Best Intercom System Reviews 2022

Due to its increased use both at home and in the office, choosing a suitable intercom system has become quite the task as you have to sort through a lot of products just to get what you need. So, to reduce the burden, we’ve decided to do the grunt work for you and conducted research on numerous brands with intercoms in the market—we finally picked our top five brands with some of the best intercom systems. This review is done with one model taken from each of the five featured brands, but kindly note that these brands still have other intercom models that you may want to check out.
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Signal Range
Our Top Choice
Aiphone Chime Com System
Aiphone Co. Limited is one of the biggest names in the communications industry. Its name is synonymous with quality and its products are designed with reliability in mind.
Fully battery-operated. Door release button remotely unlocks the entrance. Versatile. 20-second auto-shutoff.
Isolated complaints of distortion.
245 feet
Wireless, station label
Digital panel
Clear, good speaker
12-month warranty
Best Value
Hosmart 1500FT Long Range Intercom System
Hosmart specializes in manufacturing security systems and smart home solutions, and it has the philosophy of directing its efforts towards what customers want.
Works over a long range. Clear audio. Multiple channels. Versatile usage. No installation required.
The monitor function is not the best at picking sounds.
1500 feet
Digital panel
Crystal-clear audio
Uses power bank
1byone Video Doorphone
1byone leverages the power of technology to improve people’s lives by manufacturing products that make life more fulfilling, easier, and smarter for them.
Outdoor unit may be surface-mounted or recess into the wall. SD card included. Infrared LED for enhanced vision. HD camera.
There are no real issues reported so far, but you might want to pay attention to the positioning of the camera to get a better view.
Same electric circuit
Video camera
Clear audio
Comes with 1GB SD card
Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Alexa
Nucleus designs and manufactures video intercom systems that are stylish, yet practical. Its products help families stay connected over long distances.
Beautiful design. Easy to use. Connects over the internet. Works with Amazon Alexa. Has companion mobile app.
Cannot make a conference call.
Connects via internet
Sleek with monitor
Great speaker
Companion mobile app
Pacific Electronics Apartment Intercom
Pacific Electronics is one of those companies that manufactures practical products that function effectively to make your life easier.
Can work with up to 100 apartments. Easy to use. Affordable. Lets you remotely unlock the door.
No real issues, but it is important you install it properly for it to work effectively.
Same electric circuit
Digital panel
Clear audio
Remote door unlock

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What is the Best Intercom System?

Despite the diverse types of intercom systems available, our buying guide covers a good range of features possessed by most intercoms and so, having read this buying guide carefully, we believe you’re better placed to make the right choice. So, go on to our product review where we’re sure you’ll find that intercom system you’ve been looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Aiphone C-123L/A Chime Com System is an easy-to-install, wired unit from a trusted brand that comes with an adapter kit for extra connection to other units. For a system that can be mounted on a desk or wall, you may want to check out the Aiphone LEM-1DLS Single-Door Access Sentry System Starter Kit with One Master Intercom.

Aiphone Chime Intercom System with Listening Feature & Adjustable Audio Volume

Aiphone Co. Limited, one of the biggest names in the communications industry, is based in Japan. Its brand is synonymous with quality and its products are designed and tested with reliability and durability in mind. Manufactured with the highest-quality hardware and circuitry materials, its systems masterfully combine thorough attention to detail and contemporary design to give top-notch and classy products unrivaled in the industry. Its products include simple DIY door answering units, complicated video entry security systems, professional microprocessor-based commercial systems, and trendy condo/apartment security and communication systems.

The Aiphone C-123L/A: Chime Com System is a great wired intercom system that lets you speak with your visitor at the door before you grant access. It’s an uncomplicated system designed to be easily installed and used by anyone. Here are some of its features that might interest you:
  • Adjustable audio volume that lets you control the ring volume and the audio communication output
  • Listening unit that allows the master intercom operator to receive, from the door intercom anytime, audio transmission
  • Battery-operated so it can be used where there are no power outlets
  • An adapter kit that lets you link your unit to another master intercom
  • A push-to-talk button or cord that can be pulled to open transmission from the master intercom and shuts off automatically after 20 seconds
  • Door release button that controls an electric strike (sold separately) and remotely unlocks the entrance for a visitor
Best Value
If you need a simple intercom system that’s wireless and can work over a long range, the Hosmart Long Range Intercom System is what you need. It is also quality-certified. If you’d like a rechargeable type, go for the Hosmart Long Range Driveway System which is weatherproof and can detect motion.

