Best Inline Vent Fan Reviews 2022

Are you looking to get stale air out of your bathroom or you need to let out the excess heat from your greenhouse? An inline vent will solve the problem in both cases. After researching all the options, we came up with five of the best inline vent fans from trusted companies. All you have to do is read our review, but keep in mind these brands have other variants of vent fans you can check out so you have more options.
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Air Flow
Our Top Choice
iPower 745 CFM Inline Fan
iPower is specialized in the manufacture of gardening equipment to aid your agricultural endeavors, whether they are personal or commercial.
Lightweight. Low noise. Easy to install. Low maintenance requirement. Versatile. 745 CFM. Choose from 8, 10 or 12-inches.
Not fitted with a speed controller.
745, 862 or 1060 CFM
2600 RPM
137 Watts
8, 10, 12 inches
Ceramic coated, composite blades
Best Value
TerraBloom 188 CFM Inline Duct Fan
TerraBloom supplies top quality air circulation products that are tested for performance and still come at competitive prices..
Easy to maintain. Quick and easy installation. Good fan speed. Lightweight and compact. Versatile. 188 CFM. Compact 4-inch size.
A bit noisy but reduced speed can fix that.
188 CFM
2400 RPM
60 Watts
4, 6, 8 inches
ABS Plastic
Tjernlund M-Series Inline Duct Fan
Tjernlund has been around for a long time, offering top quality HVAC and exhaust products with wide applications ideal for both domestic and commercial use.
Easy installation. Versatile. Great airflow. High fan speed. Choose from 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches. Controllable speed. Includes mounting bracket.
Can be quite noisy.
200, 460, 670 or 810 CFM
3000 RPM
239 Watts
4, 6, 8 or 10 inches
Info not provided
Panasonic WhisperLine In-Line Fan
For over 90 years, Panasonic has been offering nothing short of superior performance products make everyday life easier and more convenient.
Energy efficient. Silent operation. Air intake from both valves. Quality materials. Permanently greased fans. Choose from 120, 240 or 340 CFM. Can be installed in 5 positions.
Must be installed securely to be silent.
120, 240, 340 CFM
1337 RPM
98 Watts
6 inches
VenTech 240 CFM Inline Blower Fan
With a goal of satisfying its customers, VenTech manufactures ventilation systems that are energy-efficient and reliable to create a pleasant environment.
Moves air effectively. Low power consumption. Quality build. Easy to install. Good air flow capacity at 240CFM. Compact 6-inch unit.
The power cord is a bit too short.
240 CFM
Info not provided
37 Watts
6 inches
Steel, powder coated baked paint

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What is the Best Inline Vent Fan?

With a good knowledge of inline vent fans and a made-up mind on your requirements, you are ready to read our review. As you proceed, keep in mind those things you want so you find it easier to select what will become the best inline vent fan for you.
Our Top Choice
Let out the heat and moist air with the iPower 8" Inline Fan which is versatile enough to be used in the attic, bathrooms, greenhouses, grow rooms, and many other applications. If you want a vent fan for a smaller aperture, try out the iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Duct Inline Fan which has a composite fan and a grounded power cord.

iPower 745 CFM Duct Inline Fan with Grounded Power Cord – Available in 3 Sizes and 3 Styles

iPower is a brand with the experience to create products that help your garden thrive whether you’re just an enthusiast or a commercial greenhouse operator. Through the years of its existence, it has improved and refined a wide range of products in accordance with gardening trends and requirements. This is a brand that stays abreast of improvements in the industry and listens to the requirements of its customers. Some of the products it manufactures include CFL and LED lighting systems, digital electronic ballast, as well as vent fans.

One great way to let moist air out of enclosed areas is to use an inline vent fan, and one of the best to use is the iPower 8" Inline Fan. Its ceramic coating makes it long lasting so you won’t have to bother about a replacement anytime soon. Its power cord is fully wired and uses the US standard 110/120V plug. The following are some more features of this fan:
  • Versatile – This vent fan can be installed almost anywhere air needs to be let out. Whether it’s an attic, bathroom, greenhouse, grow room, etc. this will do a great job letting out air
  • Low noise – Fitted with a central hub and blades made of composite materials, the fan works so smoothly you will hardly know it’s there
  • Little or no maintenance – The bearings and blades are permanently lubricated, so it continues to work smoothly
  • Centrifugal design – This design is popularly used for odor scrubbing and in HVAC systems. The design helps this vent achieve an air velocity of 745CFM
  • Easy to install – This vent is already completely wired with the junction box and its 5-foot power cord, so installation is a breeze
Best Value
If you need to control the atmospheric conditions of your greenhouse, look no further than the TerraBloom 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan which can suck out excess heat. If you need a bigger vent fan, check out the TerraBloom 8 Inch Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller which can be used for many applications.

TerraBloom 4 Inch 188 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller

TerraBloom, operating out of Northern California, was founded with the aim of providing high-quality and superior performance ventilation products. Since its inception, it’s been consistently doing so by offering fans, ducts, and accessories to promote air circulation in many different applications. One great thing about this brand is that it finds a way to make its products affordable.

