taller people use wider and longer boards. You should also consider size if you are a beginner, as a larger inflatable SUP will offer you more stability. Narrower SUPs are usually used by experienced boarders. Most inflatable SUPs can support up to 250 lbs.
  • Inflation - Inflation pressure varies between 12” and 15” PSI. If the PSI is bigger, the SUP will be more firm. Be aware that this criterion also affects the price.
  • Additional features - There are some inflatable SUPs models that are designed for performance and others that are designed for increased comfort and convenience. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Package deals - Inflatable SUPs packages can include multiple accessories: paddle, carry backpack, pump, removable fins, free leashes and more. Tip: Package deals are excellent options that may provide everything you need along with your SUP. Be sure to keep an eye out for these deals!
  • Material - Material is also important as it makes the difference between a durable or poor-quality inflatable SUP. Most SUPs, even if they are inflatable, are made of rigid materials that make the board stiff and stable such as epoxy, military grade PVC and more.
Let’s move forward and examine the construction and design aspects of a quality inflatable SUP.
Construction and Design
Inflatable SUPs usually feature military grade PVC or epoxy exteriors and a drop-stitch construction that forms an air core. Most of them also come with a pump to inflate and deflate with ease, as well as a storage bag for when they are not in use.

The main advantage of inflatable SUPs over solid ones is that they are easier to transport and to deposit and have more flex than solid one, thus giving the paddler a more natural feel. If you live in a small house or in an apartment, you should go for an inflatable SUP as it is compact and can be stored almost anywhere.

The size of your paddle board should depend on your style of paddling. Boards that are less than 9 ft. are suitable for surfing or for use by children as they are more maneuverable. Boards that are between 9 ft. and 12 ft. are great for calm lakes. Similarly, long boards that are longer than 12 ft. are ideal for fast-paddling or long-distance touring. You should also consider the width, as wider boards are more stable than narrow ones but are not as fast.

Quality inflatable SUPs need to have fins that add stability and tracking to the board. Larger fins provide more stability, while smaller fins make the board easier to maneuver. There are also inflatable SUPs that feature attachment points for seats, cameras and other accessories.

In order to use an inflatable SUP, you'll also need a paddle. No worries, most of them also come with a paddle included, apart from other additional accessories. You should always check the height of the paddle, as it needs to be taller than you.
Performance and Ease of Use
Inflatable SUPs are really easy to use if you are an experienced boarder. However, if you are a beginner and you want to start having fun on the water, here are a few useful tips that will help you get on that board faster.

First, you'll have to inflate the SUP to the proper firmness. After that, get it in the water until the fin doesn't hit the water anymore. Get on your knees and take a few strokes on the sides of the board. Slowly, stand up in the middle of that board (Note: your feet should be parallel to the stringer). Your knees should be slightly bent. After you've stood up, insert the paddle in the water as far forward as you can and start pulling it through the water. Last but not least, have fun with your new SUP!

Get the Best Inflatable SUP of 2023!

As you can see, we have chosen multiple styles of inflatable SUPs in order for you to be able to take a decision. Some of them are for beginner’s, other for intermediates or advanced paddlers, so pick the one which suits your skills the best.

Our Top Choice
BIC Sport Air Touring Inflatable SUP
Best Value
iRocker Wide Inflatable SUP Package
XTERRA Boards Inflatable SUP Package
Supflex FLEXRACE Inflatable SUP Package
ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable SUP Kit