Hosmart 1/2 Mile Long Range 7-Channel Intercom System – Available in 2 Colors & Multiple Units

Founded in 2012, Hosmart is a company fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. It has a philosophy of tailoring its efforts towards the desires of its customers. And that makes a lot of sense as it is the customers who will use the products. It specializes in manufacturing security systems, smart home solutions, intercom systems, and more. Its long-range intercom that we are featuring is ideal for both homes and offices.

The Hosmart Long Range Intercom System is an ideal way to communicate with someone in a different part of a building without having to go there. The device is versatile and mobile as you can detach the AC cord once the built-in power bank is charged. It will also work with other brands of intercom systems as long as they have the same digital channel code. The following are some more features of this communication system:
  • Long Range and Multi-Channel – The device will work over a distance of 1500 feet and has 7 secured channels.
  • Group Function – You can make a conference call on this device or just talk to one person via the secure channel.
  • Crystal Clear Audio – It uses an anti-interference technology that sifts out distortions so you can hear clearly.
  • Certifications – The Hosmart Intercom System is certified by FCC, CE, and ROSH for quality and safety.
  • Installation - The system does not require any installation, just plug and play.
  • Working Time - It has a monitor function that can work for 10 hours straight.
The 1byone Video Door Phone & Intercom System is a top-quality and easy-to-install system with infrared LED for better night vision. If you’d like a less expensive version, check out the 1byone 2-Wires Video Intercom System which has a 7-inch HD screen and comes with a 49-foot wire.

1byone Video Door Phone & Intercom System

1byone is a company that uses technology to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. With its passion and innovation, it designs and creates its products with the latest technologies so it’s users are always technologically up to date. To improve its technology and the final product, every detail is handled from a user’s perspective so as to achieve full customer satisfaction with top-quality and affordable gear. This is one of the reasons its Video Intercom System made it on our list.

The 1byone Video Doorphone Intercom System features a 2-wire installation system for easy setup with talking, calling, and unlocking modes. Its outdoor unit may be surface- or recess-mounted and can be combined with an electrically-operated entrance lock for added convenience so you don’t have to make the trip to open the door or gate. Another added advantage of this system is that it can control up to 2 doors/gates from its accompanying color monitor. The following are some more features of this top-notch intercom system:
  • 7-inch color monitor to see what the outside doorbell HD camera sees
  • Full aluminum panel to protect against vandalism and other forms of damage
  • Waterproof to help the doorbell weather the storm and other elements, and still work fine
  • Infrared LED to enhance vision even at night
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card so you can record what happens at the door later; comes with 1GB SD card
  • Comes with installation materials and a 49-foot cable to make the installation a cinch
Call and see anyone whether they are in the other room or across the country with the Nucleus Intercom System. It is easy to use and connects via the internet. If you’d like this product in more than one unit, go for the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa, 3 Pack. This gives you remote access to different rooms in your home.

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

Nucleus was founded by Jonathan Frankel after he had issues keeping an eye on his three little boys. He also noticed that the monitoring systems in the market at that time were not effective for the purpose he needed them for—so he decided to create one. That was the birth of Nucleus as a brand. With innovative designs and technological performance, the brand brings quality monitoring systems into homes.

The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom, being the brainchild of a family man, is a sleek device designed to bring your family closer. With this device, grandma can now see your kids every day even though you live miles apart. The design is so free of complications that your kids and grandma can use it without your intervention.

The device works more like any other video calling device in the sense that you see and hear each other on the screen. It is powered by an included DC adapter, or you can also use Power over Ethernet (PoE). For those who only have the standard Ethernet, you will have to stick to the power cord.