The TerraBloom 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan is great for a variety of applications. You can easily use this duct fan with a carbon filter to pull air out of an area or use it as is to extract odors and excess moisture from an enclosed environment. Greenhouse gardeners will find this useful for keeping the atmosphere in their nursery controlled. You can also use this little workaholic as an intake fan to pull fresh air in from outside to dilute stale air in basements and attics.

The lightweight and compact size makes this ventilation fan quite easy to install. Made from ABS plastic, it runs at 2400 Revolutions Per Minute which can be reduced with the speed controller to 70% speed to limit noise. The enclosed motor of this duct creates an airflow of 188CFM and consumes just 60 watts of power. It’s ETL certified, which assures you of its quality and performance.

The power cord is fully wired into the motor and has a grounded plug. The required voltage for this vent is the US standard of 110/120V. Sucking air out of an area over time is bound to cause an accumulation of dust and small debris. Thankfully, the duct ends of this ventilation fan are removable, making it easier for you to clean out and maintain. If a 4-inch vent fan will not be sufficient for your application, TerraBloom has the 6-inch and 8-inch variant you might want to check out.
If you need to extract excess moisture, odor, or heat from an enclosed area, the Tjernlund In-Line Duct Fan is what you need. The extent of its versatility makes it priceless. If you want a vent with a smaller fan, go for the Tjernlund In-Line Fan with Current Sensor Switch Dryer Duct Booster which has a 4-inch fan and speed controls.

Tjernlund M-Series Inline Duct Booster Fan – Available in 4 Sizes

Tjernlund is a brand that’s been around for several years and has been doing a fantastic job creating finely engineered products for both domestic and commercial applications. It has a wide range of products that include heating and cooling, exhaust, draft, and ventilation systems. This brand does not back off when you purchase its products – the customer service is great and the after-sale support greater. This is why buyers always come back for more.

If you need a powerful air supply or exhaust for an enclosed area, the Tjernlund In-Line Duct Fan is an ideal choice. You can use it in homes to get rid of lingering odors in restrooms. This would work great for spas too, to suck out excess moisture and prevent fogged mirrors. Greenhouses and hydroponics grow rooms will mightily benefit from this fan. Even your plants will thank you with a fruitful harvest. The application of this inline vent fan is endless.

This booster fan comes with mounting brackets and hardware to facilitate convenient installation. The fan can work with a speed controller (not included), so installing one will help you get the best from it. The 10-inch fan rotates at 3000RPM and can create an airflow of 810 CFM. The motor requires 120V of electricity and it consumes just 239 watts. This ventilation fan was designed to output a lot more than the power it consumes.

It’s fitted with a foam that lets it fit better when installed and also helps isolate vibration which significantly reduces noise. This vent comes with a standard earthed 3-pin plug fully wired into the motor. If you’d prefer smaller variants of this booster fan, you can find them in 4, 6, and 8 inches. They are also of the same great quality and features, the output and statistics will differ though, because of the fan size and power.
Whether you need a vent to increase heating or cooling, the Panasonic WhisperLine™ In-Line Fan is a great choice. It’s efficient at doing its job and consumes less energy than most alternatives. If a vent with a lower airflow is what you need, check out the Panasonic WhisperLine 240 CFM In-Line Fan, 6-Inch Duct. It also has all the cool features of the higher version.

Panasonic WhisperLine In-Line Fan with 6-Inch Duct – Available in 3 Sizes

Panasonic is a leading global brand that has been around for over 90 years and is known for its top quality and superior performance products. It focuses on research and has a passion for excellence, hence it creates new ways of improving performance and ensuring safety. Little wonder it’s one of the leading brands promoting clean energy and environmental sustainability. Its WhisperLine fans are great examples of a commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a holistic vent that can handle multiple areas using just one fan, you’re at the right place. The Panasonic WhisperLine™ In-Line Fan is exactly what you need. This fan is so efficient because it’s designed to pull in air from both sides of the duct, doubling its effectiveness. This fan requires low maintenance because it’s fitted with top quality materials and its permanently lubricated motor operates smoothly and takes ‘forever’ to wear.

The fan housing is made of galvanized steel, heavy-gauge zinc, and is heavily coated to avoid rust. This 6-inch duct fan is designed to allow you install it in different positions, giving you options. You might even get creative enough to make it mount like a décor. The truss and suspension mounting brackets are also included in the package so you have all you need to make the installation even easier.

This fan has a double suction blower which lets it suck more air and a completely enclosed condenser motor which makes it function at a low temperature. This helps extend its lifespan and that of the bearings. Rated 340 cubic feet per minute and with its low energy consumption, this fan is Energy Star qualified. This inline fan is powered to work continuously, sucking out stale air, contaminants, and excess moisture to improving overall air quality.
The VenTech 6-inch Duct Fan has a steel construction and is powder-coated against rust, ensuring you’ll be controlling airflow air in or out for quite a long time. If you’d like a 6-inch inline exhaust blower, check out the VenTech VT IF-6-B Inline Exhaust Blower Fan which comes with a variable speed controller.