It uses the internet for connectivity and you can go wireless or use a cable. The device has a companion mobile app that lets you view and call on the go. It is important to note that the app only works with iPhone 5s or later and Android 5 or later. Another amazing thing about the Nucleus Intercom is that it can connect with Amazon Alexa, which means you can say hello to a new member of your smart home.
With the Pacific Electronics Single Entrance Intercom System, you can remain in the comfort of your apartment and communicate with a visitor in the lobby and even open the door. If you need a replacement button for your intercom or just want to have one for back up, go for the Pacific Electronics Replacement Push Button for Intercom.

Pacific Electronics Single Entrance 4-Wire Intercom System

Pacific Electronics manufactures top-quality communication systems that are functional and high in performance. It keeps its designs simple and easy to use so it can be applicable for as many people as possible. It shows its commitment to its customers by using their feedback to improve its products.

The Pacific Electronics Single Entrance Intercom System is a high-quality and low-maintenance system that won’t keep costing money after installation. This 4-wire intercom system can be used to upgrade an existing system or new building of up to a whopping 100 apartments.

This is a great intercom system that can be used for apartment buildings. One unit is installed in the lobby where a visitor can press a button to call the apartment and the person in there can talk to them. This is a great system to have if you don’t want anyone bumping into you at home. The unit in the apartment can also be used to unlock the door so you don’t have to.

How Do I Choose the Best Intercom System?

An intercom allows an instant, 2-way voice communication between two rooms. An intercom system is fast becoming an integral part of everyday living, both at home and in the office. Initially, it was mainly used in offices to screen visitors at the front or back door and buzz them in if approved, or for inter-departmental or intra-office communications, saving users the stress of walking to and fro to pass information in the office.

Today, intercoms are used in the home for a variety of reasons. Apart from their use in easing communication stress, they can also serve as an adequate mid-level security system for the home by connecting it to an electric entrance lock. This ensures that only the master operator or someone inside can authorize access to the house by pressing the door release button from the comfort of his/her room. This is especially useful where you have only an elderly person in the house who can certainly do without the stress of making several trips to unlock the entrance.

It’s also useful as a child monitoring system so parents can adequately monitor the happenings in their kids’ rooms or nursery and respond promptly to anything that may be going on. It can also be placed in different rooms in the house so occupants don’t need to go up and down stairs or hallways to relay messages. It may also serve as a bell, especially in the school or even at home when connected to the door buzzer.

Two products that would have easily made it on our list if we had more room are the JeaTone 7 Inch Camera Door Intercom System which has remote unlock so you don’t have to go open the door all the time. .. and the TekeyTBox Wireless Intercom System which has 10 FM digital channels and can work for up to a range of 1800 feet.

Now that you know some of the reasons you may need to have an intercom system in your home or office, it’s only fair that we also let you in on those features and components that make the difference between a great intercom and an average one. Some of these features include the type of connection, range, power supply, compatibility with your home, any extra features, and then the cost implications. Our product review and buying guide have adequately dealt with these features in detail so we urge you to read on and then make an informed choice.
The normal thing to do before searching for any item is to set your budget and know your limit. Generally, the amount you decide to spend on any item will go a long way in determining the model, brand, and features you end up with. This means there has to be a balance between what you’re willing to spend and what features or qualities you hope to get out of your desired item.

Our review covers a wide spectrum of intercom systems with regard to prices, ranging from a little less than $79 to around $160, thus ensuring that we have all budget levels covered while showcasing top-notch products and brands. During our research, we came across many cheap intercom systems, but since those didn’t meet up with our quality check (as they’re made with flimsy materials that cannot stand the test of time) we didn’t bother to include them. Our intention is that you get the best value for every dollar you spend.
There are some features that you may want to consider carefully in order to choose the right intercom system for your house or office. These features include:
  • Type of Connection – whether it’s wired or wireless
  • Range – the wireless intercom models in our review have ranges of from 200 to 1000 feet
  • Power Source – AC/DC power supply or battery-operated
  • Type of System - has a lot to do with how you intend to use it
  • Building Structure Compatibility - make sure the one you choose is compatible with the intended building
  • Any Extra Features - extra features ensure you get the most bang for your buck
These features bring your attention to what is important in an intercom system based on your needs.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your new intercom system are important to consider. There are a few things in particular that we suggest you look for: its overall design, its connection type, its range, and its power supply. Below, we go into more detail on each of these factors.


Different brands offer different designs, but the basic components of an intercom system are more or less the same and can be divided into 3 main parts: the central control panel, which is the unit that controls the system and is also known as the master station; the outdoor unit, which is the speakers connected to the central control panel; and the power supply that powers all the units so they can function. The master station may also incorporate a video screen that lets you visually monitor your location in addition to voice communication. This means that you can have either a voice intercom system or video intercom system.

Connection Type

There are two types of connections employed by intercoms, which are wired or wireless. A wired connection system requires wires to connect all the systems that are installed throughout the house or building. Interference encountered with this type is very minimal, but on the other hand, it’s costly to install, sometimes even higher than the cost price of the units themselves. Also, they’re less convenient to use and may be restricted in terms of portability. Wireless intercom systems have the huge advantage of being simple to install; they’re usually plug-and-play. On the other hand, they may be much more expensive than their wired counterparts.


Different intercom systems have various signal ranges, from as little as a few feet to as much as 1000 feet (as obtained in one of our featured products); some long-range wireless intercoms have signal ranges of up to four miles. Choosing the range of your intercom system depends on its use; the range can vary within the rooms in the house or building, or from building to building, depending on its purpose. Generally, battery-operated or wireless intercom systems cover a wider range, although they’re subject to interference.

Power Supply

An intercom system may use an AC power or 12-volt DC power supply, or it may be battery-operated which will require regular replacement. Most modern voice intercom systems are battery-operated, which makes them very portable and higher in demand than the ones that need to be plugged into an electric power source.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s vital that your intercom system is easy to use and performs well. Some things we think you should consider are its general ease of use, its building compatibility, what power source it uses, and what extra features it comes with. To give you some pointers, we’ve gone into more detail below.

General Ease of Use

The video intercom system is specially designed to go on the exterior of the building or home, at the preferred point of entry which may be the door or gate. This helps the user easily see and talk with the person outside without having to get up. It’s usually connected to the electric lock system so you can remotely grant access to the visitor. Most video intercom systems come with an IR night vision feature that transmits very clear images even at night or when placed in a dark place, thus increasing its performance. Because it’s usually placed outside, the video unit is often waterproof and constructed with materials such as aluminum. Other perks such as wireless transmission over the internet, ability to take and store pictures of visitors, and having a 7-inch indoor screen size are other specs that you may want to consider based on your needs and, of course, your budget. Bear in mind that the more features a system has, the higher its cost will likely be.

Building Compatibility

You may want to check the compatibility of the intercom system with your building structure, especially for the hard-wired intercom, because the intercom system’s capacity to deliver quality sound output may be determined to a large extent by the structural design of your home. Also, things such as metallic walls may likely obstruct the signals and prevent your intercom system from performing optimally.

Power Source

Although most intercom systems are either electric or battery-powered, there are a few hybrid types that you can unplug and use with the recommended battery type. Some intercom systems come with extra units so you can have more rooms or buildings covered on a single connection. Even the video intercom system has some models and brands that feature two monitoring screens for improved performance.

Extra Features

Some intercom systems have extra features such as the Voice Operated Switch (VOX) that lets you optimize sensitivity settings, while others are compatible with phone power bank charging systems for short-term use. You may also want to check on the warranty, as the length of coverage sometimes indicates the level of confidence the manufacturer has in its product.

Get the Best Intercom System of 2022!

Having gone through our product review to arm yourself with relevant knowledge, you should be in a better position to make your choice; so go on and place that order now. If you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, try having a look at the other models from these manufacturers!

Our Top Choice
Aiphone Chime Com System
Best Value
Hosmart 1500FT Long Range Intercom System
1byone Video Doorphone
Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Alexa
Pacific Electronics Apartment Intercom