VenTech 240 CFM 6-Inch Inline Blower Fan

VenTech as a company was established with the goal of manufacturing ventilation systems made with top quality products and moving air in and out in an efficient manner. Customer satisfaction is its main goal, which is why it pays serious attention to feedback and makes adjustments accordingly. It also has a name for reliable customer service and awesome after-sale support.

The body of the VenTech 6-inch Duct Fan is aerodynamically designed and made of steel which assures you of its durability and efficiency. The body is powder coated for stability and to prevent rust. The motor on this blower fan consumes just 37 watts of power and produces an airflow of 240 CFM. It operates at a maximum temperature of 140oF and creates 68 decibels of noise.

This 6-inch fan is fully wired into its encased motor that works with 120V AC connected by a grounded 3-pin plug. VenTech offers a 1-year warranty on this product expressing enough confidence that you will enjoy a hassle-free operation with this ventilation fan.

How Do I Choose the Best Inline Vent Fan?

Do you have the issue of the mirror and other glass in your bathroom getting fogged like it’s a sauna? Do you wish to reduce the heat in your grow tent or greenhouse? Is the stale air or lingering smell in your attic or basement a bother to you? Just because you love us, and the feeling is mutual, we have a viable solution to all those issues. It’s the inline vent fan! Install it and instantly feel the heat reduce. These vent fans usually come with mounting brackets and hardware so you don’t have to tarry to find a matching one.

Grow lights often produce a lot of heat, this is why a vent fan will be especially useful to indoor gardeners – both domestic and commercial. The best inline vent fans are easy to install and made with tough and durable materials. They are energy-efficient and can work for extended hours without faltering. Inline vents are available in different sizes and the bigger they are, the more air they can move. We’ve put together some detailed information about these ventilation vents and how you can choose the best inline vent fan for your needs.
Regardless of what you need a vent for, you do not want to get stuck with one of those cheap inline vent fans. They might look good but they surely do not work well and they will do a great job of wasting your money. We are sure you do not need anyone explaining to you why a 10-inch steel vent bundled with a speed controller with over 800CFM will cost over $250, while a 4-inch variant with ABS plastic housing and a single speed with less that 150CFM will go for a little above $50. What goes into creating the two just don’t match, and their outputs show the difference.
Inline vent fans can help you regulate the ventilation in an enclosed area and pull air from a space to reduce heat. If you need one of these for whatever reason, here are some features that might help you select the right option for your needs:
  • Material
  • Airflow
  • Power Consumption
  • Size
  • Speed
The following sections will help you understand better how these features affect the efficacy of an inline vent.
Construction and Design
Inline vents are often built with metals or plastics. The preferred metal is often steel which will be powder coated to prevent rusting. Hardened plastic such as ABS is also often used as housing for the motor and blades of inline fans. Whatever type of material is used, inline vents are designed to be tough and long-lasting which is the obvious reason sturdy materials are used in their construction.

These vents are powerful (depending on their size) but they are often efficient in the sense they consume less power compared to what they output. Some vents consume as few as 32 watts, though bigger ones will consume more power. They’re also available in varying sizes and shapes. The size is often measured in inches, and the bigger it is, the larger the area it can ventilate. You will find vent fans as big as 12 inches. The size you opt for will depend on what you need it for, it will be inappropriate to buy a big vent for a small area as the resultant effect might end up being counterproductive.
Performance and Ease of Use
Inline vent fans are primarily used for ventilation, aka airflow. This is the most important aspect of a vent. The airflow of a vent fan refers to how much air it can move and it is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This simply refers to how much air the fan can move in cubic feet in one minute. The higher the CFM of a vent, the more space it can effectively cover. So, if you have a big space you need a ventilation vent for, consider going for one with a high CFM.

Depending on the type of motor a vent has as well as other specifications, the fans move at varying speeds which affect its CFM. Some fans have single speed which constantly works at a uniform speed while some have variable speeds that can be changed with speed controllers according to requirements. There are vents that are not sold with speed controllers but whose speed can be controlled by installing an aftermarket speed controller with it.

Some manufacturers adopt innovative ways of making vent fans produce less noise. So, if you’re someone who finds solace in silence, the noise level is something you must watch out for. As with all machines with moving parts, once-in-a-while, greasing is important. In order to reduce maintenance, many manufacturers adopt a permanently greased mechanism so the fan continues to work smoothly without requiring much of your attention.

With the information we have provided, you can now easily make up your mind on what you want in an inline vent fan.

Get the Best Inline Vent Fan of 2022!

We hope you now have all the information you need and have decided on the best inline vent fan to fulfill your needs. In that case, go ahead and make the purchase and start getting value for your money.

Our Top Choice
iPower 745 CFM Inline Fan
Best Value
TerraBloom 188 CFM Inline Duct Fan
Tjernlund M-Series Inline Duct Fan
Panasonic WhisperLine In-Line Fan
VenTech 240 CFM Inline Blower Fan